Taking the Leap & Starting a Side Venture

Hilary S
Hilary Sher is a 30-something creative-enthusiast, trained as a professional graphic designer, and has a passion for creative problem solving, and an eye for design, colour, and detail that has translated into a vibrant career as a graphic designer. Hilary launched her independent graphic design business in 2008 to help local businesses launch and build their brands across print and digital marketing collateral. The business has since expanded to print and digital marketing strategy and implementation, package design, and website design.
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Feb 01,2017

Some of the most successful businesses start in the most unexpected ways… my latest side venture is certainly a testament to that! A purely personal project opened up doors in ways I would never have imagined, and turned into a profitable business venture!

Here is a bit about my story… I’m hoping that by sharing it, it can inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to find their passion project and gain motivation to turn it into a profitable business:

It all started over 5 years ago when I was searching online for personalized, unique party favours to give out at my engagement party. As a graphic designer, I knew I needed to create something unique, personalized and memorable for our friends and families. I decided that I wanted to create something a bit different, that would last longer than the extent of our party… which was what brought me to mints. I also knew that I wanted to it to say “thank you” to our guests for coming out to celebrate our occasion, but also leave them with a “save the date” reminder of when our big day was to mark it off on their calendars. I combined these two ideas with a personalized label, complete with a save the date calendar on the back. Our guests absolutely loved the favours, and before I knew it, images of our little tic tac favours went viral on social media, and I was getting dozens of requests to create the labels for friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers.

This is what had prompted me to open up shop, so to speak. Check out the shop here: http://www.minttobelabels.com

Have you found yourself in a similar situation, where a passion project turned into a business venture, or you found an opportunity in the most unlikely of ways?

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