Best financial decision you’ve ever made

Kathleen van den Berg
I like to write about the pitfalls of traditional planning. Appreciate the fans.
Personal Finance

Jul 24,2017

When it comes to being prepared for retirement Canadians are just not feeling it.    Gone are the days when we can rely on our company pension plans to provide a secure and substantial income in our golden years.  We are living longer.   Job security is a thing of the past.    You and only you are ultimately responsibility for your wealth and income in retirement.     And the current methods propagated by financial planners and institutions are just not keeping pace with our needs.

As someone who has worked in the financial services field for 20+ years I was seeing firsthand how the industry is failing.    Retirement plans and investment funds were not giving investors the ability to retire at standards of living even close to their expectations.    The system is broke.

Like many Canadians, I felt like I was doing all the right things … owning a home .. paying down a mortgage … buying life insurance … contributing to my rsp … but never quite getting ahead.   I knew I had to do something different, something to ensure my financial future myself … not relying on my employer or the government.  

When you ask anyone to tell you what their best financial decision they ever made was … they are almost always going to say real estate.      So if real estate is most often considered the best financial decision ever made among Canadians, why are financial planners excluding this crucial asset class?  It’s infuriating.   There is something seriously lacking in the planning world when most wealth was created with real estate, yet planners hardly ever focused on this important asset class. 

I was 35 before I owned my first home.   And by 50, together with my husband we own a home, a cottage, and 5 rental properties … even with going through 3 job losses between us. And I guess what that means is I have been there and done that … I have walked the walk.

After spending years in the corporate side of marketing and sales for financial institutions I knew that when I went out on my own as a certified financial planner I would have this tremendous opportunity to help so many Canadians to create real wealth through strategies that incorporated real estate within their investment portfolios.  

When I went out on my own I knew that I wanted every single one of my clients to own at least one rental properties.   Having helped so many of my own clients to purchase income properties I wanted to write this book in order to leverage my ability to reach and help more Canadians.

So I am looking to write my first book and it is going to be a How To Book on Buying Your First Income Property. Hope you’ll all get a copy when it comes out.

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