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How to Establish A Calmer Household

Living a household with 6 other people, one of those being a preteen and two of those being twin two year olds, there are a few things I’ve learned that have been monumentally helpful in establishing a calm environment for our busy family. 

1) Dictatorship. Establish it early. Generally authority is served on a first come first serve basis, so though you may not…

Relationship Starbucks

Relationship Starbucks

Being as today is Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be a good one. We are all looking for love from that someone special, and I hope that you all do find that person. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut who drove an ice-cream truck in outer space. This is the feeling I have now with the woman I have in my life she is my ice c…

Vengeance is Best Served Warm

Warm weather and sunny skies makes the heart leap as the outside beckons you to come join in nature’s song of fun and play. Whether you are 90 years old in a nursing home or, in this case eight years old and out of school on summer break, the perfect weather of a North-West Summer is irresistible. Everything in you wants to be outside! To the eight year old, it is filled wit…

Happy Groundhog Day

Yes, we find weird things to distract us. This particular distraction has been going on since 1887 in the United States. 

My good friend google tells me that:

Groundhog Day is a popular observance in many parts of the United States. Although some states have in some cases adopted their own groundhogs, the official groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, live…

How about a new trend? Meals without cell phones

Is it possible that we have to create a new trend of meals without cell phones? Is this the norm and we now have to create or enforce social interactions with our family and friends? I saw this picture on the internet and loved the message that it brought, short and sweet ‘the art of conversation’. We need our youth to grow up with socialization so that they may get along w...

Death and Other Comedies

My father was a kind and gentle man who did not deserve the last two years of his stay on Earth. Lymphoma robbed of his dignity, his mind and, on a frigid March evening, his life.

He had stopped going to synagogue many years previously, but not knowing where else to turn, we called his old congregation and asked if the current rabbi could officiate at …

The Impermanence of the Internet

For years now, I have been told, “Beware of what you put on the Internet. It never goes away.”


I can’t find the last two articles I wrote and shared with FaceBook and Linkedin. I can’t find the video I shared about how our IQ’s have increased over time. I can’t find any of the emails I wrote to my clients in the last five years.



Every day I wake up and I think ‘this is going to be a great day’! I try to make it the first thing I tell myself in the morning and also to resinate all the things I am grateful for. I believe that we should all be grateful for our freedom, safety and good people and hopefully some family and close friends that surround us every day. 

I often think about my dad…

Searching For Leo Buscaglia’s Letters

Dear Friends,

If you were a series of letters, with a clever mind of your own

You might consider hiding from a friend, who tended to be mishap prone.

“It was just a week ago,” Lynn moaned, ”I held Leo’s letters in my hand.”

But she put them down absent-mindedly, and they sailed off to a distant land.


Where has my OFF switch gone?

“Where has my OFF switch gone? ” has become a regular question I ask myself DAILY!

Being a creative person I get it, but DANG…there has to be at least a PAUSE button.

For those of you who understand, I feel for you. Those late nights/early mornings when you haven’t been to bed yet, but the daily routines must go on.

For those who have no clue of...

Life Its Ownself

Life Its Ownself



I have a new woman ...

Ode to the Tick – A Nonpartisan Political Satire

A Lonely Tick

A single egg-laden tick struggles in the morning dew covered grass. She is cold, alone, and hungry, when suddenly she discovers a steaming pile of freshly dropped bear scat. Struggling to get closer she senses its warmth and recognizes it contains needed nutrients. Crawling on top of the heap, she rests in the warmth, feeds her soul, and lays her eggs...