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Feb 15,2017

Money and Relationship                  Article 2 of 2


You followed the guidelines from the first article.

1.    You got on the same page

2.    You shared ownership for your financial future

3.    You started a possibility account

What is next…  

 Set an expense amount – $50. $100. Or $500 over which you both agree to talk about purchases before making them. This is crucial and will keep you each of you accountable. You will be surprise how much money will be save just by following this guideline. ( not to mentioned how many disagreements you will avoid)

Write out your guidelines and put them in a place where you can both see them. This is important reminder and it will help you stay on track of your money journey.

How much will you contribute to your possibility account every month?

What are some of the financial goals that you want to accomplish? 

How much do you need to accomplish the goal?

What is the time frame?


There is a special holiday/birthday coming up, which could destroy your spending plan. Prepare in advance talk about what you want to do. Be honest there will be times when going out to an expensive meal may be the thing to do. Yet other times cooking a special meal at home may be the option you choose to take. 


Step 1. Preparing a meal at home, create a menu based on what is on sale. This is also great opportunity to spend time together.

Step 2. What ever amount you saved, you will put away into your possibility account.

You are on your way to creating your wealthy life

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