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Hilary S
Hilary Sher is a 30-something creative-enthusiast, trained as a professional graphic designer, and has a passion for creative problem solving, and an eye for design, colour, and detail that has translated into a vibrant career as a graphic designer. Hilary launched her independent graphic design business in 2008 to help local businesses launch and build their brands across print and digital marketing collateral. The business has since expanded to print and digital marketing strategy and implementation, package design, and website design.
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Jul 30,2017

My previous article discussed a recent consideration to diversify my brand and extend my product line: either in diversification and product extensions or extending the sales channels both to additional online marketplaces as well as consideration of brick and mortar opportunities.

With ambitions for expansion, I decided to first begin by taking the leap to extend my product line. There are many contributing factors to aid in this consideration and ultimate decision, including:

  • Evaluating both customer and marketplace trends and shopping patterns to determine that there is potential and demand in the product line extension based on assessing customer buying patterns
  • Extending the demand within my extremely targeted, niche audience; once I have captured this audience and they have been directed to my online shop, there could be potential to engage them in more than one product
  • The potential to create repeat customers – my original product line has succeeded based on singular customer purchases – the nature of the products and usage does not create many repeat customers. The benefits of expanding my product line are twofold: 1 – creates repeat customers within my core target audience and 2 – the new product line helps broaden the target audience, expanding customer reach and creates another group of potential repeat customers.

To evaluate the potential for the new product line, I have recently launched one new product on my online shop (pictured above). This product has had limited amounts of marketing, currently promoted on only one online channel (where the other product line benefits from promotion over three channels). It has now been active for approximately 30 days and so far has had 60 sales. Given this rate of success, I will continue to monitor the statistics and buying patterns of my customers to decide if the product line should continue to expand.

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