Why Everyone Should do MLM (Part 1)

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Feb 22,2018

I can see the disgust on some of your faces already. I know that there is a portion of the population that absolutely HATES network marketing. There are a ton of reasons why someone may not like MLM. It could be because they have tried it in the past and been unsuccessful, they have been bugged by too many of their friends to come to a meeting, or have been misled or blatantly lied to by someone.  I find that most people simply do not like MLM or Network Marketing because they really don’t understand it. 

The basic premise is very simple, you buy a franchise from a Network Marketing company that allows you to market their goods or services to your network. If you recruit other franchisees, you receive overrides on their sales. The real estate world and insurance world have been like this forever. The Real estate broker builds a team of agents, and any time an agent sells a house, he receives a piece because they are under his umbrella. If that is a common practice in a lot of industries, why is Network Marketing looked down on in such a negative light? I am guessing that it is because of programming. Most people are told from a young age that they are supposed to go to school and get a job. As children grow up, they are conditioned for years to “fit in” to society and are never really taught how to be a free thinker. So when you decide to get into Network Marketing, you have to understand that you are having to educate people as to why it makes sense to join an MLM company.

At its very simplest form, MLM companies pay you to promote their products or services, and pay you to help them build distribution. The more distribution a company has, the more good and services it sells, period. The reason why McDonald’s sells so many hamburgers is because they are everywhere. I guarantee that most of you reading this can cook a better hamburger than McDonald’s can, but the reason you do not have that kind of money is because you do not have the distribution. Most companies choose to build distribution by hiring employees to acquire new clients and affiliates, MLM companies reward their franchisees for doing this for them. It’s a much better business model for the company because they save money on salaries, benefits, etc and only have to pay somebody when they make a sale. The part that people do not realize, is that there are so many benefits you get from opening your own home based business and joining an MLM company that it is crazy! 

In the next part of this article, I will go over some of the amazing benefits there are from getting started with an MLM company. Stay tuned for Part 2. 

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