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Storytelling for Military Kids

When combat veterans come home, they tell stories. They tell those stories to each other, maybe not even realizing that children are listening. These stories don’t sound real. They sound like a baseball highlight reel: Here are the amazing heroic catches; here’s the home run I hit; here’s the blooper you made. There’s little or nothing of the time in between. Standing on d…


I’ve seen many different ways that parents handle the correction of their child’s behavior. I’ve spoken about this to parents who have no idea what they’re doing and to parents who know every tactic in the book and know just what to do in each situation. Discipline is one of those tricky little things that is also changing as humanity evolves. So, does this mean that there …

How early is too early?

When is the appropriate time to discuss the female body with your female daughter? I was listening to a podcast speaker who recommended starting as early as two years old for using vocabulary like vagina and penis. While I agree with the philosophy of adopting an approach that excludes any form of body shaming, I think two years old maybe just a little too…

Guns or Guidance Counselors?

I was at the gym, minding my own business, trying to ignore the animated newscasters who finally had something to report that didn’t begin with T and end with Rump, when, despite my best efforts, a headline caught my eye… something about the issue of gun control being reopened due to the latest school shooting. Guns or Guidance Counselors? That is the q…

Grief to Charity: When a Nanny Killed their Kids

It’s a story so incredible that it inspired an award-winning French novel, Chanson Douce (translated into English for the U.K. …

Lyrid Meteor Shower

When people say they live out in the sticks, I get an image of banjo playing weirdos and a young Burt Reynolds. I don’t live in the city or in the sticks. Somewhere in the comfortable middle of the two. I don’t hear the noise and see the bright lights of the city, it’s a short commute though. I also don’t worry if I hear banjo music outside. Well, maybe a little…

Why Writing Matters (Kids Write, Part I)

This is part one of a series about how to help kids not only learn to write well but to love it. Excerpts are taken from my book TEACHING KIDS TO WRITE WELL: SIX SECRETS EVERY GROWN-UP SHOULD KNOW.

Writing is the second most important means by which humankind com…

Playing Smart

Toys, toys, toys. At times I feel like my house could literally be a Toys R Us store. Everything you can imagine but it was get overwhelming for me, I could just imagine how a little brain would take it. We want our kids to have fun but remember a couple tips when it comes to your kids and toys.

  1. Swap them Out ~~ They don’t need to play with 10…
Starting Line

 Our jobs as parents as far as I’m concerned which thankfully was drilled in my brain by my mother, that we need to do everything we can in our power to get our children to that starting line. When you think of this concept I literally envision a starting line of life, which I feel starts at around 18 and up. Therefore from the minute, that child is born until they reach the…

The Gift of Gilbert

Let me tell you a feel-good story. It involves love – the love of a mother for her daughter, and a child’s passionate, exhilarated, uncomplicated love for books. This is the true story of Deb Rhodes, and her daughter Sarah, and how I came to know them. This holiday season, I am grateful that Deb has shared parts of her story, and that through her mom, Sarah has shared a wo…

Slug Bug Jug

As I am driving down the road my grandchildren in the back seat are playing a game to keep them occupied. The game is “Slug-Bug”, where when you spy a Volkswagen Beetle you can then slug your opponent in the arm. This got to be very violate so we changed the rules that when you saw a “Slug-Bug” you would then fist pump your opponent.  

What I liked about the game wh…

Lessons Learned – On Authenticity

Lessons Learned

By Katherine Goodsell M.ED

Lessons Learned From Gang Kids:

I usually write about Aspergers and Autism but I think my goal here is also to help people make connections in their lives experiences and how they can relate those to other peoples lives. So I will begin with this story. 

After the arrival of my eldest son ...

Disciplining a Child: Still Acceptable?

As the years change and different generations are born, spanking or over-disciplining your child in society is deemed a little more ill-favored due to research studies. But why? I don’t know if anyone, parent or child, has noticed, but children now of days are a lot more spoiled, rude, and nasty towards their parents and society. Me personally, I think that children need t…

Because of Maria

As a young girl I was obsessed with Sesame Street. I actively looked for the iconic green and white sign on long car drives and searched for it on maps. I wanted to find Sesame Street more than anything in the world. I wanted to help Big Bird prove that Snuffy was real. I wanted to sleep over at Ernie and Bert’s. I wanted to see how deep Oscar’s trashcan went. But more than …

Getting Boys to Read

The more that you read,

the more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you’ll go.

~ Dr. Seuss ~

Sunshine streams through my window. I’m enjoying a mug of strong, black coffee and reading the results of the latest scientific study: Experts research…

“Isn’t it Ironic?”

When I was sixteen, Alanis Morissette’s, “Ironic,” was quite the popular anthem. While I spent plenty of moments belting out its lyrics behind the wheel of my light-blue Chevy Corsica, I can’t imagine that I had true appreciation for the song’s message. At sixteen, irony isn’t always so easily recognized.

Not so at thirty-seven. At thirty-seven, irony seems to be ever…

Are Tantrums Evolving? All Signs Point to YES

It’s become apparent to me that tantrums are evolving. Yes, I mean tantrums thrown by children, namely, my youngest daughter, Caroline. She is four, which means she dissolves into a puddle of fury at even the slightest obstacle. Lately, I’m feeling ill-prepared for these episodes, and find myself trying to draw on the experiences I’ve had with my older daughter, Avery. This...

A Rant Not Intended For The Queasy.

WC, Toilette, Baño, Washroom, Potty. Call it what you will, when you live in an old Century home and share these four walls with humans of the male species the name becomes unimportant. There is no prettying it up either, even my incredibly talented Interior Designer of a husband is great at putting lipstick on this pig, but mama knows what is really in there. No decorat…



I saw my first firefly of the season last night as I watched the daylight turn to night. 

It’s a mystical and exciting herald of the pending summer. Every time someone asks me if I miss teaching, I always answer yes because I do. I miss the energy and the humor of being surrounded by hundreds of pubescent and pre-p…


Soon, it will be: hot, hot, hot! At least where I am sitting. 🙂 

In Canada, we spend months bemoaning the cold and dreaming of warmer days. Be careful what you wish for because it can get really hot at the height of summer! If your family is feeling the effects of the blistering sun, try some of these fun ways to beat the summer heat:


·    ...

Aunt Status

I just recently I became an aunt for the second time over and I love it. The first time was when my older brother had his son 13 years ago but now my baby sitter just had her first baby and it’s an amazing journey to watch.  

Now that I’m in my 30’s, I also enjoy being an aunt more now. I can do more with the baby, appreciate her, spoil her, love her but thankfull…

Starting a Journey into the Minecraft World/Relm

“Look, look, watch this you can put down a red stone all along here and then a leaver and watch you have a glowing light. Cool eh? Look at this over here I have tamed a donkey and see on the saddle I can store stuff, and watch here I can plant a seed and grow a tree, to make a tree fort. Oh here, I have mined enough iron to make a sword. Oops I need to go feed my dogs, they…

All About Anna and Andy

    After reading one of my books to a second-grade elementary class, during question time, one of the students asked me, “Why did you start writing children’s picture books about hummingbirds?” I had to stop and think a minute, and I answered her with this: One afternoon I went to look at our baby hummingbirds, Anna and Andy, on my back patio. When I got to their nest…

Make cleaning fun

 Trying to get your kids to clean? Make it fun. Try one of these ideas:

  1. Roll the dice. Assign a number to each chore and let your kids roll the dice to see which chore they get assigned to.
  2. Make a wheel chart. The outer wheel will have your kids’ names. The inner wheel will have the chores. Spin the wheel each week and see which chore each child ...
4th Trimester

Yep, that’s right! Just when you thought you made it through 3 trimesters there is one more waiting for you after birth. This fourth trimester might actually be the hardest one on you physically and emotionally.

The fourth trimester starts from the moment your baby is born until they are three months old. It is the period of when your newborn has come into this…

What parents of Kindergarteners should know.

Kindergarten is an exciting time in a child’s life. For some kids who attended daycare or nursery school it is a greater leap towards independence and deeper learning. For others, it is their first experience being away from their parent/caregiver for an extended period of time. The students who enter a kindergarten classroom are all coming from smaller communities,…

5 Ways to Help A Preemie Mom

Having a preemie can be a difficult time for a mom, and her family. I can vouch to this since I recently gave birth to a little girl at 29 weeks into my pregnancy. We recieved a lot of help from friends and loved ones, so here are a few of the most helpful things in our situation. 

1. Money- I feel a little superficial saying this, but its reality. The gas neede…

Education Outside the Classroom Part 2

In my previous article I discussed the parents role in their child’s education at home. I mentioned activities such as reading, playing make believe, building with lego or other materials, practicing essential skills (doing up zippers, tying their shoes, basic numeracy skills), playing games with hidden educational elements, as well as television. All of these an…

Education outside the classroom Part 1

After completing my first round of report cards as a teacher and a parent, I spent a lot of time thinking about my students strengths and needs, and how to help them be better learners. After a lot of thinking and conversation, I realized that while I could be doing my best to help students grow at school, there needed to be an equal effort happening at home. I th…

Attitude and Perspective

The last couple weeks of summer can be rough when you’re 9 months pregnant and your kids are tired. Especially when my attitude is this: “The kids are tired and crazy and I’m exhausted! Let’s get through this last week of summer.”

Lately, I’ve been able to go to bed early which helps me wake up by 5:30am (before anyone else in the home is up, which I lo…

20 Rainy Day Activity Ideas For Young Kids

(Photo Credit from

Below is a list of 20 rainy day activities that are sure to please your young kids. This list is sure to come in handy so make sure to save it!

1. Kinetic Sand is great for young kids because it never dries out. It’s a great sensory toy and ca…

Step Back

Today as we sat down to eat and I noticed the mess I would need to clean up after, I started to think how it used to be when I would just take care of myself and how easy that was. But how boring right? It was just a thought that sparked a little pondering. I feel like my whole life I have had young children, which of course isn’t true, but one day I won’t…

Say Hooray for Winter Learning!

This Winter Break Make it a Learning Time!

Now that Fall is on its way out and Winter is kicking in, help your child become proactive learner this winter break. Remember, where there is enthusiasm, learning is natural and exciting! Provide your eager to learn child an opportunity to observe, to experiment, to question, to reason; to discover and acquire know…


Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says Praise Them Like This (but Most Parents Don’t)

A great article by Bill Murphy Jr.

What if I were to tell you that you could increase the odds that your kids will achieve great success in life–maybe greater success than you’ve had–simply by making a small change in how you praise them and talk about…