4 Personality Types – Part 3 (The Dolphin)

Jeremy Bhimji
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Feb 08,2017

Hopefully you got a chance to read my previous two articles, 4 Personality Types – Part 1+2, where we broke down the best ways of finding out someone’s personality type by asking a few key questions and looked into the first personality type, The Shark.

We are now going to look at the second of the 4 Personality types, The Dolphin.

I personally believe that everyone has a little part of each of the 4 personality types in them, with one being dominant. My dominant trait is 100% the Dolphin! I have some Shark and Whale as well, but I consider myself a Dolphin all the way =).

The Dolphin is one of a kind. Many times, before you even talk to a Dolphin, you can tell that they are a Dolphin. They will be wearing something that says “Hey look at me, I’m a Dolphin!” We wear colorful clothing. Don’t be surprised if you were to see a Dolphin wearing a bright orange or pink shirt with the shoes to match. Dolphins are the life of the party. They are usually very charismatic and charming, funny, and will dominate a conversation because they love to talk. You won’t usually find Dolphins alone because they love to be in social settings.

Dolphins make up about 15% of the population and you will usually find them in jobs that allow them to have the most fun. Think DJs, club promoters, real estate agents, wedding planners, bartenders, working in sports, etc. If you are looking to build a team, make sure you have a couple Dolphins sprinkled in to keep everyone’s morale and spirits up. Beware though, having too many Dolphins together in one place is a recipe for disaster. They will have a great time, but might not get a whole lot of work done.

The drawback to Dolphins is sometimes they seem a little disorganized, ditzy and selfish. That is usually not the case, they love people and want to be liked. Their habit of making quick decisions might not always leave them with the best choices, but they believe in dreaming big and shooting for the stars, so you must take the good with the bad. They usually always have a huge vision for the future and will keep going when 98% of people would have given up already.

There are obviously much more when it comes to the personality types, but this is just meant to be an introduction to them. Please stay tuned for Part 4 next week where we will talk about the next personality type, The Whale.

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