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True Release

If you saw this page right now, thoughts scattered this morning. Even my coffee is scattered, spilled.

Writing about release is very hard. Mostly because it’s handed me my ASSets this month.

I mean some serious releasing stuff. Things I’ve held on to so tight for the last 17 years. (okay, I lied, 18 years – I usually refer back to when I was 20 – it’s a t...

Do you give up to easy?

When things don’t work out the way you expected do you quit or do you push through? Many times over the course of our lives we have plans, goals and expectations of how we want our life to work out, but lets face it most of the time things don’t turn out exactly as planned. There are bumps in the road and things happen that throw us off track. What do you do in those situat...

Say NO to FOMO!

Do you scroll through your social media threads and begin to sink at the sight that EVERYONE in the world seems to be having a better life than you? 

You need to remember that what most people put on social media is their ‘highlight‘ reel while you are looking at your own life through the lens of reality…

BUT! this very real scena…

Build + Preserve Loving Boundaries

What’s the best gift for us all this holiday season?

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you.”-Katie Reed

The gift of your joyful presence, ready to enjoy your loved ones, is truly the best gift you can give this holiday season.

But, does setting limits on your time and energy bring you a…

For the Love of the Yankees

As I sat thinking about what to write for my first article this month, I thought how the best writing comes from a place of passion, drive, and a true love of whatever I am expressing. Okay, easy, I thought. Why not just write about the Yankees? But this is so far removed from what I normally discuss in my online presence. People know me as the spiritual nutritionist,…


Reading Time:30 Seconds

My book “Whist 2 Trust” is with the guys at Next Century Publishing, I have had a few chats back and to with the production team this week and can’t tell you how excited I am about seeing a book in print that I have actually written!! 

If you are writin...

Unconventional Thinking About Poverty & Gratitude

A Completely Different, Unconventional Way Of Thinking About Poverty & Gratitude

“None is more impoverished than the one who has no gratitude. Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.”

-Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

Gratitude has been and continues to…

Unconventional Thinking & Gratitude

A Completely Different, Unconventional Way Of Thinking About Poverty & Gratitude

“None is more impoverished than the one who has no gratitude. Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.”

-Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

Gratitude has been and continu…

New Actions Get New Results

How long would it take for you to get the lifestyle you want? School teaches us to think in terms of years. You need to get a 4-year degree to be considered educated. You need to study seven years to become a doctor. Even the gangster movies teach that the gangsters have to put in the time and make their bones before they advance in the criminal underworld. How much tim…

Misused Words That Confuse People

We’re all tempted to use words that we’re not too familiar with.

If this were the only problem, I wouldn’t have much to write about. That’s because we’re cautious with words we’re unsure of, and, thus, they don’t create much of an issue for us.

It’s the words that we think we’re using correctly that wreak the most havoc.

We throw them around in m...


She was born. She wasn’t born good or born bad. She was just born. Another miracle of life.

She was a baby. She was wanted, she was loved, she was taken care of. In exchange for being taught right from wrong she obeyed. She learned the rules of behaviour quickly. With the swift swish of the heavy belt across her buttocks.

It wasn’t abuse. It was discipl…

The World Needs You

This week 3 of my favorite places closed down: a restaurant close by, a coffee shop and a clothing shop I loved.

I’m heartbroken.

I really loved what these places had to offer: my favorite Arugula & Prosciutto Pizza, the best Spanish Latte ever, and clothes that were 100% me, my style – in other words – black.

Seriously, I totally root for the succes…


1.   #YourDreamsMatter


What would you do if you could do whatever you wanted to do? If resources, time, age, health, race or money were not barriers to you exploring, experimenting, experiencing and enjoying life, what would you be doing right now? Many people don’t even dare to think or dream along these lines, because they have convinced themselves that i…

Does Self Care Feel Selfish?

Life’s a journey. You’re the head steerer. As you tap into the natural current of life, yes, there’s an element of going with the flow. However, you are STILL able to direct the rudder to move in the direction you desire.

Here’s the deal. 

Without a healthy, grounded, content, inspired… steerer {YOU}, the rudder, boat, and ultimately the whole course of ...


The answers you are looking for is already within. Heard this one before? Yes, most motivational speakers have come to this realization – whether it’s Lisa Nichols, Neale Donald Walsh or Anthony Robins, or any number of other well-known speakers  – they all know the master creator is within!

Externally you demonstrate what you think the world need to see and hear. …

8 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Life (5-8)

5. Commit to improving yourself.

You’re never too busy for 10 minutes, which is all it takes to improve yourself just a little each day. You can de-stress using meditation, yoga or reading. Track your unhealthy spending habits. Learn a new language. The po...

It’s Okay! Throw Yourself A Pity Party

It’s Okay! Throw Yourself A Pity Party

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Furthermore, I won’t judge myself, and neither should you, because sometimes we all need a good cry.

And you know what? That’s completely okay. It doesn’t make you crazy, or foolish, or pathetic. It makes you human.

People feel. Some of us feel “more …

We Must Accept Our Lot Calmly, But…

We Must Accept Our Lot Calmly, But We Must Not Accept It Alone…

“Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few stones upon it.”

-Albert Schweitzer

And just as Dr. Schwei…

Embracing Your Stages

Lets get sentimental for a moment. 

So I’ve always lived my life up until my 25th year as a woman with the assumption that I would only live this life for me. I would look at my life and the things that I liked and what I had at that stage and would truly believe that everything that was already around me, was enough for me. Then came along somebody who ad…

What is your Purpose?

“True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” ~ Helen Keller

What is your purpose? Why are you doing anything? Why do you want to continue doing what you are doing? Why is your future important?

A list of such questions can go on and on.

Your purpose—the reason you want to do something—…

Impossible = I’m Possible

I am a great lover of quotes and I recently came across this quote from Bette Davis, “Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work.” I like this quote very much. However, the word impossible strikes me as somewhat aggravating–I find myself chafing against impossible. And I do not like chafing. Chafing implies unpleasantness–ill fitting or perha…

When Your Calling Finds You

Some people are really lucky, they just know from the moment they could walk and talk what they’ve always wanted to do. I wasn’t one of those people. Like my father, I seem to have inherited a whole slew of artistic and creative skills. Which is great except…I had no clue what I was truly good at. I mean a master at something, an expert per say you know? For my Dad it w…

Are you LOUD enough?

{Marco . . . }

. . . are you getting a response? From friends, strangers, family, a higher power be it a religious figure, angel team, or the Universe . . .?

{ Polo . . . }

We live a life of needs, wants, and desires, so who do you ask when you need, want, or desire somet…

Stop Saying Sorry

Wait, what? Don’t say, “I’m sorry?” Isn’t that what we’re supposed to say when we’ve done something wrong to someone? Isn’t that what we grow up learning?

“Tell your sister you’re sorry…say you’re sorry…you hurt her, buddy, say you’re sorry.”

We hear it and say it all the time in many contexts – “I’m sorry for your loss…Oh I didn’t see you there; I’m so…


My previous article discussed TIPS TO DEVELOP MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS. To find success in developing meaningful relationships, you must get rid of your “poisonous friends”. Your life becomes lighter and happier when it’s not being dominated with them. A “poisonous friend” is never really a true friend to begin with. I had a realization, an awakening almost, while watching ...

Preparing for a New Reality

I was 36 when my first son was born so I know I had “a life” before I had children. Thirty-six years of it, to be exact. If I could just remember it!

I have been a mother now for 23 years, and it has gotten to be a habit. If all goes well, in four years my nest will be empty. I am intimidated and scared by the prospect, even though I know about those other 36 year…

The Future begins to the StorySpeakers #2

In Business…

When things get competitive it’s all about the story.

Today’s corporate leaders like stories because they bring their company’s heritage to life in the imagination. They share their stories with their customers, their staff, their new hires. They live them. Corporate leaders StorySpeak their visions and goals.


The future belongs to the StorySpeakers

In Education…

Ask any high school student who his or her favorite teacher is and then ask why. Chances are the answer will be, “Because she makes things more interesting” or “Because he tells stories.”

When educators StorySpeak they keep their students engaged and interested by transforming learning into lively experiences.

These teache…

Become More of Yourself-Let’s Get Started!

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” -Brene’ Brown 

Don’t you love those people and places where you can relax and be yourself?

What is it about those experiences that feels so good? And how do we allow more of that feeling of acceptance within ourselves whether...

How To Live A Relax Life

Life can be full of stress, obstacles, and very fast pace. Sometimes with our busy schedules that we have, we forget to relax. What are ways that you you can think of that help you to relax? I believe that it is very important that we take time out of our busy schedules to take a moment, and to quit whatever we are doing and to find ways to relax. When we are able to re…

Identity Vs. Perception

Nowadays there is so much importance to how you are viewed. With social media being as popular as it is, there seems to always be a set of eyes on what you are doing, or how people think you are living. Your accomplishments, rewards, and lifestyle are all a part of a news feed for a wide audience. This tends to add to the pressures you already deal with on a day to day basis…

Identity Vs. Perception

Nowadays there is so much importance to how you are viewed. With social media being as popular as it is, there seems to always be a set of eyes on what you are doing, or how people think you are living. Your accomplishments, rewards, and lifestyle are all a part of a news feed for a wide audience. This tends to add to the pressures you already deal with on a day to day basi...

8 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Life (1-4)

1. Set powerful goals.

The most important benefit of setting goals isn’t achieving your goal; it’s what you do and the person you become in order to achieve your goal that’s the real benefit.

Goal setting is powerful because it provides focus. It shapes our …

Why it’s Important to be Open to Receiving

What you give you get back is a well-known concept. However, there are a few things you need to know and put into practice before you are able to receive the things that you desire most. It is the universal Law of Compensation that must be activated, especially if you want to increase your wealth and abundance.

The Law of Compensation says that you must give in ord…

Dealing With Difficult People

How many times over the course of an average day do we come across people who seem to be out and out malcontents? Does it seem like these folks appear frequently at the worst possible time in the places we least expect to deal with difficulty? I find that these people appear in direct proportion to the level of expectancy I have for the day.

In other words, I attrac…

Gratitude: The Best Brain Hack Ever!

Gratitude is the best brain hack ever! Feeling grateful creates powerful, positive changes in your brain chemistry like nothing else. Here’s what happens in your brain when you feel grateful: you raise your oxytocin and lower your cortisol while raising dopamine and serotonin. Plus you increase blood flow and activity in your hypothalamus, the “master gland” that controls …

Where do you want to be in a year from now?

If in one year from now your life is exactly the same would you be happy with that or would you want to change? 

Every time I hear this question it gets me thinking about how far I’ve come but also how much farther I want to go. In my opinion the best part of living is being able to shift, learn and grow with each day. I’m not a person who waits for the ne…

Where do you want to be in a year?

If in one year from now your life is exactly the same would you be happy with that or would you want to change? 

Every time I hear this question it gets me thinking about how far I’ve come but also how much farther I want to go. In my opinion the best part of living is being able to shift, learn and grow with each day. I’m not a person who waits for the new year t...

Self Love.

“Your capacity to love others is limited only by your capacity to love yourself.”

I never really understood the concept of self love. I was taught and understood that in order to be a good person, I must always think of myself last. And I believe there is a place for service, yes, of course. But think about this with me. How can you ‘love your neighbor as yourself’…


Over the past few weeks, I have been in a period of experiencing intense, heightened emotions. I am increasingly energetically sensitive and have been experiencing sadness, pain, anxiety, but also joy, bliss, INTENSE gratitude, love, and more. In my heightened energetic state, it is truly the highs with the lows, the perceived “good” with the “bad,” but is this so? Is …

The Blue Shovel

The Blue Shovel.

Damn Blue Shovel.

This is my story.

I love LOVE to run outside. FREE.

But, I live in snow and ice for 6 months of the year.

Last week on my walk, I decided I would take my shovel to clear a 1km path on my favorite place to run.

I seriously thought it would be easy.

For anyone who has ever shoveled snow, ...

Your 360 Can Improve Your 20/20

“Successful people believe in a simple notion: you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” Travis Bradberry, contributor to Forbes Magazine. This must be true because it sounds all too familiar. From the ancient pen of the apostle Paul, he wrote, “Bad company corrupts good character.”

This is some wonderful advice for us men in today’s mode…

As We Prepare….

 How do you prepare for winter? Most of us do not think about it at all. Others do something the day the cold weather hits their skin. At least, animals have natural instincts to prepare for dormant weather.

It’s that time in the year to prepare for severe cold weather. I live far enough northeast to where the temperature changes each season dramatically. It’s late…

It All Begins In Your Mind

Preparing for the Climb:

Mindset Matters

I have a bit of a hiking boot addiction. Actually, it’s probably more of an obsession. You know how most girls have a closet full of shoes with spiked heels and wedges? Well, not me! I have a garage full of muddy hiking boots and trail shoes that would probably put most heel collections to shame. In my defense,…

Why Writers Need to Walk

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It requires a direct dispensation from heaven to become a walker.” What beautiful words, fitting for a man who spent two years, two months, and two days in his singular “experiment in simplicity” at Walden Pond. Thoreau’s time at Walden included daily walks in the Walden Woods–long rambles that could last for hours.

Jane Austen stated her d…

People Pleaser Rehab

Are you a People Pleaser?

I don’t mean.. “Are you nice”….

I mean do you find yourself constantly doing things for other people and coming up short in your own life because of it? constantly seeking love, friendship, and validation from others?

Possibly even thinking “If I do this for them…they’ll really like me, approve of me, validat…

Tips to manage stress levels

Keeping stress to a minimum can be difficult at times especially with the holiday season coming up. An important aspect to staying healthy especially during the holidays is keeping stress levels to a minimum which yes can be tricky at times because we all have so much going on. Such as budgeting, family events, balancing it all. It is extremely important to…

What Yoga Shakes Reminded Me About Judgement

How’s your November going? I pulled out my monkey hat yesterday because I think fall has officially hit Texas. 

A couple weekends ago I went to yoga with my friend Heather (who’s getting her yoga instructor certification – woot woot!). Do you do yoga? I don’t do it as often as I’d like, but when I do, I love it and I feel so much better after.

But during...

When Transformation Is The Only Option

“Each person’s task in life is to become an increasingly better person.”-Leo Tolstoy

When we can no longer reside in the status quo, and what you’ve done in the past to succeed

no longer produces results, we need a paradigm shift within. We are here for growth, to fail, to

overcome, to succeed, to learn, and becom...

Happiness is not Pleasure BUT Victory!

Happiness is not pleasure but victory. That means you have the tenacity, the drive and the conviction to stay on your path. When the external world seems to lose faith in your abilities – your internal commitment gets stronger. It doesn’t matter how descriptive you are when you describe your destiny to someone; ONLY YOU can experience the inner stirring and the vision which …

Men, do you know your enemies?

Every man is in a war, but does he know his enemies? If not, how can he expect to defeat them?  

Though men seem to face many enemies the truth is there is only three. The ancient writer, the apostle John, named them lust, greed, and pride. From the very beginning man’s greatest battles have been fought from within himself.

Nearly seventy percent of men today…

Loving Another More Than Yourself

Is it okay to love another more than yourself? I fell into this discussion with a loved one, which got me thinking, pondering about the nature of loving another more than yourself. Is this okay? And what is “okay” really? Ultimately, we are talking about health. Is it healthy to love another more than yourself? Are there times when it is healthy and times when it is unhealth…

Harness the Power of the Universe

If you are like me; you believe in a higher power of some kind. Most people refer to this higher power as “The Universe”.

Conversations about it often sound like this: “The Universe is really testing me right now…”

“I just put it out to the Universe…” or “I don’t know how this happened but thank you Universe!”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you actually …

Life Goal: To Become a Millionaire.

The joy is in the journey, isn’t it? That’s what they say. I believe it to be true, as well. While it is so easy to want to just get to the final destination of what is on your goal list, the process of working toward the goal and the person you become in the pursuit of it is what I am after. And, sure, a million dollars would be great, too. When I was asked in kinder…

Love > Fear

the answer may shock you

love > fear?

or the flip?

I’m guessing that you initially said in your head, ‘love, of course, love’. And I challenge you on that. I have no doubt that you are living a life in love to so many degrees — for your family, the sunshine, friends you adore, your critters, maybe your job, oth...

The Art of a Well-Lived Life

How do we honor our time? 

“Someone who tries to do everything becomes nothing.”

-Robin Sharma, legendary leadership icon

We all want to feel more fulfilled, vibrant and alive yet we very often give our time and energy away without much thought.

You can begin to create a more meaningful life with a few simple yet powerful shifts.


Relationships 101 – For kids

I am in the fortunate position, as a parent, to have a “Do-Over”. Yes, same Mom but different kid. There is a significant age spread between my first two children and my youngest. If you have read some of my previous articles, you will understand part of the reason for the gap. If you have not read my previous articles entitled “A Labor of Love and Loss” Part 1 and 2, I…

10 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

1. Talk it out.

If you struggle showing your best face during an interview, enlist a friend to conduct a mock interview. Prepare for any off-the-wall questions and build your confidence in the process.

2. Think again.

The next time someone cuts you off or rides your bumper during rush hour, give that driver the benefit of the doubt. After all, we n…

Speaking Truth in an Upside Down World

What happens when the world you work in feels backwards, upside down? It leads me to wonder the best ways to speak your truth without having to give up your career.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with how best to be authentic, and vocal in my beliefs without scaring people off. I want to engage with others, not frighten them, but most people do not appreciate being t…

How to Create Change

You know those times when things happen to you that simply don’t feel good and you wonder why? Well instead of pointing fingers and blaming others start to look inside and consider how you’ve been feeling and what you’ve been thinking. It is what is inside of us that creates our outer reality.

Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inne…

another month down

I have had a lot to think about this month on the #metoo campaign, about cryptocurrency as I am an investor, about my work and projects as we had our first 6 figure month in business development, about house stuff – as I bought my first house this month and am leaving the city (I have lived in a city for the last 15 years of my life…), and on the concept of tim…

The Illusion of Failure

Everyone, at one point, is guilty of worrying about something that did not exist. Sometimes our imaginations and negative thoughts convince us to become overly concerned with what has not happened yet and may never even happen at all. The most common is the illusion of failure. This illusion creates the perception that the risks greatly outweigh the benefits and therefore, ...

The Illusion of Failure

Everyone, at one point, is guilty of worrying about something that did not exist. Sometimes our imaginations and negative thoughts convince us to become overly concerned with what has not happened yet and may never even happen at all. The most common is the illusion of failure. This illusion creates the perception that the risks greatly outweigh the benefits and ther…

Adapting for Success

 In life we meet many people. In life we have relationships with many people. Some joyful. Some hateful. Some of these relationships we have may include romance. Some of these relationships we have may include those we come into contact with on a career path. We need to be vigilant. We need to protect ourselves. We need to be aware. We need to set boundaries. These boun…

Too Late

I have arrived before, to a class, to a store or to an event and been, Too late. There was no amount of pleading that could be done to reverse this happenstance. The only recourse of mine, was to miss the day’s lesson, bargain or festivities. 

Now each instance was a result of my doing. Me, just being me. Not taking time, seriously. S…

Paradox of Love

After being hurt in love, many people find themselves seeking something they term as “love.” In truth, they have lost understanding of the concept. To prevent hurt, we tend to dictate the do’s and don’ts of our affection in relations with our partners. Stemming from the void of pain, with good reason, we try, desperately, to protect our vulnerability by giving orders…


For MOTIVATION, I follow these mantras daily:

1. The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires brings weak results just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat – Quote by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

2. Create the highest, grandest vision for your life because you becom...


For MOTIVATION, I follow these mantras daily:

1. The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires brings weak results just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat – Quote by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

2. Set your mind in a definite goal & observe how quickly the worl...


I skidded in my doubt about my published writing career. Would I crash, or would I ride through the black ice?

No dramatic crash and burn. I sputtered and spat. I wrote in spurts and then quit for weeks. I drove with the little pump lit. I lost the map in the mess of my front seat. Like now, as I try to settle and write this piece, I find focusing hard. I ne…

NO is a Positive Word

Everybody says that we should say YES more in life, that YES is the dominant word, we DESERVE to say YES more often so we are able to take on more experiences to enjoy this life!

I tend to disagree with that, and the reason why I say that is because its all about perspective, and it is all about the situation. For example, Is saying YES really adding to the qualit...

The Little Moments

Right now I’m typing this from the bench in my driveway, while my daughter gardens. Or more accurately, covers the concrete, rug, and herself with mud. (Yes, I’m the enabler who’s repeatedly filling up the water bucket.)

There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t have thought this would be very interesting. But since becoming a mom, I’ve started to appreciate lit…

Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Some crazy random dreams & facts about me (I mean this stuff isn’t even in my book!):

  • I wrote and recorded a rap song. It was hilarious. It flowed out of me in 1 hour and recorded it in another hour. I still pee my pants how funny that is. I want to write, play and record a record one day.
  • I decided long ago to be Jane Bond – so I got my boa...
Understanding the Unmanaged Mind

The awareness of the mind is composed of three main parts; the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. On average, the mind may manage 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day and remains active, even when the body is in rest mode. The information discussed here is just the tip of the iceberg, but will be useful for creating life-balance and better mind management. …

Celebrating Blogging!

 There are so many different ways I could have categorized this article. I considered Social and Cultural, Human Connections and even Arts and Entertainment. In the end I chose Personal Development. Why? Through blogging we grow. Not just the reader one shares content with, but the writer who captures and shares his or her voice in a prose connecting with someone som…

Everything You need to Know About Telling Stories

Excerpted from The Irresistible Power of StorySpeak

READING TIME: 90 Seconds

1. Hook them from the start

If you’re going to tell a con…

Teen Advice Week Two

Teen Advice

If I knew then what I know now… but would I have listened? Teen Advice is a plentiful as leaves on a tree, but here is a bit of a twist.

I asked many people this question:

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 15-year-old self, knowing what you know now?

I’ve been compiling and publishing what you said. It see...

Take care of yourself

Do you take the time for self care?

I am a huge lover of self care and feeding my body everything it needs. However I wasn’t always this way, I wouldn’t spend money on doing things like getting a massage, seeing a naturopath, chiropractor, getting my hair done or nails done. I didn’t really take care of my health until about 5 years ago, when I didn’t r…

How to Stop Being Lazy and Get More Done

Ever had to do a task that had a long deadline, but you couldn’t muster the will to complete it until 0.2 seconds before it was due?

Of course you did. At least once. You wouldn’t be human otherwise.

However, you might have noticed that even if the deadline was shorter, you still would have been able to complete it on time. Why’s that?

At first glan…

Signs: Part 1

Today it got real.

And it’s not the first time.

But I should also say that ‘it’s’ been several instances

over the past few days that caused me to get irked this way.

A couple days ago, on our slow, side street, an older lady passed me [there is no passing lane nor the need to pa…

The Good Samaritan

At some point in our lives, we may have heard the story of The Good Samaritan. For those who have not, in essence, would you stop to help someone who needed help, without any prejudice? An internet search will lead you to more details. A brief synopsis may be found he…

Turning Failure to a Positive

As humans we are designed to fail first, we are going to fail at things during ones life. When failure does occur you should not let it defeat you. Turn that failure into a positive by thinking of what caused the failure, then re-evaluate the stituation and adjust your actions from previous actions. 

People who start businesses, and people who run for public office…

3 Ways to Manage Stress by Letting Go of Anger

Anger and Ulcers and Stress, Oh My!

A couple weekends ago, I spoke at the Fo Guang Shan Xian Yun Buddhist Temple about 3 Ways to Manage Stress by Letting Go of Anger. It was fun! Here’s me teaching tapping. 🙂

Stress management is a supe...

The soundtrack

Walking into the cool breeze, feeling the crisp air, and watching the leaves change colors always reminds me how grateful I am to experience all four seasons in New England. Autumn has always held a special place in my soul down to the core of who I am. It probably has something to do with the fact that I was born in the Fall and chose to get married in the Fall. …

Using the Law of Polarity to find peace

If you’ve followed my work long enough you know I’m all about using the Universal Laws to deliberately create your life. I get so many people asking me how they can find peace, happiness, stop worrying and let go of their fear. Well out of all of the Universal Laws, The Law of Polarity is the one to reach for when this is what you seek.

What is ...

Using the Law of Polarity to Find Peace

If you’ve followed my work long enough you know I’m all about using the Universal Laws to deliberately create your life. I get so many people asking me how they can find peace, happiness, stop worrying and let go of their fear. Well out of all of the Universal Laws, The Law of Polarity is the one to reach for when this is what you seek.

What is the…

Are You Just Coasting Through Life?

It has taken me a lot of time to be able to get SOMETHING on paper (so to speak). 

I’ve spent hour after hour just mulling over what my next article topic was going to be about. I’ve basically overshared tiny portions of my personal life in these articles, what else is there to really say? 

I am in a creative slump. Writers block as the excuse is m…




Mollie Lyon

The publishing career took off like gang busters. Still, I always felt I should have written the next novel last year. I felt behind. I self-published four novels in four years. I soothed myself. I planned to have a novel to publish by the time I was sixty. I was eight years ahead of schedule. And the next three years continued that …


Did you ever know you had one? It’s part of your brain that heightens your awareness of certain things. It stays on alert. Its job is to make you aware of certain things and makes you ignore other things that are less important. For example, do you remember the time when you last bought a new car? All of a sudden, you start seeing cars just like yours all over the roa…

The Four Faces of Fear

Fear truly is at the root of almost all of the worlds problems. In my line of business I come across various ‘flavors’ of fear all the time. People stuck in all manner of ways in their lives, some even paralyzed by fear.

Getting clear on what the fear actually is; calling it out of the darkness into the light and then moving through it is the only way out….

The Magic Question

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Chances are this simple question derailed you completely. No matter what else you had in mind when you read it, you immediately began thinking of cereal, eggs and toast, or something else you should have… or shouldn’t have eaten.

That’s because your brain loves a question. Any question.

Remember sitting in your grade...

No Superstitions, No Fear

Today is Friday the 13th. Most people have superstitions about when the 13th is on a Friday. Superstitions are usually powered by fear. We as believers are told not to fear. We are also told That Jesus Yahshua left us His peace. Because of this peace we are free from superstition and fear. Today I want to speak peace. I want to let everyone know they don’t have to live…

Giving Thanks

With the Thanksgiving celebrations behind us; I have to say that something struck a cord this past Thanksgiving weekend. I was wished a Happy Thanksgiving and then asked if I even celebrate Thanksgiving. My answer: “Every day of my life!”

Thanksgiving is a holiday with a special connotation and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from that. Gratitude and giving tha…

Giving Thanks

With the Thanksgiving celebrations behind us; I have to say that something struck a cord this past Thanksgiving weekend. I was wished a Happy Thanksgiving and then asked if I even celebrate Thanksgiving. My answer: “Every day of my life!”

Thanksgiving is a holiday with a special connotation and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from that. Gratitude and giving tha…

Finding your passion

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

We all have passions, hopes and dreams. Sometimes they are difficult to pinpoint after all, we imagine so many things, and it can be hard to tell if what you’re daydreaming about…

5 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day

If you’re a fellow Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving Monday and one of my favourite times of the year. The leaves are changing, the crisp feeling of Fall is in the air, and long weekends like these are perfect for bringing family together. Regardless of whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, it reminds us to practice gratitude and both feeling and showing a…

Teen Advice Week One

If I knew then what I know now… but would I have listened? Teen Advice is a plentiful as leaves on a tree, but I’m offering some advice… with a bit of a twist.

I polled a huge variety of people, asking them this one question:

“If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 15-year-old self, knowing wh…

Vocal Fry: What Is It & How To Stop It

The first time I ever heard of the term “Vocal Fry” was from an employer I had a few years back. To my knowledge no one had ever complained or mentioned to me that I ever did this annoying thing with my voice. One minute I’m in his office going over the morning’s tasks, “Okay, soooo we do have a meeting with that guyyy in New York, a…

Who has inspired you?

Reading time:45 Seconds

  • Do you have someone who has been inspirational in your life?

  • Can you recall something that or someone who was an absolute life changer for you in your formative years?

I can relate to Mr Mohammed, he was my boss when I worked at…

Finding Myself

Is excessive navel gazing needed to find my audience? For a quiet person who wants to tell stories in an intricate word dance, this is hard. Another part of me wants to explain myself. Will defining myself grow my audience?

I told stories on paper before I knew my letters. Primitive pictures on the margins of my mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook accompanied m…

The Importance Of Choices

In life we many choices. Most times what happens to us is by our choosing.So today I want to highlight a poem from our book “Words From The Heart Of The Father.” This poem is called “Because We Choose To Be.” Let’s remember that our choices affect us and those around us.

Because We Choose to Be

We are alone

Because we choose to be


“I’ll Always Be Good To Myself”

“The reason we’re often not there for others is that we’re not there for ourselves.” -Pema Chodron

We’re running around on empty.

We try everything to improve our natural energy yet we’re still drained.

Most days, there’s little joy.

We can create a gorgeous new relationship with ourselves with a few powerful shift…

Why Writing Matters: 4 Tips to Write Better

Over the years that I have been teaching writing, I’ve discovered that the biggest obstacle to writing well is attitude. Negative attitudes about writing start when we are young. But luckily, it is never too late change our attitudes.

Writing is more than letters of the alphabet or words on a page. It is the second most important means by which hum…

Over Independence…Is that a thing?

Is there actually such a thing as ‘Over Independence’?

I mean we are taught through our formative years to ‘do it ourselves’, to ‘learn’… in fact most of our life’s journey is about becoming the ultimate in achievement – INDEPENDENT!

Those of us who have raised,  or are raising children do so in hopes that one day they will be INDEPENDENT. Able to sustain th…



This is my view as I am writing this article, I am in Spain until tomorrow evening spending some lovely time with my beloved and some special friends.

Today we have spent our time on the beach and been approached countless times by people selling their wares, each trying to make a living and feed their families. Many are known as “l...

Footprints of a Jedi Teacher

To fully engage and convey the message in the undercurrent to your student, you must never forget where you were and how you were thinking in the beginning. Unless you can reach the student in their current state of mind you will not be able to impart any wisdom.

Everything you do has a terminal velocity point. A point where you have connected to your true self, …

Get out of that Corner!

I have a friend who is wrestling with some real tough life issues. Although she has been living rather comfortably for a while, she is still feeling restless, wondering how to find more joy in her life, more spark, more love. Unfortunately, she is pretty sure that she is trapped in her current life and cannot make any changes to improve things.

She is…

trusting the process

I am in the early stages of working on a new manuscript and have been lost in the writing zone for the past few weeks. I have several chapters each partially finished. Every time I think I finished a chapter another thought pops into my head and I go back and rework it. In addition, I keep changing the order of the chapters.

 One lesson I have learned over the y…

Knowing When To Move On And Let Go

 As we find ourselves at the end of the month, I find myself having to make a decision. A decision that is not easy to make but you will understand as you read through this article.

 When I started on Go Read last summer, it because my mother made me. She made me do it so I could learn a few things about life. To write better, to be more creative, to adhere to deadl…

30 Tips to Take Control of Your Life (Part 3)

15. Become a student of your chosen career.

 Don’t be afraid or too proud to make short-term sacrifices to achieve your goals.

 16. Commit to your dreams. Don’t be afraid or too proud to make short-term sacrifices to achieve your goals…

On Becoming a Pound Pro:

A few years ago, I was feeling exceptionally lonely, particularly on the weekends. It seemed that no matter how busy the weekdays were, once the weekend hit, plans seemed to come to a screeching halt. It felt like I didn’t quite make the cut to take up someone’s weekend time. And I get it. Friends want to be with their spouse and kids. And I since I have neither of those, I…

Playing to Win

This week I had a serious EPIPHANY and I’m telling you it’s transforming my life and blowing my mind at the same time.

And yet, it’s so simple, and something probably every guy who’s ever watched sports has known for years, and yet, here I am, literally hearing and understanding this for the first time. (Yes, I’m aware I’m sometimes a few grapes short of a Cab Sav…

Find Renewal Like the Sun

I feel so in love with life right now. Ask me last week, and I would have said otherwise. To be able to connect with the shifts inside of your heart and soul and BE OK with them is key to living fully.

I tend to have words land on me: literally they show up in my periphery and in my brain. I use them, read them, see them, hear them in conversation… Just like when…

“Not Enough Time”

Let me guess. You don’t have enough time in your days to do all the things you need to do.

Please, spare the details. I’ll spare you mine, too. But pretty sure we can agree that LIFE. IS. FULL. and you’d like to figure out a way to either slow it down, add more in, or a combo of both.

This topic comes very *timely* this week because it has come up not…


How many times have you said that you are going to do something & procrastinate. You put it off for tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into next week, next week turns into next month and the end of the year arrives & you did nothing.

I’m telling you now it’s time to commit…commit to exercising. You see, for the last 10 yrs I’ve been trying to loose 5 lbs. Instead I…

3 Ways to Get Inspired

Have you ever had one of those days when you have a ton of things you want to get done, but just feel blah, unmotivated, and uninspired?

I used to have them a lot. 

But these days, time isn’t a resource that I can squander! There’s work, family, trying to keep my home from looking like a war zone, and everything else that creeps on int...

30 Tips to Take Control of Your Life (Part 1)

1. Identify where you are stuck in your life. Take steps toward getting unstuck, even if it means pushing well beyond your comfort zone. Action is the only remedy for fear.

2. Develop your obs…

Personal Wealth Is More Than Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

I recently finished my first reading of this mindset shifting book.

It was recommended to me by an author friend and I had very different expectations for its sub…


I texted my dear friend asking if she had any ideas of what I could write about as I headed out to the local coffee shop to write said article. 

She said, “tell me why you haven’t moved to Chicago and why.” And then I cried most of the drive in to the shop. Yeah. Why haven’t I moved to Chicago? 

Every answer I came up with in my head still rang true. I don’t cu…

Be True to Yourself

Throughout your life, everyone you cross paths with will have an opinion or comment, idea or suggestion that has the potential to completely alter your life. Sometimes, this can be a push in the right direction. Other times, it can be a complete derailment of this train we call life. The good news is that we are all born with an amazing gift: Our inner voice. Call it you…

Are You Listenning? No Really Listenning!!!

Are You Listening, No Really Listening?

You know the feeling, when you are on Instagram and a picture pops up as you are scrolling, perfect figure, perfect make, perfect skin, just pretty perfect, you get it. You think it is just not fair, I have tried ever…


It takes courage, determination & focus to take that first step. This is my journey of taking that 1st step to move from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur

 In 2000, I left my job as Asst Manager of Scotiabank, Kirkland to devote more time with my then newborn- Amanda. It was the 2nd most difficult decision in m…

Choices, Forgiveness, and Consequences

I’ve been planning on sharing more things on being happier, more productive and more fulfilled in your career. But today that doesn’t fit. Instead, I’d rather we talk about letting go of what’s not serving us.

This week my father passed away. 

We haven’t had a relationship for many years, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t struggling right now.

Pristine and Perfect Atop Murky Waters

How many of you have seen a lotus flower? This is the question one of my mentors asked, only a few hands went up. Everyone knew what a lotus flower looked like but only a few had witnessed it in its natural habitat.

Pristine, white, perfect and gently floating atop murky waters is the natural habitat for his highly recognized flower. A flower, which signifies peace an…

ThIs Is YoUr BrAiN oN cHaNgE

Are most of us like the fearful copier salespeople who dread disruption to their routines? Neuroscience, a field that has exploded with insight, has a lot more to say about changing people’s behavior — and its findings are guardedly optimistic. Scientists used to believe that the brain became “hardwired” early in life and couldn’t change later on. Now researchers suc…

Let’s Get Wet & Feely

First, get your head out of the gutter.

Second, I got caught in the rain this morning.

Third, ‘the rain’ can metaphorically go many many ways.

Let me explain. 

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

– Bob Marley

I love this quote, have you heard it before? If you’ve heard it, have you ...

Your Own Kind of Happy.

It just happened. Mindlessly scrolling Facebook when all of a sudden BOOM (!) 

Another “WE ARE ENGAGED!” photo stops my scroll. You know the one. Big ol diamond glistening in the sun with the happy couple grinning from ear to ear, mascara and remnants of other facial excretions from the heightened emotion smeared all over the faces. But somehow they look both more...

The Power of Faith

I had a lesson in Faith over the past few weeks. While we get these lessons all the time, this was a big one. One that tested me in a really big way. One of the people I love the most in this world (who’s name, for the sake of privacy I won’t divulge) received a diagnosis that could be described as down right terrifying. She was told she had to have surgery and it did no…


Do you really want to change the world? Make a difference?

I sure do.

I’ve pondered this up, down and sideways.

How does one do it?

And the answer I could come up with is one word:


Which I’m sure could come off as being/looking/acting/appearing “selfish” however, there is a positive & negative …

Where do your Memories go?

So If you read my last article on memory loss (which you can read here if you missed it), perhaps you are wondering WHERE DO THE MEMORIES GO?

If your Ego didn’t attach an emotion to it and it was deemed as a ‘non-necessary’ even…

Loving yourself is the greatest gift to the world!

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” 

– M. Scott Peck 

Loving yourself is probably one of the most important aspects of health and wellness. If you don’t love yourself, your body can’t love you and people can’t love you. I don’t know why self-love is so difficult for so many, but I …

Give What You Need.

Every time I hit one of my major breakdowns in life, one of the first people I connect with is my Aunt Pat. Even though she is not technically my aunt, she has become more like a mother to me. She is who I want to connect with because I know I won’t be judged or looked down upon when life kicks me to the curb. I can be honest, be myself, and ask questions and hear her answe…

My Story: A Life Upside Down

I used to love to work. I loved new challenges and there wasn’t anything that I felt I couldn’t do. I was upfront and in charge, and life was good. And then I had a chemical exposure and life as I knew it was over. As my body fought the chemicals, it began fighting everything: chemicals, food, people, air… You name it, I became allergic to it. One of the doctors labeled me ...

5 Positive Ways to Build Your Belief in Yourself

We all start out as kids with big dreams; we want to be movie stars, astronauts and sports superstars. We want to be somebody. But then we get out into the real world and it starts beating us down, and then we start beating ourselves down. We get to the point where we have little or no belief in ourselves.

To achieve what you want in life, you ha…

Watching Television: Friend or Foe?

I definitely have to say that watching television is my friend. I hear many people sound appalled at the thought of watching a good show. I am always curious as to why. People usually say that they are too busy, or that it’s a waste of time.

My theory is, that it is a time for me and my family to sit back together and relax. We often end of discussing a sho…

Want To Complete Your Goals Before The End of 2017

In my last article I spoke about how I absolutely hated poverty. I view poverty as a weapon of mass destruction used against the middle classes, the working poor, and the poor. There is something that th…

Confidence – how can I get more of it?

This is a common question I hear. I also often hear “I don’t have any confidence”. So many are very confident in the fact that they don’t have any confidence!

The mere thought of not having any confidence is in itself an old habit or belief. Babies are not born with the immediate thought, ‘I do not have any confidence’, this is …

Your Stage Performance

All of God’s world is a stage.  

We are but mere actors playing our role in this thing called life.

Some play bit parts and feel insignificant.

Others take the lead and impact many.

Those behind the scenes may fe…

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for What It Is You Want!!!

Late in 2016, I listened to a course about affirmations. While at first it seemed odd, I decided to give it a try. I set some reminders on my iPhone to go off each day at certain times to repeatedly be in my head about the things I wanted to cultivate in my life. Things like, “I have so many cool things to do” and “I am worthy of the things I desire” will ding all throughou...

Principles For Success

I recently had an opportunity to sit and reflect on some ideas that have helped me and continue to help me and now I share them with you.

  1. Everything has a season -there is a right time and place for all things. Make sure you operate in your season.
  2. Pursue Purpose and ideas -people with a poor mindset talk about others, they talk about nonsense. ...
The Good Side of Gossip

Your Words Have Power!

This is not news to you, I am sure. We create our world through our words, especially when we speak those words aloud.

I want to share a particularly poignant story around just how powerful your choice of words can be.

I was co-facilitating in a ten-week coaching class designed to teach all the participants new methods of th...

Vibe Up Your Space

More and more people are learning the power of keeping your vibration high so you can attract into your life the things you want And there’s many ways to do this, with the most important one being feeling good. However, no matter what you do to keep your vibration high, you are bound to attract or experience negative energy every now and then. It’s the Law of Rhythm. Whethe...

Daily Habits to Build Your Mental Strength

One of the determinants for success and leadership is mental strength. To be a peak performer and attain excellence in any field, you need desire, effort and discipline. This goes beyond acting tough; you have to be willing to work hard and persist even in the face of struggles….

The Ride or The Destination

Is it the Ride or the Destination?

Who are you when you’re behind the wheel?

A.    Destination driver OR –

B.    Enjoy-the-ride driver

There’s a pretty good chance you fit into one of those two descriptions. If you’re the type who needs to “just get there already” the reasons for this are more complex than it being a matter of time or tardines...

Always think forward

I wanted to reflect on something we probably all go through, sometimes you have so much ambition and so many things you want to get in life but it seems impossible to make it so you let those feelings and fear push you and your dreams/goals down. You loose the hope but there will come a day that motivation will come back even stronger and more energy to fight for what you w…

Seeing What Sticks

A mentor of mine once said, “business is like a pot of cooked spaghetti, you’ve got to throw it against the wall and see what sticks”! To the closed minded individual, this statement may seem mildly juvenile or slightly comical but it STUCK with me (pardon the pun).

I feel like my entire life is a pot of spaghetti lately. Parenting, business, relationships, heck …


Do you remember the last time you felt fully present? Where the phone was tucked away (and dead, in this case) and all you needed to do was TAKE IT ALL IN.. Instead of composing the perfect photo, capturing video or acting like a newscaster, sharing the play by play, you were JUST THERE?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about sharing life and documenting the incredibl...

Stop Worrying!

The saying is true, “Worrying doesn’t fix tomorrow it only steals today’s Joy” and I know you already know that. So I ask, why does so much time, effort and emotion get spent on worrying?

The human condition is such that we like things to be predictable, we are creatures of habit and relish in being in control. Most people dislike change and put great…

A new sofa? True happiness?

As I was walking though Manchester, in the UK recently, I walked past an exclusive furniture shop. In the window I saw a sofa. It was basic looking, something to sit on while watching TV, or entertaining visitors. I noticed the price tag as I walked past. A whopping £7250. Yes, all that money, for something merely to sit on. Now I like sitting down and relax…

Unleash the Power of Your Foundational Story (3)

In the first two articles of this series, I wrote about the importance of operating from your true, Foundational Story and how knowing and embracing that story connects you to your…

Life Lesson. From a Bug.

Not long ago we saw a caterpillar climbing the side of the house. Slowly, ever so slowly feeling its way ahead, suctioning foot after foot upward across the hard siding. Up, up, up, little by little, giving my sons and I plenty of time to watch, examine, be fascinated by the intricacy of the insect’s long pudgy body, tiny head and row after row of stumpy legs. Such a s…

Are You Indispensable to Your Boss?

In early 2014 Elon Musk was approached by his executive assistant, Mary Beth Brown, for a significant pay increase. Elon Musk’s executive assistant had worked for him for 12 years and Elon Musk thought about the pay increase and then told Mary Beth Brown that wanted to think about it for two weeks so he told her to take two weeks off. During this time Elon Musk assume…

What To Do When You Feel Stuck.

What do you do when you feel stuck? How do you get yourself out of a rut? What do you do when you know what you should be doing, you just haven’t found the motivation to actually do it?

You’re not alone. That was me, for many years. Feeling stuck – wanting to change my life but not knowing how or where to start.  While I was waiting for the stars to align, for myself …

Summer Fever

For all you summer lovers out there starting to panic because it’s already halfway done, I’m here to tell you how you can make the most of the last couple months of the hottest season. Even if you’re dreaming of the warm weather resigning for the year, this article will surely give you good ideas to help pass the time quickly until you’re picking pumpkins and hitting the …


Looking past the dollar signs and recognizing the bigger picture

Recently I was participating in a vendor event and although I didn’t sell as much as I would have hoped for, I left feeling like a millionaire. Sometimes we need to be reminded that money isn’t everything, we often get wrapped up in the excitement of WHAT IF and don’t appreciate the relationships we ...

When You Get the Nudge….

Things for me have been beautifully busy. I’ve spent the last three weeks driving up to Ft. Hood for some good old Army Reserves fun. I’ve actually been doing paperwork and phone calls, so I use the term “fun” loosely. 🙂 Actually, I like the folks I work with, so it’s really been good.

So this morning I was talking to the hubby over breakfast about my business, a…

Make “Deep Down” Your Home…

We live a very over stimulated, over achieving, over judged life don’t you think?

Always striving to achieve what we perceive is going to make us happy or bring us joy. Comparing ourselves to others. Judging ourselves against what we think is the societal ‘norm’. 

Social media, magazines, TV ads and even the news are constantly telling us that we aren’t en…

The Morning Habit that Can Change Your Whole Day

Like most people my age, I’m pretty attached to my phone. It’s my source of information, keeps me on track, and connects me to the outside world. Being the sole operator of a few small businesses, I used to check my phone first thing each morning to see if any new Etsy orders needed to be packed, check my eBook sales, respond to any comments on social media or Etsy custome…

Running For the Fence!

My daughter has always been crazy about horses. One day she asked if she could take riding lessons, and would I take them with her. So began our riding adventures together. At one barn, you had to go get your horse and groom him and tack him up before the lesson started. It never failed but that my horse would be in the farthest pasture, or running to the …


The universe. What a powerful concept, and one that is difficult to explain. Spirituality, having faith, trusting our gut feelings, knowing that things will work out in life: this is us believing in the universe. Even when we are absolutely miserable and feel there is no hope, we tend to lean on the universe and trust in its guidance.

I’ve always loved the thought...

Changing Your Point of Attraction

Yesterday, I had my best wake surf ever!

I even did a little dance on the surf board.

Dancing & Surfing.


I’m so proud of myself for always being willing & open minded to try new things and push myself to do the uncomfortable – knowing full well that wiping out (literally) is a REAL possibility.

There is no better feeling...


According to an article by Travis Bradberry in Entrepreneur, there are six (6) things we do that sabotage (my wording) our success. By doing the following and more than likely not being aware of it, we would be more successful if we…

That’s Child’s Play.

Years ago, I worked as a massage therapist in a chiropractor’s office. It feels like a LIFETIME ago and like it didn’t really happen (blocked it out of my mind?!) – but two things have stuck with me in the 12 years that have so quickly passed by. One, hearing that he ate his child’s placenta will forever scar me and keep me from eating lasagne until the end of times. Second…

Conflict is Good…But Not Always

We have all probably seen it, two or more people in the organization with differing opinions or viewpoints on a subject. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, if left unmanaged the conflict can erode the morale, esprit de corps and cohesion of the organization. So how can you facilitate a resolution before the conflict gets out of hand? Consider employing the foll…

The Truth About Soul Mates

Most people have an overly romanticized view of who their Soul Mate is. They embark on a romantic relationship with ‘the one’ and refer to them as a Soul Mate. The truth is you have many of them in your lifetime.

If you believe, as I do that you are a soul having a human experience, that you signed up to be here in human form so you could learn, explore and experie...

The Truth about Soul Mates

Most people have an overly romanticized view of what a Soul Mate is. They embark on a romantic relationship with a partner and refer to them as their ‘Soul Mate’. When with all likelihood that person is really only one of many they have in their life at any given moment.

If you believe, as I do that we are all souls having a human experience; here on earth incarnat…



For years I’ve tried journaling in different formats: A small notebook with no character, a beautiful notebook that felt wonderful in my hands & have even downloaded various formats. However, I’ve never stayed with any of them. I had no attachment to any versions.

I would forget in the morning or be too rushed for a meeting or be too tire...

The 12th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

Recap & Realizations since last week:

Aha moment: Awareness shines a light on our limiting behaviors and The Ladder takes it several steps further, it reveals self-understanding and our purest truth. Awareness is only the beginning. Truth is the key to all of our personal successes.

Question: …

How to Avoid Self Sabotage

While I generally eat quite healthy and try my best to exercise daily and get outside, there are some days where I just don’t hit the mark. For whatever reason, they start off poorly and the entire day feels blown.

I used to often find myself sabotaging the rest of the day. After eating an unhealthy lunch, for example, I’d think “well there goes that!” and would e…

How one word changed my life

My story

I was fortunate enough to tell folks about myself on a Facebook live video this week where I talk about surviving an abusive marriage and how one word completely changed the direction of my life. This was such a catalyst for me in what was a very difficult and challenging time of my life. But it allowed me to change things for the better …

Recurring Dream

I just couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. I know my life was chaotic, but I couldn’t understand my dreams, particularly the dream I kept having over and over.

In my late twenties, I wanted a complete make-over of my love life. I also wanted to finally cut the umbilical cord with my Dad. I was married to someone that I wasn’t in love with. I cared fo…

Finding Happiness

Steps to finding happiness, daily.

1.) Let go of negativity.

  • Learn to forgive and forget.
  • See every challenge as an opportunity for further growth.
  • Express gratitude for what you have.
  • Be more optimistic about the future and your ability to accomplish life goals.
  • Open yourself up to success and em...
The Psychology of People

So I met up with a friend the other day and they began talking about some people on their job. As they were talking, they mentioned the topic of the psychology of people. I then began to realize the importance of this topic, not only personally, but in business. Years ago I remember someone saying that it is important to know how people see you. You may ask “Why?”. Why shou...

The Ticket to Your First Class Life

What is passion? For some it contains a sexual or intimate connotation and for others it means to have an intense feeling or excitement about something or someone. It’s an energy and a excitement that spurs action and movement. I consider myself a multi-passionate person which is why I jokingly say I suffer from ADSO – Attention Deficit Shiny Object. I want to do every…

What’s your happy place?

What’s your happy place?

In the fast pace life we all tend to lead, it may be difficult to take a minute and find your happy place. I have to say, for me it’s easier said than done. I’m constantly being pulled in different directions and often loose myself. However, today I managed to finally experience that moment of total happiness and zen. I am blesse…

Release Resistance to get What You Want

The only thing that holds us back from getting what we want is resistance. I know what you are saying now. “What are you talking about? Why on Earth would I resist getting what I want?” Well the truth is, more than 95% of what we create in our outer world comes from our subconscious mind, our old memories, old programs, beliefs…call it what you want but it’s all the same …


Do our stories define us or do WE define our stories?

Each day, we’re given a gift — “the present.” So, how do we choose to use those 24 hours? Most of the time, we’re making judgements, aren’t we? Each day, our inner voice is talking to us, a mile a minute, saying positive or negative words that actually subconsciously affect our body.


The Power Of Saying No.

I recently had the chance to be featured as a guest blogger on my publisher’s blog! Check out their blog for inspiring, yet thought provoking content each week brought to you by our amazing tribe of authors every week.

I must say, this was a really fun experience. I was nervous at first, and wondere…

Lessons in Grief

“Death is a reminder to turn up the volume on life.” ~Oprah with Nate Berkus on Super Soul Sunday.

After years without experiencing the loss of anyone in my close circle of family and friends, I walked through the loss of my husband’s mom and brother within four months of each other.

Not only was death and grieving unfamiliar to me, it was rarely spoken…

How to Talk so the Universe Will Listen

The truth is, you don’t need to talk anymore. Actually, I really wanted to call this article “The Universe is Talking. Will You Listen?” but I wasn’t sure if you would read it.

The Universe is always listening. It knows what you want and how you can get it and it is eagerly telling you all about it.

We are the ones who fail to listen. Sometimes we are pus…

The 11th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

The Ladder of Awareness – Part 11


from our sessions on July 5, 2017 (Part 11)


After the success derived from a focus on celebrating a victory yet to come as if it were occurring now, we decided to work backward from...

You Are Supported

You know, life is sometimes such a beautiful paradox.

Right now, I’m celebrating with my fellow co-authors as our book, Dear Limits, Get Out of My Way is on multiple Amazon bestsellers lists (including #58 OVERALL in Canada) – WHILE typing up resumes.

Yep. This girl is going back to the workforce. 

With the help of my hubby, I’m writing the very…

It’s All Falling Into Place As It Should Be.

Last October my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a complete shock to me, especially since I had really distanced myself from my family after a falling out the year before. I had not idea she had found something she found concerning in her breast and I had no idea cancer had been in question. And instead of hearing that, I heard, “I have breast cancer.”…

The Benefits of Journalling

Our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves; and yet it is the one that we almost never invest in. It takes a back seat to our commitments and responsibilities with others which often leaves us feeling empty and disconnected.

Journalling is an amazing way to regain connection and stay connected to oneself.

Here are...

Boosting Your Confidence

Many psychologists will point to experiencing failure as a valuable step in the journey to success. It’s a critical learning tool, because it forces you to dig into your own reservoir of grit. It tests your perseverance and ultimately can make you stronger. “Fa…

Authenticity vs. Being an A**hole

The Authentic Movement. The latest trend in movement– and it’s a good!.It’s frequented by life couches, spiritual gurus, and Millennials. It is meant for the betterment of personal truth and expression, devoid of judgment of self.  True self-directedness, can only come from the heart; judgment comes from the mind. It’s a movement allowing the removal of the perceived soc…

What 2 Do with Closed Minded People

Closed-minded people are everywhere in your life. They will present themselves in various ways which may come off as ignorant or simply stupid.

Most of the time when we deal with them, they are either giving us unnecessary advice about our lives that they know nothing about, they will criticize you on the way you do things, and they will judge you for being who y...

How to Make The Law of Attraction Work for You

With a name like The Secret how could you not jump on the bandwagon so you too could learn the secret to unlock your potential and attract to you everything you could possibly want to be, do or have? God knows I did. And I worked it…and worked it…and worked it some more. I’d have small successes. I’d manifest the occasional parking spot, got really good at manifesting a…

The Law of Reverse Effect

The Law of Reverse Effect is a unique and very powerful law. If not correctly understood, utilizing the Law of Attraction may be next to impossible. This law simply states that sometimes the harder you try to do something or attain a certain goal the less likely you are to succeed. 

The best example of this law is compared to being trapped in quicksand. Not that I…

What Was I Supposed To Be Doing?

 Lately it seems as though I keep forgetting little things. Where I put my glasses, my keys, the charger for my cell phone, you get the idea. I know it’s a normal part of aging to become a little forgetful but I am too young for that! There was a time when people believed there was nothing you could do to help slow down the process.  If you find yourself in the same …

What is the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be understood by understanding that ‘like attracts like’. What this means is that whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives. A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you. If you spend …

Being Human- Unedited


I am only human, I make mistakes. But I also make sure that I take responsibility for my mistakes. I try and fix what I have done wrong, by not only acknowledging them, by also providing realistic solutions on how to correct them. I am my worst critic, I think with my heart and when I’ve done something wrong, …

The 10th Step on The Ladder of Awareness


Last week we dove into the imagualization process and found a focal point from which my truth can be accessed. I use that point in meditations now. It connects me to the universe. Here are a few of the things we learned during the process.

How Did You Get To Be The Way You Are?

Did you ever wonder how you got to be the way you are?

Why do many of us share similar values? Why do others operate on a totally different wavelength? My friends share common traits: having faith, belief and perseverance. Living with a high degree of integrity. Doing what they promise. They’re loving, kind and generous.  


Facing the unknown


This is the second blog in the series taken from my recently published book ‘Get Happy!’ Each blog consists of the page from the book and then a bit more explanation and background to the thinking behind it. Enjoy! 

When I wrote this I was about to go and speak at a conference, on a Q&A panel.

“I have literally no idea what to expect. I can’t …

How to Shine Like a Lighthouse

Stop identifying with your past.


You weren’t who you were yesterday or at least you don’t have to be!

Stop bringing your past into your today.

Stop bringing your past into this moment, because when you do, you are just putting your past into your future. (And then you expect your future to be different, but it won’t be – it will be the ...

How to create the life you want

Have you heard about how we can manifest what we want into our lives? 

So why aren’t things happening as quickly as you’d like? Or what aren’t you living the life you’d like right now, or that you had envisaged? 

Have you also heard that our thoughts create our reality? So what we think, actually creates our life. How you ar…

Humanity’s Achilles

Life is as difficult as it is joyous and sometimes it’s more of one than other other. Why does it always seem like ‘hard’ wins out over joy so much more often?

Our Human Achilles…. that’s why.

We live in suffering due to these three main reasons:

  1. Ignorance. We live in our external world WAY more often than our internal on…
A Vacancy in Time – Live in the NOW.

I found a vacancy in time.

Too many people are living in the Past while others are too focused on the Future.

It is the Now that hardly anyone is living in or thinking about.

Now is when you reflect on the Past and learn from all failures and successes. Those experiences are meant to open your eyes and mind and to propel you towards your hopes an...

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

It is amazing to me how little, people pay attention to their surroundings these days. I am at the airport waiting in the security line, and the throngs of individuals walking past are looking down at mobile phones, headphones in their ears and off in la la land. I guess that bodes well for me anyhow to avoid epic level embarrassment as I pass through security…

Book Intro!!

Reading Time: 60 Seconds

This week, I thought I’d share the beginning of my book, it is off for editing now but I want to share with you, my friends the beginning!!! Here goes!!

Did you know that Politicians are amongst the least tru...

Avoiding the Dreaded Writer’s Block!

The first time I encountered writer’s block I was stumped. Up to this point, the words had been flowing and my fingers had been flying over the keyboard trying to keep up. So what was this? How could my mind betray me like this? The first few times this happened, I got so frustrated with trying to force the words to come that I got up and walked away. I f…

Finding Inspiration In Strange Places

Browsing Facebook one day, I came across a viral video about a mom’s negative experience at a park with her autistic son. Her son had inadvertently kicked another little girl which pushed her down the slide, but she was completely fine and the act was a simple accident.

Unfortunately, the little girl’s father was enraged and berated the mother for what her son did...

Keep going and you will get there.

This is the first in a series of blogs that feature a range of the content I wrote for my book, Get Happy! Each blog consists of the page from the book and then a bit more explanation and background to the thinking behind it. Enjoy!       

“Greetings one and all. Today I am writing this page to you all from Bristol. I am running a resilience workshop at a school …

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I have been thinking lately that all I have been doing is working, looking after kids, and dealing with life’s responsibilities. I have not taken the time to laugh, be silly and enjoy life. I miss that. It is so important. I was listening to a facebook vlog the other day and the guy was saying that the best way to deal with your anxiety is to reconnect with you and go back t…

Unleash the Power of Your Foundational Story (2)

In my last article, I explained how knowing and embracing your Foundational Story makes it easier to connect with others. It does this by giving us an avenue for tapping into our own powerful and personal Compelling Why….

Time Out! How To Renew Your Inner Self

Pleasetake a time out!  We all need it more than you know. 

From past conditioning, the words, “Time Out” always represented something bad to me. I still remember a gradeschool classmate who was given a “time out.” The teacher put him in the corner with a dunce hat, and his chair had to face the wall. How humil…

Numb and Neutral are NOT the same!

Vices……we all have ‘something’ that we do that takes the edge off. To help us get a reprieve, a breather, a momentary vacation from our crazy, stressed, over stimulated, over judged lives. 

For some people it’s smoking, for some it’s drinking, or eating. Some people escape into sleep, their phone, video games or even exercise. Yes the ‘vices’ that people use go…

Why is it so hard to change?

So why is it so hard to change and whats this got to do with the way we think? 

Why do we put our mind to something with a certainty with a strong intention to make a change then fail to put that plan into action? 

“Yes I am going to join the gym today and keep going several times a week for the rest of the year without fail and bec…

Walking In Wisdom

What is wisdom? We hear this term a lot. In simple terms, wisdom is knowledge applied. So, there’s a lot of people that “know stuff,” but don’t know how to apply what they know an appropriate manner. Wisdom is powerful! Love is the most powerful force on earth but wisdom, faith and hope are pretty close behind it. In James chapter 15, it says “if any of you lack wisdom let...

What Lifts You Up When You Are Feeling Down?

Have you ever met a person that seemed to have everything going for them, and when you compare your life with theirs, you come out looking like you definitely drew the short stick? I used to feel that way often. But when I look back at all I have gone through in my life, I have to stop and think about it. What was it that kept me going when I could so easily have given …

Beliefs Reflect Behaviour in Co-parenting

There are parents who are willing to co-parent amicably and there are those that still carry feelings of unresolved resentment and revenge inside a heart that’s filled with hate. We are taught to judge, lay blame, accuse, play victim and seek retribution. 

I always believed in avoiding ongoing conflicts because of the duress, stress and anxiety that it places on the …

iDentity: Who Are You?

You know them well! Your iPad, iPhone, iEverything… But how well do you know yourself?

In this age of instantaneous access to the world, we may feel closer to people and things which in the past would have seemed totally out of reach, yet we may be losing touch with our own identity. “So what?” you may ask. Well, imagine our solar system without the sun. Pla…

Reflections on Freedom

Today those of us who live in the United States celebrate our political freedom. It is ours simply because we are Americans. We don’t have to do anything to get it. Political freedom was obtained for us by individuals who paid very high prices to obtain it, such as:

Cost of the American Revolution:

·        Total American military casualties were approxi...

Unleash the Power of Your Foundational Story (1)

Does your story help you connect to others?

Human beings are wired to enjoy a good story, and we all have a story that we tell ourselves, and others, about who we are and what we are doing in the world.  How powerfully your story serves you depends on how clearly you know, and use aspects of your own authentic, Foundational Story.

Why does Y…

Hump Day

“Hump day” – Isn’t that what folks endearingly refer to as Wednesday? Of course, in the traditional sense of the expression, the term has to do with being past the halfway point in the work week. From there it is a downhill slide to the coming weekend. Of course, Wednesday is also seen as the toughest day in the work week.

I’ve known folks who lived for …

I Didn’t Always Have Green Hair….

“There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. “Well,” she said, “I think I’ll braid my hair today”. So she did and she had a wonderful day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. “Hmm, ” she said, “I think I’ll part my h…

Join Camp NaNoWriMo!

Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? It’s an abbreviation standing for “National Novel Writing Month” and it takes place every November. The goal of the month is to create online and physical communities of writers that are coming together to write 50,000, which is enough words to create an actual novel. Some writers are experienced, and already published, and others are newbies,…

Taking the Leap

Taking the leap with new resolutions


While many people begin to look at the new year in January, my world revolves around academia. July is my January. For the past two months, a friend of mine and I have joked that come July 1st, we have a new beginning. New outlook on the upcoming year, new positivity, new possibilities for what the next year will brin…

Laws Govern The World.

The image you have of yourself determines how and what you will be, do and have! It’s the law, as a matter of fact laws govern everything we do, but to most people that’s a secret. 

Keep in mind-Secrets are things that were once hidden or unknown and you know what else, laws are specific and predictable; In fact those laws are so precise- we as human beings can…

Balanced Life

Balanced Life

There are a lot of “experts” that talk about living a balanced life, which includes a meditation practice.

In my opinion they make a mistake by giving you a one size fits all approach.

 Meditation has played a BIG part in my transformation. I started out doing a 7, then a  21 and 30 day meditations. Then I jumped to a 90 day guided...

How to Keep Yourself Encouraged

Here is a familiar scenario for all of us: You have an exciting goal in mind, you’ve done your homework, you think you’re amply prepared… and things just don’t work out. You’ve probably had times when you thought you were doing what you were supposed to do, but you were misinformed. You thought you had it all laid out, and it just didn’t work. You burned the midnight…

Are stressful thoughts damaging?

Is being in constant stressful states causing long term damage? I would suggest so. Over 70% of hospital admissions in the western world is through stress related illness. 

Did you know we can change our stress response by thought alone?

Most of us whether we realise is or not are living by the hormones of stress. We are literally …

Are stressful thoughts damaging?

Is being in constant stressful states causing long term damage? I would suggest so. Over 70% of hospital admissions in the western world is through stress related illness. 

Did you know we can change our stress response by thought alone?

Most of us whether we realise is or not are living by the hormones of stress. We are literally …


Quill Cloud

Eleanor Roosevelt once said many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart. We will all over the course of our lifetime encounter and interact with various kinds of people; some good, some bad…


Make time to do the things you love, see the people you love, and truly be yourself in a world that is ever so chaotic.


3 Happy Steps To Help You Work on Your Genius!


When have you really got to do it last? I mean really play. You know, the kind where you play so hard you lost track of time? The kind of play which rekindled that familiar feeling of love, excitement, wonder? Life can insidiously mold you into becoming too serious. And before you know it, we see life through a filter of responsibilities. Slowly, w…

Strength In What Remains

A few years ago, someone told me the story of The carrot, the egg, and the coffee bean. If you are unfamiliar with the story it goes like this:

A woman was complaining to her mother about how hard things were for her in life. Her mom took her into the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove and brought it to a boil. Then she laid carrots, eggs, and coffee…

Summer of SLOW: How Savoring Increases Well-Being

Burned out and stressed out are not our natural ways of being. Nearly everything we’ve been conditioned to believe about attaining happiness is untrue. Busy and more are amongst the greatest robbers of daily joy. Committing to improving your well-being is the first step to feeling better.

Here’s how to transform depleted into joyfulness this summer…

What’s Your Number?

Mine’s 171. Oh, for Pete’s sake…172.

172 unread emails in my personal inbox, that is. (Personal, not business, of course – I read those messages right away!)

Of those, some are things I want to read, but haven’t had time, some are ones I want to action, and most are ones I just didn’t make time to open yet because….ugh… I don’t even …

No Holds Barred

I want to share with you something super personal. And don’t worry, it’s not about my vagina. You may think that’s super personal, but I think that plays second fiddle to this topic.

I want to tell you about this part of me and how I protect mine. I’m very passionate about protecting this part of me too – the most delicate flower, besides the other flower ...

Let your brain unwind

Do you know? Yesterday I was a right grumpy old fart. 

I know, hard to believe huh?! Well believe it or not I do get grumpy. We’ve discussed before that one of my triggers for grumpiness is a lack of food but yesterday was down to a lack of sleep. My hobby is to sing with a 20 piece swing band and we had a gig on Saturday night. Normally when I get home from a gig I …

Finding JOY in Your Journey!

In August 2009, just 1 month after my 50th birthday, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Happy Birthday, right? Phhht!!

I decided to begin a blog about my cancer journey, with the first entry being posted on August 20, 2009. I called it “Adventures With Wendy”. You can check it out…

Manifesting Mania

Manifesting is the lasted craze and it seems to be all over the internet. But getting it to work, for most of us, is like using an old wind up watch. If you over wind a watch, it will get stuck. If you forget to wind it, it just doesn’t run! Winding a watch is something this generation never experienced, so I thought I’d give you an analogy of something just as con…

The Ladder of Awareness – Part 6

Day 6 – May 18th, 2017

1 – The reworking of my email signature statement: a draft in progress.

“Success comes from a passion for exploring curiosity and a willful optimism for changing the world. Whenever I meet people who share these traits with me, it fuels my desire to inspire others. I write about the journey of success to...

The Best Communication Ever

“I told him over and over but he just doesn’t get it.”

“It is so simple. Why doesn’t she understand me?”

“It’s like I am talking to a brick wall.”

Doesn’t it drive you crazy sometimes? Why is it so hard for people to understand each other?

Language is a complicated thing. I would argue that it is a miraculous thing, and that it is ama...

Credit Card Debt

I hosted my Money S.M.ART.S. Workshop at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

I shared ways to save money on things they use everyday, different apps you can use to earn money, and how the Rule of 72 can work for them.

I also covered the danger of credit cards, this is where it got interesting, I spent half my workshop time answe…

My Heart Is At Ease.

“my heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me.” 

– imam al-shafi-i

ive never felt the type of peace like i have in the last month. i have spent so much of my life focusing on where there is lack; specifically in the realm of life, love and the pursuit of happiness. what i have learned …

Connection! Communication! Creation!

Connection! Communication! Creation!

Let me start by telling you a story.  I moved to Canada 4 years ago and when I moved here I didn’t know anybody. I did not have friends and didn’t know much about Montreal and the West Island which is where I live now. I was lonely! I wanted to learn to adapt here, make friends, grow and find my purpose. I star…

There is No Such Thing as Failure!

There is no such thing as failure.

Failure is a figment of your imagination to whatever degree you believe in it. To me, it’s just a word with no substance; no mass. Something to turn away from. Something to ignore.

As people read this, they will each have their own reaction to that statement. I am reasonably sure that I won’t change much in the way peop…

Create Healthy Boundaries NOT Barriers

There is a palpable difference between having healthy BOUNDARIES and creating BARRIERS in our lives. 

Boundaries are like a pre-set contract that you make with yourself and thus with the world around you. An ‘offensive‘ move in the game of life. It’s knowing yourself well; knowing your comfort zone, your triggers and the th…

Facing Our Giants

One day I was visiting with an older lady I had met in the desert. She asked me to do her a favor and write a Christian romance novel for her. She loved to be entertained when reading a good romance but wouldn’t read them anymore because she hated (at this point she whispered) the bad language and sex. I thought a lot about what she said, but wasn’t cert...

4 Ways To Remember The Power of Back To The Basics

Quill Cloud

There is great power in going back to the basics. Everything in life MUST start from the beginning. I mean E-VERY-THING! Setting the foundation and sometimes, going back to reset that foundation is necessary. Keeping things simple,  is like comi…

Become a star

Quill Cloud

Every weekend, my family goes swimming together. We all have a swim in the main pool, and the girls also have swimming lessons. Last weekend my youngest daughter informed me that she can swim now, and then she asked why she still needed to have lesson…

How to calm down and look at life differently

Do you feel like you are often doing things at a million miles an hour and you never have a minute to yourself? Do you often feel like you never have any time to do anything and are always playing catch up? Would you like to feel more calm and relaxed? Would you prefer to take things more in your stride, rather than rushing around on autopilot? D…

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Let me tell you a story about a girl.. 

She was full of life. She was the oldest of three children. At the age of 8 she was diagnosed with Still’s disease. 

Still’s disease is an autoimmune disease affecting only 1 in 75,000 Canadians per year. 

It was excruciatingly painful, extremely debilitating. 

If left untreated was crippling. 


How To Forgive You

I’ve recently found myself struggling with a lot of anger, most of it directed inward. I have a hard time forgiving people in general especially when I feel betrayed, but when it comes to forgiving myself, I have a much harder time. I hold myself to extremely high standards. I look at my current circumstances and know that they are a direct result of some bad choi…

Why Your Identity is So Much Bigger Than a Job

A few weeks ago, a meeting with my financial planner took me back to my old office building. Having left my corporate job in January to pursue self-employment full-time, going felt a little uncomfortable and reminded me of the life I walked away from.

One of the hardest things about changing paths was feeling like I had lost my identity. I had grown accustomed to feel…

The Ladder of Awareness – Part 5


Day 5 –May 15th, 2017

Evaluating my signature sentence:

“I believe successful people have a passion for the work they do.

Their passion makes the work great and I get a R…

Are YOU on Your To-Do List?

Can you believe it’s already June? We’re about halfway through 2017 already. In-SANE! How the heck did that happen?

So let’s chat for a second about self-care. Now, if you should know one thing about me, it’s that I’m a big fan on mini-indulgences

They’re those little things you do for yourself throughout the day to make yourself fee...

A Letter from My Future Self

I want to be the best possible human I can be and to do that I need to keep working on myself. The more I learn about myself the happier I am.

This past week I placed personal emotional work on my agenda and the exercise I chose was “The Journey” by the book of the same name, written by Brandon Bays.

The concept is simple and the process is challenging but the …

Play > Worry ?

Play > Worry. 

I read a passage lately on wise words Buddha once said:

{in my translation}

there are three creatures on the planet that can reach enlightenment —whales, dolphins, and humans. But the difference is that human beings fixate too much on meeting the basic survival needs of food , shelter , and in our days, mo…

A Transition Practice to Fuel Your Afternoon

I’m going to challenge a huge fallacy in our society. 

We’ve been taught that sustained well-being and happiness is found through pursuing external gratification. Things like our achievements, relationships, the new house. They do boost our happiness levels, but only temporarily.

In my studies in positive psychology, and in my own experience, it’s the sma...

Showing up as Shari

“You are who you create yourself to be and all that comes into your life is a result of your own creation.”

~ Shari

I am seeing everything in life through a sharper lens than ever before, lifting veils of darkness that have committed me to profound emotional and physical pain. The details of my struggle are not important – though I describe a coupl…

10 Reasons Why Experiences are Better than Stuff

We all know that experiences are more valuable than stuff, but do we actually know why? Read on to discover 10 reasons why enjoying experiences beats stuff, hands-down, every time.

1. Happiness lasts longer when we engage in experiences.

All of us have indulged in retail therapy at sometime or another – heck, a spending…

Live Life Like a Three Day Weekend

here comes the alarm

and your desk



are you ready?

Gah, I’m so sorry to have to bring those things up BUT, here’s the deal…

I watched people last week here in Florida, travel in for a longer than usual weekend.

Somewhere along the way, our Western culture has us working *40+ hours a week, 9am -5pm wit...

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Are you obsessed with money? Do you think most people are? Is money evil and curses everyone if acquired in large amounts? To be truthful, money actually lessens the evil effects of greed by channeling it away from socially destructive practices, and toward socially productive ones.

Money is an exchange – of trade. And in societies without trade, the most common way …

Motivation vs. Inspiration

Have you ever just NOT felt “motivated” to do something? Perhaps you are procrastinating or waiting for the exact RIGHT conditions to be in place for you to get moving on a project or idea.

Do you sometimes find that you are frustrated with yourself?

Here’s why….

There is a HUGE difference between being MOTIVATED to take action an…

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

The above statement has been the story of my life for the last three years. Before that I lived in my comfort zone. Anything that was uncomfortable I would avoid, brush under the rug, change the subject, basically do everything to avoid it. I was not happy living in my comfort zone but at the time that place was easier and safer than taking risks. I was also conforming to …

Stop Using The Term “My Ex”

For Healthier Co-Parenting, Stop Using The Term “My Ex”

We arrived at the airport, excited knowing that soon we would feel the warm breeze and hot sun on our skin. We got on the shuttle, loaded with people from various countries, for an adult-only week of Zen vacation. The atmosphere of enthusiastic people in good moods added to my own excitement; we…

The Power of Quotes

A few quotes this week that have made a difference in my life, I hope you enjoy!! Share yours with me!!

  • I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Thomas A. Edison
  • Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln
  • I do not think much of a man who is not wiser toda...
The Ladder of Awareness – Part 4



Learning To Live My Actual Life:

My tagline has quickly become “learning to live my actual life” – but what do I really mean by that? Where did that come from? Why has it become my anthem? 

Without giving away too much of what I wrote in the book I’m a contributing author in, learning to live my actual life has been something that has been evolving the last few years. Awakening to the life that i...

The Three-Second Rule

Reading time: 90 Seconds

Did you ever miss out on an opportunity because you were too slow off the mark? Or talk yourself out of doing something and then regret it later? Have you ever sat in a bar nursing a glass of wine or beer all night, watching other people enjoy themselves while you never budge or make a move? “I’ll just order one more drink, then I’ll go for it…

Becoming A Better You without Losing Yourself

Throughout life, I believe that God sometimes specifically places us and keeps us in situations so that it can mold and shape us and allow our character to grow so that as we move into the next platform in our life, we will be fully equipped for it. I am a Christian and as a Christian, I trust God and have faith that He always has my best interest at heart. I…

How do you find the time?!

Do you love to read, but find yourself struggling to find the time and energy? I hear you! It can be so hard to make time, even to do something you really want to do. Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me increase the amount I read.

1.     Let your desire guide you

My “lowest” reading year was a year in which I wanted my reading…

Review: The Devoted Dreamers, by Nicolya Williams

The Devoted Dreamers is Williams’s second book, a follow up to her 2016 title “Quick Tips for Busy Women”. In this book Williams discusses the importance of routine in our lives, specifically creating an evening routine. She uses the acronym D.R.E.A.M.S to help create a memorable and easy to follow routine that can be personalized for each person’s own schedule and ne…

Finding Your Purpose

Have you ever felt unfulfilled, or as if something was missing in your life? So many times, we live our lives without purpose because let’s face it- we haven’t figured out exactly what that purpose is. I felt that way for quite some time and became frustrated and desperate for a deeper understanding. 

Here’s what I found out- Purpose isn’t necessarily something that…

A Competitive Perspective

A Competitive Perspective

by Deborah Ann Davis, Guest Blogger

Originally published on Good Reads with Ro…

Fight the Urge to PRESERVE Your Life & LIVE IT!

Two weeks ago, I bought a Jeep Wrangler; something I had been dreaming of and manifesting for at least 3 years. I often spent time seeing myself behind the wheel, what it would feel like to have my hair blowing in the wind with the top off; I even was intentional about opening the windows on my prior vehicle to “practice” what it would feel like as a Jeep girl, all wind blo...

The Workout to Concur Cancer

I decided this weeks’ blog would be more of a “dear diary” then my typical exercise science based post. May has been one heck of a busy month; family visits, working, moving, renos, family (children), blogging, bills/life, and to top it all off, I joined the “Workout to Concur Cancer” through the BC Cancer foundation. The goal of this challenge was to exercise every da…

A journey in book marketing

Today we launched our first ‘single-author’ project on Golden Brick Road Publishing House imprint. It is not the first single-author project we have worked on, but was the first ready and out the door! For those that don’t know – we started out as a collaborative / coauthor house.

Yes, this book was ready just in time for Book Expo America and BookCon…

Doing the Same Thing, Expecting Different Results

If you’ve read my other articles, or little peeks into my heart and soul, you get it: I want you to move your body, yada yada

or do you?

What’s fascinating me more than anything right now? How fast time flies.

Am I right? It’s literally insane. They weren’t kidding when they told us that the older you get, the quicke...

How 2 Achieve a Positive Mindset

The “power of positive thinking” is a popular notion, and sometimes it can feel a little cliché. But the mental benefits of positive thinking have been demonstrated by many scientific studies. Positive thinking can give you more self-confidence, improve your mood, and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension and depression.

All this s…

Why You Must Make Yourself a Priority

Ever scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, browsing mindlessly, until you land on another mom’s photo and suddenly, there it is: a kick ass snapshot of her grinning wildly, happy and healthy, as though she’s the model for a magazine cover shoot that’s all about living life to the full.

And then, instead of feeling delighted for her, you feel bad for …

Celebrate Difference

Wisdom Is…The Ability To Recognize Difference.

The difference in Environments, Moments, People.

 Your ability to distinguish the subtle difference in everything around you decides your success or the lack there of. The Law of Difference has never been questioned. Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Protestants, Catholics, Gentiles…no one questions the exis…

Follow the Rules?

Last weekend I had my last training weekend for my professional coaching program certification. Those weekends were lots of fun, and also pretty tiring. And I always get tons of great nuggets along the way. 

One of my favorite discussions this weekend revolved around a game we played.

Honestly, the game was a little mind-boggling. A couple of my fellow coac…


No! What a powerful word. So powerful, many are afraid to use it.

NO – Setting the boundaries:

“No” should not be confused with “I don’t like you” or “ I don’t want to help you”. “No” doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It simply means, that right now, at this point in time you can’t for what ever reason.

I have a dear friend. She’s a lo…

Free Yourself From Your Past

How would your life be right now if you could live each moment without any baggage from the past? “Baggage” as it is referred to is previous memories and experiences that to this day influences our current perception of our reality. Since baggage is in our past, it is safe to say that our pasts help shape and define us. It becomes the filters through which we perceive reali...


I am sending this out to anyone who is struggling to write an article or a book. I am also writing this as a reminder to myself to trust the process!

 I am spending this week working on manuscript #6 in a hotel room at the beach. I checked in on Sunday and will be checking out on Friday (before the rates skyrocket for Memorial Day weekend).

For those o…

Focus on the end result

Hello there lovely people how are you?

Every Sunday afternoon the Howarths go swimming. The girls have lessons and we spend time swimming all together in the big pool as well.

I never feel like going, ever. There is not one single week where I find myself wanting to go. It’s Sunday, largely we’ve been quite lazy and relaxed for most of the rest ...

Evacuate F.E.A.R.

I remember after my last breakup thinking that I would never be a mother. A major wave of fear, anxiety and resentment for the time I had wasted came over me. How could the universe allow this? How could I have been so naive? This was back in my major pity party days. Society combined with my own self-limiting beliefs had forced me to believe that thirty-five years o…

The Million Dollar Decision Gift

I thought I’d share with you a sincere note from the heart about a book I was honoured to receive. It was from one of our authors in Slovenia. Robert Rolih has written for EternityWatch Magazine in the past and his message has been one of empowerment.

When he sent me a couple copies of his book, I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice to know that he remember me in...

Badmouthing Can Have Lasting Consequences

Badmouthing Your Co-Parent Can Have Lasting Consequences

When I think back to my early years of co-parenting, 30 years ago, my awareness about co-parenting was limited — it was unknown territory. I had to figure out how to manage my emotions through the twists and turns of my new life.

Becoming a co-parent is a life-changing experience. It’…


Decide is a word I have heard many times. What does it really mean? We decide to make dinner, we decide to go for a walk, we decide to call a friend, we decide to watch a movie. The list can go on and on. We can decide to do certain things, but we can also truly decide to make big changes in our lives.

When we want to make big changes, the word DECIDE has such a bi...

Words are Powerful

I have been reflecting on my week! It has not been an easy one! When I think back to why it wasn’t I realise that it is the thoughts that have been in my head and the words that I have been using that have been causing my anxieties and worries. A few times this week I have been told Monica watch the words you use. Funny I did not know I was using them until pe…

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

For as long as I’ve known her, my friend has always wanted to live in the Concrete Jungle. Why she wanted to move there seemed simple – it’s where dreams are made of (at least that’s what Alicia Keys says) – she wanted to live and work in New York City.  

Over the past year she worked so hard to pave a life for herself in New York – she found a place to live, she ne…

Bringing Meaning to our Messes
  • Abusive parents,
  • An act of violence against you,
  • Addiction,
  • Criminal behaviour,
  • Subjugation, a target of racism, job loss,
  • Chronic disease or a fatal diagnosis,
  • Natural disasters…

It doesn’t matter what we face in our lives, no matter how frightening, undesired or tragic the beast, it is always upon ...


Do you ever wish that life had a rewind button?

That you could go back and do something over? Do it differently?

I know I do.

What are some things you’d do different?

I’ll share first.

The first thing I would have done…I would have stuck with my original college major. I was pre-med all my life. I even went to UCLA a ...

Is This Real Life?

2016 was a successful year. I had renewed hope after a SUCKY 2015 that anything would be better. So I showed up. And was SO blessed by the year. When the clock struck midnight to 2017, I was NERVOUS!! What would 2017 ask of me? Who would I become? Could I have another successful year or was that just a one-time thing for 2016? I’m just meant to have crappy years, rig…

For The Love Of Failure

Failure is something that we’ve all experienced in some form, big or small. However, many of us have very different approaches or reactions to our own personal failures and to those of others. No doubt they can sting in various degrees, but they all help us grow more than we give credit for.

To get the clichés out of the way, it’s important to ‘look on the bright...

Give It To Your Mom She’ll Know What To Do

Give It To Your Mother, She’ll Know What To Do.

The clothing tag in this picture is quite humorous. But for most, these words are so true. It is fitting that this subject matter become my article after Mother’s Day and family conversations this past month. I am not discounting fathers or men in this article, as I think they are wonderful and I always…

Expectation to deliver.

Once again I am delving into life’s expectations. There are so many scenarios where one is expected to “deliver”. What do I mean by “deliver”? In this case, I define it as producing or achieving or just living up to the expectations set for us. These expectations are either set by ourselves or by others. It could be a presentation at work, a planned or impromptu d…

Change: A new, easier to swallow, perspective.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Whether you’re hiking 40 miles in a day, climbing a 14r in Colorado or raising a child to become an awesome adult, it all begins in your mind.

One very pivotal exercise that I did while writing my book was to hold a book in my hands, close my eyes and imagine that the bo...

Manifestation & Visualization

Self-help gurus talk all the time about how important it is to “manifest” the things we want in our lives, but I think a lot of people are pretty unclear about what manifestation actually is. We seem to be under the impression that to “manifest” something in our life, we just have to ask for it. I’ve heard and seen so many people spout aphorisms like Ask and you shall recei...

Building Vibrational Wealth

This is my most favorite selfie of all time.

I remember this moment – the moment I declared myself FREE. Free from everything and anything that ever got on my stage.

What stage?

My stage.

Lately, when I find people get in my head, or the ways in which I should live my life get in my head, I have to remember that it’s my stage, my show and that s…

Why ‘Me-Time’ is crucial to living your best life

What a time to be alive – especially for women. These days, when comes our careers and life goals we have more freedom of choice than ever, but when you look at the statistics, all of this ‘having it all’ comes at a price.

More women than ever report feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of their lives. They feel as though they just don’t have the time to pu…

Miracles, Meetups & Great Big Balloons

Do you believe in miracles? Not like in the hypothetical sense, but concrete, honest-to-goodness miracles.

Because I do. And now that I’m making an effort to allow them in, I’m having a Miracle-filled week. 


‘Murica ‘Muricle! 

(Ok, I’ll stop with the sillies. For now….)

See, I’ve been working with one of my mentors lately to bri…

What’s Better? Emotionally Intelligent or Mentally

The Definition of Emotional Intelligence

The definition of emotional intelligence has shifted over the years—the ability to understand the way people feel and react and to use this skill to make good judgments and to avoid or solve problems.

Here are five components of emotional intell…

The Truth of The Matter

The Truth of The Matter is, that most people have some form of self-doubt, or insecurities about themselves.

To be completely vulnerable and open, I have been plagued with body image issues for years, but I thought they had been put to rest. I have worked on myself for many, many years. I learned and understood that my childhood created many issues with …

Practice, Practice, Practice

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” 

– Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own

I’m sure you have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” I heard it all the time when I was an elite gymnast and springboard diver. Practice, Practice, Practice…that’s all I did. I practiced every day, five hours a day, for …

Intentional Wishing

Most of us are familiar with the terms, “Wishing on a star”, “The sky is the limit”, or “Be careful what you wish for.” What if you knew you really could wish on a star and it could come true, or that there really is no limit to the sky? What if I were to tell you the problem may be what you don’t wish for? 

Have you ever had a desire or wish that…

Flexible Like Bamboo

It’s been a rough week. The rising water levels of the Rivière des Prairies have affected many of the neighboring cities. Although I am safe in my home and on dry land, high above water levels; I can’t say that I am unaffected by Mother Nature’s mood swings.

Before I dive into what this article is about, I want to mention that my thoughts and prayers are with all thos…

Befriending Yourself: How to Get Started

If you verbalized the thoughts that run through your head each day, would you consider yourself your own best friend, or your own worst enemy? If you answered the latter, here’s how to begin to befriend yourself.

#1 Take the love and devotion that you give out to others and turn it inwards toward yourself first thing in the morning. Doing this befor…

Why It’s Ok Not To Be Happy

Are you happy? How do you know? There is a great deal of stuff out there about happiness; what it is and what it isn’t. But how many people answer an authentic “yes!” when asked if they’re happy?

Maybe so few people can say they are happy because of the unrealistic and far-fetched expectations our society has laid out in front of us via movies, songs, commercials,...

Manifesting Part #3…The UNIVERSE saves your Butt

So you are probably looking to Manifest something in your life: abundance, experiences or people. But the truth is that few people really know HOW.

Check out (part #1) and (part #2) of this series to really get the down low on all things Manifesting.

If you’ve already read Parts 1 and 2 then this is going to clear up any angst you may have about YOUR abilit…

3 Small Daily Habits With a Big Impact

Overhauling, or even just changing your habits can feel overwhelming. Habits are our regular tendencies or practices, and we often do them on autopilot. Adding new ones or changing the ones we have can seem daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Small habits that don’t take much time or energy and are added gradually are much easier to incorporate. And these…


As stated in last week’s article, The 12 Steps were developed by Bill W. and Dr. Bob as a path to recovery when they founded Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. Many people believe that the 12 Steps were divinely inspired and indeed, Bill W. founded Alcoholics Anonymous following a spiritual experience he had in which his desire to drink alcohol was removed. When you read t…

Getting Rid of the “Worry” Gene

My mother was a worrier. If she didn’t have anything to worry about, she would make something up. Really. She used to tell us that there was no getting away from this so get used to it: the worry gene was part of our genetic makeup. My sisters and I followed her example, carrying on the tradition of worrying as if it was the normal thing for us to do. Of course …



“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.” Aesop. 

Did you know that Darwin believed that kindness and care for others was the result of evolution? He’s often associated “survival of the fittest” but that is an over-simplistic view of his work. He also considered how positive kindness is for humankind.

What We Know ...

A Choice We Actively Made As Mothers

Co-Parenting In Harmony Is A Choice We Actively Made As Mothers

Mother’s Day is to celebrate exactly that – mothers of every kind, whether it’s to celebrate your mom, grandmother, stepmother or anyone else that has played a maternal role in your life. Every type of mom appreciates the recognition for all their love and effort towards their child’s w…

Hey, 2017!!

last year, ringing in the new year alone, i sat on my couch and cried silent, hot tears. 2015, in short, sucked. i was more than eager to have an official goodbye to the year. #byefelicia

i was exhausted. i was overworked. i walked away from some really influential relationships and was figuring out who i actually was after i stripped away the expectations they …

Take Responsibility of You

Take Responsibility of You

Do you value yourself? Do you put yourself on your To Do list? Do you have time for you in your day? Do you blame others for your unhappiness?

I decided to write this article because nearly everyday I see amazing women in my coaching practice who are so sad, lost and don’t know where to turn. From the outside looking in they have …


“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” – John Maxwell

I was born a Canadian of European decent. My family members were undistinguished foreigners, they barely spoke English, and they were illiterate. We weren’t rich nor did we come from money. I was rooted in traditio…

Part 2 Leaving Corporate America 10 Things Learned

Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving Corporate America

[Part 1 was posted previously and includes (1) through (5) below]:

1.      Healthcare in America is hard. ADVICE: Plan, plan, plan. Make a checklist of “should dos” and “need to dos” and start making appointments while you have coverage, *especially* if you are a female. Start learning what your opt...

Doing the Unthinkable A Beach Vacation with UR EX

Doing the Unthinkable A Beach Vacation with Your EX

Before you dismiss your co-parenting communication style as hopeless, remember why you keep trying to make it work: your children. For the sake of their mental health they need to have a relationship with both of you, and definitely deserve to feel that they are front and centre in both of your...

Happy is an Inside Job

Breath came to me 38 years ago but life began when I found happy. I wanted to be a wife and I was. I wanted to be a mother and I was. I got what I asked for but none of it made me feel happy inside. Let me tell you, the answer to what made me happy was not simple.  I needed to make money, I needed to be home for the kids and I needed to be a wife.

So I thought, “Pe...


When your life is in alignment, you feel good living it, and even if things are scary, they are serving a purpose. Alignment, to me, is so crucial to living a happy healthy life. At times, we follow the crowd because it seems like the easier route, but our bodies have a way of showing us the value of individuality. 

Align yourself with your values and see …

Too Many Choices

Recently someone asked me about what to do when you have so many choices that you end up feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.

We’ve all been there, right? I mean, the cracker isle alone has enough choices to cause brain paralysis. And when it comes to something more important than what to put your cheese on (albeit a worthwhile question in itself), having…

Facing the unknown

Greetings everyone!

This afternoon I am speaking at a conference in Liverpool. Well, actually I’m on a Q&A panel. I have literally no idea what to expect, I can’t prepare anything because I have no idea what questions will be asked. I have no clue as to what the other panelists’ views are on life, the universe and everything and I have no idea who wi…


The 12 Steps were developed by Bill W. and Dr. Bob as a path to recovery when they founded Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. Many people believe that the 12 Steps were divinely inspired and indeed, Bill W. founded Alcoholics Anonymous following a spiritual experience he had in which his desire to drink alcohol was removed. When you read the 12 Steps and real…


Today I’ve literally written about 4 blogs (about 4000 words) to come up with this one.

I’ve had a hard week. Only because I’ve been hard on myself. This is all on me. I have no one else to blame.

I’ve learned some lessons too. I’ve gained some wisdom. And all’s not lost….

I feel sometimes (most times) I get conflicting advice, be it from business b…

Have A Question? Just Ask.

Logic says that if you don’t know the answer, you need to ask someone. For me, asking a question is a problem. I will go into a store and spend anywhere between five to ten minutes looking for something before I ask one of the sales associates for help. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have been driving and gotten lost or turned around and still …


I love signs.

I’m not talking about signs like the bulls-eye at Target.

I’m talking about “signs” from a higher power.

Do you all ask for signs? I do. I do a lot actually.

If I’m thinking about something, like considering a new venture or trying to come to a decision about something, I often pray and in my prayers I ask for a sign.

I u...

Manifesting Part #2 – Don’t follow the waitress!

If you are interested in Manifesting some amazing form of ABUNDANCE into your life you’d better know the ‘rules’. Didn’t catch part #1? no worries …here you go (click here)

The very short version is that…

Creativity Can Be Learned

“Genius arrives when you show up enough times to get the average ideas out of the way.” – James Clear

Creativity has little to do with inspiration and everything to do with practice. When you study some of the most successful, creative people who ever lived: Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, at the heart of th…

Do I Have a Problem with PHOTOGRAPHS?

the other week i woke up to a text from Sister asking if i had any photos to include in her annual “make-mom-a-calendar-with-family-photos-for-christmas” venture.

i instantly tensed up, got crabby and replied, “you can just skip me this year..”

woah, someone is crabby.

whats going on? whats the thing behind the thing? im always...

Are you a Maker?

I love working with my hands. 

There is something archaic and intrinsic to laboring over something with nothing but one’s wits and hands to take raw material and transform into a creation of practical use. Its art. Its craft. 

Before our modern times of convenience and technology (both having their merits, I admit) We had more of something which we have sadly …


Too many times in life, we send ourselves into a tailspin of worry over things that always end up working out. My 24 year old daughter, Lauren, is in the beginning of her teaching career. She has all the qualities of an amazing teacher, and has been seeing that through her years of tutoring, her stage, and now her first year of teaching. She is in demand at the school where...

Train 2B Mentally Tough

While many other quarterbacks might have crumbled under pressure, Tom Brady’s mental strength became most apparent in the second half of the 2017 Super Bowl. As many New England Patriots fans lost hope for a win by halftime, Brady led the team to in one of the most stunning comeback victories in the history of the sport.

What’s the secret to Brady’s success? He undou…

Roller Skating & Other Passions

A few weeks ago, I went to Charlotte, NC for a retreat with my coach and mastermind group. It was great to connect with people who I had only met online. And it was great on the business and mindset front too.

So no joke – there was some kind of roller skating club get-together at the hotel. Apparently these roller skating enthusiasts meet up at different places…

7 Things You Can Do 2 Communicate With Ex

When newly divorced, it’s hard to imagine that you and your ex-spouse will ever be civil with each other again. Divorce is tough to navigate and is usually accompanied with hurtful conversations and guilt. All past emotions can lead you to act in ways which put your feelings above the needs of your child. Divorce might put an end to the marriage, but it doesn’t end the commi…

Acknowledge What You’re Made Of.
The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”- …
Proclaim your Dream, Write your Mission Statement

Lately I have been putting a lot of time and focus into becoming clear about who I am and what I want for my life. I feel like I have been subconsciously living to please others. Having been influenced by what other people think and how they expect I should be living my life I’ve almost lost my own voice, my own dreams. I have come to learn that no one truly know…

5 Ways to KickAss Courage:Even in the Face of Fear

When I was young, we lived at the edge of a woods. One day, I climbed a very high tree and got stuck. I couldn’t go higher and couldn’t, wouldn’t, no way, not a chance move. My father came and talked me down, one branch at a time. I learned so much in that moment; that you can do something even when you are afraid, one branch at a time and that sometimes we need loving sup…

Part 1 Leaving Corporate America 10 Things Learned

Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving Corporate America Part 1:

1.      Healthcare in America is hard. ADVICE: Plan, plan, plan. Make a checklist of “should dos” and “need to dos” and start making appointments while you have coverage, *especially* if you are a female. Start learning what your options are. Make a plan.

2.      It’s really easy to get distr...

Do you expect the negative?

Quill Cloud

Hello, how are you 

Last week I emailed a contact to follow up on an enquiry about a workshop.

Yesterday I received their reply. It showed up as a notification on my phone first. I was in a meeting so couldn’t check the who...

I Don’t Want Just One Big Adventure

when i was at the ripe age of 20, on a random sunday afternoon in april, i searched for summer camps that were still looking for help for the season. i had never been to camp, i wasnt particularly outdoors-y and im not even sure what brought me to type in that particular search.

i stumbled upon an ‘adventure camp’ in colorado looking for camp photographer. at th…

Dare To Know Why…

Dare to know Why…

I posed this Dare on my Facebook wall to see who was up for the challenge. I also Dare YOU!

“I dare you… Take 20 minutes today, a pen, and a yellow notepad. Ask yourself, Why you are doing what you are doing? Then ask Why again. Keep writing and writing. Keep asking why, then a deeper why, and even deeper why. Do this for at least 20 minutes. …

Rain = Rainbows. Dark = Stars.

I wrote this a while back when I lost a friend and it reminded me to be grateful for the gift of health and the gift of life every day. Exactly one year ago we had a major health scare with my toddler. Hopefully this article can bring awareness and light to some of you dealing with loss and fear.

This friend of mine left this earth before his parents, 37 years old, l…

Keep Your Dreams Alive!
“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” — Wilma Rudolph

Imagine you’re not who you think you are.

What if you’re actually much greater than you’ve imagined?  You’re a wi...

Life is a Harvest

Sometimes you work your butt off to get results. You push, you fight, you try again and again; and whatever it is just doesn’t happen. This may be because you are trying to reap what is only now being planted.

Some years ago, I came across a book that has helped me gain insight and perspective regarding the events of my life and the timing of occurrences. In “The …

6 Things You Should Start Doing in Your Life Today

I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions. Perhaps it’s the fact that in my thirty five year history the average resolution has lasted three days for me. Perhaps it’s the pressure that I don’t like. Regardless, I’m not a fan. However, this year, I made a resolution that was more wellness focused and I’m telling you, it’s been a complete success. Well, not a complete success…

Invest in You!

So many of us have so many dreams. So many things we want to achieve in our lives. We spend so much time not following our dreams because we get distracted by our responsibilities and what is expected of us. We also think that they are not realistic and that we will never achieve them.

What you want out of life you can achieve. First you must invest in you to make ...

Writing Better Articles

Reading Time: 90 Seconds

This is my 22nd article, I am going to share some observations and tips that I have picked up along the way. Once you read this article you may well take it on board for your own articles. If you don’t you’ve had a look and lost nothing !!

I love to study people, what they do, what they write, what t…

ABCs of Speaking: Chapter B – Bookings

The strategies to get booked shared with you here have allowed me to keep my calendar as full as I would like and more importantly have worked for my clients to go from no speeches to up to as many as eighty-seven speeches in one year.

Here are ten key strategies to getting booked, follow them consistently and you will find many audiences full…

Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self

This week has been a rough one. One of my co-workers just lost her brother to suicide. An ex-NFL player took his own life in prison and this happens to be the one year anniversary of my cousin’s death, who also took his life. It made me reflect on the dark places that they must have been in to feel that death was the only way out. It’s not someth…

What I Really Want My Kids to Know!

My 9-year-old baby brought me this yesterday morning in bed.

“Happy Easter Mama! This is you first thing in the morning.” She held out an orange plastic Easter egg, with glue eyes and a crooked smile, with pink tentacles.

There are no words…. and what are those pink scraggly things hanging off the bottom of my replicated egg face, I could only assume were…

Releasing Resentments

Releasing Resentments and Initiate Peaceful Resolution While Co-parenting

A damaged relationship is not irreversible when both parties sincerely put in the effort.  As with any other relationship, you will have disagreements and misunderstandings. Set aside your personal feelings and focus solely on resolving the matter for the benefit of your ...

Courage and Change

“Take a risk

Take a chance

Make a change

And breakaway”

Those are familiar lyrics to some of you, I’m sure. Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway”.

I’ve belted these same words out many times since the song came out. I’d venture to guess that sometimes when I sang the word…

Mountains Are Conquered With Persistence!

We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough ~~ Helen Keller

Persistence means something different to everyone

What does persistence mean to you? In order for persistence to be beneficial for YOU, it must have a meaning that drives you forward. 

Do you ever think about just giving up and going back t…

Love Yourself

Love yourself??? What does that mean? Isn’t that selfish? Isn’t that egoistic to put yourself first? The answer is no. The problem these days is that we are all giving to everybody in our life. Caring about everybody in our lives. Giving our energy away. So who is giving to us??? 

Our bodies are like cars. They take us everywhere. When the car is full it works very…

Intuitive Liespotting

Not too long ago I had an opportunity to attend a weekend workshop with what was a relevant and timely topic for me. Lots of hype about the person leading the workshop, the agenda and the venue but there was this inexplicable niggly not-good feeling in my gut whispering, “Don’t go. You’ll be wasting your time.” I listened and decided to stay home.

About a week …

With All My Heart – Prologue


 My name is Elizabeth Mary McLennan, but my friends call me Lizzie. I began my journey of writing this book by following my heart and pushing away fear. I have felt compelled to share personal experiences in hopes to give a voice to those who feel they can’t speak. I have always lived my life trying to help others i…

Just a Table.

im highly sensitive. for real. i took the test. 

  this means im extra aware of textures, particular about things in my environment like where my bedspread hits my chin while im sleeping.. and things sit with me for a while. dates, words spoken, times of the year, traditions – it sticks with me long after it might for the average guy. it takes me longer to make a d...

Stop and Smell the Roses

Without a question our lives are filled with the chaos of work, the demands of the household and never stopping to take a breath because there are never enough hours in the day to get everything that needs to be done, done. We are always on the go that taking a minute for ourselves is never an option. We are so consumed in our day to day activities that we forget that there …

To Chose or Not to Chose

 “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.” – William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

What I love most about Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Twelfth Night, is that even with over four hundred years since the play has been published, the themes of the play still resonate with the…

The ABCs of Speaking:Chapter A – Analysis & Action

You will find that a common theme throughout our book “ABCs of Speaking” is that of making sure you treat your speaking career as a business rather than as a hobby. To that end, the need for you to continually analyze and research your market and your business to make sure you are getting the best results possible for the efforts you’ll be putting in is critical for your lon…

Manifesting…What you didn’t know – Part 1

The topic of Manifesting is pretty trendy. People wanting to MANIFEST various forms of abundance and experiences into their lives by using all kinds of techniques, superstitions, mindsets, processes and ceremonies…..

Want to know the truth about MANIFESTING?



5 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Life

It’s that time of the year. Winter has slowly made an exit, and the time for hibernation is over. Yes, it’s a perfect time to clean those windows, but it’s also a perfect time to clean the body, mind and heart. Re-evaluating our relationships and our work can also be part of the cleansing process. The result is a lightness and renewed sense of al…

The What If’s

Every once in a while I feel like disappearing.

I mean, I want to hop in my car, and never look back. Okay, my life is really not that bad at all – in fact, I’m rather in love with my life right now! But there are times I want to get in my car with my old guitar and a brand new set of strings….. wait that’s a country song.

Okay, so I’ll admit I’m a bit clic…

The Joy Of Being

We ALL have one thing in common.

We’re each given 24 hours in a day. Part of that time is spent sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom. So how much time do we actually have left? Let’s take a minute to contemplate how we manage our time.  

Will We Ever Have Enough …

Everything DOES happen for a reason

My ever-changing life and adventures, I alway wonder if things ever slow down?

It’s hard to move on after so many years of being in life’s routines and comfort of either your family, career or a close relationship with someone. Whatever your personal, religious or other beliefs, you’re being pointed in a new direction by the spirits and you should go with the new p…

That One Vulnerable Post:

i truly dont know how to birth the thoughts and feelings in my gut – but as i recently heard on a podcast, you just gotta write. if something wants to be created — start, create. dont wait til its perfect or polished. just start. so, im starting.

im motivated by creating memories. im on an eternal quest to add more stories to my library. i fi…

Developing a Story

Developing a Story


James E. Harris III


           Hello all, would you like to know how to create a new story for a novel that you are writing? It’s simple, all you should do is use what you know. Do you know heartache? Use it. Do you know pain? Format it. If all you know is success because you are good at everything you do then put togeth...

Forgiveness …Who is it really for?

YOU that’s who !

In the most common and traditional sense, forgiveness occurs when a persecutor does a ‘bad’ – apologizes to the victim and the victim forgives the persecutor.

But what about the role the victim played in that scenario? Even if the role was that he or she gave away their power……

Here’s a common exampl...

Goodbye Guilt: Getting Over Self-Judgement

Did you all see the Oscars last month? I didn’t watch them (there’s a giraffe in labor, for Pete’s sake!), but I read about them the next day. And boy oh boy!

There were no wardrobe malfunctions, but there WAS a mind-…

How Long Have You Been Doing That?

It’s day 35 of Lent. How do I know? I don’t.

My abs however do. I’ve done 3,500 sit-ups. 100-a-day for the last 35 days. 

To be fair, this is the first time I’ve actually stuck with something through Lent and I wasn’t even raised Catholic (I’m Christian) and you are asking how that draws me closer to God? You can be sure my mommy-flabby-abs and I are desperat…

Who Moved my Cheese

Reading Time: 90 Seconds

I have just finished an amazing book, “Who Moved My Cheese” 

It talks about change, how we deal with change and how we can be resistant, and quite often, afraid of change.

It is a quick rea…


The power to forgive is essential to living a healthy life. Easier said than done, though, right? Forgiveness can be difficult to achieve, and the prospect of letting go of your anger — anger at the pain someone else has caused you or the mistakes you feel you’ve made can be daunting. 

Things happen for a reason: every scrape, every tear, every burst of anger is th…

ADHD – My Gift

ADHD for those who don’t know stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. A person who has ADHD is someone who struggles with focusing and being too hyper. That is the shortened version of it. Lots of us struggle with undiagnosed ADHD and a lot of our kids do too.

This is my story on ADHD. I grew up always feeling different. Different to my peers! Black shee...

There’s no such thing as shy.


I am consistently asked, “but what if I’m shy by nature?” Here’s the good news.

Nobody was born shy – it’s not a human attribute. So-called shy people were more than likely born “Cautious” or Reserved.” These are excellent human attributes. I want my bank manager, my accountant and the pilot flying the plane I’m on right now w...

Everything is Just Matter!

I moved my two children and me to Montreal about six years ago to go to school for Graphic Design. There was a year leading up to this of working, saving, portfolio creation to get into the program. There was also a bit of downsizing, since I was paying by the pound to get all my belongings over there. My best quote was 69 cents per pound. I calculated that I must have had 4…

The Journey of Writing

The Journey of Writing


James E. Harris III


            Writing has become a pleasure and joy to me. I can’t imagine my life without it. That is why I love the two books that I published so much, “The boy that wanted to fly” and “The Boy that wanted to fly: Paradise Island”. It’s about a boy with a simple goal, flying. The same could...

Letting Excellence Guide Your Habits

In one of his many letters to me during my stay in boarding school, my father once wrote to me,

“If you put your mind to something, do it. Do it well, and more importantly do it for yourself, and nobody else. When you aim for excellence in everything you do, success is right beside you. Excellence is a habit that is built through everyday consistency; the …

Finding time for yourself

Have you ever been so consumed with life, you have no time for yourself? Work, school, and family often leaves very little time to do other things we enjoy. K. Stone has some suggestions on scheduling time for yourself:

1. Evenings with Yourself. Try to save certain weeknights just for you. If others ask you to do things those nights, just tell them…

The Importance of Good Feedback

The best friend a writer can have is someone who gives precise, constructive feedback on your writing so that you can fix what’s wrong before it sees the light of day. The best writers are the ones who make sure they get that kind of brutally but benevolently honest reader.

Here’s a tale of three people who asked for feedback, with very different results: the goo…


Ask and you shall receive!

I have many goals and big dreams to achieve. They have been in the making for many, many years. During the past few months, I have found myself needing to do more self talk, positive affirmations, and working harder to push “Mr. Doubtful” away.

I talk to my Angels, The Universe, and God. Even though deep in my gut, I know that in tim…

Becoming an expat…

To some, expatriation is an unthinkable ordeal, whilst others’ minds dreamily wander away at the idea of becoming explorers. One thing for sure, is that once you’re in, it will be an adventure, and time will tell those who try whether to live and remember it as an abominable or pleasant experience.

My adventure started 18 years ago, when the first opportunity a…

Do You Want to be well?

i have heard many, many sermons and teachings in my day. but there aren’t that many that have stayed with me.

except this one.

it was from my friend josh. he was teaching on a passage from john 5:6 that talks about this guy who had been an invalid for 36 years or something nuts like that. when jesus sees him and realizes how long he had been sick, he asks,…

Do you want to be well?

i have heard many, many sermons and teachings in my day. but there aren’t that many that have stayed with me.

except this one.

it was from my friend josh. he was teaching on a passage from john 5:6 that talks about this guy who had been an invalid for 36 years or something nuts like that. when jesus sees him and realizes how long he had been sick, he asks,…

Row Your Boat

Every night when I put my son to bed, I sing him a few lullabies. I always end off with “Row Your Boat” as he nestles into bed with his stuffed elephant and kangaroo friends. This nursery rhyme is as much for me as it is for him, for it contains wisdom that transcends the everyday humdrum. It brings me back to a place of Truth and melts away any of the day’s tension….

Planning, Creators, & Luck

Could careful planning, especially for creators, actually determine how much “Luck” plays a part in your life? What I mean by that odd question is this:

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1976, one definition of “Luck” is:

“The seemingly chance happening of events which affect one’s fortune.”

Seemingly chance happening? What causes the “ch…

No one else sees the world exactly like you do!

You know I have been writing since I was a kid, or should I say I have enjoyed writing since I was a kid. At some point in school, I thought of myself as a writing person and NOT a math person. Maybe it was Sister Jackie’s creative writing class or maybe I was just realistic at a very young age. I can still remember more than one of her assignments, I guess that tells …

Need a Fresh Start?

It’s Tuesday, the new moon is lingering (I call it the new moon layover), and I honestly feel a freshness in the air. Do you?

I have heard from several folks already that last week was an emotional one. My meditation teacher has it programmed into my brain that emotions are just that– E-MOTION // in-motion.

What you feel now can and wil…

Laws of Attraction: How it worked in my Life

The book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne completely changed my life. The concept of the Laws of Attraction was a transformational and powerful concept for me. In 2007 I read the book, The Secret. It was the first time I heard about the Laws of Attraction. At that time I was struggling to have more children and wanted desperately to have another child. I was a constant wor…

Failure is Actually Success!

Addicted to Failure: Three Billionaires on How to Win the Game of Life

by CharlesChu

Not alot of people know about Ray Dalio, and he prefers it that way.

Considered one of the “100 most influential people in the world” by Time magazine, Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the l…

Fear is a Choice

Fear is an emotion we have all felt at some point in our lives. It’s a horrible, immobilizing feeling that literally cripples some people, while others never seem to be fazed by it. Why do you think that is? Why does fear affect certain people so much differently than others? 

I think it all comes down to the meaning we give it. Just like everything in life, the fear…

Paradise is a Mindset

A few weeks ago, my two year old daughter and I were playing in the backyard.

It was February, but it was February in Texas, which means it was gorgeous. We had the kiddie pool out. (Don’t hate – it’ll be six degrees cooler tha…

5 ways to manage constant complainers

Reading time: 90 Seconds

1.    Interrupt

2.    Investigate

3.    Validate

4.    Motivate

5.    Delegate

It can be really frustrating having to deal with people who are always complaining.

Of course, you have the usual four options for dealing with difficult people: ignore them, dump them, call the cops, or deal wit…

Why We Need To Discover

On a monthly basis I do a segment on a local country western radio station, KQSC Mountain Country, called Motivational Mondays. Motivational Mondays are to inspire the listeners to have a good week and not get down because of the long week ahead but rather look for the good in the week. One Monday I did was on Discovery. In this subject I tried to get the point across that …

Unleash Your Chi

Massage therapy and other forms of bodywork should not be a luxury to experience twice a year. Today, we live in a time where life is moving quickly, there are constant stimuli, we burden too much stress, we have harmful habitual postures, and our bodies are feeling it. Like a car needs to be fueled and oiled in order to run properly, so too do our bodies. …

How to start using your Social Media.

How often are you meeting up with your friends in person? And how much time are you scrolling social media? The reality is scary. The time spent on our phones is only increasing. Instead of trying to resist what is happening in today’s culture, embrace it. Spending the majority of your time passively watching other peoples lives, leads to comparing. Don’t j…

True North

Lately I’ve struggled…

Looking at the many goals across the lines of self-education, business, personal health, personal accomplishments, fulfillment activities, family time, and current sustainability activities.

Of all the things I want to accomplish resulting in struggles with prioritization and time allocation. I have come up with some methods to fi…

Family Strain

Family Strain


James E. Harris III


           Family Strain, it happens everywhere no matter how hard you try to pretend things are ok. One possible cause of those strains is dancing around the elephant in the room no matter what it may be. For me it is sharing my faith, for others it could be marrying a woman everyone in your family disagr…

The B Word – There is a Cure!

I started a silent project several months ago. I made a secret tally of all the BUSY people in my life. Let me explain, my business requires very little of me aside from chatting with old friends, meeting new ones, building relationships and constantly speaking to people, a little ‘thang’ called networking. Sometimes in person, other times on the phone and more recen…

Your Thoughts

The slate’s been wiped clean, the past has released its grip, and before you sparkles eternity, yearning for direction. All that lies between you and the life of your dreams is just one teeny, tiny, gentle, little rule. There is only one condition, prerequisite, principle that matters.


It’s not complicated and you don’t need to sacrifice, or plead to i…


“There is the person you were born to be and the person you learned to be.” 

– David Wood 

When I first heard the David Wood quote, it really struck a chord for me. At the time, I felt like I was being slapped in the face with the harsh reality that I was living the life I had learned to cope with, rather than the life I was meant for. I was in a job I…

Reflecting on life as a single working mom

It is the end of a busy day and I can finally sit down to relax and write this. The morning went as usual, breakfast and an hour of activities with the kids (play-doh, colouring) followed by the mad rush to get us ready and out the door in time, drop them off at their dads for the day, go to work, pick them up, go home, dinner, bath and story time before bed. Bedtimes a…

Faking it and Faithing It

Faking as defined : a thing that is not genuine, a sham. 

Here is the thing, can you think of any positive outcomes when it comes to faking it? Friendships, conversations, orgasms, your true identity etc…I cannot for the life of me fathom anywhere in my life where faking got me very far, except for maybe that ONE time I faked sleeping when the toddler woke up, …

dear diary:

i have about 300 million things to tell you, but more on all of that later.

during an SOS text with a dear friend this summer, my friend stated, “don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.”


it wouldn’t leave my head. i heard it on repeat. don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. like a prayer? like a request? like..? …i sort of pushed it all...

Colored Glasses

We’ve heard the saying “Seeing is Believing”; but do we all see the same thing even we are looking at the same incident? The answer is no. How I observe a situation is different than how you do. Each of us has different backgrounds that give us different perspectives. These different perspectives color the way we perceive circumstances.  It is like wearing colored glasses…

Energy: Through the Eyes of an Aviator

As a military aviator I had to learn to manage the “energy” of my aircraft. In the air there are four conditions that affect you:

1) You can be at high altitude with high airspeed. This condition puts you in the optimum energy state. With airspeed and altitude, you can maximize the capabilities of your airplane and maneuver around your opponent with effectiv…

Realizing your true Nature


Who are you? Never mind all your fears and insecurities or all the things you have or would like to have. Forget that you want to be a better person. My question is this: What is your true nature? Do you even know? Do you ever ask yourself? I am not asking who do you believe yourself to be, but rather what you experience in tho…

Why Doing the Things we Love, Raises our Vibe

I have to be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. You know those times when you simply aren’t feeling “high vibe.” You are triggered by something and it leaves you feeling low and unhappy, and then you start to attract additional things that make you feel even less happy. It is really the last place anyone wants to be, so the quicker we can get ou…

Teachable moment-There is a way Out

Guides are not exempt. One of the things I have come to appreciate about living as a guide, I often learn as much if not more from getting to Guide others than they will probably ever learn from me. Often trail has become one massive teachable moment for me in the days both before and after that 6 specific days walking through the woods. Often those days being little ra…

Feed Your Mind, Feed Your Soul

Have you fed your soul today?

That may sound a little odd, but think about it. All that we see and hear and feel is absorbed by our mind and the byproducts are deposited into our souls as much as waves lapping the shore leaving bits of sand and pebbles and little living things. Perhaps we work all day—busy, busy—focusing on our work amid much noise and distraction, …

How to Live a Great Business and Personal Life!

When I wrote “Expect the Extraordinary”, I didn’t think this book would apply to business situations and empowering employees/managers. But, it has. Strangely enough, I have had several psychologists interview me on the radio regarding how we can each become more empowered to enhance not only our personal but our business lives as well. …

Your Reasons

We all have reasons for the things we do in our lives. Reasons why we choose the jobs we choose, reasons why we choose the partners or friends we choose, reasons for nearly every action we take in our lives. However, when it comes to a big, lasting change in our own life, a change that may revolutionize and completely change our lives for the better, powerful reasons fo…

Abydos – Summer Writing Instititute

For many teachers, summer ends up being sliced into a hodge-podge variety of necessary evils – dentist, doctor, and eye appointments to catch up on; family vacations that make you wonder if you would have been better off staying in bed watching Netflix; the ever prevalent Professional Development days that manage to come at the most inopportune times. Between all that, of…

Do you fear being judged?

I’ll never forget the day I was teaching a fitness class and one of the students came up to me after with a washed out look on her face, “I think there is something you should see”. I was confused but agreed to give her my email address. I went home that day and received an email with a link. Curious, I clicked the link and instantly started hyper ventilatin…


One of my favorite inspirational pieces (author unknown):

A man was sleeping one night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light and God appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his might.

So, the man did, ...


One of my favorite inspirational pieces (author unknown):

A man was sleeping one night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light and God appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his might.

So, the man did, ...

Healing Starts From The Inside Out, Part 2

Life throws us many curve balls. It’s up to us to decide what we’ll do with them all. 

   The many twists and turns after my mother’s passing could fill a book. In the aftermath of my mom’s sudden exit, my family’s world turned upside down. Each of my three siblings and my father did our best to cope. Unfortunately, dad’s overwhelming sense of guilt, remorse and grie…

How to Get Killer Confidence

Yesterday, I was on a coaching call with my life coach, who I’ve been working with for almost 5 years when I realized my problem with confidence.

(Quick Massive Side Note: Any coincidence that my life has literally BLOSSOMED over the last 5 years?!? Maybe it’s time to find someone you trust, like a life coach, to work through all the stuff in your life (health, relat…

What if Your Next Words Were Your Last?

Write your first sentence as if it were your last.

Imagine that the next sentence you write is the final one you ever commit to paper, or pixels. It’s the set of words by which you want people to remember you. OK, maybe not as an epitaph on your tombstone, but you know what I mean. If you wanted people to hear a sentence and think of you even if the sent…

Mental Toughness

Life can be difficult and extremely challenging but being mentally tough can make you undeniable!

As a member of the United States Armed Forces I’m all too familiar with the struggles our men and women face on a daily basis. From the moment you arrive at boot camp a mental and physical battle ensues. It’s that epic battle between your desire to overcome and succe…

Who Gets Your Toys When You’re Gone

“He who dies with the most toys wins.” 

This comment was made by my brother one hot July day when we were drinking beer and talking about the game of life. At the time, we were sitting on one of his “toys” – a 35 foot cabin cruiser — in the middle of Lake McConaughy near Ogallala, Nebraska. My reply was, “OK, but what happens t…

Enough is Enough

Is it?

Have you had that feeling, that inner voice, yelp, from any layer of you–

“Enough is enough! Enough is a-freaking ’nuff”

If you’re reading this ready to flail your hands in the air, then right away, get out a piece of paper or shoot me a quick email or even text or call an accountability buddy and tell me what are you so ready to be DONE with!?…

The Desires of Your Heart

you know the little girls who dream of being a mommy when they grow up? they tote baby dolls around, sush them as they sway back and forth to get them to stop their pretend crying? or the little girls who dream of their big wedding day?

i honestly don’t remember dreaming of any of those things. i spent time in trees, hanging out with my bunny (not jj. at one po…

Don’t drink and Danielle LaPorte at the same time

Last week I got the greatest email EVER!! 

“Dear, Christa- You’re on the winning team. OF COURSE. Welcome to the White Hot Truth Launch Team.”

Swoon! Want to know how to get this chic jumping up and down rump shaking like nobody’s busine…

How I Left Corporate America & Took Control

As of March 7th, 2017, I am no longer an employee of “white collar corporate America.”

I had known what I wanted to do professionally from roughly the age of 14, the beginning of high school. I knew I wanted to do something in media, advertising, marketing, or journalism. I narrowed it down throughout the years. I graduated high school with all the honors and scho…

What Are You Waiting For?

After turning 30, I started to feel like someone had hit a big red start button and that I had to race against the clock of life! Suddenly, one day I had this urgency and almost fear wash over me as I sat in my living room. I asked myself what am I doing with myself? Why am I not in the place I want to be in life, yet? Is this what a mid-life crisis is?

Years of …

Calm through Chaos
Find your centre. Find your strength and calm. In the most trying of times, courage never roars, instead it speaks softly from the heart and lets you know that this too shall pass; you will stumble from time to time, but it’s alright, pick yourself up and try again. Until you have mastered yourself, and in turn your life. Find your warrior and…
Burn The Bridge

So why are some people successful in ending a tough addiction, while others aren’t? Why is it that some people take all the right steps yet still fail somehow? What makes some people more successful than others? I believe the reason is that most of the successful people made quitting a must in their lives. For them and myself, failure was no longer an option.


Day 1 – 30 Days to Clearly Defining My Purpose

The question of what I really want has been brewing in my mind for the last several months and every time I start to considered it, I got anxious. It’s no wonder I didn’t want to spend time thinking about it. It finally dawned on me that I haven’t been thinking about what I want, rather I have been thinking about what I don’t want. Well, I don’t like what I don’t w…

The Oak Tree

A mighty wind blew night and day. It stole the oak tree’s leaves away, then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark until the oak was tired and stark. But still the oak tree held its ground while other trees fell all around. The weary wind gave up and spoke, “How can you still be standing,Oak?” The oak tree said, “I know that you can break each branch of mine in two, carry …

Haters Gonna Hate, How To Not Care

While I was building myself up, I was knocked down – a lot. It hurt and there are a few scars. It is going to happen again but I am strong and I am prepared. How does one keep going against the odds?

The want and need has to be bigger than the fear.

When you put yourself out there, you really do not know what you are going to get back. Praise, ridicule, ...

New Ground

New Ground


James E. Harris III



         How long has it been since your last big achievement? A month, two weeks, or maybe even a year ago? Do you feel like you have plateaued and don’t know what to do? Well then you feel like Jason Abrams Jr. the protagonist from my new book “The boy that wanted to Fly: Paradise Island”. Jason is...

“I Miss The Camaraderie!”

“I Miss The Camaraderie!” It’s the number one phrase I hear from other vets. But what does that even mean? Do you miss having friends? Do you miss having fun at work? Do you miss BBQ’s and beer on the weekends? That’s not completely it, is it? You can find those things anywhere. Civilians have those things too. But I’ve never heard a civilian say they miss the camaraderie….

It’s All a Part of the Process

Yesterday morning the sensation of tabasco sauce in my eyes rudely awakened me. You see, I just had PRK eye surgery so this is to be expected. My superhero eye shields were securely taped to my face, and the excessive watering soaked the paper tape. Never have I shot out of bed so quickly! I gently ripped the shields off and inserted multiple eye drops. Today, I pen th…

Discovering The Shack

I believe everything in life is a relationship; social, intimate, community, career, family, God (creator/universe) and self… yes, self! The ‘selfie’ relationship – I’ll save that for another day and time. Here’s a story about my relationship with God …and death. As a mom who buried my first born child, my relationship with God and death has known bitterness.


Time Management

Time is the most important asset we have. Everything can be fixed with time.  Age can be fixed with time. Fortunes can be earned with time. Problems can be solved with time. Skills can be developed with time…but, unfortunately, time flows continuously in one direction and cannot be reversed or stored for later use. We receive an allocation of 86,400 seconds every day…whic…

Never Surrender: Why Corey Hart Was Wrong

If you grew up in the 80’s like me, you remember Corey Hart and his Boy in the Box album, which for me came in the form of a cassette. I played it so much that the tape practically dissolved. Ok, fine, I admit it; I had a crush on Corey and yes, one or two posters of him adorned my wall. His Boy in the Box tour was my first concert ever, and although I was seated so far a…

Dead Ends or U-Turns

I finished a chunk of my book this week. It felt like this huge victory. Yes! Done. And then I stared at the cursor blinking and stared….and stared, and my fingers hovered over the keys and there was nothing else. I’d finished this section that I’d been planning and working on, and I hadn’t put much thought into what came next. 

The same day, I had a conversatio…

Don’t Worry Be Happy

I have spent most of my life worrying. Every time I had to make a decision in the past I would think of the worst case scenario. I was brought up with generations of worriers. I didn’t take risks in my life because I was scared things would go wrong so I stayed in my comfort zone.

When I came to move from Dubai to Canada, I had a list of all the worst-case scenarios…

Life Lessons Learned Facing the Wall

“Go Face the Wall and Be Quiet” was a terrible punishment; or so I thought at the time. As a child, facing the corner of the wall and not being able to say or do anything except live in your head seems harsh. Now that I’ve learned the value of “quite time”; I almost want to say please give me punishment and send me to face the wall! The constant noise in our day-to-day…

Go Back?

“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!” So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and a pitter.” 

“It was at this point that Bilbo stopped. Going on from there was the bravest thing he ever di…

Law 13 – Live With Purpose

This chapter in T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can” is both summation of the previous principals and the most crucial of them all, without which no progress can be begun, much less be made. It’s thanks to this principle that I started blogging, pushing…

Habits……Like Carbon Monoxide

HABITS……everyone talks about them! The good, the bad and the ugly. Creating positive and effective habits is critical to success in your personal and professional life. This is not news to you. We hear about habits almost every day. Some of the greatest thought leaders and motivational speakers regularly reinforce the importance of creating good habits. One of my f…

Infectious Energies

Our attitudes through our day-to-day life will play a major role in how successful we are. Whether we realize it or not, everyone constantly puts out certain energies into the world, good or bad these energies are infectious to the people we interact with daily. Whether we are communicating face-to-face, over-the-phone, via chat or texting we can effect other people wit…

What I Swallowed Today

Today I swallowed ________.

Wouldn’t you like to know!

Just kidding. It starts here: as a yoga instructor, I’ve always loved the theming around a yoga class. Creating the invitation for my students to think outside the box, or yoga mat, ultimately looking to inspire them to live more engaged off of that yoga mat.

A nugget of wisdom I lov...

Motivation Nation

Life is tough and occasionally throws inevitable curve balls that often make us stop and wonder “Why in the world am I even doing this?!” Life is full of highs and lows and oftentimes throwing in the towel seems like the easiest option. The secret to pulling through the hard times is simple, stay motivated! Losing motivation becomes very tempting when you feel like you are …

Why Having More Fun is the Secret to Success

It was time to put the peddle to the metal as they say. My contracts with some of my coaching clients were coming to an end and I needed to find more people to help so I could pay my bills. So what do you do? You work harder right? So I did. I put more energy into my businesses reaching out trying to find that next person I could help to create the life they want…

In The Future

So often our imagination wants to predict the future. Our tendency is to state what is going to happen as a fact, when in reality nobody knows what lies ahead. Instead of forecasting what is coming up we are better served to tackle what is at hand. Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish philosopher, once said, “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do…

What’s Weighing You Down?

My bookclub, lovingly named The Dead Tree Society, recently read Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, Wild. The discussion following was like girls at camp playing truth or dare, but only truths were an option! In Strayed’s book, she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself again after feeling lost and spiralling from a series of bad choices following her mother’s …

Money Flows Easy To Veterans Who Can Execute

I didn’t know if I was good enough to get into flight school. Becoming a Blackhawk pilot in the Army wasn’t automatic. It was a big goal I had but not many people get in. 

I was enlisted in the Army prior to being accepted into flight school and becoming a Warrant Officer. I remember wondering if I could ever make it into flight school. I questioned if I was goo…

The Power of Influence


Influence, according to my good friend, The Dictionary, is “The capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.” A compelling force. Sit back and think with me for a moment. Are you and I a compelling force of influence for the good or bad?

Ephesians 5:15 states,…

Therapy versus Recovery Part Two

Last week’s article ended with the statement that therapy and recovery have different belief systems regarding how change happens. These different belief systems impact each one’s effectiveness in healing toxic shame.                                              

One of the underlying beliefs in therapy is that the client has the power within to heal self. The role o…

Who am I?

Who am I?

Here I am, sitting down, trying to write my ‘About Me’ for my website. I have been avoiding writing this for so long. I have written six other articles and achieved a lot of other things, but when writing my ‘bio’ I find myself stuck. ‘Why?’ I ask myself. This should be easy. 

I realized that writing ‘who I am’ is the most difficult job of all. W…

Enjoying Your Life


Image result for Imaging of enjoying your life

Five Things to Bring You Closer to Enjoying Your Life


Darrell V. Freeman  

1.   Find Things to Smile and Lau...

Never Give Up

In this chapter of T.J. Hoisington’s “If you think you can” starts with some recognizable examples of persistent people. The stories of Thomas Edison and Colonel Saunders are ones anyone whose reads about motivation or business would know. The one that really…

Challenge – The Spice of Life

Have you ever wondered why missions that appeared to be impossible succeeded despite incredible odds? Have you ever wondered why some teams and companies always seem to come out on top? Have you ever wondered how one leader consistently gets results while others struggle?  

Think about President Kennedy’s 1961 promise to put a man on the moon by the end of the de…

Awakening Our Best Selves via Inner-gentleness

February brings attention to many aspects of love and devotion to others, specifically to our significant other.

It’s also a time for deep reflection for me because my birthday falls in February. A wave of deep gratitude visits me quite often these days because of a new devotion to myself…an inner-gentleness.


Hacking Time

In the age of infinite distractions, focus is the ultimate commodity.

A technique I have been experimenting with is known as the Pomodoro technique otherwise known as “Timeboxing” found here:…

Nudge Nudge

It really is interesting how things work out.

There have been a number of things on my “list” for what seems like forever. The biggest one is my office. For months I have had “clean my office” on my list of things to do. It’s not that I never did it, it just never got finished! There were many times that I would start the process. I would work away for a bit, ge…

WHEN MORE IS LESS; and less is a whole lot more

The other day a client casually mentioned she was going back to school for a second PHd. The next day a friend dropped in for tea and to say he felt something missing in his life, despite being highly successful, in a great relationship and having many close friends. He wondered what more he could do, what was left to achieve.

We live in a culture where success is …

A More Confident Person???

Look at yourself. Who do you see? Superhero, muscles bulging, cape flying—ready to conquer the world? No? If you don’t believe you can conquer the world, then there’s no way you ever will.

Here are their suggestions for a boost:

1. Strengthen your min…

The words of a stranger

As solo entrepreneur, I surround myself with like-minded people to help me navigate through this business thing (oh! did I mention to you that I’m not a businessperson but just a simple photographer?). I have a great team : awesome assistants, make-up artists, graphic designer etc. However, at the end of the day I make the decisions, I sign the paychecks, I lead the troo…

You Dance

There is nothing like the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you discover someone you trusted is profoundly unworthy of it. You survey the wreckage of your dreams and do a quick body count: over 2-1/2 years of unpaid labor and tens of thousands of dollars from your retirement account gone. Your credibility is shot. You no longer feel any more zest for a caree…

3 Things You Must Focus On To Reach Any Goal.

Reaching success of any kind takes work. It may require you to change certain habits, and it will almost inevitably be challenging and uncomfortable. But here’s the thing—when you focus on the big picture—your dream life, the vision you have for your life—the work becomes almost effortless.

Once you have that vision in mind, these are the 3 things I want you to fo…


Webster’s dictionary defines healing as to make sound or whole; to restore to health; to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome; to patch up; to restore to original purity or integrity. The common denominator in these definitions is to make whole. Getting to the place of feeling whole is the key to healing. What do I mean by whole? Most times whatever we are struggl…

Keep Going

Keep Going


James E. Harris III


           So, you’ve had a break through? Finally you are flying and finally you are at the pinnacle of what you think is the greatest thing in the world. What could possibly bring you down? Then all of a sudden trouble comes to ruin your high! What do you do when you find that trouble is there even when you…

Saying I’m sorry

Two simple words, yet so powerful. They can pave the way for healing, comfort, forgiveness , and provide closure. So why then is it so difficult to say I’m sorry? I, myself, struggle with this occasionally, and really try to understand why this is such a challenging endeavor. There are numerous reasons why someone may not necessarily feel the need to say I’m sorry. No o…

Therapy versus Recovery

It is beyond question that therapy and recovery are each worthwhile and beneficial, and that both have helped countless numbers of people. Both have certainly helped me. It is my belief that most, if not all, of the problems for which people seek therapy and/or enter recovery have their roots in toxic shame. In order for true and lasting change to take place, therefore, tha...

Mountain Meadow Morning

Eyes, open, alert. Warm breath leaves a little wisp in the cool crisp predawn air. Stillness, hardly a sound.

The crystalline frost decorates the blades of long brown sleepy grasses. Little pools of water swirl under thin sheens of autumn ice glass. The small burble of the alpine spring musically provides the sound of the moment. The night draws a sl…

You give, give, give, but can you truly receive?

Yes, giving is a BEAUTIFUL thing that the world needs more of.

On the flip side however, there is still a need for balance around giving and the opposite act of receiving.

This made me think of you because I’ve met so many amazing, selfless givers in my years of personal training, yoga, and coaching. From parents to teachers, and from the…

Are You Getting Weak After The Military??

“PEACE OUT!!!” I said the day I signed out of the military. No more formations. No more uniform inspections. No more 0500 PT. No more applying for travel passes to go out for the weekend. It was finally time to enjoy the freedoms I had fought for. So I thought.

Having nobody to report to can be a great thing. But it can also be a bad thing. The structure was gone…


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Creating a Vision of What You Want

Are you happy with where you are at right now or do you want to create something different? Do you know what you want your life to look like? If not, using vision boards and/or vision books is a powerful way to get really clear on what you want. They’re a great way of immersing yourself in your passions. hopes and dreams. The idea being that living within an environment …

It Depends…

I have accepted the fact that there is no “right approach” or a “this is how it’s supposed to be done” when attempting to solve a problem. I’ve learned that solutions are as unique as the individual creating them….and, as they say – there is more than one way to skin a cat! 

As much as I strive to avoid absolutes, I will say that there IS one “right answer.” That …


The primary goal of process is to get you to your purpose. It is a tool that God uses to help you walk out and walk through your purpose. How you view process is critical, because if your perception is skewed you risk missing its value and importance. 

The first step in surviving your process is submitting to it. Most times when we resist anything that calls for us to…

Seeds of Greatness

Trees are an amazing life force in nature. There are many unique types of trees in the world that find a way to grow from virtually nothing into the strongest and most beautiful things around. Some find a way to grow in the most impossible of conditions. While others need to be watered and nurtured constantly for years before they even begin to break through the dirt. No ma...




James E. Harris III


           So this week you may have had it rough. You may be thinking to yourself “why don’t I just give up?”. You sound a lot like Jason the protagonist in my book “The boy that wanted to fly” who had his whole world come down on him as his parents forbad him from doing parkour and he was expelle…


Reading Time: 45 Seconds

Are you writing a book? Do you have a plan or are you struggling with getting the words out? I have just read Nicholas Boothmans book “How to ...

Are you a dream killer?

We all have dreams, thoughts on things we want to do or have in life. Most of us reflect on them often, imagining and wishing they could become reality. More often than not, people sit in their cubicle or on their couch in their pajamas daydreaming and then formulating reasons to keep those dreams just that: dreams.

Here are some of the thoughts that have run through …

An inner battle

Most of my best writing comes from those quiet moments I allow thoughts to connect with my pen and paper. I never know what is going to trickle down and it is sometimes better that way. In the spring of 2016, I was struggling with matters of scarcity and adopting abundance as my mantra. It has been an inner battle I have had for most of my adult life. Here is an exert from …

healing shame

Last week’s article ended with the statement that it is possible to transform toxic shame into healthy shame, and with the invitation to tune in next week to learn how to heal toxic shame. Well, it’s now next week.

 The first point that needs to be made is that the transformation of toxic shame into healthy shame involves time and work. It does not occur overnight a…

100 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Stay Single Forever

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner here are 100 great ways to guarantee you’ll stay single.

All in good fun. Nevertheless all true and submitted by readers of my book How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes or Less available on GoRea…

The Power of Focus

“Too many of us never realize our greatness because we get sidetracked by secondary activity” – Og Mandino

Do you think we are talking about what I like to call The “Oh, look a squirrel” Syndrome? Yes, and no. Yes, we are referring to distractions, but not the fleeting kind. T.J. Hoisington elaborates on several points in Chapter…

Organized Chaos

I hope this day finds you exceeding blessed! Why? Recalling the first article I wrote sharing a central theme for my life “letting go of fear.” For that very reason of letting go I can be blessed and so can you! The next question may be, “you have no idea of what I’ve been through.” Or maybe your just having a bad day. My friend, we all have bad days! I have even had…

BREAKING THROUGH: Developing Personal Resilience

Have you ever wondered why some people rise in life, evolve and climb to ever higher heights, even in the face of countless hardships, while others are crushed, stop short of achieving their goals, or simply give up and quit?

Life is filled with challenges, and if you haven’t yet learned the tools for how to keep going, how to test your limits and go beyond,…

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Saying the wrong thing to your child.

Saying the wrong thing to your child.

Friday I left work a little later in the afternoon. This resulted in my son being home on his own for about 45 min. My friend dropped him off after school, he then called me to confirm what she had just texted me “I’m home” !

 We made a plan for me to come get him and go to a play-date. When came the time to leave to go…

Revel in the Unexpected

On Wednesday morning, my sweet coworker bought us breakfast burritos from Qdoba. The brown paper bag sitting on the table stuck out to me. Why? Because one of the sayings, written in Orange, stated, “Revel in the unexpected.” I paused, took out my phone to snap a photo, and thanked God for this timely reminder.

The unexpected. Not something I tend to welcome in my ...

Hell yay! or Hell no!: Freedom in Life Boundaries

When asked to do or be a part of something, “If it’s not a ‘hell yay’! Then it’s a ‘hell no!“ 

When it comes to choices regarding when, where, and who will be getting our time and energies there are lots of factors that can become baseline considerations. If you’re anything like me, there has been a plethora of people and places who  have not hesitated to inf…

Dream Killer

Dream Killer


James E. Harris III


           So dreams come and dreams go right? But have you ever had a dream that you thought dear and near to your hear that was aborted before it began. What a shame? Do you mind me asking who killed it or who told you that you couldn’t perform the feet that sounded so radical? Was ...

How Do You Use Your 24?

Have you ever paused at the end of the day and felt like you had a very busy day, and yet you still feel like you didn’t get everything done that you wanted to? I know I have. I was cleaning my desk recently, and I uncovered a stack of trade magazines I’d been meaning to read for some time, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t read a single one. It got me thinking, about bei…

Vulnerability is Key

A book that changed my life is “The Gift of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. My social worker at the CLSC at the time gave me this book when I was going through my separation and she said “Read it, it will help you.” She told me there is a section in it about vulnerability. I read it and at first could not understand it. I had always thought of vulnerability as such a weakness…

To The Dreamer:

Dreams are the things that make us feel the most alive, they give us the drive to achieve the things that would otherwise seem impossible. For through that dream the impossible becomes possible. So what are some of your dreams? Do they seem unrealistic? If so then that’s good, for all great dreams may feel unrealistic at first. But if you believe in it enough, if you …

Just. Let. Go.

Remember, Just. Let. Go!… when you force your way through a move you can injure yourself… seriously just let go.” 

I met his gaze and felt the tickle of an ironic laugh bubbling up inside. Simultaneously I squelched the rise of emotion threatening to surface.  That comment settled into my bones like lead. They left and I turned to face the wall. I stood befo…

Just Like Cholesterol

Our bodies need cholesterol in order to be healthy and fully functional. Cholesterol produces cell membranes and some hormones. When cholesterol is present in excess, however, it puts our bodies at risk to experience serious, debilitating, fatal conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. LDL (bad cholesterol) builds up in the walls of the arteries and forms plaque, a thi...

Navigating the Negative News

Over the past few months, watching the news in North America has become scarier and scarier. Regardless of which side you may be on with respect to political leadership, it’s hard to argue that there is a tremendous amount of conflict, anger, fear, and unrest. While I live in Canada, our neighbours to the south are almost an extension of us and the spillover effect h…

Shifting From Desire To Deeds

In his book “Intentional Living”, John Maxwell wrote the following statement about living with intention.

“Wishing for things to change wouldn’t make them change.

Hoping for improvements…

Your Soft Skills Will Earn You That Promotion!

Do you agree? Would you also say that soft skills are more important today than, say, one generation ago, or even 100 years ago? From a purely rational point of view, I would say there is a pretty good case to be made for the increased importance of skills such as listening, convincing through inspiring company presentations, and making an impact on pe…


As we end this first month of the year 2017, I find it remarkable how much unpacking I have done already this year. Now I’m not unpacking from a move or some sort of transition. In fact the unpacking itself is the transition.

Let me explain.  We all have unresolved matters deep down inside of us. Some of these things are a result of recent relationships w…

The Secret To Peak Performance After The Military

Somebody in our battalion lost a pistol when I was at FOB Speicher in Tikrit, Iraq. They were on a maintenance test flight on a Blackhawk. They only flew traffic patterns around the airfield and never left base. After their flight is when they noticed they were missing the weapon. It had surely fallen out somewhere during the flight. They knew it had to be around the b…


There is such an excitement and joy I feel right now, there really are no words to explain it. I can tell you that I have decided to no longer allow my experiences to “muddy” my story. I’ve had some very challenging times, but because of my journey through “process” I have been strengthened, able to put my pain in perspective and worked my way back to worthy.


FLS: Failure to Launch Syndrome

Have you not heard? FLS is a dangerous, widely spreading syndrome and it’s highly likely that you may be a victim.

What is this epidemic that I speak of? 

Failure to Launch Syndrome, or FLS.

Yes, I may not have coined this whole concept myself, but let me clarify: 

What have you been s...

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aa bb ccc dddd eee fff ggg hhh ii jj kkk lll mmm nnn oo ppp qqq errr asss. the cat in t…

Transform Your Thinking

It may sound so simple that changing your thoughts could affect your entire life, but in actuality, what you think about can manifest in your relationships, health, career, finances, and other areas of your life- positively or negatively.

Much of how we feel about ourselves, others, and even life is the consequence of our thoughts. Life is choice-driven; therefo…

The Quick Brown Fox: Finding Your Writers Voice

This video of a quick brown fox jumping over a possibly lazy (though definitely mellow) dog reminded me of the exercise I’ve led to help students understand the concept of “writer’s voice.”

You’ve probably heard the sentence “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” as a...

Resiliency – Active Constructive Response

Active Constructive Responding

Life Skills for Resiliency


Last week we discussed how to use active listening skills which will now move us to how to have an Active Constructive Response. Active Constructive Responding builds relationships when someone shares good news.

There are four main ways we can respond when someone shares a positive exp...

Relationship with the Screen

Connections. The moments that happen when our eyes aren’t glued to our phones. Wednesday, before meeting a friend at the coffee shop, a 3-year-old, blonde hair, blue-eyed girl climbed up on the chair at my table. She made herself right at home, pushed her tiny plate toward my orange-chocolate scone, and pointed. I asked her mom if I could give the girl a piece, and she di…

Meeting the Six Human Needs

Everything we do, we do to meet one or more of the six human needs.

According to Human Needs Psychology, developed by world-renowned psychotherapist Chloe Madanes and Anthony Robbins, there are 6 needs that are universal. They apply to you, me, and everyone we know. Although we all have these needs, we have them in varying degrees of importance and we all use diff…


Making sure grade 7 students stay alert and engaged is a daunting task. Luckily, I picked up a skill when I worked on cruise ships: remembering students names! I warned them. ‘If I remember your name, it is not a good thing :). It means I can call on you anytime. This is a great way to keep a group of teens hooked! I promised T tips. Here are the last three plus a little …

Go to Grow

Go to Grow!



Quill Cloud

James E. Harris III

           So many times in life we reach a point where we cannot go on without help from another. Simply put, iron sharpens iron. There are just some thi...

All His Own: A short story

A few months ago a good friend of mine encouraged me to try my hand at writing short stories. After spending some time mulling this whole idea over and reminiscing childhood stories that helped spark the imagination,  I left with the  evolving random topic ‘growing up’ rolling around in my head. Pondering childhood wildness, recalling friends’ s…

The Passionate Leap

How many of us today can honestly say we are truly happy most of the time? That we are excited and passionate for Life feeling we are truly living the life God intended for us to live? Do you even think that the two should coexist? If not, then why not? I mean if God created us in his eyes then wouldn’t it make sense that he would give us the most passion for the type of wo…

Maintaining a winning perspective

Chapter 9 of T. J. Hoisintton’s “If You Think You Can” starts with this amazing statement: “In the real world, moments of devastation are likely to come your way… It’s part of the process. Consequently, setbacks drive some to fight harder. For others, it provides a reason to quit. The difference is all in your perspective.” Nowhere, so far…

Make Who You Are the Centerpiece of All You Do

If you want to succeed in creating a successful life or venture of any kind, you will need to make a plan for getting where you want to go. The further you want to go, the more detailed a plan you’ll need! It all starts with a vision that is captured in a mission. The mission is broken down into goals, the further down into objectives and tasks.

Everything starts …

Best Lesson from College

Remembering back to my college days, one psychology teacher gave a pop quiz the first day.

First day of college already a pop quiz, joy I hate test to begin with. She hands out the test. There was about 50 questions front and back.

Everyone drove into the test. Answering all the questions as we went along.

Some people got up and handed in the...

What Motivates You?

What Keeps You Motivated!!!!

What Are Some Of Things You Do To Get Unstuck?


I was writing an article for Go Read and could not seem to finish it.

·     I got out my baking utensils and started baking some scones.

I baked 3 types and over 5 dozen scones. (It took be a little over an hour) I share the delicious goodies with...

Distractions – 2017

This world that we live in is inundated with things vying for our attention.  We have our cell phones constantly chirping and beeping to the point where we would literally have to silence our phones or shut them off to get a break. Some of us even “fast” from social media in an attempt to reconnect with themselves and perhaps others around them in the real world.  W…

Weather Your Weather

What do you do when you’ve had enough?

When people/situations make you go “grrrrr…”

When there’s something constantly on your mind that you can’t shake 

When you notice that you feel untrue to you and your work because of this other “stuff”…


As cheesy as it sounds, you get mad

I hear it a lot–...


STUCK is not a destination, it is a position, a position you can change. It is not an unfamiliar or uncommon position, we all have experienced it from time to time. The only thing standing between you and your desired destination is a DECISION. However, our ability to make the decision to move forward from the place where we are is dependent upon the why. The “why” co…

7 Tips for Instant Cooperation


  1. If you want instant cooperation always use the word “because” (“have you thought about talking to/incorporating this because……”) Automatic response is based on reason, or at least the appearance of reason.
  2. Adjust your attitude to fit the situation before you approach someone, or they …
the cat in the hat persisted…

Quill Cloud

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Dreaded Life Lessons: Glorious Messy Freedom

Dreaded Life Lessons:  Glorious Messy Freedom

Life was messy, terribly messy.  Over the last years I had come to know a brokenness that seemed unnavigable. I used to be a confident, strong, sociable woman and leader.  I had loved living life alongside people.  I had grown in skills and felt comfortable in the realms I navigated. I worked as a nanny…

Decluttering Your Brain

So many of us get up fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed! So many thoughts in our heads, so many things to accomplish, so many people to look after. We get to the stage where we can’t do this anymore and we don’t see the point. We don’t see anything wonderful happening in our lives. We get stuck!

Let me explain why! Our brain is like a bedroom full of so many things. It …

Do You Have What It Takes After The Military?

“With their skills from the military they should be upper management. Instead they are applying for low entry level positions answering phones. They just don’t know what they are capable of.” I hear it time and time again from friends that run businesses.

My friend Bryan has 400 employees and is constantly on the lookout for above-average people to hire. He tells m…

Life Skills of Resiliency – Good Listening

So many times we could avoid problems by just stopping and listening and then responding with respect. Good listening is to make someone feel safe in speaking to you as a confidante. In order to maintain strong alliances, you need that person to feel safe coming to you when something goes wrong, whether it’s your family, friends, or coworkers. When we respond we must respon…

Be Remembered

As someone who has crossed state lines, done time in prison, and is currently in their third year of seventh grade, I feel like I know a few things about doing things a little differently. Lest you jump to conclusions, let me explain.

My work history has taken me from AmeriCorps in Minnesota, to the Department of Corrections in South Dakota, to a middle school in Tex…

Do you have the “If Only” syndrome?

If only I had more money. If only I knew the right people. If only I had more education. If only I wasn’t adopted. If only I was better looking. If only I had a better job. Do you have the “If Only Syndrome”? I did. I hate to share with you but these are excuses. There are tons and I mean tons of people that have no education, grew up on the streets and had horrific situ…


           Have you ever had a fall in your life? Have you ever been knocked down so hard that you didn’t think you would get up and walk again, I mean that literally and figuratively. Then you must feel like the character in my new book Jason Abrams Jr. who fell off a building in his crazy pursuit of learning how to fly. Jason had a goal that seeme…

The River

Change happens. This is a fundamental & bittersweet truth of life. Lately I’ve had a rough time navigating change. Seasons are shifting, old things are fading away, new things are growing. The last six months has been a transitioning for my wife and I, every single realm of our life – family relationships, church & ministry involvement, the friends that we spend time…

Don’t give up on your New Year’s Goal yet!

These days getting and staying “busy” has never been easier. Routines can be toxic, it puts life on replay and continues to give you the same outcome. How different does today look from yesterday or even a year ago? What are you wanting so bad but failing to make changes to get closer to achieving it?

It’s time to get uncomfortable. Know that bei…

What 2 do every day 2 increase your intelligence

If you want to witness the magic of the human brain in action, play the matching game with a 4-year-old — you know, the classic game where the tiles are arranged face down and players take turns flipping them over to find pairs.

You’ll see what I mean as you watch that wonderful little brain doing its thing. It’s amazing, and when you realize you’ve been outdu…

Action, The Winner’s Edge

Quill Cloud

The other day I came across this quote: “Believe and Act as if you cannot fail!” It struck me like a hard slap to the face. It made such a strong impression on me that I took out a black marker, wrote it on a big piece of paper and taped it...

From Despair to Joy

Hi Everybody so happy to share my first article with you.

In numerology 2017 is a Number 1 year, the start of something new. Meanwhile 2016 was a 9 year- ending of a cycle. That is definitely my life!

In line with new beginnings I have created this blog to share inspiring stories, (including my own) ideas and tools that will infuse positivity, jo…

The Highlight Reels of Money

I had a crazy dream last night!

I usually remember vivid details of my crazy dreams. This was no different.

I was hanging out with my teenage group of friends and we stole the Mona Lisa, although, it wasn’t at the Louvre, it was at a church in Canada.

Once the money came around, we all got like a $2,000,000 cut from the proceeds. I didn’t want any par…

Your Golden Handcuffs

I was talking with a buddy of mine the other day. He was complaining about his job. He talked about the frustration that he has with his boss, other employees and the overall environment where he works. 

The last time I spoke with him, he kept telling me how he wanted to start his own business. It’s been over three years since that conversation. So when I a…



It all started with a little mascara…we exchanged pleasantries until she asked me ‘what do you do?’ I answered with zest ‘I am a public speaking coach.’ Can you do a workshop with my grade 8 students?’ In business, they tell you to say YES to anything and figure it out later. That is how TEEN TALK wa…


Quill Cloud

Today I want to introduce you to my next book. It will be titled One Life. I’ve just recently started to write it but here’s a little excerpt from it.

With excellence being the standard, my purpose is to enhance the lives ...


“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” 

― J.R.R. Tol…

4 Ways to CHALLENGE a Professional

Even when you love your career, sometimes you get stuck in a bit of a rut. In the past, I’ve been blessed to have a coworker, colleague, or friend reach out and help me get it together when I’ve been struggling. In doing so, they challenged me to push further and achieve more than I had previously believed I was capable of. A well timed challenge…


Performing well makes us feel good about ourselves and also attracts opportunities when others realize they can rely on us for quality results. Performing well depends on being skillful and skill development is hard work. Since there is no shortcutting the effort and time it takes to become highly skilled, being the very best at something typically requires one to g…

New Beginning

New Beginning New Start

You have 12 new chapters and 365 new pages to write your story.

What will you accomplish this year?

Plan your year out and then chunk it down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily task.

Having a plan will help you stay on your journey.

Did you include having fun o...

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Why I Don’t Want To Be Fearless

The minute you decide you want to do something better with yourself, you can be overwhelmed with 1.5 million personal growth articles online. Some are helpful and there are a ton which just spew opinion intended to get a reaction. That’s fine. Everyone who wants to write should be able to write. And everyone who has an idea should be able to share it.


Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

What is the most common way to start off the New Year? Usually, making a fresh start and making resolutions to make this year better than last. We make all sorts of resolutions: being a better friend, or partner, or parent. Maybe it’s to go to the gym more frequently, or make more time to read a book, watch more movies, to be healthier or …

Resiliency – Interpersonal Problem Solving

So many of our issues/problems that cause us to become resilient is how we solve our interpersonal problems. This life skill is so important to strong alliances because it helps us to confront those problems in a way that still shows respect for the relationship. This is of course important for all kinds of relationships – at home, at work, wherever there is a relations…

Do Something that Scares You

As children, it was easier for us to embrace life fully and we often did things that we’d never think of doing now as adults. We challenge you to think back to how fearless you were when you were young, and do something that scares you; maybe a little maybe a lot. Life makes a lot of people complacent. It’s too easy to just stay in your comfort zone. That zone is different f…

The Power of the Power Nap

I can’t think of a more enjoyable experience than taking a nap in the middle of the day. If you are like me, then I imagine sometimes you feel guilty about taking a nap when you have so much stuff to do. It wasn’t until a long talk with my mentor, and a little bit of knowledge about the subject that I decided to make napping a daily part of my everyday life. There are vast ...

The End of A Year, The Start of a Dream Part 2

Here we are 10 days into the new year. How are those new year resolutions coming along? If you are still going hard after your goal of the year then good for you. If you are saying in your mind maybe just maybe I made a to BIG of a goal and I should just quit now. 

Goals seem great in theory right. Man, I can totally loose 30 pounds in 1 month or I can easily save ...

Operating From Imagination Kills Procrastination

You’ve all heard the expression “Fake it until you make it!” Now, tell me the truth, how many of you have gotten frustrated or anxious with this statement? If I’m being honest, there are many times where I simply wanted to say… well a bunch of bad words to the person who delivered this message. I mean, what the heck does this mean and how do we achieve this? In a si…

Practicing Gratitude: Resources to get started

 In my last article I shared ideas on how you can start your own practice of gratitude. Many people only focus on gratitude during the holiday season, from mid-November through December. With all the benefits that come from practicing grati…

The Secret to Accomplishing Anything!

It’s so simple. It actually blew my mind when I first heard it YEARS ago. And, technically it’s easy too, yet I would bet anyone who hasn’t accomplished what they set out to accomplish for themselves or the people who find themselves not happy where they are at in relation to their goals, seldom, if ever, implement this secret.

I believe this secret works well …

Top 10 Grammar Mistakes That Can Make or Break You

One of my biggest pet-peeves as a writer is when I see native English speakers still making the most common grammar mistakes they should already know not to make. However, I suppose with the dawn of new technology, social media, and the English language now evolving into more and more acronyms, I really shouldn’t be all that surprised. Still…I feel t…

What Is Your Plan For Success After The Military?

Here’s the deal. You already know how to overtake big targets. You proved you can accomplish extraordinary missions in combat. You have the Ultra-High-Achiever skills necessary to win. You can execute with precision. You always adapt and overcome. But you never did it without a plan. Big success doesn’t happen by accident. It only happens with a carefully executed pla…

Doing Less To Do More

I’m in the midst of reading Deep Work by Cal Newport and it’s becoming clearer to me that I need to do less so I can do more.

What exactly does that mean? Well, everyday, I go about my routine and perform a myriad of activities. Some activities, like exercise, involve doing multiple movements. Others, like writing t…

Shift to master your authentic voice

The weeks leading up to a birth are often met with turmoil. It is often recommended to write down your feelings on paper to grasp an understanding of the emotions you are living. The following published poem in my book Taking Shape danced onto the paper:


I crossed the line

Making the shift



Human Beings Are Innately Beautiful at Heart

I strongly believe in the beauty of humanity. 

Each time there is a tragedy, I no longer avoid my feelings of pain and sadness for our nation. I now see these reminders as a cry to amplify our goodness. 

Watch for the stories of beauty, strength and bravery that will come out of the shootings at Fort Lauderdale Airport. 

There’s one about a Roche...



It’s truly difficult to be anyone other than who you are, but we try so hard to be someone else. Someone better. Someone wiser. Someone more poised.  Someone more………….acceptable. What’s interesting is that sometimes that person you are trying so hard to emulate is trying really hard to emulate someone else!

Is it wrong or bad to have a role m...


I have always found, that the plot writes itself. In my head I have the idea of two characters. What would they look like? Are they good or bad? Will they find love? It’s like watching a movie in your head. You can’t quite figure out the ending but you have a good idea  in the first five minutes, where it’s going to go. So you start to write, you write a great beginning to your s…

Nicholas Boothman in Cosmopolitan Magazine India

Make him fall in love in 90 minutes

Zipped into your favourite dress, you’ve got a mojito in one hand and the perfect bar-stool position from which to pounce. Then, suddenly he looms into view: the six-foot actually real version of your perfect man. It’s 9:30pm— you’ve got a good hour and a half left to lure him to your side and make him fall in love…

Life Skills for Resilience – Physical

Physical Resilience

Life Skills for Resilience


Our journey to learn how to be a resilient person we are stopping to learn about being physically fit. Understanding how the link between physical fitness and mental fitness improves performance, leadership, and overall health is an important component within resiliency. The life skill of being physical fi…

Hustle and Flow

After recently flying 30,000 feet in the air, I landed with new insight.

As I flew, I had to keep scooching my wadded up jacket around behind my low back and wiggle my left leg around because my knee was throbbing off and on all day yesterday. 

The result of hustle and flow was showing up in my body.

I share this becau…

Know the No

I went through a phase of thinking I should just say yes! to, well, everything I could. Slightly inspired by Jim Carrey’s movie ‘Yes Man’ so many years ago, it was a time of my life when I was beginning to blossom into who I am today. 

I used to hold back , live more timidly, and kept my mouth shut.

But then I began feeling, thinking, a...

How far can you go?

I would like to start out with an exercise. I’d like you to take your right arm and raise it above your head as high as you can go… Ok, is your arm high above your head? Now, I would like you to just give a little more effort and try and raise your arm a little hight… Can you get your arm up higher? Now that your arm is reached up as high as you can go, I’d like you to g…

7 Profitable Reasons for Writing a Non-Best-Seller

So many people seem transfixed on having a so-called best-seller and that’s fine. But, when it comes to self-help, if you write the best possible, well-researched, friendly, easy-to read book, with a killer title and a fresh approach it doesn’t have to be a best-seller to make you a star.

Most of us wish we could improve the world around us. For the disillusioned…

Live In Love! Personal Letters From Leo Buscaglia

Dear Friends,

I’m going to share something with you that no one outside my family has ever seen before. Yes, you’re getting something special to start the new year off with love!

In my earlier articles, I wrote about ‘Playing Big,’ ‘Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone’ and ‘Creating Mass Influence.’ I shared tips of honoring those who’ve touc…

What would you do if you only had 1 year left?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Most people would spend time with family and loved ones, see the world and do everything they dreamed of doing before it is too late. While most people spend their lives doing what they “have to” rather than w