Your Very Own Day to Day Instruction Manual

Personal Finance

Aug 28,2017

As you all know, I’ve been completely transparent with the life modifications that I have decided to embark on recently. 

I wanted to truly express my deepest adoration in this blatantly obvious first person article, about WRITING THINGS DOWN!

With all of these goals that I am trying to undergo all at once, also came chaos! I once again allowed LIFE itself to get in the way of achieving my goals! 


How was I supposed to keep track of all of my goals, all of my spending and all of my exercise and meal regimens when I am constantly on the go each and every day?!

Hire an assistant?! (I think not, were trying to SAVE money here) 

Thats when I rediscovered my old and helpful habit of writing things down!

Clearly laying out your goals for each day in your very own step by step instruction manual. 

I used to use this same regimen on the road, back when I travelled for a living and I seem to remember never feeling more in control! 

When I kept a record of my finances, tracking exactly where my money goes and when it came out of each account, it trained my mind to be more conscious of my wallet. When I kept a list of my to do’s just WAITING to be marked with that big handsome checkmark, I felt as though I mastered the day. 

I was in complete control of my wallet, my work schedule and my work out schedule, just by following my very own, hand made day to day instruction manual. 

 Reminding myself of this simple process was the best thing I could’ve ever done to help me to achieve all of my goals and become the master and EXPERT of my own life! 

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