Tips to manage stress levels

Erin Roseman
Author, Health & Wellness Coach.
Personal Development

Nov 14,2017

Keeping stress to a minimum can be difficult at times especially with the holiday season coming up. An important aspect to staying healthy especially during the holidays is keeping stress levels to a minimum which yes can be tricky at times because we all have so much going on. Such as budgeting, family events, balancing it all. It is extremely important to keep stress to a minimum because high stress levels increase cortisol levels which causes weight gain, cortisol makes us crave more food and increase our appetite which in turn causes us to eat more . There is also some research that suggests it also slows down the metabolism. Scary right? I know, but let’s come up with some solutions to decrease our stress levels especially over the holidays as it is always a time where stress is more apparent. 

First off take a deep breathe we will survive, come up with things that often make you feel at ease. 

Exercise- I love to workout when I’m stressed, it takes my mind off of everything that I have going on and for that time being I get to focus on that workout and pushing my body. Working out also increases your dopamine, endorphins and serotonin levels which will increase your mood and allow you to destress. 

Meditate- This isn’t for everyone but give it a try, I am not great at shutting my brain off but I try and practice mediation more and more. I do this by using guided mediations as that helps me to focus. The mediation will allow you to breathe deeply and get into a calming space which will help minimize the stress you may be feeling. 

Reading- Take some time even if it is 20 minutes to just read and focus on something you enjoy rather then thinking about what you have to spend, buy and do this holiday season. 

Playing- Take time to have fun! Play with your kids, do an activity, go out with friends and most importantly take the time to laugh. Whatever you have fun doing make the time to do it. Being in a happy state will always reduce your stress level.

Regardless make the holidays fun and take the time daily to do things you enjoy and focus on all the wonderful things that happen during the holidays like family, laughter, time to relax from work. Take the stress off and enjoy it for what it is. Don’t overthink everything somehow it always works out. 

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