What Would I Do if I WON The Bookstore?

Kasey Cox
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Oct 23,2017

As more people hear about our essay contest to become the new owner of From My Shelf Books & Gifts(see https://wellsborobookstore.indielite.org/write-essay-win-bookstore for more information), they tell us it’s an “interesting idea”, but many believe it’s not for them because of any of the following:

1. they’re too old

2. they’re too young

3. they haven’t got a lot of business experience

4. they already have a job

5. they don’t want to work every day

6. they wouldn’t know how to run a bookstore

7. they’re not good writers

8. they’d have to move to Wellsboro

9. they’d have to wear matching socks every day

10. their glove compartment ran out of gloves

Let me encourage YOU (yes, YOU!!!) to start thinking outside the box and beyond these reasons (ie. excuses). 


Let’s say for a minute you entered the essay contest. You write your essay; you let a bunch of your trusted friends and family read over it and make suggestions; you read over the instructions one more time, and you send in your two SASEs, your $75, and your essay. And, then, a few months go by, and suddenly it’s spring 2018, and … what if?? What if you got the notice that YOU WON THE ESSAY CONTEST?!?! YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THE “WRITE AN ESSAY, WIN A BOOKSTORE” CONTEST!

What then?

Well, if you were to win, consider this:

To respond to #1, (as well as possibly #4 and #5, and maybe #6 and #8, too, while we’re at it….): Who says you’re too old? People own businesses in their nineties! They can will them on as part of their estate. It becomes an asset you own. 

Who says you have to be here every day? Who says that working at the bookstore will become your daily job or obligation? You, as the business owner, can be as involved as you want to be with the daily business of the store. Consider your essay and the entry fee as an investment, like diversifying your stock portfolio. A lot of stock costs a lot more for fewer returns and/or more risk.

You can own a BUSINESS that has had eleven years of success despite many odds. You’ll own it free and clear, so the risks that the original owners took to build the business are NOT your financial risks. The payoff for you can be sweet, in so many ways. Hire a good business manager, the way you’d hire someone to take care of your real estate rental properties or your stock portfolio, and ask for regular profit and loss statements. We think you’ll be pleased. 

Tune in again soon 😉 for more ways to see how focusing on the numbered list (ie. excuses) above keep you in a small box and away from a great opportunity. 

Why not sit down and just mess around with the essay question? 250 words isn’t much at all. Why do you think a bookstore is important to a community?

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