Las Vegas Insider Picks (Part 2)

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Sep 06,2017

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on places I think you should check out that are completely free for you to enjoy!

Dancing Waters – Bellagio – This is an example of something that gets a ton of coverage, but is still a must see! In front of the Bellagio hotel, the fountains come to life in a magnificent way! The water shoots up into the sky and is perfectly choreographed to go with whatever song is playing as the water dances. (I prefer the Por Ti Volare version the best) For an extra special view, try taking the show in from the top of the Eiffel tower across the street. It will surely be one of the most beautiful things you see on your trip to the desert. BONUS TIP- While you are at the Bellagio, take a trip inside to the conservatory and botanical gardens where you will see a beautiful collection of fresh flowers and meticulous landscaping that changes every couple of weeks.

Fremont Street – Downtown – If you travel down Las Vegas Blvd far enough, it will seem as if you have traveled back in time. Back to the days where Las Vegas was a different place. When the mob still ran every aspect of Las Vegas, and before the mega resorts in City Center were ever even thought of. Fremont street is a must see for any person traveling to Vegas for the first time. If you go at night, you will be able to see an amazing laser light shows, listen to live music, all while taking a trip down memory lane. There are a lot of great specials downtown, perhaps a tip of the cap to the good old days.

Take a Hike – Off strip – People forget that outside of Las Vegas there is a ton of nature to be explored. The very popular Red Rock Canyon gets most of the attention, but I prefer to go to the Clark County wetlands or the Calico Tanks Trail. The desert is a beautiful place to go hiking and explore, but obviously it is a desert and can get extremely hot. Please make sure you are drinking enough water and if you are going to hike during summer months, try to stick to early morning.

Those are my three completely free things to do in Vegas. Stay tuned for my next article where we continue to talk about Vegas goodies!

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