kathleen Girard
Curious photographer, mischievous mom, unexpected entrepreneur, lover of chocolate and social butterfly.

Dec 13,2017

Stuff. It’s suffocating. It’s overwhelming. It piles up in a corner. It falls on your head when you open the closet door. You trip over it in the middle of the night. You fight over what to do with it. Nobody wants to buy it. It’s the reason why you rent a storage unit and purchase a bigger home. 

Stuff is quite powerful. It’s what connects you to your past, holds your emotions and often prevents you from moving on. It can give you instant gratification or regret. It can be costly and frivolous but it probably has no true value.

Stuff, once upon a time was fun, stylish, useful and entertaining. Now, it’s the never ending challenge to get organized and purge. 

Stuff. We want it, we need it, at least we think we do. 

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