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Fertility Clinic Fire: a Moral Dilemma

A pro-choice thought experiment circulating around the internet asks a tough question of those who identify as pro-life: 

A fertility clinic is on fire. You have to escape quickly but there’s a crying child near you. There’s also a container marked “1,000 Viable Human Embryos.” You can’t put out the fire and you can’t get addit…

Story Time with Uncle Buck

I found that my Gameday IQ increased when I ran across this information so I wrote this story and shared it with our listeners and now with you. I hope that, as you read this, you say at least once, “Huh; I didn’t know that!”

As most of you know, the Star Spangled Banner is a poem written by Francis Scott Key in 1814 called, “Defence of Fort McHenry.” He wrote thi...

Unkept Promises
Around the world, human traffickers trick many people into slavery by false promises of good jobs or good education, only to find themselves forced to work without pay, under the threat of violence. ~ Lisa Kristine

It is the promise that plants a seed of hope and it is the faithfulness of the one making the promise that...

The Value of Keeping Your Word

It seems that ethics in business and personal matters are disappearing today. We have more and more seminars and workshops, and we all nod like puppets and agree with the speaker’s points, but it seems as though fewer people actually follow them every day. 

NEWS FLASH: Your character matters. Whether it’s a personal matter, or as a representative o…

The Problem with AA and why Harm Reduction Helps

As a therapist, I have worked with countless individuals who fall somewhere on the spectrum of having a serious substance addiction problem, to those who have problematic substance use or drinking habits, but who haven’t hit the proverbial “rock-bottom” we so often hear about. I spent a few years as a case manager in an inpatient substance abuse facility at the begin…

The Corruption of the American Character
Show me the man you honor, and I will know what kind of a man you are. It shows me what your ideal of manhood is, and what kind of a man you long to be. –Thomas Carlyle  

Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself. –William Shakespeare

I hope...

What (Who) is the “Deep State”?


By Dr. Larry Fedewa (August 11, 2018)


The term, “Deep State”, is used increasingly in discussions of the current confrontations between the Trump administration and its opponents in government and politics. What – or who – is the “Deep State”?

The term originated to describe a group of military, political and industrial conspirators who more…

Do we know what is our true purpose in life?

Do we have any idea about our true purpose is in life? It is a question that can plague our thoughts. We live a life of doing what is expected of us. Working a job for the right or wrong reasons but something feels empty about it. We go to college because that is what people tell us we should do. The friends we choose to hang around with do they help us or hinder us in …

Ideas on WEB-RAGE

You’ve heard of “road rage”. Are you the kind of person who suffers from “web-rage”? Does logging onto social media make you want to scream and throw things? Is leaving an angry face or a nasty comment too little a response? Are you trying and failing to train yourself to “just scroll on” and ignore it?

You’re not alone. With our “official” media spreading stories...

Trey Gowdy Has Met the Enemy and He is Him

Gowdy’s Blindfolded Lady Mantra

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy has a mantra he has repeated many times. On countless occasions, he has referred to the “blindfolded l…


In my previous article “The Reality of Freedom”, I talked about the conflict of freedom and responsibility. I’d like to continue to expand a bit on this narrative and talk today about “freedom of speech”. 

When we reflect on freedom of speech in today’s society, there are people who feel that this type of freedom is without consequences. That this freedom means…

You RENT Your Home Even When You OWN It

Note: Texas is used as an example below but the message can be applied to all 50 states.

You Think You Own Your Home?

When you purchase something, you pay a one time sales tax. When you buy a boat, a car, or even a pair of shoes you pay a tax. However, when you buy a home, you pay annual taxes, even when you pa…

The Deep State is Real and SOCIALISM is to Blame

How Did America Get Here?

The deep state that exists in our nation’s capitol today is the result of decades of corruption. It is made up of politicians and bureaucrats who seek more and more control over the American people. Socialism is to blame as much as anything.

In theory, Socialism is about ceding control of some or all of your asse…

Change Your Evil Ways: Betrayal at Its Finest

      After cuttin’ up the dance floor at a Yoli Beach Party in Cancun, Mexico, my son, Bronson, and I were really enjoying the fun, the sun, and the gorgeous scenery. I remember dancing to the 1969 Santana song, “Evil Ways”. Back at the hotel, I recalled the lyrics:

     “I’m getting tired of waiting and fooling around. I’ll find somebody who won’t make...

Here’s how other countries stop MASS SHOOTINGS!!

Research shows that countries with fewer guns have lower homicide rates. Even US states with fewer guns have fewer homicides; in a landmark 2002 study, analysis of data from 1988 to 1997 showed that states with “high” gun ownership had three times the rate of homicide than states with few guns. A decade later, a 2013 study found that every percentage point increase in gun…

Improving Your Future from the Past

Comparing our past with today and looking at our future

By Kenneth Shores, Rockwall, Texas

Look back at 2017, then use it to improve 2018. First look at the many bad judgments, decisions and mistakes We The People and our country has made. We would be wise to write them down along with the good judgments, decisions and mistakes that w…

Pope Francis greets bishops at the Vatican

A New Year’s Resolution for Pope Francis I: Start Monetizing the Vatican Assets

by Lawrence J. Fedewa

Pope Francis I earned the admiration of many when he promised to make the Catholic Church “a poor church for the poor.” I think of that every June when the Peter’s Pence collection is taken up in all the Catholic churches worldwide. The purpose of the collecti…


As many of you know because of a previous article i had published, I recently made the choice to go back to school to upgrade some necessary Medical Office skills. With the changing wave of technology and employment opportunities on the decline, I thought I’d better attempt to widen my skill spectrum a bit. 

Today, while reading through some of the necessary coarse …

How We Triumph In the Age of Ignorance lack of knowledge, education or awareness (Merriam-Webster) 

We face a crisis of ignorance in this country, with potentially tragic consequences both at home and abroad.  But not all is lost. We can avoid disaster by using this crisis to understand where we went wrong, and from that insight identify oppor…

Does ethics out weigh laws?

Have you ever felt conflicted between ethics and law? Chances are you probably have. Which one would you commit to? That would very on the person themselves. Some people prefer ethics over laws, and others vice versa. There are different schools of thought that gets into where somebody would act upon. There are schools like Utilitarianism, which is the best of the majority,…


With all the sexual harassment issues coming to a much brighter light in Hollywood and in the corporate media, let alone in the blue-collar sectors, it falls on us males to be extra mindful in the work place when it comes to how we approach and talk to our female co-workers. We may even have to work on changing any questionable thinking that could put women in a derogatory…

Dumbo Overcomes Prejudice

As I write this on October 30, 2017, I am babysitting my grandson while his mother is giving birth to my fourth grandchild. So today I am watching for the fourth time the movie cartoon Dumbo with my grandson. My 2 1/2 year old loves this movie and the whole theme of the movie is about prejudice.  

If you don’t remember everyone but a little mouse makes fun of Du…

The Only Story

“And the Lord said unto Cain, Why art thou angry? and why is thy countenance fallen?

If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be its desire, and thou mayest rule over it.”

The story of Cain and Abel is a story of rejection. Or p...

The Farmers Fortune

I do love a parable, always have done so this week I thought I’d share with you one of the many of my favourites!

Once upon the time there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically.


Be A Compassionate Stranger

Have you ever had compassion and did something for a total stranger?  It’s the best feeling ever. Every day of our lives we should try to have some compassion towards others.  There is so much going on in the world today. No matter what your financial circumstances are, we can always have a little compassion towards others.  It doesn’t require money or anything special…

30% of Americans Would Leak Private Data for 1,000

As we carry out more of our day-to-day transactions online, so the amount of information about us that exists out on the internet grows. That means there are more and more opportunities for data to be leaked or stolen. In the age of cyber attacks, most people still aren’t taking their privacy seriously.

If $1,000 were on offer over 41 percent of respondents say the...

30% of Americans Would Leak Private Data for $1000

As we carry out more of our day-to-day transactions online, so the amount of information about us that exists out on the internet grows.

That means there are more and more opportunities for data to be leaked or stolen, but the fact is most people still aren’t taking their privacy seriously.

If $1,000 were on offer over 41 percent of respondents say they would …

The Chains of Illiteracy

Reading takes us places. It allows you to explore new worlds and get inside the minds of the greatest thinkers and leaders in history. It can elevate your status and propel you to the next level economically, spiritually, socially and physically. Reading also helps you develop critical thinking skills, improves memory, and reduces stress.

So can you imag…

Technology Advances and Annoyances

How many remember working late at the office so you could finish your work? Missing dinner or Johnny’s ball game. Do you remember carrying a pocket calendar or having a thick address book sitting beside your phone on the table? How about the family fights for fair and equal time to use the phone that was attached to the wall and the hand receiver attached to the box on the w…

From the Eyes of a Night Owl

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” –Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Franklin must have been an early bird. Such a well-known saying doesn’t exactly speak kindly of night owls. *Ahem* If you are going to succeed in life, you have to go to bed early and get up early. Otherwise you’ll probably be sick, poor and stupid. Well I object! Some of …


Have you been at a restaurant with friends & the waiter presented you with the bill. I have on several occasions. I have issues with being charged for other people’s bill.


 GO TO THE BATHROOM: Friends must go around the time …

How to Supercharge Your Funding and Support

Relationships are the defining ingredient for the success of people and individuals. When it comes to charitable causes, the bond between supporters is more prominent than any other currency. Purpose driven people get up every day facing those in our society with the greatest needs daily.

They combat poverty, health challenges, pollution, homelessness, a…

Never Forget The Journey

Once upon a time we all started out as an innocent baby to parents who loved us very much and had so many dreams for us. They looked at us with tears of joy in our eyes as they held us close to their hearts. They tried so hard to figure out the perfect names for us. In the end my parents named me: Irene and it means peace. What does your name mean? Are you a reflection …

The Madness of Self

Would you rather have your head in the heavens or try to have the heavens in your head?*  What do we lose in trying to reduce the world to what we merely understand?  I say we lose wonder.  We lose our joy.  We lose our sanity.  Ignorance is not necessarily bliss, but the inability to acknowledge ignorance is vanity, and the extreme of vanity is a void of madness.


The Slow Fashion Movement Part 2

Fashion is a filthy industry. Through the complex process of farming, textile production, garment dyeing, shipping and ultimately disposal, the cheap t-shirts we buy so casually are causing more harm to the environment than we would like to …

The Slow Fashion Movement – Part 1

In my article on Building New Habits I mentioned that I have recently begun the process of completely decluttering our home and working to minimize my lifestyle. This process began when I decided to curb my shopping habits and save some money, but has evolv…

The Lying Game

Detecting deception using verbal cues remains a difficult task. The best method to predict deception compares what a person says against external evidence or known truth. At best, certain statements can indicate a higher probability of deception, but there’s no one verbal cu...

Have we forgotten what our mothers told us?

“Yes, I did pull the sheets off my bed, but Bobby pulled his off too.”

“Michael, I don’t care what Bobby did. You shouldn’t have pulled the sheets off your bed.”

It wasn’t just bed-sheets, or clothes left on the floor, or something broken in the living room. It was lots of things I did as a child. I was a brat. My excuse was always that my brothe…

Was Abraham Lincoln a Racist?


One of the strongest arguments that Abraham Lincoln was a racist is based upon his own words during the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. In the debates at Charleston, Illinois and Quincy, Illinois Lincoln expressed his belief in the superiority of the white race.              

In Lincoln’s words, “I have no purpose to introduce political and social…



How do you feel when someone says they will do something for you and they don’t?

Do you say “yes” with the thought and intention that you will do it, but then you don’t follow through? Are you afraid of disappointing people?

I experience friends and others sayin...