Sale Does Not Equal a Good Deal

Personal Finance

Dec 30,2016

Sale Sale Sale


Most people like a sale, however, when is an item on sale not a good deal.

Getting an item on sale is a GREAT value if the item is something you had been wanting or is something you need.

Scenario 1;  The thing you had been wanting finally went on sale and is too good of a deal to pass up.  You put it on your credit card.  Now let us take a moment and see if is a good deal.  It takes a few months to pay off the balance on your credit card.  You add up the interest you paid and to your surprise, you paid a lot more for the “thing” you thought was a great deal.


Scenario 2;  There will be times where you are going to buy a lower quality item because it makes sense.  You only need the item for a special project such as painting, volunteering at a yard project, cleaning at a school/Church. 

I invite you to think about your purchase and ask yourself the following.

  • Is this something I’m truly going to enjoy having?
  • Am I buying it just because is on sale?
  • How is the purchase going to get me closer to my financial goal?
  • Use the 72 hours cool off time

A purchase is an individual thing someone may be okay with spending $900. for a pair of shoes that is what is of value to them.   

Another person will be happy saving $800 and purchasing shoes for $100. 

Happy Smart Shopping!!!!



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