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Have you ever done a long haul flight with a long layover? Usually when you have one of those flights you often see the same people travelling with you. There are usually a few dozen people that have your exact connections. Now, have you ever looked around at the faces of your fellow travellers while waiting to board the last flight and noticed that some look extremel…

Travelling Thailand: The Quiet Manager

“The hotel Manager was fantastic! Very kind and helpful and would do anything for guest comfort.”

“Manager extremely attentive and helpful. Jumped to sort out anything we wanted. 5 star stay!”

“Loved every minute of our stay because of the best hotel manager! Could not do more to make such wonderful memories”

With reviews like these, I knew I was in for ...


Now, many think I am silly to have a credit card that has fees attached to it. If you do you research and have a card that fits your life style then you have made the right choice! I have paid for a travel credit card for a few years now. The main reason is that you can get lots of points.The points can be used for flights, seat upgrades, gift cards and the all importa…

Why I Love NYC

Why do I love NYC? I love my hometown for many reasons! Some these reasons include the fabulous food scene, the world famous landmarks, and of course the people! I was born in Manhattan and raised in Stared Island. Shh… don’t tell anyone… my heart and soul are in Manhattan! Our bodies may take us outside where we are born, but our hearts and souls do not. 

NYC is...

What makes NYC so awesome?

What makes NYC so awesome? Is it the sights? Is it the people? Is it the food? Is it the way we get around? Is it the Broadway shows? Well, I am going to answer that question! The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE! NYC has some of the most amazing and world renowned sights in the world. The sights range from the Beaux Arts Grand Central Terminal to the modernistic new 1 World Tra…

West From Where I’ve Been

I started West from where I’ve been and that rings more true now more than ever.

I have never been here before, the ground feels familiar but I am different.

It started almost one year ago exactly, or maybe before. It was a stepping stone. I left on a mid January day and I didn’t know what I was stepping into. The blessings that awaited, the challenges tha…


Another tourist trap is the Rue du Petit Champlain. If you don’t want to spend the money on food you at least have to walk down this street AT NIGHT!! and take in its beauty. It is very nice during the day as well but you can’t beat the way the lights twinkle during the evening to night hours. If want to be adventurous and go to “Le Lapin Sauté on …

Cut your budget with travel tips from a pro

After two years of traveling out of a backpack I have found loads of ways to make life a lot easier at a lower cost.

First, when I say a backpack I mean a backpack. One that is manageable that you can comfortably carry for long hours while hiking through your next exciting city. I know it sounds like not enough clothes for a trip. Trust me you can…

How to stay free in nearly any country

I managed to visit fifteen countries in nineteen months without paying a single hotel bill. I have many different avenues I use, but Workaway is by far my favorite.

The hotel tends to be the highest cost in a vacation, which limits the time and money you have …


Not only is it good for authors, it is also good for their readers. Whether you are an author of books, or just someone that ‘authors’ conversations with your friends, travel can help add dimension to your life. Travel can open our eyes to other worlds, other ways of looking at things, other habits, modes of dress, foods consumed. This will necessarily broaden your pe…

The Hank Aaron Trail



Ron Schaefer

Milwaukee has a bike trail named after a baseball hero. That needs some explaining. In a completely different era than the one we find ourselves, Milwaukee had the Braves. And in an even earlier era, they were the Boston Braves.

Okay, so the Boston Braves ran out of money (or whatever t...


My friend Pancho made his dream come true. I know how much he really worked and fought to leave Cuba and get to the United States. After a really long journey of risk and tirbulations he made it. Most people have family outside of Cuba who send money or invite them via visa to help them get out of Cuba. Pancho had no family outside of Cuba, his mother had passed and his dad was now…

My Trip to Western Canada: Calgary and Banff

A promise I made to myself when I burned my mortgage was that I’d stop putting off travel and make it more of a priority going forward. With my mortgage paid off, I no longer have a good excuse not to travel.

As I mention in my book, the best part about achieving…




Ron Schaefer

I stumbled on this place quite by accident during a camping trip, and came back recently to check it out. While it now boasts a visitor center, complete with tour guides, paved trails for easy wheelchair access, and a Spirit of Africa exhibit, a so-called Exhibit Pod, and perhaps its jewel: the Whooping Crane exhi…

The Honor Flight

The Honor Flight


Paul Mazan


 47 years ago, when I arrived home from England the greeting I got was far from friendly. I was in uniform and that made me a target of every hippie, war protester and anyone that simply needed someone to hate. I have carried something of a grudge against the people of this country (in general) ever since...

Mountian Vacations

1.     Planning the trip. Before leaving for a mountain vacation, you, need to pack a few things. First you, need to decide if you, are going to be camping or staying in a hotel. Once, you determine this you, should round up the necessary items you, will need. Such as, a fishing rod if you, plan on fishing. If you, are camping you, may need to buy a tent, or if you, have …

Illegal Cubans Allowed Back to Cuba

With all the new changes going on and the US restrictions on letting Americans come visit under Trumps new regulations, I think these changes are a great strategy to allow more people/Cubans to come back and visit their family and where they grew up. It allows Cubans who left illegally to go back to Cuba as of January 1, 2018 instead of waiting 8 years as it stands now. I do think…

Let’s Set the Scene…

This will be interesting. Sharing my story. Being raw, real, open. Putting my process and my thoughts out in the open. Why? Because being seen, sharing our stories, is how we overcome. Because of Revelation 12:11 – ”They have conquered by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,” Our stories are part of the weapons used to crush hell, to s…

Quebec: Summer

Part 1

Later that year I had a chance for take another road trip to Quebec City!!! Our tiny France!! Its about a 8-9hour drive from Toronto or about a 2 hour flight. I prefer to drive because I love road trips but the train is a nice option as well. I loooove this city because it has preserved and historical area “The old city” where you will find the cobble stone st…

Unfriendly Skies Part Two

After my plans of arriving home after a long business trip were thwarted by the first-class passengers not getting their catering, I wrote a letter to United Airlines voicing my displeasure. The only thing I wanted was an answer to this question:

“Is it policy to hold up the flight for the convenience of the first-class passengers?”

I also state...

Fly The Unfriendly Skies

A couple of weeks ago my flight from Boston to Chicago was held up for over 50 minutes. We were on the plane still at the gate for that time. Sitting, waiting, watching the time. Many passengers in the back had connecting flights to make. I had one too. A 45-minute layover in Chicago, then I would get on the flight to Columbia, Mo. I’d have all day Sunday to spend with my f...


On the day that we went it was a pretty mild day;about 4 degrees, so it was raining a little and made it hard to carve while gong down the mountain. The oddest thing to me was that when you looked up the 875 meter mountain it looked and seemed extremely hazy but that didn’t stop us ( we were already there We started to go up the lift which thank god is a stand…

Las Vegas Insider Tips (Part 3)

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on the best pools that you can find in all of sin c…

Celebrating Financial Freedom: My Trip to San Fran

A promise I made to myself when I burned my mortgage was that I’d stop putting off travel and make it more of a priority. With my mortgage paid off, I no longer had a good excuse not to travel.

As I mention in in my book, the best part about achieving financial freedom is that it gives you choices. You don’t have to stay at a job that you hate just to pay the mortga…

Las Vegas Insider Picks (Part 2)

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on places I think you should check out that are completely free…

Come Fly With Me – Safety First!

Safety is always first, especially when you are in an airplane. We have some so very far over the years, but there are still risks that go hand in hand with air travel. After all, you are in the big blue sky, in a narrow metal tube somewhere between 20,000 and 45, 000 feet. The likely hood that you will be involved in an aircraft accident is about 1 in 300,000, according …

Las Vegas insider picks (Part 1)

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on places I think you should check out that aren’t the m…

The Real Dangers of Mexico

Someone should have told me to be more careful in Mexico. They warned me about pickpockets, corruption and the way they cheat gringos out of their money. But no one told me of the real dangers I would face on a day-to-day basis living here.

Start early in the morning, about 7 a.m. when it’s still dark. The dark doesn’t usually scare you, especially …

Quebec Part 1

Part 1

Almost everyone I meet wants to visit France at some point in their life. However, most do not get a chance to make the trip over the pond. Living in Canada where french is our second language, we have a chance to have an extremely some taste of France right in your backyard (assuming you live in Ontario or New Yes i’m talking about the grea...

Come Fly With Me – In Style and Comfort!

As I prepare to embark on another adventure, by air of course, I am choosing my outfit for tomorrow’s flight. It is not a long flight yet all the same I really want to fly in comfort. Jake looks pretty cool in the photos above, don’t you think? I am not biased at all…wink, wink! He would also be pretty comfy, for a kid, on a flight. Not me though! I could never travel in sh...

Thailife part 4


We were dressed for the heat. However we saw the outside of a few beautiful places. We made it to the Pad Thai place…they only serve 6-8 different dishes. A cool open kitchen; as are most kitchens/restaurants in Thailand. We heading back and relaxed as we had a big travel day to come. 

The next morning we got up and headed back to the airport down t…

Train Travel, Prague and Getting What You Want

Where Am I Going and How Will I Know When I Get There?

O.k. don’t laugh, but this is a question I would often ask myself during my travels in Eastern Europe. I didn’t know the language. Heck, I didn’t even know the alphabet and certainly couldn’t sound out a word if my life depended on it. Sitting on the train, listening to the clickety clack of the trai…

Thoughts from the top of the falls

For anyone who has not been to Niagara Falls, do yourself a favor and get there as soon as you can! It is one of those places that pictures and videos can’t do justice. I just took a trip there last week and I was blown away. To be that close to something so massive and powerful was an experience of a lifetime.

For people who haven’t been, the city of Niagara Fall...

Held up at Gun Point in the African Rain Forest

Life is about Making Stories

It was my first trip to the continent of Africa. Although I was a school teacher, I knew little of the history, landscape, geography or politics of the vast continent. My studies were always a focus of western civilization, but when I was selected as part of a small group to travel to the central African country of Cameroon, I qui…

9 Essentials to Pack for Travel Abroad

With all the restrictions in size and weight for luggage, it’s important to pack as economically as possible when you’re going abroad. Here are some tips of what to pack that will come in handy. First, here are the items that don’t require much explanation:

·     Clothing that you can wear in layers

·     A week’s worth of socks and underwea…

Come Fly With Me – Welcome Aboard!

NO STRESS TRAVEL! This is what we all want and need. Stress can make our travel experience unpleasant and unpredictable. Neither of these states is desirable. The boarding process tends to be one of the most frustrating moments of your travel. It can be very intense and emotions run high. With all of my travel experience, I have witnessed and felt on m…

Thailife part 3

This market was filled with, fresh fruit, stir fry, insects, ribs, meats, karaoke and my favourite Pad Thai!!! Fun fact. Pad Thai is enjoyed more by tourist in Thailand than the locals. It’s not their signature dish; it is something that has become main stream for them. Mind you that never disappoint and they range for $2-4 CND depending on the area and if you add seafood …

Travel & Money: Spend Less on Fees and More on Fun

Most people save up for their trip abroad, and without knowing it they may be wasting some of their hard-earned money in exchange rates and ATM fees without realizing there’s a better way to do it. For example, I just spent some time in Panama, where the ATM fees at most of the local banks were close to $5! Here are some tricks to help you get the most out of your tri…

Things NOT to do in Cuba

Although I have not been to every country in the world, I do like to think that Cuba has some of the most kind people and one of the best countries to visit. That said, there are a few things that you should not do while visiting Cuba.

I’ll give you the heads up here:

  1.  Don’t talk bad about Fidel in public. I mean I do it from here but that is b…
Charleston on My Mind

James Taylor is a famous American singer and song writer who wrote the song “Carolina in My M…

5 Easy Tricks to Save Money on Airfare

Hello! I’m new to GoRead, so I figured I’d introduce myself with an article about travel, since it’s one of my passions. I am the author of a book of short funny travel stories called Confessions of a Travel Addict, but I picked up more than stories on all my adventuring abroad. I also…

Travel Hacks

Pretty much everybody who knows me is aware of the fact I love to travel. I often have brought it up in my articles online, will mention it in person, and just generally love to share travel stories with other people I encounter. Recently I was having a conversation with a friend who was traveling overseas for the first time and he gave me the motivation for this article…

Three Signs You Suffer From Reverse Culture Shock

So let me explain firsthand the difference between Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock….

Culture Shock is when you first arrive in a foreign country/culture and have a hard time adapting to the environment, society and culture. You might suffer from digestion issues, anxieties, and even loneliness (especially …

Thai life Part 2

Part 2

I got the China 5am their time once again people were very nice but lacked any English skills. So as a said before it was very hard to communicate.

Tip#4: if you land in Guangzhou terminal A. The alcohol duty free is in the A1-A12 area. They had no idea what I was referring to. Haha

We decided to go the AirBnB rout…

Traveling the Interstate System With History

Here we are driving across Illinois on I 70 and we can see the trees up to the side of the road as if they are closing in on us, like a GIECO commercial. I began to think about how our American Ancestors traveled across this country, by foot, by horse, or by cattle drawn wagons. What a difference it is for us to travel by car at 75 miles an hour. The hardships they f…

Come Fly With Me – Get into that relaxed mindset!

Remember my previous article where I got you to the airport in a calm, cool manner? No worries right? Nothing can go wrong now!!! Well…best not to be overconfident until the wheels are up and stowed safely in the belly of the aircraft! You still need to be completely aware and at the top of your game until you are seated comfortably onboard. Read the article in its enti…

Fly Through the Airport

Fly Through the Airport

Getting to my recent cruise in the Baltic Sea my wife and I breezed through the US airport. In Holland we squeezed into a mob of people and then trudged along a serpentine path with long line of travelers waiting to go through immigration. Back in the United States we went back into a line. Fortunately the US Customs agents were great. It r…

Vacation planning guide

Summer is a popular time for vacationers. Here are some ideas for an unforgettable vacation, which may not necessarily break the bank.

To some travelers, “vacation” means lying on a tropical beach or staying in an urban hotel, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the start of a new year is time to think outside the box and start planning trips that help you both …


Part 1

So I finally took the plunge and went to visit Asia!!!! I had the chance to visit the great country of Thailand! What an adventure to say the least. Being from Toronto, many of my vacations consist of easily accessible and western countries/places. Such as, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. I am used to visiting a country that speaks English or where the…

Trump and Little Havana

I was never fond of Donald Trump but I feel like since he has become president he is trying really hard. At times, the way he speaks isn’t the best but I believe his intentions are good. Just recently on social media there was an article that Trump flew to Little Havana in Florida to change some of the laws that Obama had made regarding Americans visiting Cuba. There are now only …

Sin City Part 3

Part 3

 It started with a photographer taking our picture with the BSB VEGAS 2017 back drop, walked to the bar and entered our VIP room which had snacks drinks and a photo booth. We waited until our letter was called then waiting to meet the boys. We were 1st in line and we saw the boys come in they greeted us as the got into place. We walked in and said hello t…

Give Opportunity a Try

 As I stood there looking up at the sky today I glanced at a very low flying commercial plan. Which always gives me so much joy as it reminds me of a time in my life of such different adventure. 

 This chapter began when I was at the young age of 19. I had always been a traveler dating back to the early age of 7. Although this adventure I’m about to emba…

Organization makes for Happy Hiking – Part 1

Going on a hiking excursion is always a treat! Regardless of whether you’ve been participating in hiking vacations your entire life, or this is your first rodeo, you need to be prepared.   There is nothing worse than packing up to hit the trail and realizing at the last minute that you forgot your bladder on the kitchen table at home, or your trekking poles are still …

Come Fly With Me!

Vacation season is upon us. The kids will be out of school soon and hopefully you are getting ready to fly the coop. As a seasoned traveler who is very passionate about making travel a positive experience for everyone, I am embarking on a series of articles on traveling and how to eliminate stress and make it fun. Traveling can be a fun and enjoyable experience even i…

Come fly with me!

Vacation season is upon us. The kids will be out of school soon and hopefully you are getting ready to fly the coop. As a seasoned traveler who is very passionate about making travel a positive experience for everyone, I am embarking on a series of articles on traveling and how to eliminate stress and make it fun. Traveling can be a fun and enjoyable experience even if you ...

Sin City Part 2

Part 2

The options were you can rent a tablet for 10$ or if you had a device you could log onto their wifi and and watch. I had my laptop and it said that my  Adobe flash was too advanced? So I had to sit in my uncomfortable car with nothing to watch. Fortunately I did have movies on my lap top but for everyone else I could have been a long flight. Once we got to t…

Sin City

Part 1

Sin City!!! I am not that young and I have never had the desire to go down south, gamble my life away and participate in an all day beach party. However, when my favourite band The Backstreet Boys of all time got residency for a couple of months I had no choice but to head down and see what all the fuss was about. Now, I knew this trip was a Backstreet trip f…

The City That Never Sleeps

It’s the “city that never sleeps” and let me tell you, I never want to sleep when I’m there. How can you sleep? There is so much to do, so much to see. I literally want to be outside in the middle of it all, taking it all in every single minute I’m there. When I’m in the hotel I feel like I’m missing out on something. Oh New York City, you stole my heart years ago….

Cuban>American Relations

I came accross an interesting article on AOL about the American and Cuban relations. Although it was written 2 years ago, I’d still like to share it with you. They talk about the 7 interesting facts about America’s relationship with Cuba.

1. During his first term as president, Obama permitted U.S. telecommunications companies to provide more cellular and…

Adventures at High Altitude

The earliest memory I have isn’t of a traumatic incident but of an all encompassing emotion. I remember seeing my first National Geographic magazine on the coffee table as a young girl thinking “wow, there is so much out there to explore, this world is so much greater than I am”, I could barely contain my desire to immediately go out and see it. Obviously at four years old t…

My experience on a hot air balloon ride.

 As a little girl I was always quite timid and shy. In my shyness I became very observant and very self aware of my surroundings. I would often sit in my dining room and look out the window. As I looked out the window. Everything looked so beautiful. The world outside looked like a painting. I often starred in my backyard and then starred into the sky waiting for an air pl…

Why you should travel the world!

This will be a short and sweet article, but a topic that I have wanted to talk about for quite some time now. I see a lot of people drifting through life, with no real purpose or excitement. It seems like many of them stopped living long ago and are just going through the motions waiting for death.

I have lived a very blessed life. I haven’t had the constraints of …

Money Is Time

I love visiting other places and I’ve been privileged to travel globally and experience many countries on this amazing planet. Early in life, my wife and I would plan a vacation and choose a location that we had always wanted to visit. We would get the travel brochures and decide what we wanted to see, where we wanted to eat, where she wanted to shop…you get the picture. …

Can you own a piece of Real Estate in Cuba?

With the embargo between the U.S. and Cuba a lot of people have been wondering if they can get a piece of pie of the real estate in Cuba.  There’s no definite answer there, just like anything in Cuba, never a simple answer but here are some things you need to know.

1.      If you are not a Cuban citizen you cannot purchase property in your name. That bei…

Untouched Territory

Have you ever wanted to get away from all the noise of the city? Need an adventure? Well, here’s what I suggest: go to Russia. Actually—to be precise—go to Siberia, to a city called Ulan-Ude

       Now, of course, there are some ground rules that you should make for yourself before you go: spen…

A potato I cut open; One of my seven wonders

Did you know there are several different lists labelled the “Seven Wonders Of The World” and not one that I could find has Niagara Falls on it? For some reason, I thought my teacher said it was on the list. Guess I wasn’t paying attention. After a bit of research on the internet, here’s the interesting things I found out.

The classic seven wonders of the ANCIENT Wor…

Oktoberfest part 2

It seems silly but if you are going to go do it right! Its like Halloween, everyone dresses up in traditional attire. I mean at least 96% of people dress up. If you are not wearing a custom you WILL feel our of place. There are rental places.The catch is the have to have them back by noon the next day. It seems reasonable but when you are out partying until 6 or 7am its se…

Oktoberfest! part1

So my last few post have been about my few trips to Germany. This might be my last one. Now I’m Canadian and if there is one thing that Canadians like its BEER!!! We now have a wide variety of craft beer and commercial we even have a Craft Beer Fest which is tonnes of fun but the ultimate Beerfest is OKTOBERFEST!!!!! Yes!!!! Oktoberfest Munich is the biggest Beer and…

Hey Chicago, what do you say?

This past summer, i trained for a virtual 5K to raise money to help bless the country of Nicaragua with a bunch of my friends online. As I hit the pavement and trained, I listened to “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. At one point she says,  ‘Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.’

Even though I was sweating profusely from both the physical exertion and…

Travels That Inspire: Vegas Style

Inspiration has formed and shaped my career. It is what keeps me going, personally and professionally, and I am in constant pursuit of inspiration. While there are no foolproof guidelines for seeking and recognizing inspiration, there are several things you can do to get the creative juices flowing. You don’t have to go to faraway places to find inspiration, but travel is…

Inexpensive Backpacking Destinations


Here is a list of inexpensive backpacking destinations with general daily budgets and attractions. Please keep in mind that the prices are based on hostel style lodging, eating locally and what you decide to do with your day.


Average cost per day: $15-$35 USD

Things to do:

*Grand Palace


The following year my family member had decided to move to north Deushland to Berlin!!! I had the great opportunity to go visit Sept/Oct which is what I seem to believe to be the best time to go. It is the best time to go due to the fact that the weather is still hovering around the mid 20’s which is so comfortable and the tourist season has just ended to the flights for …

Ethical Protocols for Time Travel

There is a TV show on NBC called ‘Timeless’ where three people go back in time to chase a thief who is trying to change history. ‘Timeless’ does indeed see changes in history after they return in their time machine. ‘Timeless’ provides some real ethical dilemmas that the cast must deal with in each episode that could and sometimes does change history.  Let us not forg…



I have a love/hate relationship with Deuchland. A while ago I went backpacking and our EuroRail pass got revoked. So we where stuck in Koln with little money and no where to stay. Luckily, I had a friend from home that was away for school so we were able to stay with them on Dusseldorf for a few days. I was a quiet town. We …

An Author’s Trip to Colorado

In May of 2016, my husband and I got to take a trip to Colorado Springs. He had been to the state a couple of times during his childhood, but I had never been except for the few hours when I had to catch a connecting flight somewhere at the airport. I was p…

Take Time to Look Around

Take Time to Look Around


How many times have you looked at the ice storm outside and curse it? I know that I have and because I broke my leg in four places during an ice storm on Oct 31 2003 here in Colorado Springs, and I cursed ice storms. However, the last two days we have had an ice storm and ice fog that has hit the area covering the trees and the grou…

Cuban Music

Music has been part of our culture since way back. Not to brag, but out of all the Caribbean islands, Cubans do have the music in our souls and hips. Growing up in Cuba we never had much as in materialistic things or food but one thing that could never been taken away from us was our music. From as early as I could remember the music would be blasting in the house and I lea…

Bucket List

Many of us watched the movie Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. While lying in bed they get the idea to fulfill their lifetime dreams before they kick the bucket. They see their life as almost over so they figure they better get to it.

My question is why do we wait until ‘our life is almost over’ to fulfill our bucket list? Do we ra…

Paris: Part 3

  Part 3 

The first time I went to Paris we didn’t go to the top. It was free to walk up to the third level. I took about 15mins to walk up and the view was very similar. I am not sure if it is still free to walk up but if you are on a budget it is something to look into. 

We wanted to visit the tower later so we could see it lit up. It do…

Paris: Part 2

  Part 2

We made our way to (expensive shopping area) stopping at a wine and cheese stop to enjoy a picnic in the park. A much more cost effective lunch 🙂 

Tip#6:You can drink in public as long as you have some food with you e.g. bottle of wine or 2…lol, some crackers, cheese e.c.t.

We made our way to Notre dame we walk along some …

R.I.P. Fidel Castro

November 25, 2016 will be a significant date that Cubans and future Cubans will hear about. The day the longest ruling leader of the world, Fidel Castro, passed away.  There were many mixed emotions when the news hit, and the news of his death reached first world nations before many Cubans even knew about his passing. His brother, Raul, went on TV and made an announcement re…

The House of Fear

Back in 1977, I received a dream assignment from a travel magazine. They were doing a special issue on Greece. The editor was going to cover the mainland and he asked me if I’d like to report on the Islands. We agreed to meet in Athens to make our final plans. I showed up at his hotel room at the appointed hour and knew right away that something was very wrong. The roo…

Paris: Part 1

Part 1

Ah gay Paris! The city of love, fashion and food. I have visited Paris 3 times now and I fall in love over and over again. After going down under and 6 hour flight feels like a cake walk. I found that since Paris has so much to offer, it made sense to book an AirBnB to save on cost instead of a hotel due to the fact that I wouldn’t be spe…