D.M.O. (Part 3)

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Nov 16,2016

One thing I will add. For the first two hours of your day don’t look at your cell phone. Don’t go on social media, don’t check your email. Make sure you do what you need to do first before you let the world start to distract you. The reason you are waking up so early in the first place is so you can get to work while the rest of the world sleeps. If you want to achieve great things there is always a price to pay. You will have plenty of time throughout the rest of the day to get to all that stuff.
These first few steps are absolutely vital, because what it does it stack the deck in your favor in such a way that it is really hard to have a bad day. Now of course there are always things that are going to happen, but you will be much more equipped to handle them when you start every morning off on the right foot.
After you are finished with personal development it’s time for breakfast. His breakfast of choice is a smoothie that has about 20 ingredients in it, full of superfoods from all over the world. I did notice a huge difference in how I felt when I started my day with the smoothie. So much so that some days I’ll make extra and have it all day. For a full list you can email me and I will happily share the smoothie recipe with you. It’s very important that you do not skip breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day and crucial to your performance through the day.
After breakfast begin your day. Return all the phone calls, emails, etc. Start attacking your to do list, make sure to cross things off as you accomplish them. Make sure that you are starting with the toughest tasks first, your mind should be sharp and you should be the best equipped to tackle those projects first thing in the morning.
The last part of this DMO is that it includes naps. You are free to pick if you would like to take two twenty minute naps or one-hour long nap throughout the day. The times are very important and you need to be diligent at setting alarms if necessary. Napping has been scientifically proven to increase alertness, improves learning capacity, memory, heightens your sense, makes you more creative, and allows your brain and body to recharge for the rest of the day. Plus, naps are awesome and who doesn’t love them?
I’m not saying that this is right or wrong, just what he does. There are plenty of successful people all over the world that have spoken about their DMO and I’m sure you can find that information relatively easily on the internet somewhere.
What I am saying is you need to have some kind of purpose to the day when you wake up. Some plan on getting things done, and some structure to keep you on track. If you think you are just going to wake up and be productive you have another thing coming to you. You have to train your body and brain into a routine to maximize the hours in the day. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a good leader is hard. Being in sales is hard. Having a good DMO will make it a little easier. Plus, if it were easy everyone would do it, the reason why you are reading this book is because you are different. You are a grinder. You are willing to do whatever it takes and that is why you will win long term.  You make a habit of doing the things people won’t do, and one day you will be able to live a life most can’t.
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