How to Get FREE Cash Back on Groceries!

Kyle Hutchins CFA
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Feb 28,2018

Today’s free money saving tip is from an app that I use and love called Ibotta. It is free to sign up (I personally use their iPhone app), with the best part being…. FREE cash back on everyday groceries (and no in-store coupons to deal with)!. 

The screenshot below is an example of a few current offers at Walgreens stores (you can pick from hundreds of stores across the country like Walmart, Target, etc.).  Right now, I could get the Chobani yogurt 100% for free + $2 off soup + $0.25 totally free just for uploading my store receipt. There are TONS of offers at any given time. 

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Important to note: you MUST “clip” the coupons you plan on using via the “+” in the bottom right of the item picture BEFORE you go shopping. After you are finished shopping and at home, simply click “Redeem” at the bottom of your app, scan the barcode on the items you bought, take a picture of your receipt and BOOM, free money credited to your account.

Below is a screenshot of my personal Ibotta account. I have $154.73 in lifetime earnings (and have not spent more than a few hours of my time in this app). Currently I have $36.86 in earnings that I could withdraw into my bank account. 

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A bonus is that Ibotta also allows you to earn TEAM rewards, which just = more extra free cash for everyone! If you end up deciding to create a free Ibotta account, please consider using my referral code “ppyycqe”. This code will get you a $10 credit for free to start you on your cash back journey. 

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