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A Bad Relationship

I believe there are many different types of toxic relationships but at the end of the day it all just comes down to feelings. 

In the majority of relationships there are always a mixture of good and bad feelings. Simply put, if you constantly feel more negative feelings than positive, then the relationship is not worthwhile. Again, I’m not saying that a relationshi...

Family Vacation 2018- Part 1

Family Vacation 2018

Part 1

Each summer we spend two glorious weeks up in the Laurentians at my parent’s country house, it’s a time for us to all relax, enjoy the fresh air, swim in the lake and create a lifetime of memories. However, this year we were fortunate enough to spend a week in Ontario prior to our visit to the Laurentians. …

Take The Time

Have you ever noticed that many people rush into relationships without taking the time to get to know someone first? And then say, I had no idea that person was like that, when it ended? I have witnessed this plenty of times with both friends and family. And to be honest, I have even done it myself (but that’s for another article).

Just recently, a friend of mi…

10 Wedding To Dos You Should Conquer Way Early

If you’re planning a wedding, you probably have a long checklist covering everything from booking your venue and buying your dress down to the nitty gritty like choosing napkins and favor tags. It can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you see how many things can’t be done until close to the big day.

But what if there was a way to alleviate future stress b…

Signs That Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Power couples (think: Prince William and Kate Middleton) have in-sync walking patterns. The goal is for couples to walk with their feet side by side on an invisible line. When this walking pattern is disrupted, it indicates that there is disconnect between the couple.

Eyes tell a story about one’s relationship. When you’re sexually attracted to so…

Changing and Ebbing Tides of Friendship and Life

Changing and Ebbing Tides of Friendship and Life    

The word change, the very presence, and the notion of it was a thing that I used to hate. It was a thing that would bring me a lot of worry, stress, and anxiety. In many ways, it still does to this day, I, however, have been able to grasp it, to see the positives of it, and not let it be a negativ…

What Horses Teach Us About RELATIONSHIPS (Part II)

In last week’s article, I touched on the basics of horse communication and what they can teach us about relationships. In this article, I will analyze how humans can become more attuned and sensitive to each other through understanding horses’ primary mode of communication: body language. 

While horses do use some vocals – neighing to seek out nearby horses, nicker...

Give Your Power to the Right Kind of Work

Every day we have to work.

And the moment we hear that statement we associate the meaning with having to work at our jobs.

But we often overlook the work we must put in at home, after we’ve come home from our long day of working at our jobs.

When life gets in the way, as it always does, we tend to lose sight of the support that is always availabl…

The girl next door.

Reading time: 70 seconds

Peter Backus, a teaching fellow of economics at the University of Warwick, published his Why I Don’t Have A Girlfriend theses after spending three years without a partner.

The math wiz used the Drake Equation, a formula used by scientists to calculate the potential number of extraterrestrials in our galaxy. He found his chances of fi…

What Horses Teach Us About RELATIONSHIPS!

I know it sounds surprising. After all, “horses aren’t even as expressive as dogs! 

They don’t wag their tails or anything. What can they possibly teach me about relationships?” 

I’ve heard statements like this one too many times to let it slide now. Just like it takes skill and practice to learn a different language, it takes all that PLUS lots of patienc…

Mamma’s Boy!

We’ve all heard a version of this phrase, “Behind every great man there is strong woman!” I have to disagree with this saying. I believe that behind every great man there are two strong women.

Quill Cloud

This past Sunday we celebrated our “m…

Society, Please Stay OUT Of My Lovelife!!!

Let me ask you this, Society. Are you helping me raise my family? Are you providing physical comfort in the form of hugs and kisses, cuddling and caressing, sexual satisfaction? After a long hellish day at the PayJob, are you easing my stress and tension? NO, YOU’RE NOT, SOCIETY! But my Husband does. And someday, so will my gi…

Happy Mothers Day?

Mothers day is an odd day. People run around saying Happy Mothers Day to women they meet. There’s an expectation of joy, gratitude for moms, and a whole host of celebratory activities. However, there maybe women who want to be mothers but cannot be, for whom the day is painful. Women who have had miscarriages, children die, or given their children up for adoption to whom th...

The Best Advice for Booking a Wedding Venue

So you’re ready to choose your wedding venue – how exciting! Your venue will drive much of the vibe (and cost!) of your big day, so it’s no small feat. And with dozens of options, venue types, and styles, it can feel overwhelming. I definitely spent hours poring over websites, information packages, and photos, trying to narrow down our options. While it was a time-cons…


Are you SEX POSITIVE? By definition, being “sex positive” means that you have or promote an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality. The idea of open nudity and sexuality has been on my mind since I was a teenager conflicted with telling the world about my bisexuality. Not seeing any direct bisexual role models for myself, I chose to live het…

The Effects of Divorce on Women

In my book That’s the Way She Is, the divorcee is one of the female types discussed in the book. In my opinion the DIVORCEE is an EXPERIENCE, RESOURCEFUL and CREATIVE woman. She can also be EMOTIONAL/ FINANCIAL DISTRESS, BITTER and can carry a lot of BAGGAGE. This article will discuss the emotional and financial distress that divorce women usually go through during…

Are they crazy or just stupid? : Try to Understand

Are they crazy or just stupid? :  A plea for understanding


Image from Pixabay

On June 16, 1858, at the Illinois Republican convention in Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln kicked off his bid for the U.S. Senate with a speech that included the Biblical phrase, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”


Lincoln was tal…

A Light Shines Brightly

Photo credit

Last week I was at a party, and some friends of the host were asking each other, “Do people unfriend you because you disagree with them?” I walked into this conversation and laughed with my reply, “All the time!” This seems to be a growing trend, people want to dim the lights of others who disagree with them. This is happe…

“Let It Go”

Wikipedia defines forgiveness as the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. Okay, that is a mouth full, but it is truth. Sometimes forgiving someone and letting go of the pain they may hav…


The loss of your loved one will rip your hearts open. It will bring up fear, distrust, anger…a firehose of emotion. More often than not, the person closest to you will be the recipient of your raw emotion as you process the traumatic thing that has happened. But would you believe that this whirlwind is actually an opportunity to be with each other in a way that will strengt…

What is Love?

“Sometimes you have to be cold to be honest in order to stay firm in your morals. People might not always like the harsh truth, but I wouldn’t be true to myself and to others if I just kept watching without speaking up. It’s called sincerity.

You have to look out for those who you see as family. Sometimes they love you. Sometimes they hate you….

What Did You Say?

As writers, we know wording is key when it comes to reaching out to our readers. However, what if we use the wrong words in the wrong situations? And it comes out not only in our daily lives but our writing as well without us even realizinng it?

For instance, have you ever had to say “that is not what I said” or “I didn’t mean it like that” or how about “you took ...

“Discard the Emotional Baggage!”

It is very exciting to enter a new relationship (romantic or friendship) or marriage. However, it is important that “emotional baggage” is not brought into the new relationship. New relationships/marriages are new beginnings. It is an opportunity to start fresh. It is an opportunity for new experiences and making new memories. Therefore, you should avoid at all costs …


 In a time that does it’s best to drive out and stifle those with a creative mind. Wanting them to conform to the mold that want them to fit in. A couple months ago I shared a thought with my friends on facebook. Here in this article, I will share that thought with you. It does differ slightly from the other articles that I have shared….


 We hear people talking, and posting memes about unconditional and conditional Love. The Love we receive from others, and our Love of ourselves. What about conditional and unconditional Acceptance?

 The ultimate addiction in this world is bein…


I hope you will indulge me in reminiscing about an event that happened some fifty years ago between my younger sister, and myself. I was in my late teens, she was about eight. We grew up on a small dairy farm in northern Utah, a great place for kids. On Saturday mornings during winter, and after helping dad milk the cows, I would walk the creek that ran through our far…

Healing the Mother Wound

She: “You say you love me but what do you love about me?”

Her Mom: Silence.

Not a single word came from her mouth because she couldn’t think up even one reason. She must have had her reasons but she just didn’t know how to express them.

Maybe… But she was a good provider. The fridge was always full and she sprinkled love into every …


 “There is something greater than our needs and our wants.” “Even Greater than what you think is needed or wanted.” “It is Understanding, which is Love.” -Nathaniel J. Mask-

 So many of the things we see as being what we need are really just wants. Then so many of the things we want are really th…

The Army Wife’s Diary

Like many of you I’m sure, I write to release my emotions and sometimes to get a better understanding of them. A while ago, I decided that I wanted to write about life loving a soldier. I thought this would be a good time to share what I’ve learned, as my soldier was just posted to a different province for the first time.

Before I begin, I should give yo…

Are you Being Your Best Representative?

 Navigating the world of dating which we’ve all been through or are currently going through can always be a very daunting one. Mainly I find this due to the fact of meeting someone that seems amazing at the beginning yet may not always last this way throughout. This realization that the person you met is not who you thought they were surfaces around the 6 months to a year m...


Continuing from last weeks article about best friends MY BEST FRIENDS VALENTINE’S. There a re several different types of friends. So many people have several types of friends, and are usually one of these types of…

More Than A Feeling Part 2

“The power of love is a curious thing. Make a one man weep, make another man sing…” Huey Lewis.

Perhaps the greatest force and power known to mankind is the power of love; therefore, old Huey Lewis was most definitely onto something with his late 80’s hit song.

LOVE is a curious thing, especially in our western culture. We abuse the word LOVE to mean man...

Before A Messy Break-Up

 Do you ever have that intuitive feeling that you need to talk with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your significant other? 

I felt like that. I really wanted to know if my boyfriend loved me. At the same time – I also wanted to dump him. I needed affection. I needed attention. He wasn’t giving me any. He was getting on my last nerves. He gave me…

A Love Lost

In this piece, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I wanted to tell a story that involves a French-Canadian Catholic priest, a drunken mother, a beautiful baby girl, and Abraham Lincoln. Curious? Then with your permission, let us get going.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without r…

The Language of Love

Amor. Laska. Liefde. Cinta. All of these words mean love. If you speak the language you will recognize the word and understand it, but if you don’t speak the language, the words will mean nothing. 

In 1995, Gary Chapman wrote a book called “The Five Love Languages”. It’s mainly used a resource for couples to learn how to communicate better with each other but it ca…


 I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. That you spent it with your one and only Best Friend. Best Friend, the person that knows all of your strengths, and all of your weaknesses. There to help you build your strengths, and help you forget and guard your weaknesses. Never using your weakness for their own ga…

What’s in a username?

How about love at first “site?”

Most people don’t give their dating username much thought. “It’s just some silly little tag so people will recognize me and I’ll get e-mails.” Wrong! Your username is the real first impression you make with people.

Think of your username as you would a pair of shoes. Go on a date with cheap, dirty, worn-out shoes and they sp...

Love is in the Air!

Every year when Valentine Day rolls around, I shudder and ignore it. Why? Because I’m single. I’ve been divorced for almost thirty years, and even when I was married, my husband didn’t give me a card. I was the one who made the day special with the dinner reservations, giving him a mushy card, and maybe even ordering flowers for myself. Did I know this going into the relatio…

5 Relationship Building Activities You Need to Try

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love and relationships are top of mind for many of us. And for those of us in a relationship, it’s a good reminder to not take our partners for granted and to look for ways to strengthen our relationship further. Here are five powerful relationship activities you can try today to do just that.


There is no Rejection: only Selection


One of the main reasons people are uncomfortable with dating and reaching out socially is the fear of rejection, but it’s a mistake to look at it this way. As you search for your matched opposite, you are going to spend a fair bit of time dating. The search is a numbers game; statistically, approximately one out of every 16 eligible people yo…

Singleness in Your 40s

If I could have done life my way, I would have gotten married in my early twenties, had about four children by thirty and never would have known what it’s like to be single. Apparently God had other plans.

Not only have I not been married, but I have spent a good portion of my life being really single. I mean, no boyfriends, no casual friends, no companions, not…


 Here we are the weekend before and the week of Valentines Day. Romance is in the air, right? All the new romance movies are in the theatres. Dates are being planned, flowers, candy, and gifts are being bought. Have you ever wanted to be a part of a romance novel, or in a romantic movie. What if I was to tell you that you are in a very special romance movie, or a romance bo…

9 Thoughts That Destroy Loving Relationships

Most people think that poor communication is the reason why so many relationships end, but it’s actually the way we learn to think about our partners and our problems that kills trust, erodes intimacy, and cripples communication. Being aware of the relationship-crippling impact of toxic thoughts and how they destroy relationships is crucial for any relationship to surv…

How Plants Speak

While many people I know talk to plants, myself included, I’ve had several occasions in my life where plants have spoken to me.

I love walking and spending time alone in nature. It’s very healing to do so and as a child I would often spend hours among the woods and forest. We lived on four acres that backed up to hundreds of acres when I was a kid and there wasn’t…


 I had this weeks article written and ready to post. Was going to do the last bit of editing of it, so I opened the file to edit it. Well, guess what, the file was corrupted. Was going to start writing the article all over again, but I was moved to make a different decision. This weeks article probably should have been my first ever art…

The Three Depths of Love Part 2

This article will continue from the first article entitled  “The Three Depths of Love”.

WARNING, The “Heart to Heart” exercise that I am going to share with you is not meant for a non commi…

The Glorious Venn Diagram

Welcome to the Glorious Venn Diagram, that splendiferous, fabulously perfect illustration of Common Ground. It’s a graphic used to clarify differences and similarities. Math uses them. Science uses them. And now, Awesome Moms and Awesome Daughters can use t…

Your 30s: a time to leave temporary friends behind

I’m sure many of you ladies out there who have had your heart broken (or have broken someone else’s heart) can agree with me that as we get older, we take every relationship as a lesson learned. This enables us to ensure that the next guy we choose is better in every way, or at least we try to.

Every online article I’ve read lately has been about relationships be…

Your 30s: Leaving Temporary Friends Behind

I’m sure many of you ladies out there who have had your heart broken (or have broken someone else’s heart) can agree with me that as we get older, we take every relationship as a lesson learned. This enables us to ensure that the next guy we choose is better in every way, or at least we try to.

Every online article I’ve read lately has been about relationships betwee…


 Osha once said. “Physical penetration is sex, which is a very superficial thing.” “Psychological penetration is love, which is far more deep, far more significant, far more beautiful, far more human.” “And there is a third penetration: when two consciousnesses meet, merge, and melt into …

Keeping A Healthy Marriage While Parenting

Reading time: 2 minutes

One of the more tumultuous times for a marriage can often be when kids show up in the picture, specifically when the kiddos are very young. While there’s a sweetness and beauty to seeing your life partner as a parent and working together in raising little ones, there’s a practical reality to the amount of time and energy that babies and s…

Five Questions on Forgiveness

Kevin J. Hughes 1/14/2018

A few months ago, I had a huge breakthrough with regard to a struggle that many people have. There is an individual who has a strong desire to cause pain in my wife’s life, for certain, very unfortunate, reasons, we will be forced to have some interaction with this individual for some time, but they are so unpleasant that I have had to…

Joys of Making Real Connections

We live in a world that is so connected. We can sit at home in front of our web-enabled smart TV and chat with a friend or colleague all the way over in Hong Kong or Japan or China. We can send an instant message now and it will be received across the world within minutes. Most under 30’s today probably don’t even remember a time when you used to hand write a letter, put it …


 In this article, I discuss the five stages of Love. Love is far more than a word, it takes work, it has its challenges and it has so many rewards. So few couples ever get past the third level. It is easier to walk away from the challenge, or the storm, and start over than to weather through the storm.

As Ezra tells Thomas in “The Lost Love List”, “Th…

Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships

  A newspaper blows in the wind down a narrow city street. You find yourself frozen and staring off into the distance, not because you’re cold or lost, but because of fear. A deep, gut wrenching nausea comes over you and you begin to shake. You take a few deep breathes and go through your mind on what you will say when you arrive at home. You will be pleasant. You will smi…

There’s no such thing as rejection: only selection


Rejection is a course correction on your path to success, and instead of inspiring you to self-pity, it should inspire self-examination: “What did I learn?” you should ask yourself. And “What will I do differently next time?” If you don’t welcome rejection you’ll continue treading the same unconscious feedback loop: Make a move, get a res…

Nobody wants to be lonely.


I’ll never forget the first words Daisy spoke when she introduced herself at one of my workshops several years ago: “I’m so used to jerks I can’t even recognize the nice guys anymore.” Ever since childhood, Daisy explained, she had been uncomfortable being on her own. “I’d cling on to just about anyone for company rather than be alone. I’v...


The Journey,

Long ago, yet not even a fraction of how long we were. Could I say we are no longer if every night you still show up in my bed. Near, Far where ever you are I do believe it is possible that once more you will come through the door and you will see that you are home, here in my heart. Now I lay me down to sleep I see your here and there is no fear. My he…

Are You Still In A 50/50 Relationship?

 In growing up most of us have heard the expression, “When the two become one.” That the relationship should be a 50/50 relationship. Does this come from the legal stand point that if the relationship ends, in one way or form what has been reciprocated in the relationship you now get 50% of it?Or is instilled from simple math, if two become one, it takes tw…

Lend Your Heart and Your Ears

The best way to be of service to others is to take time to listen to what they have to say. When people take time to talk to me, they are giving some part of themselves to me freely. They are taking a chance by opening up and trusting me with some part of their hearts and souls. Listening takes my entire being to do it properly.

Listening starts with hearing what they…

A Love That Never Leaves

Do you have a person in your life who is not related to you by blood or marriage but who has shown you so much love that it was almost as if you could not contain it? I did.

I had a wonderful woman in my life who for almost 10 years was my rock and my lighthouse. I know it’s cliché to compare people to angels but to me she was an angel who brought a little bit of ...


“Did you ever kill anybody? At first thought it seems a monstrous and an absurd thing to hurl such a question. But if every man and woman answers this question truthfully we should find that every other one is guilty of at least one murder.” This is how an article starts from 1918 that is found UNDER a bridge that spans across a pond in one of the caves at the Colora…


“Did you ever kill anybody? At first thought it seems a monstrous and an absurd thing to hurl such a question. But if every man and woman answers this question truthfully we should find that every other one is guilty of at least one murder.” This is how an article starts from 1918 that is found UNDER a bridge that spans across a pond in one of the caves at the Colora…

Who says you can’t hurry love? Part 3.


In order to write How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes or Less, I analyzed more than two thousand romantic relationships—from couples who fell in love at first sight to those who were friends for years before becoming romantically involved. I spoke to couples who’d been together for 50 years and teenagers who’d been passi…

Who says you can’t hurry love? Part 2.


Researcher Arthur Aron, PhD, conducted a series of experiments at the University of California to show you can accelerate strong feeling of mutual love. 

A man and a woman who had never met were put in a room together for 90 minutes. They were each told that the other person was going to like them, and were instructed to exchange...

Who says you can’t hurry love? Part 1


Can you really kindle the flames of love in 90 minutes or less? It sounds crazy and shallow—or does it? When I published my first book, How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less, people thought it was crazy and shallow too, until they learned that we actually decide whether or not we like people in th…

Learn 4 Secrets to Becoming LIKEABLE

What makes some people easy to bond with, while others are difficult to get to know? What makes one person likeable, while someone else is seen as stand offish or distant? When you study interpersonal relationships, you will realize that many unconscious triggers affect how you interact with people, and how you are perceived by them.

Here are 4 relationship secrets t…

4 Ways 2 Ruin Your Relationship

No one is perfect in a relationship. But there are times you can be messing up your relationship for no reason. You don’t want to do that, do you? I am here to remind you of three ways you might be putting unnecessary stress into your relationship:

Mind Reading. Have you ever thought you knew your partner was thinking and you ended up totally wrong?…

Anger Management

Even in great relationships there will be times when anger rises up. That’s just the way it is. I mean anger has brought some relationships right to the brink of disaster. The difference between success and failure is how you decide to deal with the anger. Anger is inevitable and anger is normal. So don’t think you’re a horrible person because you get angry. It’s a human r…

Is Your Family Making You Fat?

We all want to get through the holidays without gaining weight and sure, we can drink water before we eat and never go to a party hungry (though that never seems to work when I’m bombarded with all manner of chocolate), but there is another common denominator around the holidays beside food.


It’s just possible your family is packing on your pound...

How Do You Determine a Person’s Worth?

Worth has several definitions including importance, value, or usefulness. 

In the world of “Reality TV” and commercialism, society bombards us with images that have been labeled as beautiful and what images and people have status and value. Our same society has a way of condemning, and devaluing those who do not live up to certain ima…

3 Meaningful Ways to Express Thanks

Have you ever given someone a compliment or thanked someone and been surprised at how positive their response was? Something that seems so small and insignificant as a kind word or stopping to express thanks can have a HUGE impact on someone.

And if you think about it, it makes total sense. How often has a small act of gratitude made your day? Or motivated you to b...

Don’t Kick At Others While On The Ladder

It’s amazing to see how so many women have come together with the #MeToo campaign. It seems like so many women have suffered in silence for way too long. But that’s not what I want to focus on. I’d like to focus on how those women have come together to support and lift each other up. They’re all trying to climb that ladder of success. Indeed we are all trying to cli…


What comes to mind when you hear the word intimacy? Many people think of physical intimacy—as in a sexual relationship. But in any partnership be it marriage, civil union or just two people who decide to be together; emotional intimacy is just as essential as sexual intimacy. I’m serious, it really is.  Emotional intimacy means you can openly and safely express your…

Trucking through Rejection

 I met someone who walked into my life and was unbelievably amazing. He was everything I had always been looking for and supposedly I was the same for him. He felt we were soulmates and in time I started agreeing as I felt this way as well. Unfortunately, the timing was terrible I had been going through a lot of stressors in my personal life that is overwhelming enoug…

Soul Food

Do you remember your annual visits to the pediatrician? We went for our “well check-ups” and my mom breathed her annual sigh of relief each time that we were deemed healthy and sent on our way. Those check-ups, for me, were torture. I remember them as visits to the den of shame where I learned the mastery of self-hatred. As if invisible, Dr. Pedvis admonished me in thi…


The key to a successful relationship? 

Well who knows what that is?!

What is the miracle elixir that allows two completely opposite individuals to withstand a cohabitant lifestyle? If this person doesn’t share the same goals, values, cleanliness, or obsessive compulsivity with the height of my photos, HOW EXACTLY ARE WE ABLE TO PLAY HOUSE…

My Own Little Guardian Angel

My last dog went everywhere with me. Owning my own business, I could take him anywhere -and did. We were a two package deal. He even slept on my desk when I was working, and it got so people would greet him first before saying hello to me!

When he was twelve, he became ill and I was devastated. I nursed him through it until it got so bad I could only sit on the floor…

How to Choose Your Home When Moving In Together

If you’ve decided to move in with your partner, congratulations! It’s a big step in any relationship, and one that’s sure to give you greater insight into yourself, your partner, and how you interact.

At this stage, one of the first questions you may be asking is where you’ll live. Will your partner move in with you or will you move in with them? Will you look for s…

Talking to Teens: Conversation Starters/Stoppers

How would you like to have free-flowing conversations with your teen? If you already find it easy to interact, use the topics below for additional ideas.

If, on the other hand, you are trying to engage a reluctant teenager in conversation, try this:

1. Begin with baby steps. Make your talks short and sweet in the beginning.  Chat for a moment or two, and th…

Opinions: Strike That!

“Because what you think is an opinion and while you have a right to one, you don’t have the right to impose it, expecting people to take it on as a universal truth.” ~Shari

But then again, this is only my opinion…

People will always have something to say and people always scrutinize.

Case in point: My greying hair.

Wow! Really? I had no idea peop...

7 Common Lies Women Tell in Relationships

Whether it’s an effort to spare another person’s feelings or protect themselves, lying from time to time is something everyone does. But what about when that dishonesty comes from your partner? All lies, from little white untruths to serious deceit, can …

Is Your Best Friend Forever (BFF) Legit?

I just recently saw a post on Facebook stating: “Spend your time on those who love you unconditionally. Don’t waste it on those who only love you when the conditions are right for them”. It made me re-evaluate relationships especially your BFF. A BFF is an acronym for Best Friends Forever (BFF). A BFF has many roles but may include the following: trustin…

You know it was YOU

You know it was YOU


What is this thing we call love? I read somewhere that the meaning of being in love is the high you feel when you are with that special person.  What happens when you start doubting that person’s love? Doubting their faithfulness?

If only you could check their phone, just once. And you do. You fin…

How to Put Things to the Ten Minute Test

How many times in the course of the average day do you find yourself agitated over things you can’t control? Most of us have to take a few minutes to think about this because we do not consciously keep track. These things become a reflex over time. They are ingrained in the subconscious so deeply that we are not aware of them after a while.

 A good example of such ...

Why “Yes” Is Much Sexier Than “Yeah”

What if I told you you could immediately become more attractive, persuasive, and fun to talk to by speaking a single word?

Toddler Teaching Time

The other day, I was giving some thought as to my my 3 year old daughter is able to capture my attention and persuade me so easily when others struggle to do the same.

Sure, it could be the simple fact that d…

Only One Right Person? How Can That Be?

Friends have a huge impact on your happiness. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness and isolation, and even strengthen your health. But close friendships don’t just happen. Many of us struggle to meet new people and develop quality connections. Whatever your age or circumstances, though, it’s never too late to make new friends, reconne…

Men Who Marry Smart Women Live Longer

When you identify the qualities you’re looking for in an ideal partner, are her brains at the top of your list? Perhaps they should be. Newly released research suggests that having a brainy bride may extend your life and ward off dementia.

This research study, done by the University of Aberdeen, examined the health of identical twins and found that having an inte…

Blame Your Parents……But Forgive Them

Stephen Still wrote the song “Love The One You’re With” in 1971 and it reminded me of the relationship with our parents. Our parents brought us in this world in a “blank slate” known as tabula rasa and then help mold us into who we are, create an i…

Four Reasons Not 2 Marry

Marriage is a big deal, but not always a good deal. Eventually or most likely in today society, the outcome of marriage is usually an expensive divorce. Whereas I think marriage is a positive thing. I also need to have a dialogue about the negatives. Here’s my list of Four Reasons Not 2 Marry:

#1 Number one on my list of reasons for w...

Moving In Together: Yours, His, or Somewhere New?

If you’re reading this planning to move in with your partner, congratulations! It’s a big step in any relationship, and one that’s sure to give you greater insight into yourself, your partner, and how you interact.

While some people believe it’s best to move in together once you’re engaged or married, I found it to be a good step to take sooner, since it deepen…

Bad Relationship Indicators

Relationships, in all their beauty and gander, are hard to sustain. The fact is that most romantic relationships are short term and when people become spiteful, critical, or belittling of one another, you need to ask yourself if it is time call it quits and move on? Here are some signs that indicate that you are in a bad relationship.

What happen…

Generation Sandwich

Generation Sandwich

A reflection from the assistant’s desk

Do you have aging parents? Are you struggling to make a decision on where to place them? Where are you going to invest the money when their home is sold? Do you have a plan? A place? Is your head going to pop off?

Well, if you are like so many others that have aging parents, it’…

Domestic abuse and its effects

Even though domestic abuse and the awareness of it is much more widely talked about, there is still very much a taboo around this subject. Although more initiatives are being targeted towards victims of domestic abuse, we are still a fair way off. Very often the surface isn’t even scratched. One area that should be improved is empowering those who are currently in such a si…

Love, relationships- ***Never settle***

6 Years ago I decided to leave an 8 year relationship I had been in because I wasn’t happy anymore. I began to think a lot about relationships and the dynamics of them. Coming from a divorced family where my parents didn’t get along had an effect on me for sure. One question I often found myself asking was: can the experiences of childhood really shape our beliefs mak…

Love Yourself

Love Yourself


Even on the worst of days when you’re so worn out and you barely see straight, always remember how incredibly wonderful you are.

 We are often faced with challenges that test our feeling towards ourselves. Are we good enough? Did we do the right thing? How could I have handled this situation better?

Well, I know from personal exp...

What Most Toxic People Have in Common

Do you know a toxic person? We all do, and at some point, in your life you’ve come across a person who fits the description. Dealing with this type of an individual can be difficult and draining, to say the least. In fact, it may challenge what you know about yourself and push you to the limits. Here are some traits to familiarize yourself with, and to help you underst…

How to thrive in your relationship

 Did you just encounter your first big fight with your spouse or significant other? Did you and your partner just go through another storm? Do you think your relationship requires counselling? Are you finally at the end of your rope, ready to move on, and start to over? Stop well you’re ahead. Every relationship goes through a set of trials where one person or the other per...

3 things to Promote Hearing Loss Awareness

Did you know that May was Better hearing and Speech month? Hearing healthcare is obviously something I feel passionately about since I am deaf in my right ear. So we need to try our best to encourage people tolerant about hearing loss and build awareness about hearing loss issues. Encouraging people to get their hearing tested is letting them know that you care about…

How Venting Can Make You Sexier

FRIEND: “Girl! You won’t believe what Jerome did again, girl! Let me tell you everything he did wrong…”

YOU (thinking): “Oh God…here she goes again about her boyfriend!”

Ever been there?

When it comes to expressing negative emotions, there are three types of people in this world. 

Blabbers, Sweepers, and Presen…

Nobody wants to be lonely.


Why is having someone special so important to us human beings? Not just for companionship, for safety, or for convenience, but because we have a need to express ourselves emotionally and intellectually, we all need someone we can trust to talk to, share our experiences, and bounce our ideas off. We want someone with whom we can share life’s pl…

Why Men Lie Up and Women Lie Down

Both men and women lie, but they lie about different (and predictable) things. Whether in personal ads or in face-to-face conversations, men tend to lie about their earnings and their height. In contrast, women tend to lie about their age and their weight. And both men and women often lie about the number of sexual partners they have had in their lives. On all of these dimen…

Now That You Found Him, How Do You Keep Him?

 When you have high levels of satisfaction in your home life, it carries over into your career and/or business. What if you are in a serious relationship or have been married for several years and things start becoming boring? The excitement has faded away and you are wondering what you can do to keep the home fires burning. I interviewed Romance Coach and Sexual Health…

Why Make Date Night a Priority

No mater how strong your relationship is, the drudgery of the everyday will test even the most rock-solid partnerships. Real-life gets in the way of the romance; because whether we like it or not, piles of never-ending laundry and kids with overloaded schedules will put a dampener on even the most steamy couples’ passion. But making the time to be with your…

6 Rules 2 Sustain a Happy Marriage

Here are six things to you need to do to maintain a long and happy marriage.

1. Do Miserable Boring Necessities Together. This is so very sane. As social entities fall apart, it’s good to remember that you’re here to build something that has meaning, even in its little habits. I suggest folding laundry together. I’ve tried that….

Reignite Your Relationship

Isn’t love grand? Especially new relationships. In fact, the beginning of a new partnership feels like an idyllic Hollywood rom-com: the world seems to glow, you’ve got a smile on your face and a spring in your step. But fast-forward a few years and it’s a different story. Date night gets replaced by ferrying kids to their never-ending stream of activities a…

10 Qualities of Strong Women That Men Can’t Handle

What makes a woman strong? We are not talking about Xena the warrior princess, a professional wrestler, or a boxing champion. We’re talking about someone with qualities that make her overcome hurdles and obstacles all on her own.

She takes her vulnerabilities in her stride and shows her flaws to the world with pride instead of shame.

A strong woman is someon…

First Check The Seat In Your Truck

“Maturity is not when we start speaking big things. It’s when we start understanding small things.” Anonymous

As the owner of a small business, I often find myself wondering why employees do so many things without thinking them through. Sometimes things are said in jest but wind up hurtful. Actions seem innocent at first, but with time…

Career VS Relationship?

Many people believe that being in a committed relationship and having a successful career at the same time is impossible to have. Due to the lack of time, stress and a number of others reasons. What we fail to realize is that the reason some of us cannot handle both is because we are putting more effort into one more than the other. Granted, being ambitious is a positive an...

Ways 2 Ruin a Perfectly Good Relationship

You believe that your relationship with your partner is happy, and that your partner is as content as you are. Or perhaps there’s a co-worker with whom you’ve always gotten along well, and you feel safe that there’s trust between you.

But what if things aren’t really going that well? What if you’ve been doing something that drives your romantic partner or co-worker …

Trust and the effect it has on your relationships

I have met tons of people who have issues trusting in regards to dating and/or relationship, including myself. When we start a new relationship or go on a date, we strive to go into it with an open mind and also to give them the benefit of the doubt. But time and time again we find that trusting someone is more of a headache than not trusting them. In my opinion, it’s honest…

But How are YOU

Good morning!

I honestly hope this finds you well and refreshed for a weekend full of JOY.

I’m in Indianapolis to run a half marathon and see my beau’s friends and family!

The quick, but super important main point that has been bubbling bigger than usual recently is this one statement that honestly irks me more times than no…

Your 45 year old self to your 18 year old self!

I’m 46 in June, I was talking to my sister only yesterday, we haven’t really spoke that much recently because we are both busy with our own families, we live in different parts of the country so us seeing one another is limited to family occasions such as Christenings, Weddings etc.

So all in all it’s lovely when we do see each other but also sad that we don’t se…

Angels in Heaven

Yesterday a post I posted on facebook about missing my dad triggered some responses and one of the responses was from a friend telling me about her dad and how she could smell his scent and how she missed him. I decided that I was going to post this very private post that I wrote on the one year anniversary of my dad’s death. In the hope of healing within and helping others…

Breadcrumbing: Are You Being Strung Along?

Today I’ll let you see the inner workings of a player’s mind.

A bad boy. A ladies man. Whatever term you use, it’s used to describe a male (in this case) who intimately engages with multiple women at a time as a way of life, with bachelorhood as his highest value.

I was recently checking out an article and TV news story from a(nother) dating expert, Polina So…

Facts and Fictions about Men and Sex

Conventional wisdom suggests that men and women differ in their sexual desires. But some of the beliefs about men and sex are surprisingly dubious.

Fact or Fiction?  Men Think About Sex More Than Women 

How often did you think about sex today? This question may be difficult to answer because we may not accurately recall how many times we think...

How To Identify And Handle Toxic Relationships

Try and picture this, it probably won’t be too hard… You go to lunch with a friend and leave feeling drained because you’ve spent the whole hour practically talking them off of a ledge.. for the millionth time. Or, you may leave feeling angry because of passive aggressive insults they threw your way when you tried to open up about a difficult situation. You could also …

Does He Really Like You?

Does he really like you?

How would you know if a guy really likes you? Well I want to start this article off by  saying, how someone treats you is the essence of how they feel about you. It can be the guy or the girl, it doesn’t matter. Same rules apply. I want to tell you a story and by the ending you will know the answer to the above question...

It was But a Dream

“The life we lead is often very different than the one we design”¹

 A History marked with Struggle & Acceptance….Part 2

 As I sit here in reflection of our all-consuming, 3 years of seeking help for our infertility, I know that I was also very blessed during that time.

 All through this saddest…

Dear Child of Mine

.Dear child of mine,

I wish I had all the knowledge in the universe to give you exactly what is required to have a perfect life.

I wish I could say, “I had all the answers to your deepest questions, all the provisions for your deepest longings and all the love in the world to fix whatever is hurting you.”

I wish I could delete some of the horrible th…

Dating After 40 Part Two: Finding Mr. Right

Are you over 40 and feel like the right guy just isn’t out there for you? You’re ready to give up on the whole dating process? Imagine if you could walk into a room, anywhere, and choose the one you want in your life? It’s possible but you have to stop making excuses and believe it can happen for you! First you have to figure out what you REALLY want in a relatio…

One and Only sneak peek of my up and coming book!

I am currently working on a novel and I wanted to give you guys a taste. If you are into steamy romantic novels, I believe you will enjoy this. This is not a book for anyone under 18 years of age. Feedback is always welcomed. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Zipporah

Do you remember when you were a little girl? You imagined your future being as bright a…

Listening Is Love

We are all starving, but not for food.

We are starving to be truly seen, heard, and understood.

Admit it, we live in our own realities.

We live alone with our deep inner thoughts.

Even when we physically live with another person, we actually are living alone in our minds.


When we try to share our thoughts and feelings with ...

Cat’s In The Cradle Song Favorite For My Dad & Me

In 1974 a song was released that had a profound effect on my father and me. That song was by Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon. It talks about a father and a son’s relationship. I remember in 1983 when my first son was born and I was helping clean him up in the natal unit with the nurses and the strains of that song came into my head. I started crying…

Divorced: Now What?

The next step is to Move On! This most difficult part of breaking-up is starting over. Many of you may be reading this article and wandering, is it really that easy? The answer is, Probably Not! Most often the depth of the grief after loss is directly proportional to the depth of the relationship. If you were really in love or close to your spouse, starting over may be real…

Where is the Love?

The song by Black Eyed Peas asks “Where is the love?” Where is it? All we see these days is fear, hate and evil. Let us go back to finding love. How can we do that? Why not work on making everyday day Valentine’s day. Why don’t we take time everyday from our lives to show the people in it that we love and appreciate them. 

Here are a few suggestions for the different …

We must stop chasing love. What to do instead.

Today, I want to talk to you about making the decision to no longer chase love from those who may be closed to it. I want to encourage you to think about the core relationships in your life. The ones that mean the most to you and whom you spend the most time, energy and attention on.

Is there anyone in that circle, no matter who they are, no matter how they may b…

Is it possible to get over someone you love?

Is it possible to get over someone you love ?

One of my friends asked me for advice on this. If you were in a serious, committed long-term relationship, that ended, is it possible to truly get over the person you love? In my opinion, the answer is simple: No. You will never fully get over someone you were in love with. I will tell you why I believe this to…

The World of Motherhood & NOT being a Part of It!

Most of us have a personal history that is marked with Struggles, some our own doing, others are out of our control. This is (part One) of my struggle which was very much out of my control…………

From a very young age, I knew that becoming a Mother was one of the things that I wanted most in life. But from a very young age, I also knew it was…

5 Steps To Make Valentine’s Day Great Again

Your man hates Valentine’s Day.

He loves you. He wants to do things for you. He wants to spend time with you. 

You ARE that one special lady in his life.

But he still hates Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you (secretly) hate it too?

No matter what you “get” it’s never quite up to standard. Peer competition at the office is like high s…

Getting Yourself a Brand New Pair of Eyes

Have you ever made a plan for your life? Really sit down and mind map the type car you will drive, your all encompassing career you will master, or the house of your dreams that you and your family will bask in? Or do you have a family? Do you even see a partner in your vision? 

Like some, most of my adolescent years were spent daydreaming about my imaginary othe…

Positive Changes: How to Get Your Partner On Board

Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to get your partner to join you in making a positive change? Maybe it’s a new eating program, ritual to relax or spiritual practice that you’re loving.

After trying many times unsuccessfully to start something new with my husband, I accidentally found what works best. 

Committing to …

Positive Changes: How to Get Your Partner On Board

Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to get your partner to join you in making a positive change? Maybe it’s a new eating program, ritual to relax or spiritual practice that you’re loving.

After trying many times unsuccessfully to start something new with my husband, I accidentally found what works best. Committing to the…

Helping vs. Enabling

When someone we care about is addicted to a substance or a behavior we desperately want to help him or her. The trick is to learn how to help the individual without enabling the addiction. I had to learn this trick and the process of learning it, to say nothing of putting what I learned into practice, was long and difficult. I made many mistakes along the way and, as I loo…

Life After an Abusive Relationship

I’ve been going back and forth in my brain about how I was going to write this article. Recently I received a very surprising message from a woman who is married to a drug addict and a abusive person. That woman is my ex’s new wife. As I read her words on how their relationship is over because of his habits and how he treats her it made me realize more than ever that I need...

When Life isn’t Yellow Daisies and Picket Fences

I fondly remember the family road trip to New Jersey, summer of 1997. Picture with me a blonde, energetic 8-year-old girl who fantasized the days away, dreaming of her perfect life. Our family met for a reunion at an Italian restaurant in South Jersey, and this place had paper placemats!

 You see, whenever I travelled long distances in the car or ate at a restauran…

Crucial Conversations – Lets Talk Relationships

What is a Crucial Conversation? Lets Talk Relationship Building

Throughout my life I have always focused on building relationships and I have to admit that when I first got started, I was not so good. Knowing this, I made it one of my life’s missions to get this right.

By Definition – What is a Crucial Conver…

The Lost Art of Repentance

I remember a hot, fresh tear sliding down my face as my mom half whispered, half cried the words in a broken voice, “I’m sorry Abi, I’m just so sorry.” I knew I was hurt, but hearing those words began to mend something in me that I didn’t even know was broken. Looking back, even though it wasn’t the first time my mom had apologized to me for something, I think it was …

Asking For Love Is Wrong

“If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right”.

Great song lyric, isn’t it? They didn’t tell you the second line though.

“But if I have to ASK for love, I’d rather be be in a fight”.

Sound familiar?

You can file this one under the “miseducation” we received by society about being in healthy long-term relationships....

Introverts Unite

Coming back to Introverts, I hope you found the first portion helpful, and below I will shed some more light and tips on introverts 🙂

1.      We do not have one group of friends. We like to choose one or two from different social settings, and those friends mean the world to us.

2.       If we like you, we really like you. We are extremely picky about w...

Shedding more light on Introverts

According to the dictionary, an introvert is a shy, reticent person. Do you know an introvert or maybe you are one yourself and you feel misunderstood all the time? If only people could understand you better and you did not feel like you always had to defend yourself and your actions and why you do the things you do. I hope this touches light on some topics, and if you h…

It’s Not Always About You

I like to think that we all see the world through our own lenses. Sometimes they are rose-coloured, painting everyone and everything in positive, glowing light; other times they may be grey, causing everything in sight to somehow appear bleak. Our past experiences, victories and challenges, upbringing and environment shape the very makeup of these lenses, and their comp…

Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?


Darrell V. Freeman

(Author and National Speaker)

“Relationship Status Check”

(Do You Know Where You Really are – in Your Relationship?)

Are people talking about the things that count when it comes to being ser...



(To Get on Track You Must Have a Track Worth Getting On)


Darrell V. Freeman

(Author and National Speaker)

It is no secret today that relationships need help and relationships are at their best when couples are on track….

What to Wear to Meet the Fam

With Family Day and Easter in the not-too-distant future, some are gearing up for a long weekend that includes meeting our significant other’s family. Making a good first impression is key, and the way you present yourself can make or break it. Read on for tips on how to navigate the fashion waters.

  1. Scope it out. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend about…
Why Some People Just Won’t Commit

The power struggles of “ambivalationships.”

Many people are quite clear about their desire for a romantic partnership that has a sustainable, long-term future. For some, it is a great need—an all-consuming endeavor that occupies a good deal of their time and energy. Others would like to have a romantic partner, but treat the pursuit as a desirable life option that …

Love Is Magical But Happiness Is A Choice

Last week, we broke the Myth of Unconditional Love so we could love ourselves and our life partner to the best of our ability, without creating unachievable expectations and never-ending dissatisfaction.

Today we’ll incorporate a concep...

The Pink Elephant in the Room

My brother. Let’s call him J. He is 6 feet 4 inches. Has powerful arms for powerful hugs and has helped me move more times than I care to count. He has a heart of gold and is sensitive as I am.

Up until September 2011, my younger brother was slowly dying inside. I stood by, watched, wished and hoped for him. Over the years and my personal living experiences, I lear...

Letting Go: Easier Said than Done! DrO Speaks

Letting Go is not as easy as some may think. Some people tend to say get over him/her. You have tried but it has not happened. The hurt just does not seem to go away. You have tried to block him/her on your cell-phone. However, the next day you unblocked him/her. Some of you may ask, will I ever get over my ex-lover? The answer is yes, but it may take …

When Intimacy Feels Exhausting

Recently my husband and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. Our wedding took place halfway through his first semester of medical school and midway through my college career. I worked and went to school while he constantly studied and stressed over each coming test. After graduation, he was accepted into a prestigious residency program. Three days before his residency…

Ready 2 Date?? Ask yourself these 5 Questions

Many relationship-pursuers feel like the walking wounded. And although they have more ways than ever to meet potential partners, most of those relationships don’t work out. They’re still willing to try dating, but these warriors are understandably wary. They may feel the weight of pre-defeat, with its accompanying self-protection, and struggle hard to keep their cynicism a…


Love is central to human relationships. There are many kinds of love. In this segment, the primary type of love I will discuss is romantic love. Also I will not be discussing the scientific portion of love, but rather focus on human actions and behaviors. Romantic love is a combination of intimacy, passion, and generally involves a mix of emotional attachment and sexual de…


Love is central to human relationships. There are many kinds of love. In this segment, the primary type of love I will discuss is romantic love. Also I will not be discussing the scientific portion of love, but rather focus on human actions and behaviors. Romantic love is a combination of intimacy, passion, and  generally involves a mix of emotional attachment and sexual …

The Myth Of Unconditional Love

It pains me to tell you this.

But you will never love anyone unconditionally.

Nor will you ever be.

Not your husband. Not your kids. Not your dog.

It’s not going to happen.

We lie to ourselves so we can believe that we love unconditionally, but we don’t.

It’s an ego thing. The truth is...

Being Alone is Not the Same as Being Lonely…Dr.O

Being alone is just not the same as being lonely. We as clinicians have to began teaching people the difference. Many people just are not comfortable finding themselves with a few minutes of “quiet time.” This can be a great experience, if you can learn how to handle it-the silence. Many of you have just been over-stimulated most of your lives. Taking a few minutes…

Be the Right One to Find the Right One

Part 2

“Be the Right One to Find the Right One” 


Darrell V. Freeman

Author of

Your Choice Is Your Trouble

(Moving on after the choices you’ve made)


Here is the bottom line – The Right One is not the Right One unless, the Right One is right about the Right One when...


This topic is number one with my female readers. This specific question has always been a conversation piece in my workshops and seminars. This topic and others discussed in this book will stem from my personal experiences, observation and gathering research from other modern men. I also had the pleasure of speaking to many women who provided me useful information about th…

That’s The Way She Is

The late 20th century feminist movement gave birth to a new form of TRADITIONAL WOMAN. New traditional women are more confident, liberated women, and are generally content in their current roles. These women are making moves and changing the way our culture looks at this female type. Want to know more about female type? That’s The Way She Is (What Jack …