What do you want?

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Sep 03,2016

What do you want? It seems like an easy enough question doesn’t it? It’s not a complex math equation, asking to come up with a solution to world peace, or to put an end to the national deficit. For such an easy question it sure does have a complex answer. Even stranger is that people have been asking you this question your entire life. Whether it was someone you had just called on the telephone, a server at a restaurant you choose to visit for dinner, or your mom when you called her name over and over again as a child. Now while their response may have been given using different words, the same basic principle was at the heart of their statement, what is it that you want?
It’s crazy to believe that such a simple question can have such a complex answer. One that changes daily based on current situations, mood, and the world around you. I mean we all know we want the basics like food, shelter, clothing, etc. But a REAL answer to that question takes a much deeper level of introspection and self-exploration than most people ever take time to do.
When is the last time you sat alone by yourself and really thought about what you wanted in life? I mean really thought about it? Like made a list of everything in your life that you value, your loved ones, what your goals are in life, where you want to be in five years, what kind of life you want your kids to have? When is the last time you planned your life like you planned your vacation? The biggest breakthrough of my life happened on vacation, sitting on a beach in Barcelona.
While sitting there I started to think about what was actually important to me, what I wanted, and more importantly I decided, right then and there, that I was going to get it by any means necessary and no matter how long it took. I was sold out; I was all-in. I knew from that day forward I was going to get everything they said I couldn’t have. Now the problem at hand, what was it that I was going to get?
Those few hours sitting on that beach was a turning point in my life, at the time I had no idea why I decided to go sit there by myself while my friend went up and down the coast of the one of most beautiful cities in the world, but I honestly now believe that it was god calling me to my destiny, and without sitting there that day my life would be drastically different than what it is now and for that I will be forever grateful. 
After we got back from the trip, my friends and family could tell I was a changed man, then knew there was a fire in me like they had never seen before. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I was coming for it with everything I had!
So if you are reading this and you still aren’t quite sure what you want in life, Look deep inside, and think about everything you have always wanted as far back as your childhood and write down your goals. The one stipulation is that you have to take off your inhibitors and lose that “realistic thinking” Just write down what you want, no matter how crazy it might seem to you at the moment. I know for sure that every amazing thing accomplished always started as a crazy idea. Realistic thinking is something people do when they are going into something thinking they are going to fail. It is something that people tell you so that you won’t feel as discouraged if you were to come up short, it is your life and I believe you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Let other people think realistically, you start to think about being great and living a life of your wildest dreams!

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