Travel Deals ( Part 1 )

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Apr 26,2018

One of my fans, Patti Jo Grover, asked me a question about my favorite all inclusive spot to travel to. I thought I should share the wealth and give everyone some helpful travel tips. The first part of this series is going to focus on how to get cheap flight offers. Don’t worry Patti Jo, I’ll get to All Inclusive’s lol.

Frontier – Frontier is always my first spot I check. I have had nothing but great experiences when flying with them. I live in Chicago and they have a ton of flights leaving from there every day. I once scored a flight from Chicago to Las Vegas for $38 round trip. Also, they allow you to bring a backpack free of charge, so travel light and enjoy some fantastic deals! 

Spirit – Did you know that you are able to get cheaper flight directly from spirit at the airport? It is a really easy way to save a couple bucks. Just make sure that you aren’t in a massive rush to get anywhere when flying with them. They seem to have a lot of delays and don’t have as many flights as some of the other major carriers. 

Southwest – My favorite part about Southwest is that they will refund you the difference of what you paid and whatever price you find up until your flight takes off. It takes away the stress of thinking you need to buy a ticket at a perfect time. Also, the two free bags they allow you to have can often make the Southwest flight the best bargain when compared to other bargain flights. 

WOW Air – My favorite hidden gem when flying overseas. You can routinely score round trip tickets to Europe for $300! Also, since it is an Icelandic airline, you can take advantage of the lay over program offered. Basically, if you connect through Iceland, you can stay for up to a week before you continue your flight for absolutely FREE! Just make sure you are familiar with all the rules and book everything the proper way. 

Ryan Air / Easy Jet – This is the best way to fly around Europe for pennies on the dollar. I once scored a flight from Liverpool to Barcelona for 8 Euros! Just be careful, they are very strict when it comes to baggage size and weight. It could end up being a much costlier flight then you expected, make sure you check guidelines before getting to airport. 

Stay tuned for Part 2…=) 

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