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Staying “Top of Mind” While Marketing Your Book

Anyone who has authored a book knows that there are a million ways to market it. Some tactics are subtle and friendly, while others are more “in your face.” A solid marketing strategy for your book includes a careful mixture of both. You have to let people know your book exists, but then gently remind them as time goes on. It’s a fine line between being enthusiastic and bei...

New to All the Book Marketing Stuff?

I came across a post in a book marketing group awhile ago that read:

Hello, fellow authors. I have a question. I just published my 1st children’s book using CreateSpace. I was wondering how do you market your book? What helps you get your book out there? New to all the marketing stuff. Thank you for your help and advice.

The members...

Four Planning Phases of Successful Marketing

Everyone wants to be successful in their work whether they are an employee, manager, franchisee, business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur. But success doesn’t come by accident, and it rarely happens by luck. As author Fitzhugh Dodson has stated, “without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination”. At its root, a plan is simp…

Ryan Levesque – ASK

Read time: 7 minutes 

Ryan Levesque

The man who steps into the interrogation room today is Ryan Levesque, a self-published author whose first book – Ask – hit the USA Today, LA Times and Amazon bestsellers lists. Ken Dunn squashes the truth out of this first-time author and reveals the secrets behind his incredible succe…

Is your WordPress website ready for Gutenberg?

On August 2, 2018, Wordpress released a minor version (4.9.8) with a major upgrade called “Gutenberg.” Right now, you can elect to use Gutenberg early and contribute to the testing and bug-finding of this new function.

However, in the future, Gutenberg will be rolled into the next major release of Wordpress (5.0), whose release date is slated for later this yea…

Four Tips on “How to Write an About Me”

With more than 100,000 searches per month for the phrase “how to write an about me,” there is no doubt that people are struggling with how to best describe themselves in their online bios, “about the author” segments or for any project. You are not alone with if you are feeling challenged as to how to write a bio.

I think there are two issues involved in this. First, …


Starting a business is overwhelming.  You have the idea and want to start-up your company. You have no clue what to do next. Here are 12 essential steps to proceed.


1. Get the name for your Business

2. Register your business with your Provincial or Federal government if you are…

Begin to Harness The Power of Podcasts Today

Read time: 5 minutes

Here is a link to the podcast episode, incase you want to listen instead!

Bestseller Confessions has had the pleasure to host amazing bestselling authors who have hit major lists including the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today and the Wall Stre...

Somebody Is Always Watching

While you’re watching your television, it’s watching you too. Your television could be keeping track of your viewing habits. The television doesn’t really care what you watch, and it will almost never judge you for it. The manufactures want to know, so they can sell the information. A company called Samba TV tracks your viewing information to make show recommen…

Why do authors write?

My company, Emerald Lake Books, conducted an industry survey of over 100 authors at the beginning of this year. With over 150 questions asked, we gained a lot of insight into the experience many authors were having with publishing. 

With so many different ways to go from a manuscript to a printed book sitting on your shelf, we wanted to better understand what was w…

How to Write a Good Review on Amazon

Let’s say that you just finished reading a book that you loved. Perhaps it was even one of my books. Whatever it was, following it up with a review is a good habit to get into.

Reviews provide encouragement, feedback and constructive criticism for authors, which is something we all stand to benefit fr…


Linked-In is one of the social media platforms to market your business online with like-minded professionals. People are more likely to read informative posts with information and tips they can use. They don’t want to read about all of the reasons they should buy your products or services.


Writing a Press Release

Your book is done. It’s time to let the world know. A press release can be the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity. What is a press release? A press release is a short, factual news story written in the third person and given to the media to encourage the media to feature the story in publications and programs.

If done correctly, a press release can result…

How To Grow Your Following ~ Part 4

Your content is a portfolio of your work AND your top salesperson. You can set your content up in such a way that you consistently guide ideal clients closer to buying from you while building their trust in you, your results, and their ability to get results from you.

There are three kinds of content every successful sales process/sales fu…

How To Grow Your Following ~ Part 3

You know you need to show up consistently and talk about what you do in a way that resonates with your ideal clients. Consistency is hard enough, especially finding new ways to talk about the same things day in and day out!

But here’s the thing – it actually gets easier to talk about this everyday and get bigger, better ROI from your time, energy and mon…


PROMOTE YOUR  BRAND ON FACE BOOK with $0.00 . The investment is your  time which will turn into $$$ when you get your new clients. It’s essential to have a social media presence on facebook & build a following for your brand. If you are an entrepreneur or selling a product or service, your personal profile on facebook is not good enough. You must have a business page to …

How To Grow Your Following On Any Platform~ Part 2

Engagement is the key to success in this era of online business and social media marketing. Without engagement, your content gets lost in the sea of information overwhelm.

Step one to growing your following is showing up in the …

How To Grow Your Following On Any Platform~ Part 1

Before you invest a lot of time and energy into any platform, there are two questions you should answer to make sure it’s the right place to spend your time and energy:

1. Is there a large population of my ideal followers already hanging out on that platform? (Or, if it’s a newer platform, does the platform have a clear goal of attracting that ma…

“Find Waldo Local” for fun and success!

“Where’s Waldo?” is the creation of Martin Handford, whose entertaining drawings of crowd scenes swept the world in the late eighties. Since then, the “Where’s Waldo?” books have held a cherished spot on bookstore shelves the world over. There are now over 61 million Waldo books in print worldwide and they’ve been translated into over 30 languages. An entire generation…

Free Solo Ads Advertising

Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”?

Well, that statement is true with solo ads as well…

Unless you do what’s known as a solo ad swap, which is where you mail for someone in exchange for them mailing for you…

So that each of you can help build each other’s lists without having t…


The aftermath of your event. You planned months in advance, the day arrives, everything goes as planned except for a few tweaks. Your event is a complete success. Guests express their contentment, how much they love the venue, the food, wine & all the valuable contacts they made. The sense of relief you feel the following day is exhilarating. It is like a …

BookFest: Great for Indie Authors, Too!

Every fall, our bookstore works with the local schools to host Wellsboro’s BookFest. Our BookFest is a both a literacy celebration and a fundraiser for our schools. This book festival is a winning situation for everyone involved–allowing local authors to showcase and sell their work, raising money for our school libraries, and providing a large selection of inexpensi…

SEO Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is actually pretty simple.

It mainly comes down to two things: on page SEO and off page SEO.

On page SEO just means optimizing your content to rank for certain keywords.

The main elements on the page you want to make sure and ...

Getting Business with Corporations

Many people do not realize that Corporations subcontract with a multitude of small to medium sized service and product businesses.

These products and services are as diverse as paper to manufactured metal frames to shipping and computer systems. At some time you may have read a magazine article talking about B2B or B2C marketing. Well, these are key discussions abo…


Stuff always happen a week before your deadline. Adjust your mindset that your event is happening 1 week prior to the actual date & complete everything you can possibly do to be ready. This is my preparation for my Business Networking Cocktail with MBA-MONTREAL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION in March 2018



Your Brand Will Either Promote You Or Expose You!

Okay, now that you have started writing an amazing book, it’s time to think about how you want the world to see you.  

I’m sure you heard the old saying, “begin with the end in mind”? 

It’s now time to put your brand together. The most important thing to remember is that your brand is you! Your brand is the combination of pictures of you, the mission that y…

The Top Webinar Solution For Affiliate Marketers

Webinars are an extremely powerful medium for making sales online.

They’re basically the most intimate method for communicating with people – the only thing more powerful and effective is a live, in-person presentation.

And since webinars are so intimate, they’re an excellent way to build rapport, which usually results in higher conversions.

Most market…

What Is Writer’s Block?

  What is this thing we called writer’s block? Wikipedia defines writer’s block as a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slow down. It also says that this condition can last a few minutes up to a few years. Writer’s block has been a documented problem throughout history. Many pr…

How To Get Your Book Featured

Sorry everyone, this article is not going to give you a step by step, guarantee, how-to on getting your book featured. However, I am going to share how we keep doing it.

There are only two proven ways that I have come across:

1) pay for it


2) build the relationship

The really cool thing about subscription boxes is, they want approachab...

The Authority Factor

(total reading time: 2.5 minutes)

$1,622,943.25 is the total number of sales that my company has generated from online courses, my professional speaking, my professional consulting, online product sales, and subscription sales.

Why did I put that, so prominently, in this article?

To catch your attention, of course.

I remember 15 years ago. I w...


It’s the beginning of  the year & every business should be doing their marketing plan. You’re 5 years in business. You are already doing networking, promotions on social media as Facebook, Linked-In & Blogs.

Why not use Promotional Products with your Company Name & Logo to PROMOTE YOUR BRAND & KEEP YOU ON TOP OF MIND to do business with you or sen…


It’s the beginning of  the year & every business should be doing their marketing plan. You’re 5 years in business. You are already doing networking, promotions on social media as Facebook, Linked-In & Blogs. Why not use Promotional Products with your Company Name & Logo to PROMOTE YOUR BRAND & GET NEW CLIENTS.


Renee Miller, I’m Writing This For You

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 

Hello? Is anyone out there? Is anyone reading your articles?

To write read-worthy articles that impact your audience, you have to first know who you are writing to.  

I write to Renee Miller. She is an avatar I created. What is an avatar? An avatar is your perfect reader or customer.

Answer ...

Distance, Distance, Distance

As every January draws to a close, so does the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida. This event is “THE EVENT” where all the major golf equipment companies launch their new product lines for the coming year. Your local golf professional will absorb all the technical details about the new offerings and learn how to sell you “THE DRIVER” to make you hit it longer and str…

50 tips: After the book launch (the costly stuff)

Last week, I discussed tactics that we implemented before launching my debut novel SELLOUT. Then we pulled the trigger and released the book to the world. Yikes! But what did we do once the book was available for purchase?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “in order to make money, you have to spend money.” That’s what we did—we sp...

Are Online Surveys A Legitimate Way To Make Money?

So, you’ve come across an ad or offer promising that you can earn a full-time income working part-time taking simple online surveys…

Is it true or a SCAM?

Well…kind of both.

So, can you really make money online taking surveys? YES. I’ve done it.

Can you really earn a full-tim…

Networking with Intention

Networking is where it is at. Meeting others, building relationships with them and spreading the word about the services you offer is something that no entrepreneur or small business can afford to overlook. Here are some tips for making that next networking event you attend the best ever!

  1. Set your intention before you go. Take a few ...
LET YOUR BRAND DO THE WORK with Promo Products

For  the past couple years, I’ve been managing my business A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS /  We supply Promotional Products with your company  logo as USBs, Pens, Totes, Apparel & more TO PROMOTE YOUR BRAND & GET NEW CLIE…

Use Video On GoRead

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 

Is your goal to build a following? Then you must start using video…even on GoRead. 

Every digital marketer, guru, and your dear Aunt Sally is using video (often live video) to build their following and sell their products and services. Why is video so popular? It helps You connect and build trust with your audience. It gives you a …

50 tips: Before the book launch

Part 1: Did you know the average indie-published book sells about 100 copies in its lifetime? That’s the hard truth—and it sucks. But I’m not the kind of author that likes to give up. Despite millions of books in circulation, and competing media…

How To Make Money Fast With Blogging

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately the words blogging and fast are not synonymous.

If you’re planning on starting a blog and you want to monetize it, especially building it up to a level where you can support yourself and all your expenses comfortably, it ain’t gonna happen fast.

However, the great news is that while it’s going t…

Give Your Books Away Free, And Earn A Fortune!

I know exactly what you’re thinking:

“Give my books away for free? Are you freaking crazy? I just spend thousands of dollars publishing and printing my book, now you want me to give it away for free?”

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. 

But let me explain….

The picture above is a landing page to a free book funnel that we use to give ...

Staying Top of Mind


Businesses spend billions on advertising, public relations, and publicity each year to keep themselves and their products at the forefront of public awareness. If you don’t have billions, take heart. There’s plenty you can do to keep yourself alive in your clients’ mind—after all, what’s the point of making a great first impression, establ…

How To Build A Blog That Makes Money

One of the most simple and popular ways to started building a passive residual income stream online is to start a website or blog.

But there’s so much information out there and so many different options and directions…where do you even begin?

Well, I know it might seem a little bit overwhelming on the surface, especially if you’re brand new to making money …

Four Steps to Developing Your Unique Author Brand

If you’re an author or aspiring author, one thing you’ll want to do is ensure you establish a brand for yourself, one that sets you apart from the competition. Your brand may evolve and change over time, and you should remain open to change as it comes, but for now, let’s be sure you have a solid foundation to begin building your brand. To do so, you’ll need to find your t…

$30,061 in 12 Months With “Content Stretching”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you just knew that ONE thing you could do for just a few hours per day, that was pretty simple and produced predictable passive residual income?

That’s kind of the dream, right? Either that or someone just dumping a BIG pile of cash into your bank account overnight that you didn’t have to work for at all.

But reality is you generally...

The Nasty Truth About Social Media for Authors

In 2011, when I landed my first (very modest) publishing contract, my publisher’s first piece of advice was “Create a blog. Build a following!” So, I religiously posted book reviews, author interviews, and giveaways three times a week for three years and gained nearly 3,000 followers. The problem, I soon discovered, was that just because someone follows me doesn’t mean they …

Top Membership Site Solutions For Online Marketers

One of the simplest and most lucrative methods for making money online, aside from building an email list, is to create a membership site.

Membership sites are great, because they give you the opportunity to build up recurring passive income, which is really the goal in making money online, because ideally you want really steady, predictable income, as opposed to…

An Affiliate Program Can Teach You Much More About

Do not waste times on skeptics or none motivate people? The important role in order to succeed  with an affiliate program is as simple as can be! You should give much learning and motivation to your leads. This will let them know you know what you are talking about and trust you. Write good motivational articles to the…

Essential Email Marketing Tools Checklist

Wanna fast track your success in online marketing?

These are the only tools you really need.

So, basically, online marketing summed up is…you need to be working towards building an email list.


Because it gives you the most leverage.

It takes no more effort to send an email to 1 million subscribers than it does to send an email t…

Q4 Marketing Analysis, Part 2

My recent article discussed the importance of evaluating your company’s marketing strategy at regular intervals to ensure all employed methods are continuing to be successful for your company and brand.

Sales and finances are “easier” to evaluate as numbers can speak volumes about sales, profits, and growth (or loss) year to year. Marketing initiatives are general...

Q4 Marketing Analysis, Part 1

For many businesses, this time of year marks an exciting time as we enter into the final quarter of the year… for many this is both an exciting as well as crucial time as analytics can reveal which targets have been hit so far, and what is left to reach for during the remainder of the year. 

For many, fiscal years do not correspond to the regular calendar dates, ho…


Promoting your brand is crucial to getting new clients. You have to choose the appropriate vehicle & timing that works for the culture of your business 



It is never too early to start. Even in the early stages of bringing an idea to life, potential clients wi…

Sell More In Less Time – Focus On The Outcome!

It has been such a blessing for me to coach thousands of experts over the past decade. I have seen entrepreneurs, from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, take their business “to the next level” by using the Authority Factory System.

What’s The Authority Factory System?

It a system, that has proven itself hundreds of times, to take someone’s expertise and transfor…

11 ways to build your book- from a publisher

Before I was a publisher, I was an author, business coach and network marketer. Before that I was an entrepreneur in media and marketing, and a business manager of brick and mortar businesses. I have built multiple 6 figure solo or partner only businesses with zero capital and I have helped brick and mortars do 7 figures in their first quarter. I am 32 years old with no…

Build A Community Faster With Live Video!

If you haven’t realized that Live Video is now the #1 way to build a community online, then you really need to take your head out of the sand. Its only be 2 years (August 5th, 2015) since Facebook introduced “Live Streaming” on their platform. Now Facebook was not the first (Twitter Periscope & YouTube Live), but they are the strongest players today.

As of Au…

The Editing Process…

As a newbie gardener last spring, I bought three organic tomato starts and planted them fairly close together. I didn’t know what I was doing and should have spread them farther apart, but they must have liked it where I planted them because they grew and grew. It really was amazing. I knew just how Jack and the Beanstalk felt! My sister, who has had a gar…


PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS are unparalleled in their ability to attract new clients, increase brand awareness & ultimately grow your Business


The law of reciprocity: Give & you shall receive.

Giving Promotional Products to clients & prospects promotes a feeling that they should reciprocate your…

Give Virtual Candy

“Social media is the most disruptive form ofcommunication humankind has seen since thelast disruptive form of communications, email.” – Ryan Holmes

Like most people, I have a network of friends and acquaintances that covers the full spectrum of personalities, quirks, habits, wants, and needs. When I am surfing the Internet, I always ...

A very cool partnership to market a book

This month my series was hand selected by Madison and Mulholland to be featured in their Hampton Gift Bag. For the month of August we are featuring Dear Limits, Get Out Of My Way. This book is the second volume in the Dear Women Guide Book Series, and our first book was Dear Stress, …



1.  What is your Company’s mission. Your mission statement should define your Company & its purpose in 30 seconds or less  

Eg: My Company: A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS is a supplier of Promotional Products…Mission Statement: We partner with our clients to offer High Quali…


Your brand is your promise to your customers. It tells them what they can expect from your products or services and how it differentiates from the competition



– Who you are

– Who you wan…

7 Steps to Attracting Sponsors for Your Cause

Cause based marketing is here to stay. People have a growing desire to work for, and do business with, companies demonstrating an interest in the well-being of society at-large. They also need to manage their reputations. In this digital age, bad news travels fast! Supporting worthwhile causes through sponsorships, grants, and employee volunteer programs are considered good...

Why Be _____________ When You Can Fake It?

Nutella has been getting away with this for way too many years.

People, business owners and companies are pretending to be wholesome and down to earth, real and honest but too many of us are being deceived into buying what I like to call Fake Authenticity.

Branding is authentic only when it is indisputable, non-negotiable and unapologetically the real deal. Thi…


People are constantly judging us whether we are approaching someone at a bar or walking into a job interview. First interactions & impressions are vital to the success or failure of a meeting



It takes 30 seconds to make a good first impression.

– Be open & confident when it comes to making a first i...

3 Secrets To Filling Any Live Event!

There is no denying that hosting live events is a crucial part of building your authority platform. Back in the 90’s everyone did live events. Live events were to go to way to sell something, support something or save something. If you were building any type of “community” then Live Events were a must! At your live events, you could wrap your arms around your c…

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Have you heard the saying, “Content is King?” The first time I heard this was years ago at a Brendon Burchard event and as soon as he said it, I purchased the domain name, Create Content Now! Creating Content is what I did for years as a teacher so I thought it would be a natural fit for me. That domain and many other…

The Power of A Testimonial
To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. ~ Isaiah 8:20

A testimonial is a powerful thing. In fact, marketers have known the power of a strong testimonial for decades and have applied them to create marketing advertising campaigns that are very success…


Networking is the lifeblood of a business success. As a business owner, it`s essential that you belong to Business Networking Groups in your region to keep your brand visible & top of mind.


1. JOIN BUSINESS GROUPS…..Not sure what groups to join, start with

– Your local Chamber of Commerce. They organize their own events. When y…

Promote your Business as a Vendor

One way to market your business is to have a vendor booth. First you need to decide if you are interested in traveling or staying in your hometown. If you would rather stay close to home, do some research on the annual events and activities. Find out the costs and procedure for applying for a vendor booth. You can then look into the workshops and trade shows that take plac…


As a business owner, one of the keys to success is effectively marketing your business online. Many platforms are available such as Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, online Business Groups & more. Having a website is not the only tool to drive traffic.

1. FOCUS ON YOUR BUYERS…..Engage your buyers with a more personalised approach that …

Calling all authors that need a distribution deal!

BookCon and Book Expo America are just around the corner. When I looked at these events a few months back, figuring I would have one, maybe two, books to promote at the show – it was not feasible. A table cost starting at $1400 USD, my time, travel, printing books, etc and it was not a desirable booth area or space… I wanted the $3000 USD booth ($4000 CND). In my nat…

A Free Book + A Qualified Reviewer = 10-Fold Worth

Should you give away a free copy of your book? Should you give away 100 free copies of your book? The answer is easier than you think.

There are two camps to consider in this issue. On the one side you have those who are experienced in the trade and as a rule have nurtured a subtle disdain for readers who seek only freebies. You also have some of the bookstores an…


In this era of social media, we are hyper focused on our appearance. Never before have we been so subjected to a constant barrage of images. The arrival of social media platforms have sensitized us to self images and driven us to compare ourselves to one another even more. It’s this behaviour that creates false perceptions and insecurities.

As a phot…

Web Content – Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts!

Blogs – Vlogs – Podcasts

What are the differences?

How long should they be?

How often should I publish?

How do I choose subject matter?

These are just a few common questions regarding web content. I will address concepts like niche choice and development and outreac...

Using Social Media to Profit from your Book

There are 318.9 million people in the United States. There are 35.16 million people in Canada. Of these, in 2015 there were 261.3 million Social Media users and by 2021 the number is projected to be 314.4 million users. 314.4 million Social Media users!

Yes I know! Let…

The Future of Online Dating Apps

I met my fiancee on Tinder. Yep. That was one swipe to the right I do not regret. To this day, I’m still so proud of the tale I tell my friends and family. Other popular online dating apps right now are: Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel and the still reigning champion: Tinder. 

What will the future of these online dating apps look like? When you think of online dating as…

Internet Marketing – I Told You So!

“The Ballad of I Told You So”

No… I am not stealing the title of a Randy Travis country hit – although I like Randy and his song. “I told you so,” is an age old saying that has an arrogance and self-righteousness that makes me feel uncomfortable to speak the words. Yet, I am quietly pleased in the realization that, at least in the short term, the words apply …

5 Steps to Taking the Perfect Selfie 

In our modern world, image is everything. Forget having your best pal snap your photo – we all want to show off our great hair day in the moment. With the invention of the selfie-stick, selfies are entirely possible 24/7. As shallow as this may seem – there is definitely an art to taking the perfect selfie – here are some tips to get you …

Motivational Speaker vs Inspirational Speaker

“Why do you think there are so many motivational speakers around?”

Could it be that hiring a motivational speaker doesn’t work?

Oh sure, the message a motivational speaker delivers works for a day or two, or maybe even a few weeks but, sooner or later, the happy feelings disappear, everyone settles back into the same old rut a...

Speak & Get Paid; What type of speaker are you?

Once upon a time, a keynote speaker was a smartly dressed person in a suit who stepped up onto the stage at the beginning of an event or convention or after a dinner. The job of the chosen keynote speaker was make a strong emotional and rational connection with the audience, address the theme of the meeting and set the tone for the day. This type of keynote speaker is still...

How the Internet Knows your Every Move

Trends are defined as: “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.”

We define new behaviours and “trends” everyday but may not realize it. Thanks to major algorithms today such as Google and Facebook, the data they collect is able to pick up on our changing world. 

For example, Google is able to predict when the next influenza outbrea…

Squeak Your Wheel

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.” – Chinese Proverb

Eric Sanchez, a PR consultant from Washington, D.C., is a huge fan of Kenny Loggins. Loggins is known for many great hits of the 1970s and 1980s, and wrote the theme songs for the hit movies C…

How to be in Charge of Your Online Persona

It’s no secret that Social Media such as: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have access to a lot of your personal info – YOU GAVE THEM THE RIGHT! 

Let’s start off by saying in no way can you join a social media website and not sign off on their privacy policies. Therefore, you cannot be surprised to know that Facebook owns the rights to the content you put on the…

Avoiding Creative Fatigue

Working as a creative professional has proven to be a fantastic, rewarding career path. Combining creative processes into business and marketing strategy and analysis is a constant challenge, where no two solutions are alike. Working in this field has proven that there is no singular path to take to success, any marketing problem has numerous solutions, and there are …

How To Market Your Stories For Success!

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” Madeleine L’Engle.

Do you realize how much power your story has?  Stories get remembered. They distinguish you from everyone else. They have the potential to move people, connecting you with your audience. Your leadership is based on your personal story….

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

If you’re a small business looking to get some eyeballs on your product or website, you may be wondering which is the better advertising platform for small businesses?

Well, the two platforms have their strengths and of course, flaws. This article will seek out some benefits and drawbacks of both platforms, to give: YOU, the small business owner some persp…

No, I am not an Internet Marketer.

Internet Sales? Don’t Get Me Started!

I can no longer call myself an “Internet Marketer.” However, it seems to me, it just isn’t my fault!

It is my choice to not join the classification willingly, while some may still place me there, either with good vibes attached, or not. The reason I say this is that, in today’s social media and mobile …