Freedom – A Farce For The Self-Employed

Dee Sarwan
Dee Sarwan - Author
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Dec 03,2017

Freedom. What IS that anyway? For most, it’s elusive, evasive and somewhere else other than in the present moment. The freedom you planned to inherit when you quit your job is now remotely in your thoughts. Bogged down by the various laundry lists of things to do and deliverables to get done, there is no time for “doing what you want, when you want”.

The passage of “time” seems to be racing by. Your stress level intensifies and the feeling of “never enough hours in the day” is a daily occurrence. It’s now the end of November and you are starting to reflect upon the last eleven months and wondering if you could have done better and how much more can you get done before the end of the year. Never mind that the last month is extremely short with the holiday season quickly approaching.

When will you experience the freedom you dreamed of?

I believe freedom is a personal quest to be experienced each moment of every day. If freedom to experience life the way you want to IS the key reason you are self-employed, then you need to keep this top of mind as you progress on your journey. The gift of life is only in the moment. You can plan for tomorrow; expect tomorrow, promise to do it tomorrow, yet tomorrow never come. Moment by moment you can experience freedom, without the burden of worrying about tomorrow.

What causes self-employed individuals to be in a constant state of anxiety?

  •     Squirrel syndrome
  •     Shiny object syndrome
  •     Fear of failure
  •     Family commitments and requirements
  •     Social status
  •     Self doubt
  •     Fear of being judged

A free spirit of mind allows you to do so much more.

You are able to more easily access your creativity and find solutions, alternatives and other avenues of achievement. Taking time to experience the moment as it unfolds brings a whole new meaning to living freely – in charge of your own destiny; all the while knowing that you have done the best you could do in any situation.

Self-employment for most is a new way to be in “jail”. You are on a constant thread mill confined by what needs to be done next and never feeling like you can afford more, be more or do any more.

This is not the way it was meant to be. 

You were once brave, and believed in you. You had a passion and decided to get paid for sharing that passion with others. Remember that moment you made the decision to become self-employed and go forth to experience your best self, doing what you love to do!

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