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Are You On Track To Become A Millionaire?

Ever wonder, when do I get to be a millionaire? Well if you’re in your 20s or 30s, have a decent degree, a good job with a good income, and you’re budgeting, saving and investing, you’re well on your way!

In actuality, becoming a millionaire is not that far way. By that I mean that we are actually on track to getting there.

Thomas Corley, the auth…

CC Reward Update: New 5% Cash-back Categories!

I am posting this as an update to my previous article, titled “How I made $1,500+ with Credit Card Cash Back!”. Let’s check-in to see what the Credit Card Cash-back Reward programs I discussed will be offering during Q2 2017.

These are the cards that I will personally be focusing on in Q2 2017 (April through June):…

Rebuilding Credit Can Be Easier Than You Think

Does the prospect of attempting to rebuild credit after you’ve had a financial catastrophe or filed bankruptcy seem overwhelming to you? Well, there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. There is no shortage of strategies to rebuild credit that all work, in some form to achieve the desired effect.

Establishing new, positive lines of credit is the most effect…

Money – Where did it go?

“It’s a gas… Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash….” Now reread the tune to Pink Floyd’s song Money. If only saying those words would magically grow a money tree! 

It is that time of year when we all take a little stock or analyze our financial situation. Bills from Christmas have come and gone, and tax season is upon us.

Everyone seems to …

How To Overcome The Fear Of Investing

I often hear from people who tell me that they’ve got money saved and that they’re thinking about investing but they’re really nervous to start the process and they have a fear of investing.

There are three main reasons why people fear investing:

1.You are afraid because they don’t want to lose their money

I have a ...

New Home and Tax Time


You bought your first home in 2016 and have been having fun settling in – taking time to paint, decorate and generally making this house you bought your home. 

And now it’s tax time!!  

Here are a couple of items to make sure you check with an accountant on when you are submitting your taxes.

First-time Hom...

Seven Steps To Get Rid Of Debt Quickly

Before learning about how to get rid of debt, it’s important to be aware of what got you into debt in the first place. Taking into account of how you got into debt can help ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Your debt like accumulated from spending money, whether necessary or not, on items, services or experiences which you could not afford and so you landed up ...

4 Things I’m SUPER Passionate About

Things I’m passionate about:

  1. Shoes
  2. Chocolate
  3. Shopping
  4. Wine

But here are the 4 things I’m SUPER passionate about, that aren’t totally self-serving, although make no mistake, I will always love my shoes and shoe closet!

I’m so passionate about these things because I feel they are my life’s wor...

Why Good Vs. Bad Debt Matters

I’m sure you’ve heard of good debt and bad debt but the question is, do you really know the difference, and why does it even matter?

Let’s first talk about debt in general. This is when you borrow money and you have to pay interest. This is the fee you that you’re paying for the right to borrow that money for a duration of time.

Whether y…

Mobile App to help Max your Credit Card Rewards!

Today’s money saving tip: using the Wallaby app available on iPhone and Google devices.

Yet another completely free mobile app that can help you earn FREE money! I have written several articles about earning free cash back through the use of no-fee credit cards. As you might be able to tell, I have many credit cards that I rotate through every quarter – I will c…

Save Big!

Who doesn’t like to save money? Perhaps you feel a “high” when getting a bargain; or just need to stretch your dollars. Wouldn’t it be cool to save money when you shop? In this article I talk about how you can get more for less when shopping using apps.

Savings on Groceries – The app SavingStar helps you save money at the grocery store…

The Debt / Saving-Investing Relationship Model

Have I got your attention yet?

I’ve been asked this question numerous times throughout my career, and then 5 times this week alone!


or better yet,


or any variation on that question.

I have a DAMN good answer to th…

Self-Worth & Net Worth

It’s the craziest thing! SELF-WORTH and NET WORTH usually go hand-in-hand. It’s simple. It’s because the people who have self-worth and self-love attract money to themselves.

You love yourself, you feel you deserve money (and you do – everyone does) and when you are CERTAIN, money flows to you. Money loves certainty. Money is attracted to people who are certain, no…

Talking About Money While Dating

You probably know that almost half of all marriages in both Canada and the US end in divorce and finances is cited as a major cause contributing to these marital break-ups.

People often feel it is taboo to discuss money issues and find it easier to ignore the topic altogether. It is really important in any relationship to be on the same page as your partner when …

The Recipe for Wealth

Want to know the recipe for Wealth?


It’s really not a secret, yet most of us think that wealth is just this elusive thing we will never obtain or feel we are not worth.

And you are right, if you feel you aren’t worth it, wealth will run from you.

Self-Worth and Wealth go hand in hand. (Have you ever met a billionaire with low s...

How to Find the Cheapest Gas in the US and Canada!

You might have already heard about, or are currently using today’s money saving tip: GasBuddy.

But if you own a car and have never heard about GasBuddy, I would seriously suggest taking a look. I have personally been using the GasBuddy app on my iPhone for the past few years.  There is also an Android app as well ...

Relationships and Money

Money and Relationship                  Article 2 of 2


You followed the guidelines from the first article.

1.    You got on the same page

2.    You shared ownership for your financial future

3.    You started a possibility account

What is next…  

 Set an expense amount – $50. $100. Or $500 over which you both agree to t...

How To Get Free Money From Your Employer

The real questions are, what is “free money”? How do matching programs work? How do you find out if your company offers a matching program and do you know the constraints around the issue? How do you find out if this is a benefit you can tap into?

Let me start with why matching programs are often referred to as “free money”. When you make a contribution to your…

The Secret to Money & Love!

Wanna know how to totally wreck a good love vibe?!

Bring up the conversation about MONEY!

In most relationships, this is a TOTAL BUZZ-KILL!

Why is that? Simple.

You have 2 different people who come from 2 different families who are of different beliefs, different money experiences, different cultures, different reli...

Should You Get A Roommate To Save Money?

Would having a roommate help you on your journey to becoming Financially Fabulous? Well, being Financially Fabulous also implies that you’re feeling great about your life. Getting a roommate will either help you on your way or be a complete disaster. While you want to feel great about your financial choices, choosing the right person is vital to your peace of mi…

Want Money to Flow?

This week a woman, whom I had never met before, came up to me and said,

“I heard from a friend that you are a brilliant financial planner, but I have one. They told me they were good too and then they took my portfolio for a bad ride!”

OKAY, so this is what happens EVERY TIME I tell someone what I do for a living (or in this case, b...

Tax Season or Open Season on Your Identity?

Millions of Americans will not get their tax refunds this year — not because they don’t deserve them, but because identity thieves will have already filed tax returns under their names. Did you know all a scammer needs to steal your identity and your tax refund is your name and your Social Security Number? Did you know you could spend 5-8 months fighting the IRS over…

Plan for the Inevitable but Expect Surprises


The cause of death shown on Sandra Jones’ death certificate was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). But Sandra, age 70, never had COPD. The real cause of her death was congestive heart failure. 

So at this point, what difference did it make? Dead is dead. But in Sandra’s case, an accurate determinatio…

How To Curb Spending Indulgence

Should you be spending money on treating yourself?

I’m going to venture to say that as you have chosen to read this article, it is quite likely that you do spend money on treating yourself and possibly a little too much!

We all want to live fabulous lives, and of course that includes me; but when we are evaluating the state of our finances…

How to save money via discounted gift cards!

Today’s money saving tip is something I recently discovered and used for the first time. It deals with buying gift cards to businesses that you frequently shop at… but at a discount to the face value!

The site I use is called Raise (their website is simply From the web…

Appreciate Your Assets

You want to know how to appreciate & grow your assets?!

This is how.

It all starts with gratitude and thanksgiving for all that you have. When you are truly grateful for the gifts you’ve been given, physically, spiritually, intellectually, monetary, and that resonates with you at a soul level, then that will begin to show in your life around y...

An Overlooked Tool

So here we are at the end of January. Things are starting to settle after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The days are getting longer, the sun – when it decides to show up –  is getting warmer – though the air is still cold. As we pass through the holiday season, the next “season” on the horizon is tax season.

From a financial point of view, we often thi…

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of a TFSA

Avoid making common mistakes with your TFSA!

TFSA is Tax Free Savings account. It was an account which the Canadian government introduced back in 2009. It’s a great opportunity for us to invest money for the short term or long term and not have to pay tax on the capital gains. As many people find the TFSA accounts to be confusing, Here are four things that you sho...

Easy Steps To Deposit Cheques On Your Phone

It is actually really simple and easy to deposit cheques from your smart-phone.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve just discovered this functionality, but there is no time like the present. I’ve know about this for a long time, but don’t get cheques too often.

You may not get cheques very often but if your distant relative s...

Setting Your Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year! The ball has dropped… it’s 2017. Hopefully we’ve all enjoyed the holidays and now we’re back and it’s time for a better you in the New Year.

I’m sure many of you have spent time over the holidays thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be.

Did you decide to get up extra early to pack your own lunch every day in…

Savvy Shopping

   When You Can Get The Best Deals

Now is the perfect time to make a list of the things you will need/want and see when is the best time to get them.

I keep this magical list on my phone and one in my office.

This is a great opportunity to create a support system find an accountability partner (AP). I like to have a group of 3 so that you will always …

The art of saving money… correctly!

This article is a significantly condensed version of a lesson in my book “The Secrets of Wealth.” It describes a method of saving significant amounts of money even if you are living paycheck to paycheck. This can work for anyone, regardless of means.

The technique is very simple and I will explain why it works in a bit. What you must do is to add a bill t…

CC Reward Update: Earn 5-10% on Gas & Cabs Jan-Mar

I am posting this as an update to my 10/4/16 article, titled “How I made $1,500+ with Credit Card Cash Back!”. Now that Q4 of 2016 is coming to a close, the Credit Card Reward programs I discussed will be changing in January and rolling over to new Cash-back categories.

These are the cards that I will be focusing on in Q1 2017 (January through Marc…

Year End Reflections

Well, we’ve made it to the end of another year. If there is one constant, it is that things change. I sometimes think we are in a constant state of flux. Wanting to embark on a new journey, or we’re preparing to start that new journey. Do we ever take enough time to stop and appreciate the journey that we’re already on?

I think everybody should take a minute, st…

Savers are Losers

I’m going to speak from the heart today. I may upset a few people, but I feel that this subject is something that people really need to understand. I hear so many people talk about how important it is to save their money. This is ridiculous advice. In order to better understand why this is terrible advice, we may need a little history lesson.

In 1971, Nixon took the…

The Importance Of Financial Increase

Let’s face it, pursuing your goals and dreams requires money.

I believe that we are given dreams in order to inspire us to achieve more and strive for more. Our dreams are rooted in the deepest crevices of our hearts yearning to be released. One of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed is a person who gave up on their dreams and lived to regret it. I belie…

5 Secrets Banks Won’t Tell You!


I’ve contemplated writing this for months now! Let’s be real – who am I to tell the Banks where to go and expose their hidden secrets? I mean, let’s be honest now, it feels like sometimes they own me, and all the money in my accounts. I’m sure they got to you too – unless you actually live off the gr…

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is much more common than you might think!

Living paycheck to paycheck, and struggling to get by month after month happens to many more people than we likely realize.

Earlier this year the Financial Post …

Hate Your Work and Thinking of Quitting Your Job

So you’re thinking about Quitting Your Job!

The question as to how to quit your job seems to come up very often. So many people I know are unhappy in their job situation, whether it is a boss they don’t get along with or just the kind of work they are doing. Many have considered going out on their own as opposed to working for yet another boss.

The q…

Sale Does Not Equal a Good Deal

Sale Sale Sale


Most people like a sale, however, when is an item on sale not a good deal.

Getting an item on sale is a GREAT value if the item is something you had been wanting or is something you need.

Scenario 1;  The thing you had been wanting finally went on sale and is too good of a deal to pass up.  You put it on your credit card....

How to NOT Overspend on Holiday Gifts

While you’re likely excited for the upcoming holidays, don’t let your holiday gifts spending give you a spending hangover in the new year.

In a recent Rubicon Project study, which specializes in online adver...

It’s on Sale… Should I Buy It?

How many times have one of your girlfriend’s called you and said, “OMG, it’s finally on sale! Should I buy it? It happens to me all the time!

 When you’ve been wanting to buy something for a long time and it’s now on sale and you’re going to be able to keep some extra money in your pocket by buying it now rather than after…

Are You Teaching Your Kids To Be Poor?

Original article by Thomas C. Corley

I’ve been advising wealthy individuals for more than 30 years at my job as a CPA. Plus, I spent five years studying the money habits of the rich and the poor in my Rich Habits Study.

When I travel the country sp…

Why You Should STOP Saving Money!

Although one of my mantras is that you should be saving money, I need to be clear that saving is not the be-all and end-all of life.

Your financial goal should not be to get as much money as possible, stuffed away under your mattress or in your bank account.

I do think that saving is a good idea, but not to be taken to such an extreme that it gets in the w…

Wanna Quit Your Job? Get your Finances Ready!

It seems to be very trendy these days to quit your day job and pursue your dreams and if you’re seriously considering it, here are my top four financial tips BEFORE you leave your 9 – 5.

  1. Know how you’re going to make money for the next 6 months.
  • As much as you dislike your job, boss, colleagues etc. you have to realiz…
3 Tips to Save Your Marriage From Financial Ruin

Money isn’t everything, but so much of our lives depends on money. Our homes, our food, our lifestyles, that sadly is it not surprising that finances are often cited as a reason why couples’ relationships end.

A recent CIBC survey suggests that nearly all couples believe it’s important to have a serious joint discussion about finances before getting hitched or movi...

5 Reason Why I Negotiate Everything!

Just the thought of negotiating can cause a great deal of anxiety and ill feelings. There’s a good chance that as soon as your eyes saw the word negotiation, you probably started feeling uneasy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, negotiating can be one of your most powerful tools when it comes to managing your money.

Here are the five reasons I’ve faced …

Should You Have a Side Hustle?

I’m a huge believer in having multiple streams of income, regardless of whether you have a high paying job that you really enjoy. The truth is that most of us could benefit from having more funds, whether we want to enjoy new experiences with friends and/or loved ones, we want a little more free-time or just want to be able to help our favourite charitie…

Overwhelmed by debt and considering bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy might feel like a fairly simple solution, but actually it is definitely not! Going through bankruptcy has a lasting impact on many areas of your life.

Extreme amounts of debt may be something that people of all walks of life get into. The scary part, is that most people do not fit the mold that would come to mind of someone who is in …

Tips to Control Your Spending

Keeping your spending under control is critical to having success with your personal finances.

Here are five tips to help you keep your spending under control:

Tip # 1.  Know how much you earn on a monthly basis. I know this sounds basic, but many of us don’t know exactly how much ends up in our bank account after tax. If you know how much y…

My Best Financial Decision: Selling My Car

Cutting my transportation costs is one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made!

Ok, let’s talk about transportation costs. According to Stats Canada numbers updated in 2016, the average household spends about $80,000 in expenses and 15% of that is on transportation. This works out to be about almost $12,000 a year on transportation.

What is even more int…

What Is Inflation And Why Should You Care?

If you’ve ever wondered why things get more expensive, you’ll be interested to learn about inflation.

Inflation is the general and ongoing increase in the price of both goods and services. It’s why things get more expensive over the years.

It’s like when your grandma says, “When I was your age, going to the movies cost just a few dollars”. It’s hard to be…

Avoid a Financial Scam

Identifying and avoiding a financial scam is the best way to keep your money and identity protected.

These days, scammers and hackers are pretty sophisticated and can very easily disguise themselves as your bank or credit card company.

Just the other day, I answered an unrecognizable number on my cell phone to discover it was my credit ca…

Organizing Your Monthly Online Bill Payment

A bill payment system can save you so much time and unnecessary stress!

One of the problems we have when, dealing with all our bills, is that we spend so much time worrying about them. Thinking whether to pay this bill or that bill. Wondering how much do I owe? Am I late in making my bill payment? When is that payment due?

So let’s get a system down, to remove …

What is the Stock Market?

If you’re not exactly sure about the workings of the stock market, you’ve come to the right place.

The stock market is the market where the shares of publicly traded companies are issued and traded through exchanges. This market is also called the equity market. Through the stock market, companies acquire funds (capital) in exchange for small pieces of the company cal…

Doubling Your Income with The Rule of 72

We all want to double our investments, but over what period of time? With the “Rule of 72” you can figure it out!

It’s called the “Rule of 72” and it’s a quick formula that will help you determine how long it will take for your investments to double at your current interest rate.

One of the reasons I love this little formula, is because it helps you think abo…

What to Ask When Interviewing a Financial Planner

Many of us ask more questions on a first date, then when interviewing a financial planner, and we entrust them with our wealth!

So, what would you ask on a first date? A financial first date with a financial planner that is!

Have you been wanting the help and advice of a planner, but don’t know how to choose a planner to see if they are a good fit for you...

Sending Money Using Email

I get tons of emails and private messages with many different money questions. One of the questions I’ve received a number of times is how to send money using email, both to friends nearby and across the world.

So if you’ve been curious about how to email money and haven’t mastered it yet, …

Getting Into The Housing Market… Rental Property

So you are dreaming of buying a house… and then you look at your bank account, and think it is never going to happen!

There is another way to get into the housing market, and NO, it’s not illegal or grey market.  It’s smart and it’s what I would do today if I was buying a house now for the first time. 

Real estate prices have soared in the past few years ...

Stop Over Complicating Your Money

So many people don’t take control of their finances because it can feel so complicated that people don’t know where to start. 

Well I’m here to tell you, that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, take a deep breath.

There are actually only three ways that money flows.

  1. Money coming into your accounts – INCOME
  2. Money expanding withi...
Quality of Life AND Money

Both your quality of life and the size of your bank account matter.

How would you rate the quality of your life? And how would you rate the quality of your bank account? You may not realize it, but the decisions we make every day about the quality of our life impacts our bank account and quite possibly the quality of our life in the future.

Now, you should...

Making Only The Minimum Payment

There are some areas in life where you can get by just fine by doing only the minimum or putting in the least effort required. For example, if your clothes end up on a chair at the end of the day rather than in your closet or if you need, but don’t get a pedicure all winter long, there will be no major consequences…life will go on!

When it comes to paying…

Is Lifestyle Creep Impacting Your Financial Future

I had a disturbing conversation with a friend the other day, where she told me about her new promotion which came with a parking spot right outside her new office.

I asked her, “What are you going to do with the parking spot, since you don’t own a car?” I was just about to suggest she rent it out, when she chimed in…

“Buy a car! Of course.”

My friend li…