Starches and Proteins together do not get along !

Frances Michaelson
Founder & Owner of Live the WOW (world of wellness) Licensed Naturopath and personal trainer. Author and blogger.

Jun 22,2017

There are always new ideas, concepts, and theories trending about diet and nutrition …so much so that people are always getting confused and do not know who or what to trust ! It is important to know your source of information and be provided with a detailed explanation so that what you are reading makes sense!

Ever wonder why you do not always feel great after eating your meat and potato dinner ? For decades the standard dinner plate has been meat, potato , vegetable. Today we know this is not good for your digestion . Why ? The potato requires an alkaline digestion ( the enzyme amylase) , where the protein ( meat ) requires an acidic digestion ( hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and trypsin) , Because one is alkaline and the other acidic, this results in an incompatible digestive process. The sugar from the potato will ferment while waiting for the protein to be digested as protein takes longer to break down. The starches fermenting and the proteins putrefying ( very hot and humid in our G.I. tract ) may lead to indigestion , leaving you feeling bloated , crampy, or gassy. Another good reason for separating these two groups as it may encourage you to eat more raw vegetables. Eating your vegetables in their raw state provides you with more enzymes which helps tremendously with digestion. You will also benefit with the added bonus of extra minerals coming from those veggies ! 

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