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The American Idol of Books

On May 22, PBS launched an 8-part TV series to explore and celebrate the power of fiction books. The first episode will be a 2-hour special, reviewing the list of 100 books chosen for “The Great American Read.” The last episode will air in October 2018, revealing the winner chosen through the summer voting process.

Here at our bookstore, when I tell people abou…

Good Books as Great Television

Yes, I have been critical of movie adaptations from some of my favorite books. I have found that there are exceptions to the normal cycle of movie studio ruins story. You won’t find this example at the movie theater, you won’t find it on cable/satellite or the dreaded network television broadcast either. 

Amazon’s Bosch is based on Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch seri…

Off The Top!

I thought it would be fun to take a break from my usual Music Biz articles and share with you one of my favourite television pastimes. I am a huge fan of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. Us “wrasslin” fans often have a hard time explaining this passion to somebody who has never witnessed it before. I’ll never forget sitting with my fiancé and putting it on…

Adults for Cartoons!

Are you an adult who enjoys watching cartoons? The sheer escape into the colourful universe of imaginary worlds and characters? Or do you simply love the humour? That comical one liner that follows you to work the next day. Cartoons enable a writers freedom to say exactly what they think in spite of social or political authorities because they simply say it behind the mask…



I just recently finished watching (binging actually) HBO’s WESTWORLD season one on my DVR. I know some of my friends on FB in particular have found the show to be boring, slow and full of exposition. I can understand why. It is a show that was more cerebral then most shows considered science fiction. It didn’t have …