Travel Deals ( Part 2 )

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

May 09,2018

One of my fans, Patti Jo Grover, asked me a question about my favorite all inclusive spot to travel to. I thought I should share the wealth and give everyone some helpful travel tips. The second part of this series is going to focus on how to get cheap cruise deals. Don’t worry Patti Jo, I’ll get to All Inclusive’s lol.

Sign Up for the mailing list – Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and almost every other Cruise line will send out emails with current promotions they have going on. Obviously getting more emails can sometimes be annoying, but if you are a constant traveler like I am, you won’t mind the mild inconvenience. You can find some great deals just this way! 

Loyalty – Many cruise lines offer their past guest different rates than they do the public. I have taken over 20 cruises with Carnival and they have called me a few weeks before sailing a few times and offered to bump me up to a balcony room for as little as $50 more for the whole cruise! Take advantage of all the free perks they are willing to give you! 

Be Flexible – The best deals I have ever gotten on a cruise have been last minute. Booking within 90 days of a ship departing is usually the easiest way to get a good deal. 90 days out is the time frame that most cruise companies allow you to cancel with no penalty. Once that passes, the cruise companies will often heavily discount the cruise to make sure and sell all the rooms before leaving port. 

Avoid Busy Season - Think supply and demand. If everyone in the world wants to take a cruise, the price goes up. Your goal should be to travel when nobody else is traveling. If you are trying to book a cruise during summer break, or over the Christmas holiday, good luck. You need to be looking at times when most people would be preoccupied with their life. October and November are my favorite two months to cruise. I am always able to find good deals then, including this November when I found a 7 day cruise to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, and Turks & Caicos for myself and my girlfriend for $1000 all in! 

Plan Ahead – This isn’t a way to get a cheap cruise, but rather how to save money on the cruise itself. So many people I know rack up crazy amounts of spending on the boat because they do not plan ahead. Most cruise lines will allow you to bring a bottle of wine per person in the cabin, a case of water, a case of soda, etc. Also, make sure you bring sunscreen, batteries, medicine, and all the other things you might have to run up to buy, or even worse have to buy at one of the ports of call. Cruise lines make a ton of money by upcharging on even the most basic things you may need. 

Stay tuned for Part 3… =) 

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