Childhood Memories

Gay Taraby
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Jun 05,2018

Have you ever reunited with someone you spent almost every school day with from the ages of 5 – 16?

Do you have that one childhood memory of a friend who always made you feel special?

Have you ever sat back & thought of your years in elementary school when life was innocent & your only worry was finding the best chain or stone for hopscotch or hoping that it wouldn’t rain so you could ride your bike to school? And who you shared those years with…..

I recently reunited with that special friend who evokes all of these warm & exceptional thoughts & so many more.

Bill Woodfine & I sat next to each other all through elementary school & along with another friend, always stood in line together. Because we were the tallest in our grades, we were always at the end & went everywhere together!!!

We hadn’t seen each other since graduating from high school in 1971 – there I said it & now you have an idea of how old we are & why this reunion was so exceptional.

And no matter how old we are, (hopefully) the memories don’t go away – they may fade a little & need a slight nudge to come back vividly, but the feelings that the memories stir up are magnificent!

We were enormously lucky to have had such an innocent & blessed childhood. We laughed & smiled as we remembered others & silly activities like singing at our Grade 5 teacher’s wedding. Who would want a group of 11 year old, terrible singers, called the “Sunshine Singers” at their wedding? This still puts me into heaps of laughter!!

Bill is now moving from Montreal to the other side of Canada. I left our reunion a little sad knowing that this might be the last time we’d see each other.

I hugged him & wished him well. Bill has had his share of health issues & has beaten many odds.

If you have that special someone you think of often, connect with them. Find them on Facebook & message them.

Life brings us so many special memories which no one can replace or destroy – love them & nourish them!

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