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Earl Lasalle
Golf professional and avid curler. I coach because I love helping other people improve!

Jan 31,2018

As every January draws to a close, so does the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida. This event is “THE EVENT” where all the major golf equipment companies launch their new product lines for the coming year. Your local golf professional will absorb all the technical details about the new offerings and learn how to sell you “THE DRIVER” to make you hit it longer and straighter!

Drivers or clubs in general are not the only things to see. What about golf balls? This is another huge product segment that has the big manufacturer’s fighting for market share. They each have multiple offerings targeting different golfers and swing types. Turn around and the latest fashions for ladies & men are on display, shoes and gloves of all colors can also be found each with their own reasons for why they should be stocked. Every gadget and accessory is being showcased so that your local golf shop will bring it in for you to buy. However, the focus is always on the equipment manufacturers. How are they going to improve on last year’s design and market it to make consumers part with their money?

The majority of avid golfers will change their driver or irons every 5 years or so. The manufacturer’s product cycle used to be close to that number. However, for the last 20 years Callaway and TaylorMade have moved that number down to a 2 year cycle on each family of clubs that they sell. It has even gone to a single year a couple of times when that year’s offering had dismal sales numbers.

So what do we have this year?

Quill Cloud

Callaway has introduced the Rogue featuring Jailbreak technology and TaylorMade has brought out the M3 & M4 featuring Twist Face technology. Both are claiming increased distance and accuracy!

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Which one is better? It depends on the person really. That is why when buying a new driver, your local golf professional should always properly fit you. You can try out all the latest stuff and see which one gives you that extra yardage with more accuracy. You may be surprised to find none of them do and you would be better off spending that 600$ on lessons instead!

Earl Lasalle

PGA of Canada, Kanawaki Golf Club

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