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Crucified into Life

Photo Credit: Wallpaper Flare

Here I stand, beneath the cross,

awash in tears of shame.

The tortured figure on it hangs

in agony and pain.

From its timbers, He calls out

in words so piercing sweet.

They cut me to the heart, as I

collapse before His feet.

“Be crucified with me!” …

A Letter from your Guardian Angel

(Art Credit: Greg Olson “Heavenly Hands”)

Walking down the road of life,

I pave the way you trod:

keeping straight and sure upon

the path that leads to God.

When darkness seems to cloud around,

the sun will always shine: 

a holy beam to light the way

from this here candle of mine.

Many will push…

A Father’s Prayer

In Memoriam: Rupert Wyard whose untimely death (june 25, 2018) we mourn

My son, my son, I leave you now.

It was not my choice to say good-bye

when you are still so young and now

must face alone the greatest choices of your life –

 of schooling, jobs and love and marriage.



PARANOIA: And When They Come At Me

  And when they come at me, as come they must,

he said,

  And when they reach me, as they surely will,

  Then I will see, myself, what I had never hoped to know,

  What I hoped I’d never see, what I hoped would never be

  my fate,

he said,

And then he let me wait a while. He smoked

and I sucked down my bee...

it’s the little things

(Photo Credit: “The formula for creating heaven on earth”)

only an artist who cares bothers with detail

moments, brightened by a sense of otherness

brought on by a passing wind through leaves

bringing with it a small whisper

from an unseen mouth

reminding you you’re not alone

without them, the moment isn’t...

Beyond My Reach

Beyond My Reach.

Looking into your eyes,

I always find myself


you knew me

before you knew her,

knew me

before you knew hurt-


unacquainted love.

I could dance forever

in the forest of those eyes

and be forever satisfied.

My heart...

If Today Should Be My Last

(Cover Art Credit: David C. Shultz)

(This is a brief break in my horse relationship articles. I wrote this poem some time ago, and I think it’s a great meditation for those of us who love our crazy lives and don’t stop to think about the fact that we are ships moving through the waters of this world and it is not our home. It’s a simple little poem, but I think …

Letter to God

Dear God…

I hope you’re taking care of him,

My Heart,

My Soul,

My dear best friend.

Our paths once crossed in harmony

But now we live on separately.

Dear God,

I hope he’s doing well;

Short texts became too hard to tell.

When conversations drifted off,

I knew it only time till’ we were lost….


I watch you inside the glass box you’ve put yourself in.

I cringe as you dive in head first.

You bury yourself under layers of blue and white snow. 

And then you go comatose. 

You let your days fade into night without thought or reason. 

As the sun sinks down into black as night…

only then you come alive.

Blood pours from ...

Poem To Ex

 I wrote this poem to an ex many years a go, and I kept it with me to remind me that I always still have writing. I also cooked him this candle light dinner around that time too.

Some people often ask me: “Why are you and him not married?”

 My answer is simple: “Life changes.”

 I can still reminisc…

Ezekiel 37

This poem is a second draft of a poem I submitted some time ago. I’m trying something knew. Which draft do you think is better? Let me know your thoughts! 😀 

(Photo Credit:

he is pied brown with beak


call streaming…

White is not a race

White is not a race but it may be purity

White is not a person

White is not a color

White is a reflection

Of color

Not a denial of color

White is purity from fault

Not a denial of fault

White is fire at its prime

Too hot for us

to touch

to see

to be

Not I

White is a star

A Daughter Hopes and Wonders

To my 94 year young mother, with unconditional respect and love:

A Daughter Hopes and Wonders

Are you in a happy place?

Are you in a sacred space?

Do you know how much I care?

Do you even see me there?

Tell me please, what do you see?

Is it a beautiful place to be?

What are you thinking, mother dear…

To My Friend Who Entered Seminary

I wrote this poem at an emotional time for me. I am so proud of all young men who choose to give the total gift of self for their Creator. While this poem was written with a specific seminarian in mind, it is truly FOR ALL YOU COURAGEOUS MEN WHO TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! (Photo Credit: Catholic News Agency) 


you are a victim of love…


 (To anyone who has stared at that first page…and just kept staring. This poem is for you!)

(Photo Credit: Milligram Blog

flipping through blank pages, sitting

on a cushioned couch near wood-splintered

window pane, flakes falling from the sky

outside on an untouched ground

as …


Summer is the time of lilies

Peeking from a sea of green

With an underslip of daisies

Ornamented by butterflies drowsing

And the fragrance of the wild rose

Nodding quietly in the day’s heat. 

Summer is sleepy afternoon’s heat

Interrupted by the orange flash of lilies

And the sting of …

Make Your Book Blurb Stand Out with Rhyme

Quill Cloud

This post is for all the authors out there…

I don’t know about you, but I hate writing book blurbs. There’s just something undeniably nerve-wracking about taking your 60,000+-word novel and condensing it into a paragraph …

Poetry Dead or Alive

Where did all the poets go? Where are the Edgar Allen Poe’s, Robert Frosts, Emily Dickinson? For that matter where are all the composers? Like Mozart, Handel, and Beethoven. I think that my theory is that we have not lost the poets and the composers instead we can find them in our modern society.  

Our poets have become the songwriters of today. Let us take a look...

a flower and a penny

(In the midst of our hectic, crazy lives, it’s so important to take a breath and recognize the miracle of life all around us. God can speak through the smallest of things, whether it be a Divinely-created flower . . . or a small, copper, rusted, man-made penny!)

(Image Credit: Retrieved from htt...

“Quality” Poetry

April is National Poetry Month. Yeah, I know: there’s a national month, or special week, or weird celebratory day, for every topic and group in the universe now. There’s even a book our local radio station uses that lists, by month, everything from “National Dental Health Care Week” to “International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day”. (Although those two topics might not be so un…

Memory of Chalk


where chalk goes

when you rub at it

the eraser doesn’t eat

it just disappears

into the blackboard

in cloudy wisps of knowledge

only meant for me

and my peers

because the next class

doesn’t care to see


moments before

stick of chalk

had sacrificed itself


Part-Time Poet

All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling—Oscar Wilde

April is National Poetry Month, and I don’t care. It’s not that I have anything against poetry: I don’t. I just don’t enjoy it. I love to read, but if an author slips a poem into his story, I skip it. I’m here for the story; don’t sneak a poem in that you couldn’t sell.

Reading poetry is a…


(This is an ekphrastic poem: a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art. Through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the “action” of a painting or sculpture, the poet may amplify and expand its meaning. The image the poem is about is contained in this article. “Gentlin Touch” by Mary Ross Buchhol…

The Pen and the Sword

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, though I much prefer my Swiss army knife. Still, I could not help but be fascinated by a class called “The Pen and the Sword” taught by an Aikido master.

Truly, now was my chance to learn to kill a man with a ballpoint pen, and land that job with the CIA. If he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, then he ...

Word Games Sharpen Your Brain!

Forget books on improving your memory, or keeping your mind sharp. Move on from Sudoku and Kakuro and Jumbles puzzles. Put down the books by Bill Adler, Jr., like Outwitting Deer and Outwitting Squirrels, which were really just mind games for you and the varmints in your backyard. If you really want to tie your brain in knots and have fun with words, try wr…

A Feather

In Awe of a feather

When flight has lost its charm and a feather takes leave of its post

It does not fall

Rather it reminds the air that cannot whistle through its barbs

Of the chill of winter held at bay,

Of the heat of summer it stayed,

Or of lake’s moisture that could not pass

No, the feather does not f...

To the Sacred Tree

(I was going to save this for Holy Week, but I can’t wait anymore! 

Photo Credit: CelebsWallpaper, retrieved from https:/

Oh tender Tree, the precious Wooden Cross

Upon whose slender, rough-hewn boards bore up

Lovely Weight, sweet and plea…

Something Simple

I have a craving for something simple.

Something I can trust.

Something I can lean into.

Something I can hold in my hands and feel in my heart.

Something easily passed over as mass media proclaims we need more.

I have a craving for a good meal.

A sweet kiss.

A gentle embrace.

A curious smile.

A day spent...

Ezekiel 37

(The Divine can speak in many ways. Love is revealed in the smallest messengers. Never take for granted the springtime that grows from the ashes of winter on the wings of new birth!)

 pied brown with mouth


call streaming from black pools

for eyes


nightingale warbles

prophecy on berry-breath

calling to dry …


(In a world where everything has to be bigger, better, and more outstanding, people forget that true love isn’t in grand actions and flowery words but in the little things and day to day sacrifices.) 

casually offer help

you clasp a door handle

and gently remove

the obstacle for me


All That is Divine

If you have the ability to be in someone’s life… BE in it.



If you have the strength to hold someone when they’re breaking.

Do it, wholeheartedly, dip into the emotion with them.


We share the space here on this planet and energetically in this Universe.


Respect the space,

Tenderly love this spa…

Be In This Now

If you have the ability to be in someone’s life… BE in it.



If you have the strength to hold someone when they’re breaking.

Do it, wholeheartedly, dip into the emotion with them.

We share the space here on this planet and energetically in this Universe.

Respect the space,

Tenderly love this space...

Here Now

Today is a new day.

Simple yet freeing thought.

Release attachment that held you yesterday.

Today is filled with possibility.

Release expectation of failure.

Today ask for what you want.

Release thought that says you are not enough.

Today discover the truth that you have always been worth it, enough; the bomb. 


Trust Dances

(The periods are only between each stanza because I couldn’t get the space to stay there otherwise. Enjoy!)

Hearts pound to throbbing hoof-clop beat.

Horses are the whisperers, so listen!

Mysteries rise in soul’s surrender, sweet.


Sliding into stirrups, booted feet

and legs respond to rider’s vision –

hearts pound to throbb…

We Play Hurt

Digging down deep to find the resolve that’s relevant. Gathering the energy to dust myself off and to try again. Time after time and whenever I need to. Bruised from past battles, limping in fact, but there’s no time to recuperate. We play hurt!

When the going gets tough, the tough get up in the mornings and go to work. We don’t cower from our responsibilities and we …

I Like That I Can See.

I like that I can see into.

I like that I can see what others miss or dismiss as they swirl within their own mind trying to piece their thoughts together,

so focused on reaction, on saying the right thing, on jumping to the next.

I like that I can feel what is happening in the moment before it is actually surfacing.

The prethought before the consc…

Stop It Some More

Conveying sentiments of love that stir my heart into action. Every word that passes your lips lingers in my mind like the current thoughts that I experience. You tempt me with even your very breath. In your voice I find my pleasure.

Stop it some more. Keep coming, as you flatter me with your presence, promise to never leave my side. I will abandon all others and gi...

To Those Who Feel Unnoticed

I believe there are a lot of people on this planet that do the most amazing, selfless, beautiful acts of kindness for people every single day that go completely unnoticed.

I believe that there is more light and love in this world and the energy and momentum of our collective thoughts, intentions and prayers fills the Universe in ways, we can only imagine…

Dog Yoga Poem w/ a demo of the Downward Dog

Dog Yoga by RozElynne Honnold, Basset Hound Yoga Instructor

(typed by RozE’s Momperson because RozE insists she can’t type.)

Most think yoga’s for people but I know it’s for dogs, and because it is I’m gonna blog

About positions and breathing and all the good things, that yoga can do to help my dog brain

It increases my blood flow and re…

Poem: Lonely


By, Irene

The irony of people never ceases to amaze me,

Does this even phase me?

They speak so loud, so bold, so proud.

Quick to talk – even quicker to mock.

They try to change the selfless to become selfish.

They call it success thinking they help people up from their mess.

They start rubbi…

Feeling Good In Our Skin

Feeling really good in our skin is a practice.

It’s a daily focus,

A dip into ourself to see what’s stirring underneath.

Stepping towards the wild nature and feeling kindness about the mess that we get ourselves into is all part of the process of unravelling fully..

Releasing all societal expectation and realigning with choice, decision, intuit…

Ode to a Butterfly

Carefree child of my mind’s desire

Sweet, so small, serene, you suck life’s juices:

The columbine and nectar of my soul

Innocent as is the nightingale,

Dwelling far above the cares of men.

Your tears do not mingle with the rain

That pierces darkest thoughts, bursting clear

Shocking freshness to chill prickling s...

Don’t Judge Yourself So Quickly

Listen up,

Come a little closer,

These words are worth reading for the soul within the heart beat.

These times are changing and in the most beautiful of ways.

We must continue to place value on each of our breaths.

Every time we rise out of shame and claim our self worth we free not only ourselves but a whole generation of men and women…

Agnes and Norman Fedewa in the beginning (1935).

I walked among the clouds

I walked among the clouds until I saw

That you had gone and left us all.

Alone, I looked and cried to God above

To bring you back to my home and love.


I needed the warmth of your tender body,

the strength of your steadfast soul,

And the laughter of your sneaky eyes.

Alone, the cand...

My Rainbow

When my days are cloudy and full of rain I look to you to be my sunshine. And the fact that you are always there when the water has dried up. Makes you, My rainbow.

You are my clear skies and sunnier tomorrow. I would be lost if not for your amazing light, showing me the way. You are My rainbow.

My pot of gold at the end of a hard day’s work is You. I go …

“Heart”, Joannie Phanin

“Heart”, Joannie Phanin (short poems)


“One day, I hope to blossom and see the beautiful sunset, again. I want to breathe in the fresh air of roses and be love again.” 


Soul Mates

I remember when we first met, how I tip toed around each emotion that I had. Doing my best to pick every word uttered, just right. Creating memories with you that were up until that point in my life one of a kind. And up until this point in my life unmatched. When I met you, I knew, that we, were Soul mates.

Over the years, our Love has never been broadcasted. But it …



I am free as a butterfly,

I can finally flap my wings

to touch the blue sky,

my lungs can finally breathe

the fresh air of roses,

I don’t have to hide my broken faces

in this evil cruel world,

I never ever have...

“You are Beautiful”

“You are Beautiful”

You are beautiful

 as a flower

that blossom,

when I see you,

you shine my day

from heaven above,

that all the world is in

love with night,

that is a best to agree with night,…

Angels Walk Upon the Earth

Angels walk upon the earth

As sure as sun on earth does shine

As steady as the river’s course,

Their presence touches every life.


Across the dirt-strewn ground, she floats

Tall and regal, as a queen

With graceful air and covered hair:

Cut from Heaven’s cloth, her veil


Sister to the world

The ea...

Twas the Night of the Snowstorm

Twas the night of the snowstorm and all of us sat.

Not a snow plow was stirring, not even a CAT.

The shovels were leaned by the doorway with care

In hopes that soon the snow plows would be here.

The children were making snow angels with bliss,

With visions of school days soon to be…

Edgar Allan Poe and Women

Poe’s attitude about women greatly mirrored his real life with them. He was faced with tragedy over and over again when it came to women. Poe’s morose attitude probably came from his life as a man with bad luck with the feminine type, starting with the betrayal of his fiancé Elmira, the death of his mother and adoptive mother, then the death of his young wife Virginia. Th…

Creativity and Writing: Finding the Muse

So you’ve decided to write a book, great! Right? So many times I’ve heard people say to me that they would love to write a book. I’d ask, “What would your story be about?” Each time, they could not answer.

That could have very well been me a few years ago, I did not study creative writing in college, and my degree is in clinical psychology. However, English cours…

What Is Love?

What is Love?

It’s not that I’ve never known

It’s just never been clear;

I mean, it’s not that I’ve never owned,

It’s just never been here.

I guess we’ve all stolen hearts,

We’ve all seen how easily they fall apart.

What Is Love?

I guess I could have went searching,

But then I’d have never fou…

How to Write a Poem. Secret #1

If you want to write a poem, you are a poet. First comes “I want”, then comes “I do”, and, like every other art, poetry requires full devotion. Poetry can’t come under pressure. Poetry can’t come on schedule. Just like painting, it is song of a soul. The technic, … well, there is the technic, but when I write poetry, it doesn’t appeal to me to write down rhyth…

You Can’t Take My Joy!

You can’t take my joy devil!

Because God gave it to me

You can’t steal my joy

Because you don’t have that right

I take control of my joy, my happiness

I smile through adversity

I love through the hate and jealousy

Try to break me down, crush me

Beat me down but I will rise up

From the rumble, you won’t see ...

An Open Heart

Today I want to do something a little different. It’s been a tough week.

I am still stewing over the unexpected loss of a loved one. There will be

Two poems shared in these in article. One called A Prayer Of Comfort and

Dear Solider which was written in honor of my cousin Kiley Orgain.

So to all who have experienced the loss of a loved one. A...

Proud of me again

Proud of me again

What I wouldn’t give to make you Proud of me again. I know that I have messed up in so many different ways. In me being careless with your commandments, I fumbled them. You don’t trust me anymore. To be honest our relationship doesn’t even feel the same. 

I remember when the mention of your name made me smile, from t…

Falling for Fall

This is my open love letter to the wonderful season of Fall. I know I’m not the only one to vivaciously embrace the temperature drop after a long summer, but what I feel is much more profound. It’s another reason that life is worth living, making even the hardest days a little easier to bear.

The leaves changing colour is just one of the many aspects I impatient…

Our Vibrations

We are all linked in. Our Vibrations are the connecting pins. Us, here together. Some creating joy, while others are causing pain. But each is in an attempt to experience the same. The better part of the two. People just want to be happy. For the some that understand, they get their happiness with others. For the those, that don’t, they attempt to get their happiness at…


(For a college class, we were required to write a “new” Canterbury Tale in Middle English! Don’t worry, you can still understand it. I would recommend reading it out loud though!) 


“Listeth lordyngs,” quod the Hoost, “swich PARSOUN Michaels tale to telle, A parable of grete honour, taken fro the hooly Godspel

Of lordys and ladys,…

You care, so you STAND. I care, so I KNEEL.

1247 You care, so you STAND. I care, so I KNEEL.

This topic is bigger than any sport. Monumentally of more importance than the most important thing. We, are in a marriage, a galactic partnership. We are the symbionts and America is the host; made equally. So why then, here, in this place. Are you singled out for and given…

You care, so you STAND. I care, so I KNEEL.

1247 You care, so you STAND. I care, so I KNEEL.

This topic is bigger than any sport. Monumentally of more importance than the most important thing. We, are in a marriage, a galactic partnership. We are the symbionts and America is the host; made equally. So why then, here, in this place. Are you singled out for and give…

The Rhythmic Pounding of the Drum Beat

The rhythmic pounding of the drum beat

pulses – vibrate as the memories start:

tribal voices, droning deep and sweet.


I can feel the throbbing of the heat

of the white sun – my skin, a darkened art:

the rhythmic pounding of the drum beat.


Nyumba Yangu, my home, they repeat;

ancestral spirits...

The Many Faces Of Poetry

Poetry is very versatile. You can use it to communicate just about anything. Whether it be about a moment in time, or a meaningful place. Poetry is what the writer makes it. I love the creativity poetry gives. I used this creativity to write a review on my favorite band. This review was read by a radio station in Farmington, NM. I have included it in this ar…

The Flight of a Leaf

When summer’s heat at last grows


Nature portrays a scene untold

when autumn breezes

dare unfold

upon their winds

arrays of gold.

Who would have thought

upon a glance that

brother oak

with forceful stance

could with his leaves

perform a dance

to hold all creatures in ...

If I was unable to express emotions

1251 If I was unable to express emotions

If I was unable to express emotions, in life, where would I be? How would I function, how could I operate? I am a being of Love, plain and simple. One that feeds on the positive feelings of others to create. 

As pain is eventually leading to joy, I can also too even incorporate adversity into …

Capturing the Nuance of Speech

He slowly took the stage and faced the crowd. Nobody in the audience knew him but we were all there for the same reason, so in a strange way, we all related to him. We were all aspiring authors, singers, musicians, and actors and this was our chance (though not for fame and fortune) to express our faith and convictions through our own personal message.

After a brief …

The Voice of Such a Love

The many voices upon the shelf speak:

a hard-bound hope chest of varying passions and desires.

So many stories of other lives reveal

a life beneath, just waiting to unveil.


The noble knight that rides across the page,

bearing upon his arm the colors of his maid, symbolize

his love for her and willingness to fi...

Miss me when I’m gone, and want me when I’m near.

I want you to love me. Treat me like I matter even at the end of a long and tiring day. I want our relationship to be sensual but at the same time apt enough to withstand diversity. I want your heart to flutter at the thought of my touch. I want your hairs to stand up on your neck when my delicate kisses cross your mind. I want you to Miss me when I’m gone, and want me …

If you say so

1057     If you say so

You are what you think, believe it or not. Our mind has the ability to do wondrous things and so it does. Day in and day out, materializing our thoughts into their fleshly counterparts. Wonders and horrors the same being created. 

You say that, ” I’m broke” and so those adverse conditions must present themselves …

Writ in Water

(For anyone who loves my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I wrote this poem in adoration the other day, and I felt like the Holy Spirit inspired me. I hope you all enjoy!)

Here lies He whose NAME is 

writ in water

Whose FEET are hardened

with toil

Whose LEGS are limbered for the


Whose LOINS are girt in 


To A Priest

(Apex Predator Part III WILL come, I promise… in the meantime, here’s a short poem. The most important people in the world to me are priests. If everyone else I knew disappeared, I would still be able to live my life to the fullest if I knew a priest. Here is a little tribute for everything they give to me and my family in Christ. Their sacrifice does not go unno…

Bleeding Water

(I am a Catholic and I wrote this poem while in Eucharistic Adoration. It is a poem about service and the power that one person has to change the lives of others, while acting in the Name of Jesus Christ.)

“Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head!” – John 13:9

I wish I could just be


Water Runs

Water runs swiftly downhill,

like Usain Bolt,

followed by colors flying,

yellow, green, and red

a rainbow of speed

flashing like crystals

prisms on a wall

dancing freely

envied by a prisoner

who has no freedom

no happy ending rainbow

no brilliantly flying colors

no speed on tired fe...

The Jewels of History

(This is a poem I wrote about the importance of historical fiction.)


Oh, gather ‘round, all ye who wish

To hear the tales of old.

For ‘ tis the stuff of fairy tales

Which makes the heart grow bold.

The countless legends and great myths

Which grace our history:

It is their lore and m...

Love Completely without Complete understanding

Love completely without complete understanding.

I am able to see you, I take you for what you are and for what you are not. I love you completely without complete understanding. I recognize that often times men know not that which they do. So I just will love you with all my being, with all that I am. I’m giving you me without complete understanding of you. My fai…

A Girl Named Jane.

I was doing some spring cleaning on my laptop and came across this little poem I had written for my Children’s Literature class as a final project. We were to take inspiration from our favourite children’s authors that we had studied through that term, and for me those were Daniel Handler (Pen name: Lemony Snicket), Margaret Mathy, and Robert Munsch. So I drew from …

Do you sometimes battle with your past?

Hey you, yes you … the one named Past;

Well hello and how have you been keeping? An odd question you ask. As far as I am concerned, you have been keeping yourself in fine form. You’ve never missed a life event, emotion or milestone … and have stuck around forever or so it seems. I see what you are trying to do to me. Reminding me incessantly about the choices I…

What Poetry Means To Me

Poetry is something that comes from deep within the soul. It is an emotional upheaval for some artists. It comes to you at some of the most unusal and worst times. It can also be described as a many splendor thing. The reason I use that term, is because poetry can be stiumlating, or it can be heart-breaking. It can make you smile, frown, or even make you cry. It can b…