Moments of Truth

Danny W
I am a wine and food lover. I spent the first half of this decade studying and working in the culinary arts before moving towards the front of house. I am passionate about food and wine, and strive to find the best pairings to create the perfect experience.
Customer Service

Jan 31,2018

When you work in the restaurant industry it can be a pretty thankless job. It is a high energy environment where you are always on your feet at the service of others. Anyone who has ever been in a customer service industry knows that often you take a verbal beating from unhappy customers or guests, who at times are just looking to get a freebie. Still you must maintain your composure, which is one reason why this job can be beyond exhausting if you let this aspect of it get to you. Having said that, you also get to meet great people, and work in a very social environment. It’s the clientele that you connect with that make it such a great industry to work in. For that clientele it is always a pleasure to go above and beyond ( though we often do it for the group mentioned above as well).

The company I work for strives to grow its client base and treats these patrons like family rather than another customer. We strive to create moments of truth for all our guests but will go 1000% out of our way for this select group. I have seen some pretty fantastic examples of this over the years and have had a chance to create a number of my own.

Some examples of this are:

  • One of our guests broke her heel and was on her way to the theatre post diner. One of our hostesses gave the guest her heels to wear for the evening. This saved her evening from being ruined.
  • One of our regular guest’s wife had a baby and she had a craving for a dish that we serve. We ubered it free of charge to her home with a card and some dessert of course! Every new mom deserves to be spoiled!
  • One of our regular guests was admitted to the hospital. We personally drove down to deliver their favourite meal. As well, we sat with him a while and kept him and his wife company letting them know how important they are to us. The appreciation from these two guests was next level.

I may just work at a restaurant, but I still have he ability to make a difference in peoples lives. You can do this in any line of work by creating your own moments of truth. I encourage you to do just that!



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