65 Times Around the Sun!

Dwight Johnson
Retired AF Lt. Col. with a PhD Ethical Behavior. Teacher and Mentor on Ethics and Leadership.

Apr 05,2018

Recently I completed 65 trips around the Sun and what a trip it has been. As I begin my 66th trip I am wondering what is in store with changes in our lives. When I started my trips around the Sun gasoline was $0.19 a gallon, the telephone was attached to a line and you had to rotate the dial after you picked up the receiver to make a call. We were not in space with either a satellite or man. If you were lucky enough to fly in an airplane you were dressed up in a suit. I remember walking to high school 2 miles carrying my books in my hand and arm on my side and school was never called off due to bad weather. When I got home from school I would come home to an empty house and go outside and play football on the front lawn. In the summer we had to be in the house when the street light came on.

I have seen a lot of changes in those trips around the Sun such as: A man walked on the moon, we now carry our phones with us, busses run students to school, someone is always home after school to protect the students. I remember reading books that we would check out from the library, now we buy books to read on our tablets and computers.  

One thing that really disturbs me is the fact that everyone seems to have their faces in their phones, tablets, and or computers. No one talks with each other except through texting and messaging. We need to reconnect with the art of talking with each other. It is a great thing that we have all this technology but we are losing the concept of personnel connection.

Well, now that I have traveled 65 times around the Sun I thought I might share my thoughts on what has happened in that time and what I think we need to do to help ourselves in the future.  

It has been a fun ride each time I travel around the Sun and see new things and think back on what it was like in the past. Keep circling the Sun with me.

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