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To Break Blame Games: Ask Two Questions

To Break Blame Games: Ask Two Questions

Have you ever been locked into an impossible battle with someone or a group that only want to blame one another for the impasse? This may have led to divorce or an extended estrangement. In these situations, ignoring one another may have seemed to be the only solution availa…

Sweet Serendipity

The word serendipity is one of my favorites. The way it rolls off the tongue and the meaning behind it are both beautiful, in my eyes. And it complements another word so well…

In its most elemental form, marriage is defined as uniting intimately or by some close bond of connection. That union may be formed between two people, between an idea and a cultivator of sai…

Share Your Story

A bookshelf is filled with stories of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are funny while others are serious. Some have hard exteriors while others are soft. Some share enchanting tales while others provide factual knowledge. Some are tattered and worn while others have never been opened. Some may sit higher on the shelf than others, but none do so in a pretentious or haughty way. Each …




What is this hidden epidemic anyway? There are two main reasons it has remained hidden. One of the reasons is that people do not talk about it. Individuals may or may not be aware of what happened to them. I am a survivor of Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s) and was not aware…


Is it time? Has the time actually come to divide our nation because of irreconcilable differences? 

Lincoln famously said, “A house divided cannot stand”. 

It seems we’ve never been more divided than we are today. 

In fact, it seems that each of us stand on one side of a divide and we cannot stand those on the other. There is no middle grou…

“You Messages” – Sign of Dysfunction?

Finger Pointing, Blaming “You Messages” May Be the Problem – A Sign of Dysfunction?


If there is someone in your life with whom you are displeased and you can name all his/her faults, be careful. The process of ruminating on another’s problematic behavior may be raising a red flag for you to take assessment of your own beh…


Everyone Has Issues – Here is a Simple Method for Discovering Solutions


Everyone has issues which may vary from major medical concerns to equally serious relational and financial issues. Sometimes the seemingly little or insignificant ones can drive you crazy. These are typically the focus of conversations between close frie…

A Choking Vine

           In Texas we have a vine that grows, and grows and grows. We call it a brier; I’m not sure of the vines scientific name but in country-boy lingo it go something like this, “That *%$#! &^#$*&^ vine.”  If left unabated it can grow until you can’t walk through and it can also stop a riding lawn mower from penetrating its thick foliage. It will grow as long as …


Do you have an effective plan in mind for resolving an impasse in an interpersonal relationship? This article is about offering 5 simple steps for achieving effective resolutions when you find yourself caught in an interpersonal impasse. The process can be likened to having an escape plan posted in a building for emergencies. The point is to have a…

Do You Believe ?

Happy Holidays! I’m cutting right to it — what do you believe in these days? 

Or all the days?

I absolutely love this time of year and it has nothing to do with the commercial traditions {well, unless you consider wanting to bake all the things and see all the lights} but there is a sweetness I can feel in my cells that makes me eager to greet each D…



(Are Your Group Memberships a Fit?)

 For various reasons, we want to belong or be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I ask you to consider the role this plays into your decisions and your use of monies. Is it or has it been your desire to live in a certain ...




When facilitating a small planning group recently, it occurred to me this meeting was on track to what I have been called to do. I was reminded of the vision given to me several years ago. It is to facilitate bringing people together to share their tru...



                             Subtitle: False self vs Real Self



Have you ever experienced someone maybe at work, in a church group, your family or some other group that seemed distant or difficult to r...





           What are you depositing into your spirit on a regular basis? Pause. Let that marinate for a second. During life’s biggest hurdles, when we’re hurt, down, broken, lost, we may feel our sincerest prayers fall on deaf ears.

           This line of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. ‘Go...

Keeping Focused

“Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not clichés but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path.”

– Phillip Sweet


Congratulations! You’re making great progress with your puzzle. ...


If you’re the kind of person who believes in something so passionately that you must force others to believe your way, read no farther. This article is not for you. If you listen to others, not to hear their opinions and beliefs and the points they are trying to make, but only to respond, just stop now and go do that. Or whatever. 

If, however, you believe in som…

There Is Always Room To Shift

There is always room to shift.

To create change, movement, new energy when it seems hard, impossible, tiring, too expensive, out of reach.

There is always room to shift.

When life hands you challenges to make you stronger, better, more loving, more patient, more kind.

There is always room to shift.

I am owning my shift in this $1…

I Don’t Write About Happy Things



It is easy to write about happy things. Some people want to be entertained and read things that takes them away from daily life. Some look for new ways to do things hoping they find that magic bullet that will hold their interest for more ...

#1 How to succeed,The Dream Weaving Process Begins

My passion is to help more people to be able to live extraordinary and fulfilled lives without experiencing as many of those Coulda, Shoulda, or Woulda moments. Hopefully making it a rule in life to never have regrets and never look back unless it is used to help them move forward.

One of our first and last loves in life should be …self-love. We learn to judge othe...


I happened upon an article about homicide in our inner cities again. I say “happened upon” because there’s no real media coverage. It’s business as usual. Most of us just think, I’m glad I don’t live there! and scroll on by. 

Some of us shake our heads and wish there was something we could do, before scrolling on. We comfort ourselves….

Social Media, Human Connections Paying it Forward!

Attention Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all social media…Paying it forward, an article about building your puzzle by building up others! 

Looking back at an article I had published regarding how our lives are like jigsaw puzzles led me to share this. We as people have been designed to have relationships with others. My goal with this article is to begin a new relat…

Fiction vs Nonfiction Computer Geek

Computer Geek Challenges a Medieval Outlaw!


That’s the tagline for my first novel, Fairly Certain. Today, as I was preparing to go forth with my young adult novels (I’ll be at The Yellow Umbrella Bookstore in Chatham, Massachusetts on July 31. Stop by if you’re in town), I came across a 2015 correspondence from a f…

Your Time

Remember when you started making plans of what you are going to do when the kids moved out? I do. I was going to sleep in and go out more often without worrying about what my kids are doing. You know enjoy that kid free life. When my last child moved out of the house eight months ago, it became a reality check for me. I still worry, though sometimes I think now more than …

Walking On Fire- Why I Did It and You Should Too!

Those who are familiar with Tony Robbins knows that walking on fire is one of the most popular and powerful experiences of his four-day self-improvement seminar called Unleash the Power Within. Of course, I was very anxious and nervous about the whole thing, especially since I remember reading headlines a few years back of one participant who had sued him for severe burns s...

Epiphany After Epiphany: Everything Is Connected…

Let me begin by saying this is an ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY! Epiphany After Epiphany: Everything Is Connected…

I have been an educator for 25+ years in a variety of settings (geographic, urban/rural, socioeconomic) and grades (middle school, high school). By default, I also taught manners, common sense and wonder, using Science as my…

Would you be your friend?

This may be a strange question – it came up while I was in a discussion with a friend about people and friendship.  I realize that this can be a complex question. First, you must have a definition of friendship. Do we have different types of friends? Why do we need friends?  Do we change friends according to needs? As you can see, the more you define “friendship” the…

Living in a Military Family

Being a part of a military family is tough; it always has been. If one member of a family is serving, the whole family serves.

I am blessed. I have been loved and protected by Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. I have been taught and mentored by Airmen and Guardians. I’m not always sure when they’ve gotten in return, but I never take it for granted, neither from those …

Looking Back With Gratitude

Dear teenage Liis,

Thanks. Thanks for walking away from that modelling agency when it tells you to start dieting, lose weight and come back weekly for weigh-ins. Thanks for walking away from the next agency when the agent starts telling you what is “wrong” with you. Thank you for telling the model scout that stops you in a shopping mall years later that you are not...

Updated: Hold the Neck Together

You know, I honestly debated doing an update to this story, because the story as I already told it is just more interesting. Good moral, thought provoking, relevant in a sense to our current lives and how we help and/or don’t help people.

But I learned that the way I first heard it wasn’t entirely accurate and therefore felt compelled to share this “corrected” ver...

Do you know what you’re saying?

Language changes over time. Culturally, there’s enough drift that dictionaries list new words every year, and adjust definitions to older words. Some of the words I grew up with are now considered “archaic” (but I’m not, yet!)

It’s important to be understood, and to understand what others are saying. I had not understood, however, how difficult this has gotte…

Living a Life Worth Living.

Majority of people work hard every day. They go to work nine to five and go home to rest for the next day. Some people love what they do on a daily basis. They have no problems with the path they have picked in life. Life is so short most of us don’t realize it till we have a health problem. Then we look back and take a closer look at our l…

Create Little Moments Of Mindfulness & Connection

I originally stopped to look at this bush of gorgeous flowers because of this vibrant pink colour. I then went to smell them. No scent.

I shot photos from every angle. Leaves. No leaves. One flower. Several flowers.

At the end of it all, what intrigued me the most were the perfect water droplets on the…


A small turquoise bird is born. Overflowing with love from his mother.  One day the baby bird must learn to fly. He perches up to the edge of his nest, looks out, and feels confident that today is the day he will learn to fly.   He leaps out and for a moment, feels like nothing will set him back. Expanding his wings, heart beating a mile a minute to end up spiralling d…

Bring On The Goofy

For every serious shot I take, I have several goofy ones. I went through my phone tonight shaking my head and laughing … I swear I am still 7. But there is actually more to it than that… Life handed me a massive time out in the form of the most challenging health issues imaginable. I had to sit and stare at the 4 walls of my home for a long time willing my body and…

What is a idea and where do they come from?

What is an idea? Where do we get them from. The definition of the word idea is any conception in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity. We come up with them all the time. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are small. Some of us act on them and others will them let go as a passing thought. Some of great people in the past have…

A letter to my Mother on her Birthday

On your birthday Mother,


To the world you may be Jacquie, but to us you are the world. You are a strong independent woman, who refuses to let ANYTHING stand in her way. You lead by example and make sure your voice gets heard, even when we don’t ask for it. You are selfless, loving, confident, beautiful and pretty smart too! You are my rock, my light and my…

Do we seek true friendships now?

I can recall when I was younger and the friendships that I made back then they seemed pure and true. In the years later I really missed those friendships. Why was it so easy to make a stranger into a friend back then. Common interest maybe or goals whatever it was that ability to make lasting friendships was lost. I wounder did I change or did the world around me change…

Rest In Peace Kate Spade

 I look at celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Steve Harvey who found their forever spouse on the third marriage. It’s interesting how when it’s a man we look up to him for advice, but when it’s a woman we shun her due to her family. In reality were only given the cover the media wants us to see ; were not living in their shoes experience life from their perspective. What…

Childhood Memories

Have you ever reunited with someone you spent almost every school day with from the ages of 5 – 16?

Do you have that one childhood memory of a friend who always made you feel special?

Have you ever sat back & thought of your years in elementary school when life was innocent & your only worry was finding the best chain or stone for hopscotch or ho…

5 Ways To Love Yourself

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely are they all accepted by society. Too many of us are self-conscious and self-critical, and we are really good at finding flaws in ourselves. We make comparisons to and assumptions about others. Perhaps we don’t think another person is justified in his or her complaints because, “At least they are thin,” or “At least they have c…


I am not going to try and understand why certain things happen in our lives. I am most certainly not going to challenge what the bigger picture may be. But I will say that it sucks when G-d has decided to take someone away from his or her loved ones way too soon. In the past week I have attended 4 funerals, I know what you are thinking, wow, that’s awful. I agre…

Shake Up The Little Things

It’s amazing the “little” things that get pushed aside in life’s changes. One day we come out of our fog, haze, sleep, you name it….and truly open our eyes and realize a lot of time has passed and what should have been a temporary pause turned into a full-on stoppage. 

The key here is not to beat yourself up about having been on auto-pilot or stuck in the muck. …

A Year To Change The World
It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you only had 12 months to live and could accomplish one great achievement in this world, what would your great thing be? ~ Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

I dare you, I...

Why We Need to Tell Our Stories

I wrote a post the other day about the importance of having heroes. People that we look up to in life, for whatever reason. I said that most of my heroes were people who used their pain and turned it into something creative, writers in general, and then I talked about some of the women who I admire, who are speaking out about being childless and living an alternative li…

Birds and Small Things

 The small things are the big things


The birds sing their sweet songs 

But we tune them out

The birds sing their sweet songs 


I leave my bed to the way of the window to catch a glimpse

Before the birds lift off and away into the blue


After a long cold winter, I nod my head, to the miracle of a bird…

For You Vin

This article is dedicated to my brother “Vin”. I love you kiddo.

The doctors have told us that my brother can hear us. But I wonder if, because he cannot talk, he knows we can infact hear him! For those who do not know my family, stubborness runs wild. And my brother is no exception to that. Every time the nurses come in to do their job (which is every hour on th…

DO Talk to Strangers!

I grew up in the 1980’s – the era of “stranger danger”.  Every unknown adult was a potential child abductor or child molester.   Don’t take candy from strangers! And DEFINTELY don’t talk to strangers

The craze was so pervasive th…

What are Best Friends for??

What are friends for…..Is it to always be truthful OR to tell you a little white lie for your own benefit??

There are friends or perhaps good acquaintances that you have passing chats with and then there are your best friends. These are the people who always support you, no matter what. You could be completely honest with your closest friends & tell them your de…


Recently I was watching an interview by a celebrity on youtube where the topic touched on freedom of speech and it got me thinking.

What exactly is freedom and what is our responsibility to this freedom that we so crave?

Now slavery was real, Holocaust was real. These systems were the epitome of oppression of that time. So looking back in time where are we t…

Stop Waiting For Sometime

This year I have made a pact with myself to not put things off until later, next time, next year, sometime. Having been in the health time out chair for many years, well, I’ve learned you have to run to life every single day. Every moment matters. Start checking off that bucket list now and regularly – and keep adding fun ideas.

So…I am happy to have finally seen To…

Spring Cleaning – For Your Mind.

*Photo – Kate Nirlipta*

It is that time again that some like to call “SPRING CLEANING”.

Time to air out, and wash away the winterness and residue of the past year (s) that are leaving cobwebs everywhere.

I started late this year. Going through bags, boxes and whatever containers I have is not my favorite thing to do, but it has to …

Smart People Disagree With Me

Stupid. Moron. Evil… Spend a few minutes observing any side of a heated debate and you’ll be led to believe that only idiotic and cruel people hold the opposing view:

Pro-lifers are misogynists who hate sex and women’s freedoms. Pro-choicers are evil murderers who hate babies. Circumcisers don’t love their sons, intactivists can’t mind their own business, a…

Review: Born A Crime

​This book is a collection of essays by Trevor Noah about his life growing up in South Africa. There are lots of gems in this book that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder about what strength was involved in living during that time.

​In one part Trevor records a conversation between his grandmother and his mother. Trevor and his cousins were being naughty and when g…

Hang ON

Hang on…


Wait a minute! Have you ever found yourself chasing time? Well, that’s my daily work out lol!! As much as I try to plan ahead, prep the night before, time seems to always fly by.

We’ve all heard the expression, “I wish time could stand still”, but what if we could actually make it happen. I mean, t…

Hang on

Hang on…


Wait a minute! Have you ever found yourself chasing time? Well, that’s my daily work out lol!! As much as I try to plan ahead, prep the night before, time seems to always fly by.

We’ve all heard the expression, “I wish time could stand still”, but what if we could actually make it happen. I mean, there’s definitel…

Realistic Expectations -Adults, Part 4

I do not usually write advice for adults as this is not my area of expertise; however, throughout my working years worked with many adults and taught many young adults, so I feel that I can express my thoughts. We adults with thinking minds are very lucky because we have freedom of choice and most of us exercise this option many times. Sometimes we do not realize that we …

Speak With Kindness – Your Body Is Listening

Have you thanked your body for all it has done for you today, this week, this month, this year…or EVER?

Most of us don’t. But a lot of us do find the time to put it down, throw insults at it or complain about it. This doesn’t look quite right. This could work better. This us…

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how life happens in seasons. Parenthood, friendships, achievements, challenges…almost everything comes and goes in seasons. When we remember that and really soak it in, it seems that the harder seasons are easier to walk through, and the wonderful seasons we’re less likely to take for granted.

My husband has told me a number o…

My 5 Second Rule on Reading People

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

Have you ever gone to an event or a place where there was a huge gathering of people you didn’t know, and suddenly one person in the crowd grabs your attention? It’s as if a magnet were pushing you two together, and you’re both powerles…

Mastering your life with Mentors

Recently, I was encouraged by a book that I read to create a long list of mentors. I was moved by the idea of putting together a Megan Team with exclusive invites to all the people I admire and look up to most. My previous definition of a mentor was to have someone help or guide you in one or more areas of your life. Not opening your mind up to the po…

Mastering your life with Mentors

Recently, I was encouraged by a book that I read to create a long list of mentors. I was moved by the idea of putting together a Megan Team with exclusive invites to all the people I admire and look up to most. My previous definition of a mentor was to have someone help or guide you in one or more areas of your life. Not opening your mind up to the possi…

See Me Sinking: Part 4, Robber’s Cave

When I was a kid, I used to love summer camp. Some of the greatest memories of my life involve sleeping bags slung across old rusty metal bunk beds in dubious wooden structures out in the woods, hiking deep into those same woods to explore streams and lakes and hidden caves, coming together three times a day with everyone else in camp at the Mess Hall, that enormous central …

What’s the etiquette?

Do you correct other people’s spelling or grammar errors? Are you tempted to do so? 

How many times have you read an article, a business letter, or any other communication, and seen a glaring spelling or grammatical mistake? Does it interrupt your concentration even though you know what the author meant? Does it ever make you feel they are not educated? Or that …

Realistic Expectations part 3

At times, we have unrealistic expectations for our children. If the young child at 2.5 years old speaks in full sentences and is able to verbally explain herself, we automatically judge this child to be very capable, well beyond her years. We tend to forget her actual age. Children develop not only at their own rate, but also each area of development grows independen…

See Me Sinking: Point of Light

You’re sitting in a dark room, no lights, no sound. All is quiet. Still.

Suddenly, in the blackness before you, a bright point of light appears. A voice from the darkness tells you to keep your eyes on the light, and so you do, staring at the bright spot of whiteness.

After a few moments, the point of light begins to move. As you stare, the light sways eerily f…

See Me Sinking: Part 3, Point of Light

You’re sitting in a dark room, no lights, no sound. All is quiet. Still.

Suddenly, in the blackness before you, a bright point of light appears. A voice from the darkness tells you to keep your eyes on the light, and so you do, staring at the bright spot of whiteness.

After a few moments, the point of light begins to move. As you stare, the light sways ee...

Solititude and a Rainbow

No one likes to be alone

No one wants to be lonely

Except when we do

Because all the company can

And often does


To be lonely in a crowded room

That’s my jam

We are always alone

Slowly decaying all to ourselves

Then we are gone

Sometimes not even existing as a memory


Villers Bretennoux – Australian War Memorial

ANZAC Day 2018 – Why April 25th is important.

100 years ago the First World War was raging. In late March, 1918 following the Russian Revolution and their withdrawal from active combat, the German forces, reinforced by divisions from the Russian front, concentrated on the French segment of the western front and made a big push. This 1918 offensiv…

My Most Precious Gem of All

The other day I caught my son quietly going into my office while I was on my computer. Normally I’d be annoyed that he would just come barging in on me while I was working, but this time I decided to see what he would do.

“Hi mummy,” he said shyly, approaching me. He gave me a hug, and then returned to his investigating of my office.

“So, what are you lo…

The Agony of Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. Seems like everyone has something they want you to be aware of these days. And it seems like everyone is aware of autism. It hasn’t always been that way.

You may have read our story here:

Where the SUN Rises, the SUN also Sets…

On a cool crisp early morning I sit and quietly watch the wavy dark blue waters, grayish dark clouds and an orangy looking sky…AWESOME COLORS!

As I am just sitting and watching this beauty from another part of the world in the Caribbean islands, much comes to my mind. One of the things that does come to mind is the “SUN”. As I am watching it come alive and rise…

Friendship-Friendship, it’s the Perfect Friendship

Let’s Get Old-You Go First -Thought for the Day from The Art of Continuing Anyway Blog

The joy of friendship came home to me again this day.

The joy of exchanging hugs and conversation and laughter.

And the special joy of sharing talents, gifts to one another, knowing that each has brightened the others home and life by sharing the…

Are You Sharing Your Candle Flame?

One of my favorite quotes ever is from Father James Keller: “One candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” That’s so true – both in relation to actual candles and to interpersonal relationships. You lose nothing by sharing your light, your positivity, and your talents with another human being. In fact, you almost always gain something amazing – like greater credibili…

Are You Sharing Your Candle?

One of my favorite quotes ever is from Father James Keller: “One candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” 

It’s so true – both in relation to candles and their flames, and to people and their energy. You lose nothing if you share your light, your positivity, and your talents with others. If anything, you gain a great deal. You have the opportunity to make so…

Hold The Neck Together

I learned a new piece of my family history the other day. Something straight out of a western movie that, as it turns out, was a defining moment in whether the rest of the family line (me included) would ever have even existed.

Whaaat? Yikes.

It went something like this:

When my great grandfather on my maternal grandmother’s side (so my mom’s mom’s d…

Reason, Season, Lifetime Friends

When we become friends with someone, it’s never with the intention that this will be a seasonal friendship or a reason friendship. We look at meeting new friends with the expectation that the relationship will grow over time, creating memories, sharing stories both good and bad, and be of mutual benefit. But is this always truly the case…

Some people come into …

Can’t Touch it! – My Hair.

This is a too familiar issue that many Women of Color face daily.

I will use both terms of Women of Color and Black Women as we come in a wide range of shades.

“Oh I love your hair…can I touch it?”

I understand we can be very…VERY diverse and fashionable with the many styles of hair that we may wear, but for Heaven’s sake…WE ARE NOT SOMETHING T...

See Me Sinking: Part 2, Of Mice and Men

My last article ended on somewhat of a gloomy note, talking about the world ending and all of that. I don’t think I intended to give my subject matter such a grim and frightening cast. I was only trying to keep my articles short, so they are more readable, and that’s just where that one ended up ending.

Because, you see, I don’t actually have that grim and frighte…

Many Firsts without You

Many Firsts without You


The holiday of Passover is quickly approaching, I am once again faced with the realization that you are no longer here. Yes, it’s true for the last few years you were unable to be physically present at the Seder table, but we were comforted to know that the following day we would be visiting you. This year, will be different. Thi…

Part 2 Responsibility

Second R of my philosophy.


Have you been in a situation where someone has made an innocent mistake but does not admit to it and at times blames another for the indiscretion? Why does that happen? Is this showing lack of respect, fear or low self esteem? When a person admits to making a mistake and immediately does their best to fix it, they a…

Good Advice Bad Advice
Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it. ~ Benjamin Franklin

In this information era where everyone is given an opportunity to voice their views and opinions as gospel, who do you listen to for wisdom. ~ Vaughn Berkeley

I’ve noticed an increasingly disturbing trend over the last 20 years and it worries me...

See Me Sinking: Part 1, Rise of the Beautiful Ones

I write a lot of fiction, and most of it comes straight out of my imagination, magic and other worlds and fun stuff like that. The most compelling fiction I’ve written, though, at least to me, is the stuff I write that’s inspired directly by the “real” world. My favorite personal example (warning: Shameless Plug ahead) is a book I wrote called The Denigration of t…

My 3 R’s part 1

My 3 Rs Philosophy

I live and teach with a philosophy of the 3 Rs. RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. With my work and life experience I realized that I was living and teaching with a philosophy guiding me. I have enjoyed a very successful career as first, a preschool educator for over 25 years. I was lucky to have found work tha…

Losing friends

You know those friends that walk into your life and you just click. The ones that get every joke you make and follow it with an even better one that has you both laughing so hard you’re in tears. The ones that you can hang with but that are also there to talk with and lend a hand during life harder moments. These are good friends, and good friends are hard to come by. Today…

Empathy…Let’s Not Forget Others’ Misfortunes

It is now March, 2018, and many months have passed since the tragedies of the major Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Last year in 2017, I had the opportunity and pleasure of deploying at FEMA in Washington, DC to support the mission of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I worked alongside others in information management, operations and logistics assisting those (i.e. – Red…

Forgiveness and Trust

Trust and Forgiveness.

I learned a few years ago that both are very easy to lose, yet one is easier to give back.

When you have been wronged, deeply wronged, it seems like your world may have crumbled.

Be it a dear friend, family member or someone you have loved with your all….betrayal can either make or break you.

I had decided to let my exper...

Understanding Your Feelings

Thoughts often command our lives. This is an indisputable statement. But to what extent do we deliberately and consciously orient ourselves based on our thoughts? However, sometimes our feelings and emotions overlap our “thoughts” or better judgement and take over our operations. Your thoughts are like an internal dialogue that makes decisions and moves.



Make a difference today?

Reading time: 30 Seconds

Have you ever retired for the evening and wondered where it all went wrong today? Why did you get into that argument with your boss? The driver that cut you up on the way home from work who made you mad?

In a moment of reflection you may well think that this perhaps wasn’t the right thing to do. Did you act in a...

Out of My Control

I can’t sleep even though I’m exhausted,

My mind is racing with negative thoughts,

I don’t get how and why you are so lost,

“No one understands me”, you say distraught.


You’re right boy, no one gets your pain,

So please explain why you did this?

The decision to use, to inject, is insane,

I want to help but feel to...

What We Wear Tells A Story

Yesterday, February 28th, was Rare Disease Day and I had to laugh as these pairs of shoes were thrown together on my floor. They say it all. They represent my life with Gluten Ataxia. So I made them into a little art piece…gonna call it Walking In Grat…

The Absent Activist

I’m a bleeding heart and want to say yes to everything but here’s the thing; I almost never accept invitations to attend causes and events. Theoretically, I want to show up and support causes I hold dear but somehow I seldom say yes.

My friends call me an absent activist.

Absent because busy places suck my energy. This is because I carry traits from all the…

How Our Values Can Be Manipulated

We all have values. Shalom Schwartz from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been studying values for decades, and he defines “values as desirable, trans-situational goals, varying in importance, that serve[s] as guiding principles in people’s lives.” Our values are shaped by our background characteristics, such as our upbringing, age, education, gender, …

It Takes A Village …

We have all heard it said that, “It takes a village to raise a child”. I’ve been thinking about the true meaning behind these words. It is not about capability; it is about contribution. This means it takes many individuals to raise a child up in wholeness. It takes skills, talents, spiritual gifts and contributions from an entire community to truly enrich a child’s life. …

A Single Cookie

St-Rose bagel shop. 

I walked in to get myself a dessert after lunch in this quaint little bagel shop not to far from a school that I was attending over the weekend. I immediately noticed that it was mostly all bagels that were offered. I should have known the place is called St-Rose bagel.  However, on the counter held a cake server with homemade cookies. Made m...

Adversities Are An Opportunity

“God used our suffering to bring a blessing to someone else. This is how God rolls. He puts to use what he puts us through.” Levy Lusko

Someone somewhere coined this phrase, “Facts tell, but stories sell!”

Two thousand years ago Jesus chimed in on this idea, “And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony” Revelation ...

Downsizing My Life

My life is changing once again. For so long I lived in one house and worked at one company in one area of skill. Now, for the second time in five years, I am going through all my belongings, donating clothes, culling through the accumulation of books, and deciding whether or not I really need to take all those bookshelves with me.

Over the past five years, I have h...

Introverted and Proud

Introvertism: Susan Cain author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Won’t Stop Talking uses this definition: “It’s to do with where you get your energy from,” she explains. “If you…

SMILE! Another skill that promotes resiliency

“The month of February is a month during which most people have difficulty being optimistic. We are toned down after the big holiday month of January and struggle to keep a positive perspective of our life experiences. There is a simple way to change your mood, just smile! You do not need a real reason to smile but if you truly need one, remember that you get less age line…

How to NOT Change Someone’s Mind

Remember the last time you changed your mind because someone yelled at you, called you names, or accused you of being an evil person?

No. I didn’t think so.

I’ll never forget the time I tried feeding leftover gluten-free vegan pizza to a flock of pigeons I discovered in a Boston park. Like Sesame Street’s…

Niu Niu’s comment on State of Union Address

Sensible Living and Opinion…. On Four Feet

Communication from State of the Union


Niu Niu        I’m exhausted

Gary             Well, you are so fascinated by our Head Dog and White Kennel, I thought you would like to watch a State of the Union Address.

Niu Niu       Those people!

Gary           ...

Writing Makes Me Happy

Writing makes me happy!

When I was in elementary school I was considered borderline dyslexic, I would confuse my “b and d”, my reading level was slightly behind,  I felt overwhelmed and second guessed myself a lot. School was never easy for me, but I did my best and successfully graduated University with a Bachelor…

Leading from the Bottom

To have a servant heart, to be a true servant is to have no agenda but that of the person whom you are serving.

A true servant is constantly seeking the best for the person who is being served. Is it possible then that the servant is more knowledgeable about the served’s needs, even more than the served? This is in line with the example of Yeshua/Jesus being the…

Unsung HEROES-Understand WHY They Cross Your Path

Do you believe human connections have spiritual intentions? I Do! Reflecting on the last few decades, there are so many instances where I’ve come into contact with people, with whom I’ve not had an introduction. These individuals have stepped up and stepped in to ensure my safety, my protection, my interests and well being without any expect…

You Almost Didn’t Exist

There is a reality in which you never suffer. One in which you never have to feel like life’s given you the short straw or left you playing an endless game of whack-a-mole with one problem after another. 

Unfortunately, it’s also a reality in which you never get to experience a flavour-filled meal, a cuddle, an orgasm, or the warm sun against your skin. 


A Forbidden Love
Earthquakes just happen. Tornadoes just happen. Your tongue does not just happen to fall into some other girls mouth! ~ Gemma Halliday

In this age of Free Love, without restraint, we must be mindful of the duty to honour those who love us with a pure and sincere heart. Duty and honour are the restraints against infid...

A Dangerous Love
It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. ~ Confucius

Hate is spelled with 4 letters and so is love, yet they are as far apart from each other as the east is from the west. How quickly loves t...

Missing my father’s funeral

My father’s passing marked the beginning of a new dimension of life. Since he was ailing with Dementia for a long time, and was no longer able to sit up for long, I felt his time was coming. I returned to US from Manipur with a heavy heart wondering if it would be the last time I saw him, as he blessed me, putting his right hand on my head. He was laying in the daybed, in ...

The Letter
This book is a memoir by Jamuna Advani, born in Manipur and presently at San Ramon, California. This book captures her memories of her 1940’s childhood days in Jiribam, a remote place in the state of Manipur in North East India and her life in America….
Valentine’s Day – Survival Tips for Single Folks.

February 14th is known as Valentine’s Day. A day where couples dote on one another and show their affections.

This day is also a day where Singles are really reminded just how “single” they are.

If you are one of said single folks you have either decided to be bitter about or get better at surviving February 14th.

I personally have gotten bett…

Civil Discourse

I made a new friend last week. A visiting cousin brought a friend with her to see the stark beauty of winter in our area (the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon). I spent some hours with them over various meals, getting to know the visitor, and reveling in the opportunity for something which has become all too rare in my world, civil discourse on a variety of topics. 


Signs of Success

Signs of Success

Image from

I wasn’t sure how I was doing.

I’ve been writing and promoting a Facebook page named I Love Abe Lincoln in preparation for the release of my next book: Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories. I’ve never had a Facebook page before. This is my first non-fiction book. How many likes ...

Take Care Son

Reading time 30 seconds

Following on from my last article “How people make you feel” I’d like to share a story with you I recalled as I was looking for ideas for this week’s article.

I’d simply writte…

What becomes of friends in a throw away culture

All too often in today’s throw away culture there is a constant need for connection in some way, shape or form. Keeping old connections that have been a part of one’s life, that are both supportive and healthy is one, if not the most important aspect of one’s life. Because those who are closest o one will often be there in spirit or in flesh for one another, which shows understanding a…

What Is Love
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu

Love is the infinite source of miracles and value. With love even the most insignificant thing has meaning, and without love nothing is worth anything. ~ Vaughn Berkeley

It’s the time when we want to share l...

Resiliency: Nature or Nuture

Resiliency; Nature or Nurtured?

There has been an ongoing debate as to how much our character, personality, and preferences in general are part of our DNA structure and therefore unchangeable, as “nature”.  Or, are these traits a product of environment, culture and schooling, “nurture”. Many think both are right and I agree. A person is a product of both nature…


My not so baby is turning 4, as a proud mother of 2 healthy beautiful girls I am blessed to watch them grow up and become their own person. At the same time, my youngest daughter will be turning 4 in less than a week. I still remember the day she was born, and holding her for the first time, as I am sure most parent do. I am proud of the person she’s becoming even…

How People Make You feel

Reading Time:30 seconds

  • Can you think of a time when you met someone and immediately felt drawn to them?
  • Can you remember a time when you met someone and were immediately turned off by them?
  • Can you remember why?

I’d hazard a guess that it was bec...

Blessings in Disguise

“Blessings in disguise”; you may have heard the term at some point in your life. In case you haven’t, according to Cambridge Dictionary Online, a “blessing in disguise” is “something that …

My Grandfather’s House

My grandfather’s house is gone, and only grass waves where it stood. I don’t often have reason to pass that way, but today I did. I drove through woods and past fields, up the hill and looked out across the valley. When the road turned, I could see the tall pines that Grandpa planted as a wind-break, where we played as children, and where his beloved Beagles were buried. As …

A Storm to Be Reckoned With

This morning I turned on my computer and stepped away for a moment while the programs loaded. When I returned good, old Windows 10 had once again given me an image to contemplate.          

I wasn’t sure what I would write about, but when I saw the image in front of me, it became clear. I saw before me nature unfolding dramatically. I saw in the distant a storm bre…

Connections, Calendars, Calibrators

Picked up one of those ad papers in an office one day, brought it home to look through and learned about a fair that was presenting at the IX Center in Cleveland. Since I’m interested in the fairs I gave it a look through. Two whole pages of faces stared at me and I went through each to see if I knew anyone since I run in some of the circles around town.

One face …

SUPPORT – No one can stand alone.

Support Is important in many different forms.

Buildings rely on it as do bridges and other structures. Without support things tend to fall apart.

We as people are really no different.

Everyone, no matter who it is needs some form of support.

Bell will be hosting its “Let’s Talk” campaigne shortly.

Mental illness cases have been growing ...

People with a Situational Value System

Reading Time:30 Seconds

I was in a busy grocery store last week and like others, had been in the queue for some time. There were only two staff members on duty working as fast as humanly possible. Both ladies were apologising to customers as they went through the checkout explaining that they had staff shortages

I had already let two ladies…


Today is the eleventh day of the New Year, it’s time to kick old habits to the curb and let new habits settle in. What have you done to kick off the New Year? Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and reflecting. I have been looking over ways that I can improve my inner self, and re-started my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I have been practic…

Ubuntu; I Am What I Am Because of Who We All Are

I believe the UBUNTU philosophy is the way back to the ancient roots of kindness and compassion that modern society so desperately needs to return to. I’m not African nor do I have black skin but what does that matter? UBUNTU is for us all. 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu explained Ubuntu in 2008, as “it being the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks about the fact…

Death Notice

My typical Sunday is usually uneventfully housekeeping-oriented. I rise a little later than I do during the week, stretch out my morning coffee, throw in a load of laundry – the first of 3 loads that day and then shop for the week’s groceries. Sundays are “me and us” days – I spend time with Nick and Joy, Facetime with Jamie in the Netherlands and catch up…

A New Day Is On The Horizon

“A new day is on the horizon, and when it dawns….Oprah.” This statement resulted in a standing ovation for Oprah at the recent Golden Globes Awards Ceremony. It was indeed a monumental step in our nation as a whole to have a person with such a powerful persona use her platform to connect and inspire people globally, especially the young minds a...

Facebook: A Positive Spin

We all spend a lot of time on social media be it Twitter, Instagram, Linkden, or Facebook. For me, Facebook has been my go to for the last decade. When I first started using it, it was solely to connect with friends. I would chat, post pictures, view friends pictures, post on each others walls and create events. It was a great way to stay connected especially when so many …

Unsung Heroes: A passion project to give back

It is no secret that I love to sing. It has been my greatest passion for many years and led to me to pursue higher education in the field of music. I have taught privately for many years and currently also teach in the elementary school system here in Ontario. Music is a true gift we give ourselves and each other.

There is nothing Iove more than mixi…

2018: A Year of Giving

As we start the year ahead, I reflect on the one that has passed. 2017 was a roller coaster as I grew my family by one, left the safety net of my old job for a new one, had some physical and emotional setbacks due to an accident, and began devoting more of my families time and efforts to being charitable within our community and beyond. 2018 for me will be about growth. …

Redeeming Abraham Davis

Redeeming Abraham Davis


Image from Pixabay


When a friend and drinking buddy suggested vandalizing the Al Salam Mosque in Fort Smith, Arkansas, twenty-year-old Abraham Davis drove him and a third young man to the mosque in his mother’s white minivan. Abraham stood watch as his friends spray painted swastikas and curses on the windows and doors….

The Bigger Our Vocabulary The Less We Communicate

Isn’t it funny that the older we get, the harder it becomes to truly communicate? 

The more words we ingest into our vocabulary could actually make it more and more difficult to convey our truest message? 

Think back to when we were infants. We had about 5 different distinct cries to transmit one primitive message for each. Whether we wanted to be…

You Are Easy to Love & Excruciating to Let Go

Love is swift and the current of its passion courses through our veins as is the loss of what it feels like to let the rapture of its comfort go.


To anyone who is saying goodbye (or see you later) to someone you love beyond words, light and time, may peace be found throughout your journey of grief and may the presence of infinite love feel very close to ...

Start/Stop/Continue – The People Version

Out with the Old and in with the New…Year that is. Or is it? On the eve of the new year, as we transition, so many of us reflect on the experiences of the past year and plan for a new, even better year to come. Through these reflections we consider what we should stop doing, what we should start doing and what we should continue doing; an exercise often referred to in th…

Fresh Start

Fresh Start

On the eve of the New Year, we can’t help but reflect on the year that was. I am focussing on the year that will be, and feel energized for what’s to come.  I am looking forward to beginning a new chapter and starting with a blank page. Instead of fearing the unknown, I am going to try and embrace each and every day. I would like to try and …

Advice to Your 15 Year Old Self: Week 8

Advice to Your 15 Year Old Self: Week 8

If I knew then what I know now… but would I have listened? Teen Advice is a plentiful as leaves on a tree, but I’m offering some advice… with a bit of a twist.

I polled a huge variety of people, asking them this one question:

If you could go back in time, what advice would you g…

Toxic People Cleanse

Throughout life we will encounter diverse individuals from various social and cultural groups and it’s important to learn how to deal with different kinds of people, however, truly toxic people will never be worth your time or your energy. Toxic people resist logic like most people resist being in pain; they create unnecessary complexity, strife, and, worst of all, stress…

The Church With a Mezuzah

The Church With a Mezuzah

Image from Wikimedia Commons

It is true that the most important things about a church are intangible. Faith and fellowship don’t show up on an inventory. Still, Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Kansas City, Missouri, is only church I know about that has a mezuzah.

In 1996 representatives of the Jewish community presented Covena…

Honour Your Grief Whenever It Arises

I was driving in my car a few days ago off to a store to buy a few Christmas gifts. I had holiday music playing and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I was in an upbeat, fun mood. Reflecting on the drive, I truly do not know what triggered me. Sometimes emotions can live just below the surface for years and we don’t even know they are there, simmering to be s…

A Reminder

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of celebration, family, friends, food, and creating beautiful memories. For so many of us, it is a time to take a break from our regular day to day routine and hopefully find some time to relax.  However, for others it is also a time, when reality sets in and we reflect on the year that is almost done. We make our lists and…

Do Not Be Afraid

I don’t really have words to describe what it’s been like living in America these past two years. I keep hoping I’m in a bad dream and somebody will wake me up and rescue me from all the madness. We seem to be divided on just about everything and having a conversation is like treading water surrounded by sharks. Then we get hit with natural disasters that give us a glimpse ...

Tis the Season.

And so it begins again.

One of, if not THE, most stressful times of the year.

People hustling and working overtime to buy gifts.

Forgetting the main reason for the season. Whatever your beliefs are the Holidays are a time to be with family and friends.

Depression seems to be on the rise during the Winter Holidays. Too many people left alone, with…

Why This Book?

I’ll never forget that day. I was mom to a brand new, tiny, handsome little baby boy. He was about a week old at this point, healthy as could be, completely precious.

Labor had been brutal…23 hours of more misery than I would have thought possible. Running on next to no sleep, contractions ripping through hour after hour, pacing…trembling…puking…scraping every ounc…

Living with Tourette syndrome

Living with tourette syndrome. I know, some of you are asking already: what the heck is tourette syndrome? Well, let me say first what is this syndrome and then I can start to tell you my little story. According to Tourette Association of America (, and I quote: “Tourette syndr…

‘Tis the season of giving (Part 2)

As parents we all want to give our children everything we can. We want to give them our time and attention, but we also want to give them experiences and opportunities, and often a lot of toys and clothing. But what about those families who can’t give these things to their little ones? For some they work too many hours to make ends meet to give attention and time. Yet othe…

‘Tis the season of giving

As the first snowflakes begin to fall, and the leaves frost over welcoming the winter season a warmth develops within mankind, and people get into the spirit of giving. Although this time of year is synonymous with Christmas, a commercially driven holiday for many, it is also a time where communities and families come together to be thankful for everything joyous in th…

Fun Things Happen When You’re Doing Something Else

I went out trying to do a photo shoot for my social media channel with some seriously cool sunglasses. Two pairs in fact. I kept looking through my ultra artistic final photos and kept coming back to this one – of course the one without the seriously cool sunglasses. The super happy, carefree photo. Not t…

Thinking Of You

What is a blessing? Can it be regarded as something that comes from out of no where and changes your life? Can it be called a person that stays on your mind because of the feelings that they provide?

I know that you are my blessing and I know that I’m in love, because, I’m always thinking of you.

When I wake up in the morning, even tho you’re lying next to...

Hard Truths, Easy Lies

(This is a reprint of one of my articles from January 2016 that I felt you would enjoy.)

I’m doing a bit of self discovery of myself in 2016. You could call it a mid-life crisis or simply hitting the pause button on my chaotic life. Whatever it is, I need to take a sabbatical year for my overall health and wellness and to be a better human being.



A way to get rid of Bullies

We experienced another tragedy in Montreal this week. A young boy of almost 16 years old felt that his life was hopeless and that he was of no importance. He felt that his only resolution was to take his own life. Another potential soul lost. Apparently, the parents went to the school when they became aware of the situation but alas, t…

So Now What?

So Now What?


It has been 2 weeks since you have left us, although you are no longer here in body. Your presences has never felt stronger. Your legacy will continue on through each and every one of us. We are so grateful for everything you’ve done. I want to thank you for showing that a strong independent women is something we shou…

The Last Man Standing

The Last Man Standing

Image from Pixabay 

I have always sought out servicemen to hear their stories about World War II. My father was a combat infantry soldier; some of his friends also served. I wanted to understand better what my father had gone through. Like many combat veterans, for many years he didn’t talk about the war except …

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You’ve heard the saying, “You move like you’ve got two left feet.” That expression is mostly heard on the dancefloor but it can also be applicable to our daily living too. How many times have we tried to put our best foot forward only to trip over ourselves? At times, in frustration, we probably felt like we had two left feet. What does putting your best foot forward mean? H…


When a parent dies is the family chain broken?

I am now experiencing this sad time in my life with the passing of my 97 year old mother this week and well- meaning people are saying to me that she was the last link to the past. The chain is broken.

I do not agree with this statement; I think that her legacy still lives on. Only now it i...

How Do You Say Goodbye?

How do you say good-bye?


Life is a journey, we are born into what we hope a loving family. We are taught how to crawl, walk, and be self-sufficient. We go through each day learning and exploring, and growing as an individual. Some days are good, some days not so much. We try and challenge ourselves and strive to be the best we ca…



Image from

“I’ve learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles overcome.” Booker T. Washington.

People who are resilient believe in themselves and in something greater than themselves such as God, mankind, or a higher power. They do not define themselves by past ...


How you develop connections with your “outside” world stems deeply from the already formed connections in your “inside” world. I come from a family of 2 brothers and 4 sisters. All of whom I share a strong bond with. When we were younger our father passed away, which manifested in all of us creating an invisible wall to protect our “inside” world from the “outside”. …

Go Read When I Write

What does it mean to you when you read the words, “go read when I write”? Do you have flashbacks of the strict nuns with rulers? Do you feel like you don’t need to take no orders from no one? Or does it fill you with a sense of curiosity? Do you feel a pinch at first, but then if you ignore it, it becomes bigger and bigger? You know the feeling… like that itch right in …

The Power Of The Word YES

I love improv and have taken a lot of classes over the years through The Second City both in Toronto and Chicago. Through these classes and workshops taught by epic teachers and with amazing fellow students, I learned improv is so much more than just trying to be funny. There are so many life lessons in these clas…

Cheers To Life!

“It is not death that man should fear, but never beginning to live” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Death is always portrayed as morbid and if one speaks about death friends sometimes raise quizzical brows pondering whether you have a tendency for the macabre.

However, it is my belief that there are times when death should be welcomed. For instance, the death o…

Good Luck or Bad Luck??

Reading Time: 30 Seconds

Those of you that have read my articles in the past will know that I am a great fan of parables, indeed, my upcoming book “Whist to Trust” is a parable. I think they are so strong and we can all learn lessons in life by reading them. 

The power of a story really cannot be underestimated, this week I thought I would shar...

Every Step Matters

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for walking. These last few years healing from Hashimoto’s and Gluten Ataxia have amped my attitude of gratitude tenfold. I just got...

The relationship I have with my phone

Not even six years ago I would see my coworkers clicking away on their new iPhones. 

I was intrigued by the simplicity of saving up photos and easy communication between two people. My kids at the time were 3 and 1, and as a flight attendant away for a few days, I needed this phone. But I didn’t want to bother paying the hefty price for a phone. Give me a break, what …

10 Attributes for Lasting, Loving Relationships.

Emotionally healthy people tend to be happier, more energetic and vibrant than those who are depressed and angry, so I wondered to myself- what are they doing to achieve and sustain their relationships?

Here are ten common attributes of emotionally healthy people.

1. They openly express both physical and verbal affection to the satisfaction of their partner. T…

Handwritten Thank You Notes A Thing Of The Past?

Raise your hand…higher… if you have received a card in the mail in the last 12 months? You opened your mail box, reached in and pulled out the flyers and envelopes. You browse through the envelopes. Phone bill, gas bill, credit card bill and an envelope, unlike the others addressed to you. The envelope is hand written and first glance, you know it is a card, not a b…

You Can Have a Part In Predicting Your Future!

Have you heard people talking about their “Vision Board” or “Dream Board”? Well it is exactly that. Something you put all your dreams and material goals on and look at it. Please don’t think you have to look at it all the time, you do need to eat, sleep, bathe, maybe go to work and have some social interaction with others too!


Creating a display that sh…

Are Inner circles are our biggest downfall?

Some of us just got to know when that the people in your inner circle are the ones that are hurting you the most. Rather its friends or family it doesn’t really matter. when I was young my mother & sister told me. That not all your friends & some family members are in your life forever. At first I though they were both jealous of me because I had more friends th…

Is Anyone More Important?

“Buddy, are you more important than anyone else in this house?”


“Is anyone else in this house more important than you?”


I stopped, surprised at his answer. My heart dropped. Did he really believe that? My precious five-year-old, my first-born…did he really believe he was somehow less important than his brother and sister? Than his m…


This week we have been in Oman visiting family. I love the country and the culture within it. I find it fascinating how people live and enjoy their life, many of which have little wealth. My boy played football with some local men and boys the other day. They welcomed him with open arms. It was lovely to see this and the way they integrated him as one of their own...

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Great ideas are super when you think of the ideas but you have to stay motivated in order to see the idea through. To many times those ideas fade away because we don’t stay motivated. This lack of motivation might happen when we listen to negative Nellies. So how do we stay motivated?

We need to search out how to stay motivative. Let us start with writing down ou…




When Life throws you lemons, the saying is to make lemonade. But what happens when you’ve exceeded your limit? What happens when so many lemons are thrown your way and you find yourself in a pool of bitterness and pits!!! Well, we all have a choice. We can choose to stay in the pool of bitterness and pits or we can choose to s…




When Life throws you lemons, the saying is to make lemonade. But what happens when you’ve exceeded your limit? What happens when so many lemons are thrown your way and you find yourself in a pool of bitterness and pits!!! Well, we all have a choice. We can choose to stay in the pool of bitterness and pits or we can choose to sque…

#NOMORESHAME – The “Me Too” campaign.

Me Too

You may have seen these words throughout Facebook.

Me Too, #MeToo, Me2….or whatever form a person wishes to post them.

The “Me Too” campaign, for lack of a better word, was created to bring about awareness in regards to women who have and who are being harassed, abused, raped, and any and all other injustices.

Unfortunately I too h…

Searching for Sergeant Bull

Searching for Sergeant Bull


The first time my father traveled to Europe was in the hold of a boat built to haul bananas. He was a nineteen-year old Iowa farm boy sailing on the USS Marine Devil with approximately 1,700 other young men recently inducted into the army. He was assigned one canvas shelf to sleep on in a stack of eight shelves set eighteen in…

Defining Moments- which track?

Reading time:45 seconds

Can you think of a defining moment in your life? It may well have been one that at that specific moment in time you decided that you would get out of an abusive relationship, you decided to quit a job, to have faith in yourself that you would be the author of a bestselling book.

It could well ha…

Distractions: Survival in an Age of Technology

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury‘s famous story, is much deeper than I suspected. I knew it was about book burning and so I guess I expected it to be about ignorance, fear, and suppression. And it is about that. But the commentary I found regarding our ability and interest to connect w…

The Boxes We Build

We build boxes with our words

Try to stuff our actions and emotions inside.

Contained, safe, and in our control.


Our words speak one directio…


       Passion lies in the kisses shared before a loved one goes off on a train, bus or metro. Passion lies in the kisses shared when two are together at any given moment. This sort of affection is something I loved seeing during my time as an American living in Budapest, Hungary.

       This kind of passion is a foreign concept to me. Upon my arrival, my first r…


Confidence is a funny thing. It is something we all want but hard to come by. It can be perceived as arrogance or an air of superiority when we walk with confidence. We tell our loved ones to have confidence in who they are; what they do; the work they produce; in the choices they make. I am sharing my thoughts about confidence because it has been recently said to me on a se…

Beauty is only skin deep

This is not a blog about how heavy I am and how badly I want to lose weight. This is not a blog about how I wish my boobs were higher, my ass were smaller, my thighs were slimmer or that my arms didn’t giggle. This IS a blog about how I overcame thinking all those things were important for confidence and self-love. Friday my family and I went to our community pool and we…

The Benefits of Learning How to Let Go of Control

Has anyone ever told you that you were being too controlling? Like with your kids for example, did they ever say to you, “Ma, get off my back already, you’re on my case about everything!” Or has your partner ever been frustrated with you because you didn’t believe they were capable of doing things the “right way”, according to the way...

Celebrating Another Year!!

Celebrating another year!!!


Each year as my birthday approaches, I look back and reflect on the year that was. I reflect on my goals set from the previous year, did I accomplish them? As I go through them one by one, I often find myself getting upset or frustrated that sadly, there are so many items that haven’t been checked off.  …

A charity you should know about.

There are so many possible ways we can contribute to our society and community, and I believe every person can find a way to connect and give back. Some charities work on large scale projects or events a few times a year while others have ongoing smaller initiatives. As a parent I have a soft spot for children’s charities, but truthfully just about any good cause can get me...

Not Again!

 Not Again!!!


I am so upset with myself! Why you ask? Well, I have managed to sabotage myself yet again. I was finally on the right path and sticking to my new found ways of being on top of things and being accountable for the choices I make, I was finally on the path of realizing that I am worth it, and I deserve to find happiness. …

Communicate Like The Great Communicator

Communicate Like Reagan

This week we learned about what Apple has been developing for the last year with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Did they communicate to the world what is new with their new products? I am not sure but we will see when sales start to come in. After all who wants to spend $1000.00 for phone. Ronald Reagan told this story when he was…

Communicator Like The GREAT Communicator

This week we learned about what Apple has been developing for the last year with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Did they communicate to the world what is new with their new products? I am not sure but we will see when sales start to come in. After all who wants to spend $1000.00 for phone. Ronald Reagan told this story when he was trying to teach America how to communic…

The Unexpected Body Image Teacher

The last few years have been an epic body love roller coaster ride. Want to possess the most positive body image ever imaginable? Have your body completely fall apart a million times, a million different ways. Scars, weight, stretch marks, size …none of it will matter when your abilities come back, when your legs let you walk, when your mouth lets you speak, when your arm…

Do you care too much??

Reading Time:60 Seconds

Do you ever wonder why you bothered caring? Do you feel that whatever you decide or try to do is simply not enough? Are you in a caring profession and feel like all you ever get is criticised for your actions??

You may or may not have heard of “Compassion Fatigue Syndrome” I first came across it a few …

Child Loss – The Grieving Father

The loss of a child is not something I would ever wish for any parent

I can honestly tell you that time does not heal all wounds when you out live your child. The pain of the loss just becomes a necessary numbness that allows you to go on with life.

Be it illness, accident, premature birth or miscarriage the thought of never being able to hold your child …

Habits of Courtesy

Back when I was learning to drive, I remember being taught to wave to other drivers when they gave me room to merge onto the interstate, let me in their lane when I needed to move over, waited for me to pull out of a parking spot, etc. I remember seeing other drivers wave often too, a simple gesture of thanks for someone’s thoughtfulness on the road. It seems so rare to see...

Alzheimer’s: Sunshine in an Elderly Woman’s Life

“He don’t have to know me

Cause I know who he is “

Isolation and Dementia, Part I

(from Eric Church’s “Special Tribute” to his grandfather, who had been suffering with Alzheimer’s disease since Eric was ten.)


 Isolation has many faces, colors, characteristics and styles. As a recoverin...

Autumn Feelings, Sights, Sounds, Tastes & Smells

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I am a late September baby & over years, I realized that I love this new season! Living in Canada, we might choose to find the best of this beautiful season or sink into gloominess …..

I love all the brilliant colors of the trees and the crisp air when I go for a walk.

I love, well more like, raking up the dried, be…


I love summer. It brings sunshine and warm temperatures; school is out; there is lots of swimming, barbecues and popsicles. My kids seem lighter and let’s be honest, we all get into better moods. Last year, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer my philosophy was to soak up each and every second of summer! I was determined to enjoy the time with my family and …

Know Your Worth.

Know Your Worth – Apply it to ALL aspects of Your life.

How many of Us truly know Our worth?

I am a small business owner and I create many items for different occasions.

When I started out I had no idea of what a budget or expense report was. I did what I did because I loved doing it.

After a few months I got woke and realized that I was s…

Not Just Wonton Soup

In the last two years of this spiritual journey I have been paying attention to, and actively participating in, one thing I know for sure now, there are teachers everywhere and in any form. They may be in the shape of a human, an animal, a flower or tree, an element, an emotion, and/or a feeling. They are abundant in many forms.

“Wonton soup a teacher?” you may be a…

The benefits of connecting face-to-face

Reading Time: 90 Seconds

Our personal growth and evolution (and the evolution of societies) come about as a result of connecting with our fellow humans, whether as a band of young warriors setting out on a hunt or as a group of coworkers heading out to the local pizzeria after work on Friday. As a species, we are instinctively driven to come together and form g…

Dear Diary: Decisions, Decisions

Well now I’ve done it. I’ve decided to actually write a book. Problem is I have no idea if I should write it all down on paper in a notebook of some kind. And then there’s the question of: should I write it in pencil or pen? Or maybe I should skip the whole handwritten thing and go straight to the computer? Thing is, I find writing electronically so…impersonal. Kind of clini…

It’s Ok NOT to be Ok

Things aren’t always Rainbows and Unicorns.

Dark clouds do tend to pop up once in a while.

Times can get tough and you know what?

It’s Ok NOT to be Ok.

You are allowed to be sad. You have to let yourself just “Be” at times and just feel.

Being happy ALL the time is beyond exhausting. 

You give your strength to others all while d...


        Passion lies in the kisses shared before a loved one goes off on a train, bus or metro. Passion lies in the kisses shared when two are together at any given moment. This sort of affection is something I loved seeing during my time as an American living in Budapest, Hungary.

        This kind of passion is a foreign concept to me. Upon my arrival, my firs...

Literature as a Rehabilitation Tool

Literature as a Rehabilitation Tool Prisons are underfunded, overcrowded, misunderstood establishments meant to keep and rehabilitate judicial offenders in our society. We often don’t bat an eyelash at the thought of life there, or the process of rehabilitation. If we truly want prisoners to become the best versions of themselves – to emerge anew, ready ...

Purpose Shmurpose

A simple truth: We exist on earth for but a brief moment in time. Sometimes we just want to watch TV, or sleep, or drum our thumbs on the desk until the clock strikes five. Other times we work out, volunteer, visit a sick aunt, grow our own vegetables… When we do things that we deem important we attach meaning to them and this brings us a sense of fulfillment. The un…

You Gotta Try This

“On this mountain, the Lord Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine – the best of meats and the finest of wines.” – Isaiah 25:6

I had been in Uganda for six weeks and hadn’t been able to keep any food down during my second battle with malaria. After the fifth day, the fever and all symptoms had ended with one exception, I...

Happiness Dwells In The “Little” Moments

Last week was quite delicious. And gratifying. And exciting. And rewarding. 

I did not win a mega jackpot lottery or get a new car or home or land a huge contract. What I did get were the oh-so-sweet rewards for years of patience, dedication and determination. I got pieces of my life back. 

Every Monday night as far back as I can remember is Pilates nigh...



I learned from my father that honesty is a lot more than not telling lies. Court witnesses swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s easy to give a false impression without uttering falsehoods. Saying, “I never lied to you.” is quite different than saying, “I told you the truth.”

In his work as an accountant, my fathe...

Ping Pong Time!

Where have I been lately? No, not in a ping pong tournament, if that was what you were thinking. Great guess though! You never know with me. Ha ha!

Hubby and I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks: relaxing, exploring, discovering, playing, and bonding.

For the first time in our lives, we went to explore a part of Canada’s East Coast, some of New Br...

At Deaths Door

“This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him; and saved him out of all his troubles.” –Psalm 34:6

After traveling all over the eastern half of Uganda, and teaching the revolutionary earth science lessons to the locals who only knew folk lore of how the world around them operates the way it does (see previous article) I got malaria again.

It had been three…

At Death's Door

“This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him; and saved him out of all his troubles.” –Psalm 34:6

After traveling all over the eastern half of Uganda and teaching the revolutionary earth science lessons to the locals who only knew folk lore of how the world around them operates the way it does (see previous article), I got malaria again.

It had been three week...

At Death’s Door

“This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him; and saved him out of all his troubles.” –Psalm 34:6

After traveling all over the eastern half of Uganda and teaching the revolutionary earth science lessons to the locals who only knew folk lore of how the world around them operates the way it does (see previous article), I got malaria again.

It had been three week…

Do You Have An Accountability Buddy?

You have a project that has to be completed and you are forcing yourself to get it done. Does this sound familiar? How many conversations have you had with people about willpower and the discipline to complete the project, lose weight, start a new job, write a book, take a walk, or climb a mountain? Is that willpower strong enough to help you over the finish line or does it …

Suicide – An End with a lot of Meaning

Everyone has their own limits when it comes to how much hardship they can take.

For some it is easier to talk about the difficulties plaguing them. While others just can’t find the words. 


Strong word. Says so much. Means even more.

The act of taking ones life. The most final decision a person can make. 

How you personally feel ab…


Throughout my sixty years on the planet, I have met very few people who have a healthy attitude toward conflict. Rather, I have come across individuals who are either conflict creators or conflict avoiders. Conflict creators thrive on conflict and crave it. They therefore go out of their way to create it. Conflict avoiders are uncomfortable with conflict and run from it…

About Anger


Image from


Stuff ? Vent? Count to ten?  Stuffing it is sometimes a good idea for the short term when expressing anger would be counterproductive. No matter what you’ve heard, venting does not dissipate the emotion unless there are changes in whatever caused the anger. Counting is the best choice if we count slowly and use the tim…

What My TEDx Talk Taught Me

I love TED and TEDx talks. Ever since I first discovered them I was hooked and in the back on my mind I thought, ”I want to do one of those one day.” I’ve seen people I admire speak about their lives and experiences or been introduced to individuals new…


I don’t know, maybe it’s a sign that I am becoming an old fuddy-duddy, (does anyone say that anymore???), but, I’ve been noticing for quite a while now how most of us are when it comes to initial contact and person to person interactions. I am speaking specifically on how NOT engaged we are with one another despite all the technology on hand to communicate with anyone an…

Engineering Ethics or is it Ethics Engineering

Engineering Ethics or is it Ethics Engineering Our Society That is the Question

Recently I was asked to help an instructor at a university who has been asked to teach a class on Professionalism and within this class subject is the issue of ethics. He had read my book The Ethical Coach Leader: Developing Honor and Integrity and wanted my ideas and exp…

Engineering Ethics or is it Ethics Engineering

Engineering Ethics or is it Ethics Engineering Our Society That is the Question

Recently I was asked to help an instructor at a university who has been asked to teach a class on Professionalism and within this class subject is the issue of ethics. He had read my book The Ethical Coach Leader: Developing Honor and Integrity and wanted my ideas and exp…

Second Chances

How many of us get a second chance? And if we do get one, do we actually take advantage of this opportunity?

I have just finished Brendon Burchard’s book “Life’s Golden Ticket” which I can thoroughly recommend as a tremendous read.


Why Wonder Woman Matters To This 46-Year-Old Kid

I owned red winter boots. And red rain boots. In the land of 6-year-olds, it was a Wonder Woman coup. The girls and boys in my class could not believe my good fortune. Neither could I. To this day, I still don’t recall the last time I saw fire engine red winter boots – red rain boots I saw here and there over the years. To put this serious good fortune into perspective, th…

Ghost Story?

Ghost Story?


This might be a ghost story. There was nothing unusual about the beginning. A woman came to the agency I was working for asking for therapy. She described her life history. It was clear that she had a terrible life mostly due to her continuing illicit drug use. She said she had tried repeatedly but could not stop using.

All of her childre...

Your Hidden Magic, Pt. 6 – Love Thyself

Lately I’ve been having a hard time concentrating on my writing. Some family issues have arisen and don’t seem to be getting resolved anytime soon. It’s difficult for me to talk about myself and what’s been going on in this head of mine or in my life. I worry if I say anything it will just tick someone off, or if I reveal too much of my vulnerability others will take …

Good Deeds…..


We are surrounded by “busy-ness” yet we keep hearing about this new phrase “Pay It Forward” and “Unexpected Extras”. You think to yourself “self…I have no time for anything let alone pay it forward!”.

Let’s put the “shoe on the other foot”, shall we? Have you been at the cash register and s…

Believe and You Will Achieve

If you have ever been told you couldn’t achieve something by a parent or co-worker how has it made you feel? I’d guess words like, deflated, de-motivated, frustrated to name but a few may well come to mind.

In this article I am going to share why you should choose to believe your own press rather than others and live your life rather than the life they want you t…

Look up

Dear Future Generations,

I know life is a crazy place these days. I know that no matter where you go, you are “plugged in”. I know that the moment you were born, you were put in front of a screen. I know that you were given a device when traveling in a car, waiting for an appointment or sitting in a restaurant. I know that part of your education was…

Be a Blessing

My prayer tonight is that You Be a Blessing to Someone….Anyone.

To be a Blessing doesn’t mean you have to perform any GRAND gestures. 

Even the smallest of gestures may seem grand to someone who is having an off day.

Hold a door open. Help someone carry a bag. Say “Good Morning”. Wish someone a “Good Night”.

Listen without talking when someone is…

Adapting to a New Environment

Leaving the wide open spaces of Colorado for the concrete jungle of the New York City and the culture shock of all those people moving to the beat of a different drum. To be sure the city life was exciting going on the subway, Uber, or just walking to get somewhere. The first day was HOT and HUMID but we survived. Some of us were from the HOT part of Texas while others came …

Beauty vs. Luxury

( This article will take you 9 mnts to read , you can read more on the book I wrote … ” I “. )

Beauty vs. Luxury

Beauty is a God-given value that nourishes the soul. As humans, we enjoy beauty and are nourished by it. Enjoyment occurs in the moment, while nourishment endures. A lovely view from, say, the window of a train, leads us to pause an…

Why do the Sun and the Moon Fight?

“You must not understand our question. Let us rephrase it. What holds up the earth, or keeps it from falling?”

One evening, Pastor Charles and I were outside gazing at the splendor of the night sky. There was no light pollution to take away from the beauty as the nearest town with electricity was thirty miles away. Looking up and seeing the Milky Way shining in all…

Other Peoples Perspective

I have recently re-read “How to win friends and influence people”-Dale Carnegie. I love this book, it really speaks to me as I read it. I have always been fascinated by humans and their behaviour. Why does someone become a highly successful person, why does anothe…


Have you ever seen this photo?

Soldiers pay a moving tribute to 8 million horses, donkeys and mules who died during the First World War.

I find this photo very moving.  Can you believe that many service personnel met and made such a beautiful photo?  I had no idea that there were 8 million horses that passed away during the first world war, let alone how m…


Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combatSoldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Soldiers honor horses in combat Sold…

Your Hidden Magic, Pt. 5 – Going With the Flow

I have to admit, this particular article comes at a very auspicious time. Here in Montreal, Canada we’ve been getting record amounts of rainfall and therefore lots of flooding as a result. Today is just such a day that it happens (once again) to be raining, and interestingly it’s when I will be explaining the power of Water Magic (so you can understand why I’m finding it a…

Careful What You Pray For

In October of 2007 I found myself on an airplane to Uganda. I was to stay with a local Ugandan Pastor and his family for two months in a village in the middle of nowhere. Within about a sixty mile radius I was the only westerner, and white person for that matter, and a terrifying site for anyone under five years old as I was the first white person they had ever seen. Reg…

Sometimes You Just Need A Hug From Your Dad

My dad can bust some seriously creative moves from the other side. I can always picture him grinning when he gets my attention. He passed away when I was 24 and has had some very unique ways of saying hello over the years.

A couple years ago I was frustrated beyond belief trying to get better from severe autoimmunity. I would attend my gentle Pilates class and f…

“Sorry”- How Important is it??


 Reading time 60 Seconds

  •      So, how important is telling someone you are sorry if you have done wrong?
  •      Is it the equivalent of eating humble pie if you admit you are wrong?
  •      It is the right thing to do if you want to retain loyalty a...
How to Help Yourself to Hear Better

At one point or another we have all asked “what?” or “huh?” too many times that we ignore the problem and just smile and nod hoping to move a conversation forward. This situation happens more often for those with hearing loss. Hopefully, you can remedy these situations with the use of hearing aids or hearing devises. 

However, even when adjusted and worn a…

3 Things to Not Take For Granted

Recently, I was in a car crash. I don’t remember it. I just woke up in the hospital not knowing why I was there. Freaky feeling. 

Thankfully, I and the other person are both okay, I’m recovering from the whack on the head that knocked me out and should be 100% soon. 

I would have woke up in Heaven not even knowing why I was there! Life can be done and yo…

Longing for a Father. Found a Dad.

* This article is written well before it’s intended time as Father’s Day is a few more days away, but it means a lot to me to share it now.*

What is a DAD?

A Dad is a Man who willingly and lovingly participates in the upbringing of a child.

Not to be confused with a Father. A Father is a biological label which describes the male participant who h...

Being Thankful For The Gifts On The Journey

I still marvel at how many gifts my autoimmunity journey gives me daily. How many wake-up calls it provides. How many aha moments fill my life. How many times I am forced to slow down, smell the roses, take a pause to observe and appreciate the wonder around me. How many times I learn new concepts about human interaction and behaviour.

I take a gentle exercise ball c…

Building Trust – Part 3: Care Beyond Yourself

“Trust, not money, is the currency of business and life.” David Horsager, author, The Trust Edge

Quill Cloud

How do you KNOW when you can really trust someone? 

A friend from GoRead recently said…

Ever Have a Concussion?

Do you ever look at your childhood and wonder how you are still alive? The stuff we lived through is just absolutely mind blowing. When I think back at me and my siblings’ childhood, I honestly wonder.

My parents know how to have more fun than anyone on the planet.  They are daring and adventurous, and it didn’t stop with them. They let us kids do all sorts of cra...


Attending a conference for clinical psychologists some years ago, I heard, “I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind but now I see.” coming from an adjacent room in the events center where a group of Presbyterians were meeting. Their music provided a lovely background for a new field of scientific inquiry called — forgiveness.


Hope that Can’t Give Up

There are times when we get knocked down. There are times when our entire world gets shaken. We’re spinning, don’t know which way is up, what to do, what to say, how we’re still standing. We’re stumbling around, bleary eyed, reeling from the crushing pain of the blows. Somehow, something is keeping us on our feet, holding us up when everything in us is collapsing and we’…

Your Hidden Magic Pt.4, Getting Back to Nature

By now I imagine (and hope) that you’ve gotten into a sort of regular pattern or habit of writing in your journal. Even if you don’t have time every day, even once a week can be a great habit to get into. The whole point of freewriting after all is to get you in the practice of letting everything go that stresses you throughout your day. Writing is a great wa…

The Weight of trying to lose Weight

“Today’s the day. The day I start losing weight!”

I have lost count as to how many times I have said those words to myself.

See I am a fluffy girl.

I think the last time I was a size 9 was when I was 9.

I no longer stress about it. When I think about all those years I obsessed about being a big girl and all the heartache I caused myself I get s…

Ownership under God- Centrism

( It will take you 7 mnts to read this article, you can read more in the book that I wrote …” I “. )

Ownership under God-Centrism 

“What does the house think?”

The question occurred to me as I sat happily in the garden of ‘my’ house, thanking God for His blessings. I was remembering how I designed ‘my’ house, how I built it, how I pl...

A Passion to Hear Now and Always

Dawn is one hour from now and the sky is dark but in the east it is beginning to look like the sky is moving from dark to light. I am walking toward the east and I see Jupiter about 20 degrees above the horizon and it is the brightest object in the sky. Listening to my radio so early in the morning helps me relax as I continue to hike my usual five miles. I have a passi…

O Taste and See

On April 2nd, I married the love of my life. It was a fantastic wedding filled with friends and family. With the guests came well wishes and wedding gifts, which we couldn’t be more thankful for as we were completely broke and only had a couple of suitcases to our name. When we got back from our honeymoon we went to open all the gifts and received news that some ...

The Three-point Paradigm

The Three-Point Paradigm

The three-point paradigm is the start of putting theory into practice.

To practice God-centrism, you need to find what God wants of you; this must be achieved by serving some other person, since God needs nothing from us. Our duty under God-centrism is to seek out another person to serve in God. The three points are:…

Stop and smell the roses.

We live in an “Instanta- World”.

A world where people really have no patience.

People want things quickly, instantly, with little to no effort needed.

From our food and money to our health.

I keep on seeing these “Get rich quick”, “Quickly Lose # of Pounds in # of weeks” , “Complete meals made in under 20mins” groups throughout the internet and ad…



I’m writing from the point of view of someone who has cancer, multiple myeloma, i.e., bone marrow cancer, I can share some of the things that have been said to me when I told people about my diagnosis. I can share my reaction to them. Of course everyone is different so this …

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

I was in the middle of practicing a speech today and was rehearsing it for the umpteenth time. My brain was starting to shut down, turn to mush and I knew it was time for a break. The old me would have kept going. The current me listened to the voice in my head that whispered,”Go jump in the ocean.” So I did. And it was freezing! But it woke up all my senses. I then I medi…

Encouragement – Is This Communication Skill Missed

Encouragement – The Communication Skill that Might Be Missing!

How do you encourage others either in your family, friends, or in your workplace? When you are encouraged by others do they listen to you and then tell you that you can do something, how did you feel by what you were told? Or have you discouraged others by not listening and telling others that it just ...

Your Hidden Magic Pt.3,The Fiery Passion Within

Imagine that you can divide a human being’s consciousness into five different parts: Communication (Air), Strength/Drive/Passion (Fire), Logic/Practicality (Earth), Creativity & Invention (Water) and Intuition (the Self/Id). Each of these parts of our consciousness plays a key role in our everyday lives, we just don’t pay attention to it. But what if we did? What if we …

The Kindness of Strangers

“I could watch you shop all day.”

That was a new one. When you reach a certain age, pick-up lines mutate from, “Sail my way, Dreamboat,” to “Hey, you don’t smell like Ben-Gay!”

I stared at the round-faced, pleasant-looking young man ahead of me on line in the supermarket, determined to come up with a witty riposte. “Pardon?” (That wasn’t it.)

“I n...

What is Your Culture?

I used to cry when the cultural groups would come to the Elementary School where I was a teacher. The Native Americans would put on an assembly to teach us about their culture. A group from Africa would come and dance and play drums. Another one from Mexico would come around Cinco De Mayo in their beautiful cultural dress and would sing and dance in celebration. These a…

Awakening Your Dreams

 After we’ve been conceived in our mothers wombs; it’s amazing that it takes approximately nine months to be born. Finally, were born into what we refer to as an infant. This is the year we build the most trust with the world around us. Mommy and Daddy look at us for the first time with love in their eyes. It’s love at first sight. They then begin to count our ten tiny fi...

Breaking the rules

I seem to have a habit of breaking the rules. Most of the guidance I’ve read about writing suggest that the cast of characters for a novel should be limited in number. I started with a limited cast, but as the story has come out, there just are more people involved that I initially thought. 

I started with Edward, the middle-aged mapmaker. And I had a “villian,” thoug…

Greatest Lesson in Life, I learned from a Salesman

It was quite a year for the family in 1997. Mom had broken 7 disks in her neck, and at the beginning of the year had her second surgery and was on the road to recovery. Once she began to recover, we moved south for better weather, and after the third moved we found ourselves in Grand Junction, Colorado at the beginning of my seventh grade year.

School was difficult t…

The Fight For Peace

The world is a broken, fallen place. 

Bad things happen, injustice runs rampant. The brokenness around us is actively scheming to tear down each of us. Good really is in a cosmic fight with Evil, folks. We are in the middle of a war. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. 

The good news, though, is that we are given everything we need to win! Jesus is NOT …


Do you ever feel like you are 17 years old stuck in an older body?

I do! My 2 sides fight all the time. The younger one says: “Just do it!” While the other replies “Don’t do it, you’re too old!”

Yesterday, while in Aruba,  I decided to listen to the younger one, but of course, I had to drag the older body. So I went to my second class of Kite surfing. I was sca…

Legacy.. it’s in everything we do

I used to think I had to do one extraordinarily remarkable thing that no one else could do to leave a positive mark on the world. It had to be big and vast and reach millions in order for me to feel that my life mattered. Some singular thing that would always be associated with Shari Reinhart. 


My claim to fame will not likely be anything as great as…

Making Healthy Friendships -Meaningful Connections

Friends have a huge impact on your happiness. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness and isolation, and even strengthen your health. But close friendships don’t just happen. Many of us struggle to meet new people and develop quality connections. Whatever your age or circumstances, though, it’s never too late to make new friends, reconnect…

My own harshest critic

Yesterday I took my daughter to her music class. Bright and early, the sun was shining through the windshield, though it was definitely colder outside than it appeared. I’m driving and my sweet little is looking out the window.

Then she asks, “Mommy, is it hard writing your book?” I asked what she meant, and then she explained. “Coming up with ideas?”

I t…

Because Writing is Crack and I’m an Addict

In my curiosity as to why some people write I Google-searched the title of my next blog, “Why I Write.”

Some of the reasons I found from other bloggers in my search:

§ because I sound smarter when I write than when I speak

§ because I don’t know how not to write

§ to go where I’ve never been and to share the ride with others...

Your Hidden Magic: Pt.2 – The Lover & The Speaker

So did you do your homework? Did you try doing some free-writing? Well if you did, bravo! You can now take a peek of what you wrote (if you haven’t already). If you didn’t get to it yet, go ahead and give it a try (for more information on the last assignment just refer back to my previous article, “Your Hidden Magic: Pt.1 – Discovering Your Unique Gifts”).

This i…

Stay in YOUR lane!

Remember the excitement and freedom you felt as a new driver? The exhilaration of taking the car and going wherever you wanted to go? Perhaps you’ve had an experience where you’re cruising along, relishing your freedom and feeling good about how well you are fulfilling your safe operator obligation to the community of drivers.  You’re in the left lane, maintaining th…

Beauty in Simplicity

Whether it’s a hunting trip, a backpacking excursion, or simply a quiet evening with a glass of tea and a book at home, there is something vitalizing in simplifying life. 

I overthink things…I think. I analyze, I worry, I feel intense urgency to do well at work or in relationships, I can run around endlessly if I’m not careful. But when I quiet down and sit still, ...

Cha Cha Cha Changes In Your Life

Cha Cha Changes In Your Life 

Have you ever wondered why something changed when it was perfectly fine the way it was? We all have had that question in our minds at one time or another. My wife and I went to see the movie ‘Going In Style’ (which saw changes in the retirees and how they lived) and when we got to the movie theater we found out that the m…

Cha Cha Cha Changes In Your Life

Have you ever wondered why something changed when it was perfectly fine the way it was? We all have had that question in our minds at one time or another. My wife and I went to see the movie ‘Going In Style’ (which saw changes in the retirees and how they lived) and when we got to the movie theater we found out that the movie theater had just changed ownership. I …

The Long Spoons

Easter Sunday, 2017

It’s a quiet Sunday morning here. Some of you are celebrating this as a joyous holy day. Some of you are glancing nervously at the headlines, wondering how we arrived at the point where fate of the world might hinge on two petulant man-children. Somehow out of this goulash of the sacred and profane we are expected to make sense of our …


We’ve all heard the aphorism that you are the five people you surround yourself with. Well, sometimes those people can be hard to let go of, even if their presence is poisonous to you. We often think we “owe” people for things or must remain friends because we grew up with one another. But that’s silly, of course: sometimes, as we grow, change, and transition, those early f…

The Importance of the Unseen Work We Do

Here in Colorado, its finally spring time. That means for me, my work building decks and pergolas is getting busy. The last few weeks, life has gotten very simple and enjoyable – get up early to enjoy the morning, go to work with dear friends, come home tired and satisfied after a full day of working with my hands to build and create, rest, repeat. 

The picture is...

My Dad….My GREATEST Influence!

Thinking of my Dad brings a very proud smile to my face! As the youngest of 4 children, with a 13 year age gap to my oldest sibling, I was the luckiest of the bunch because I had my parents to myself after the ‘competition’ (….lovingly I say) moved out. I had a wonderful relationship with both of my parents however, after my Mom passed away, I had 4 years of being wit…

I Will Worship

When we are young, it’s the illusion of perfection that we fall in love with. But as we age, it’s the humanness that we fall in love with: the poignant story of overcoming, the depthful vulnerability of aging, the struggles that grew us in karmic stature, the way a soul shaped itself to accommodate its circumstances. With less energy to hold up our armor, we are …

I. Will. Worship

When we are young, it’s the illusion of perfection that we fall in love with. But as we age, it’s the humanness that we fall in love with: the poignant story of overcoming, the depthful vulnerability of aging, the struggles that grew us in karmic stature, the way a soul shaped itself to accommodate its circumstances. With less energy to hold up our armor, we are …

Dear ________

Dear ______:

I’ve given up trying to find you again. If this somehow manages to float into your inbox, so be it; if not, that’s all right, too.

I Googled you once and all I could find was your name on a Seventh Day Adventist newsletter. That so clashed with the image I held of you as a funny, rebellious hell-raiser, but whom among us is what we were…

Eaten Alive

Hate and fear and anger are emotions that can eat you alive. They gnaw on your core, writhe in your gut and poison your thoughts. They turn you into a hollow version of the person you used to be. A pumpkin carved out and emptied, devoid of the seeds that let you grow, with a mask plastered over your features, pretending to be what you wish you were.

I heard from…

Your Hidden Magic: Pt.1 – Discovering Your Gifts

What if I told you that every single person possesses a form of magic within themselves? I know, I know, you’re probably thinking I’ve gone off the deep end aren’t you? Or have I? I say “Magic” because it is the best term to use for the energy force that we all emit in our own unique way. For example: take a very close look at your life. What are you most passionate abo…

Autism – One word that means so much.

I had heard this word but only a few times.

I had no idea what it meant.

At the time that I heard it, it was said with such disgust and bitterness, that I truly never wanted to hear it again. I didn’t like the person who said it and felt sorry for the person it was directed at.

What I came to realize a few years later is that I was to feel sorry for the …

Tap Into GoRead’s Hidden Treasures

“When you write and publish a book, your life is changed forever!” Nicholas Boothman

Welcome To An Amazing Vortex Of Creativity… 

Take a good look around the land of GoRead. The more I explore, the more excited I get. You’re entering the world’s fastest-growing community of readers, writers and au...


Cheryl Robinson’s first two books,  And, Not Only That and In A Year’s Time, are novels about believable people facing challenges similar to the challenges many of us face as we walk through life. It is also about how their very real and tangible faith in God helped them face and overcome these challenges rather than getting mired down in them and letting…

Getting from point L to point M

I’ve spent the last two weeks working on a single scene in my draft. One. Single. Scene.

I have this picture in my head. I see how it was supposed to happen. I see the progression of events, and I know what happened afterward. I see the distinct body mannerisms, and I know how I WANT it to go, but I have been struggling to get it down on the page.

I rem…

This Question Is Messing With People: How Are You?

Hello. How are you? 

This simple phrase keeps getting me in trouble. When I call a service number, I want to ask the person how he or she is doing before I start yammering on about what I need. I think it’s only polite. People keep getting tense and even a little angry – edgy if you will. Why did it become the norm that simply posing a question ruff…

The Little Things

Last Summer, I was fresh out of college. I had graduated in May, finally, and had that coveted piece of expensive paper, I had my degree! I also had no clear plans about what I should do next.

Married in December, graduated in May, next was supposed to be a “big boy job” deserving of a college graduate, the start of a career. Over the summer, I enjoyed working with...

Touching an Elephant

“I don’t understand” or “I can’t make it any more clear” are words spoken in frustration. We see our perspective so clearly and are perplexed why others don’t see it how we do. How can they be so blind?

Perhaps you’ve heard the popular story of a group of blind men who touch an elephant. Each one feels a different part of the elephant; one might touch its side, ano…

I’m Grieving…But Am I Doing it Right?

When we met we were acquaintances, then became business partners and then great friends! We were Lila and Lola. We were so different from one another but completely connected. There are so many funny memories I have of her, and I loved that we could laugh at each other in the most loving ways! We travelled to conferences and spent hours sharing our deepest secrets. She w…

The Self in Human Communication

Communication has always fascinated me. From an early age, I’ve been a people-watcher. I discovered that much of the time it’s what you don’t say that speaks volumes. Perhaps this is what led me into my former career in customer service and sales. I worked in various industries int the thirty plus years in this area. 

I will be writing a series of articles on comm...

Everything changed when I met HER!

One of the beautiful aspects of travelling is meeting great new friends along the way! You connect on some level, laughing, dancing, have the best time and then you go your separate ways and have every intention of staying in touch, but “life happens” and your connections simply turn into the occasional “Like”-ing of one anothers’ social media posts.

When I went t...


If you’re open to the idea of life beyond this life, you never know when you might get a sign. A message. A realization that your loved ones watch over you… 

After my mom’s sudden passing in 2004, I encountered greetings from her spirit. She’d send m…

Cancer Kills Through the Eyes of a Loved One

It’s with great sorrow to say that in this day and age most reading this article and most of us, in general, have been affected by cancer in some way. Whether it was you a family member, a partner, a friend or whether the cancer affected being was a survivor or not. We all have our stories of this devastating disease, and when I say devastating I sincerely mean DEVASTATING! …

Why Not?

“There is never a right time, sometimes you have to just get out there and make your own luck. Go make it happen, go try something. Why not? If you wait for the perfect time, you’ll spend your whole life waiting and never doing.” 

I heard this nugget of truth from a jolly old Irishman I met along the trail during a day hike in the Mourne Mountains (the…

Surprises and originality

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

I’ve been working through my plot. Figuring out all I want to put into this book, because there’s so much to this story and not all of it is going to end up in this book. All of it affects the story in some way, but not all of it is going to be …

My Multiracial Existence

My skin color is the first layer of Me that people see.

It is the cover of the book that is My life.

A book, once opened and cover page read, will have you intrigued.

A book that is hard to put down.

Life through the eyes of a Multiracial child is one filled with joys, pains, and longing to fit in,,. ANYWHERE. Not realizing till later in ...

It’s a Bear Part 2

“A Bear?” asked the Marketing Director.

Dad was caught in the moment. He just got done praying through his discouragement, and asking God for a sign, and now he is face to face with a 400 pound black bear.

“Yes a bear”, he said, and asked to call her back, then hung up.

There he was, face to face with something that could easily kill him, but rather…


After reading Erin Roseman’s article, ‘The Power of Gratitude,’

I told her that her words reminded me of the time when I found out that no ...

The Snake That Rattled My Life

The Snake That Rattled my Life

Image from

During the first year of graduate school a friend and I went hiking in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Foolishly, we got off the trail to walk up the side of a steep hill through the brush. It turned out that the hill was already occupied. I found out by distur…

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I’m about to tell you a story of a very special person who probably will be a little embarrassed to know I’m telling it. You see, she does what she does out of a love and compassion that is inspirational to me. This genuine kindness is the happiness story I’m compelled to tell today.

Every morning this amazing person puts food out for the families of …

Use Fear as Fuel – It’s Worth it!

Nearly every life-altering, magical, experience in life begins with fear on some level…that’s been my experience anyway. Whether it was auditioning for the school play, starting college, childbirth THREE times! On the other side of those events, I’ve never regretted doing a single one. Each left an impact on who I am today, a strong woman, a mother (just trying to figure i…

It’s a Bear: Part 1

One year, a neighbor about a mile or two away from Mom and Dad came home from a day out. They opened the front door, and a mountain lion burst out and ran off. When they looked in their house, the inside was a total mess and their dog gone. Apparently it had followed the dog inside through the doggy door, and after a game of catch the lion turned the dog into lun…

Excerpt #1

I’ve been doing research, reading other authors, trying to make my writing better and into more of something that other people will want to read. And the more research I do, the more I try to classify and refine and mold my writing, the more I’m finding I’m not any other writer. 

I have a story in my head. I have characters I’d like you to meet. Some of them, I’…

Mountains in the Darkness

Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, both now and forever. – Psalm 125:2

Back in college a pastor said something one Sunday morning that has stuck with me. He said, “I’ve realized that no matter what, I’m going to go to bed tired. The question is, what am I going to be tired about?”…

Lincoln’s Patent

Lincoln’s Patent

Image from Popular Science

On May 22, 1849 Abraham Lincoln was awarded Patent Number 6469 for his device, which was a machine to lift boat over shoals or sandbars. A scale model is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.

Like his father, Lincoln had a knack for mechanics. His contemporaries report that when he…

A Soulmate Forever: Mom’s Legacy, Part I

“We do not choose the work we are brought into this lifetime to do. That work is your soul signature – your unique expression. Your Spiritual DNA.” Panache Desai, “Discovering Your Soul Signature”

    In my last article, I spoke with you about soulmates. If you missed it, I’d suggest reading it over to understand how soulmates help us le…

Have You Examined Your Walls?

We are all creatively designed to protect ourselves mentally and emotionally. It’s incredible how the human brain can learn self defense patterns or block out information to avoid further pain. There comes a time within romantic or platonic relationships when the realization dawns that you have built walls to protect yourself. Whether they’re thrown up during an uncomf...

Putting Words into Action

Have you ever been like “why does stuff come up when I’m trying to better myself?” Or maybe you say “Once is okay, I can control myself now that I’ve made this change in my life.” Whether it is food, exercise, jobs, family, smoking, drinking or the plethora’s of life obstacles. Somehow, we always seem to come to a point of returning to a bad habit or life event…

Let me introduce myself.

You have known OF me for many a year, but You have never KNOWN me.

We have spoken, eaten, laughed and cried. 

We have loved and made love with everything we were….or so I believed.

Our conversations have been delightful, insightful, educational, motivational, and at times quite frustrating. It is hard when everything is one-sided.

I learned of yo…

What Is Your Closet Saying About You?

My closet looks happy. It looks bright, serene and colourful and reflects all aspects of my personality. But this wasn’t always the case and it took purging my closet and preparing the photos for my colourful website to really wake me up.

Staring at my closet has caused me to ponder the evolution …

Are You My Soulmate?

Dear Friend:

If you’re drawn to this topic and reading my words, there may be a higher reason for us to meet across this page. Perhaps, just perhaps, we belong to the same soul family. Maybe you and I are soulmates… even from a distance… and even if we barely know each other right now. 

I can just see you. Your eyebrows are…

Expectations and Appreciation

What did you expect?

Have you heard this question before? When you have an expectation of how something is going to turn out, you may end up frustrated. 

“Remember all frustration is based on unmet expectations. If we did not expect anything we would not be frustrated.”…

Dear Homeless Person

Dear homeless person,

I have a confession to make.

I am that person who pretends I don’t see you. I pretend you’re not there. Your eyes are grainy and pooled in sadness and it is too hard for me to see that.

I am afraid to make eye contact but please know that I am not afraid of you.

I do not judge you.

I do not pity you.

I am cu…

Get up and Get going!

Why do we fall, Master Wayne? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred Pennyworth in Batman Begins (played by the great Michael Caine) 

As a movie lover, I will often find myself re-watching some of my favorites from time to time, and during the last week I’ve been revisiting the fun and intense Dark Knight Tr…

The Power of a Map

Many of you may have noticed that I’ve used the same picture for my articles so far. A black and white map, aged, but detailed. There is a reason. You’ll continue to see that map crop up, as I write more articles related to this book I’m writing. I’ve chosen that map in particular, because it was one of my first physical pieces of inspiration. Since then, I’ve stocked away ...

Abraham Lincoln’s As a Lawyer

Lincoln as a Lawyer Part One

Image from US

Over the years there have been many changes in how Abraham Lincoln was perceived as an attorney. When running for President, his political opponents called him a “third-rate attorney” and a “village lawyer” when they were not insulting him because of his appearance. His law partner, William Her...

Do they really want the answer?

Have you ever had someone ask you for advice? This has happened to me a lot: dating advice, job advice, financial advice, child rearing advice, acting advice, beauty tips, diet tips, and the list goes on. Most of the time, I have a strong opinion, I give advice with steps, information they can further research, tricks to avoid pitfalls, but a lot of the time I just spe…

When Your Partner is Stressed

Six years ago, my husband and I met randomly one evening and ten months later we were married. In hindsight our whirlwind romance seems a little bit insane, but God has been kind enough to bless our marriage abundantly. Our wedding took place halfway through his first year of medical school and we have been in medical training ever since. With one year of residency …

Death Is a Good Teacher

The most impactful moments in our lives are those that make us stop. Not physically stop, necessarily, but mentally stop…as if in the midst of normal life our minds have to halt, take a step back and say, “Whoa…” 

My husband and I moved to the western side of Colorado immediately after getting married. We had both recently finished college and were jumping into …

Unbelievable ?

Have you ever come to a point in your life when you ask the question, “Is this my life? Do I really get to live it? It is too wonderful!” Or on the downside, “Is this my life? Do I really have to live it? Why is it so hard? Is there hope in this world?”

How can one describe what happened? Words are not enough, and if I had pictures or video footage, they wouldn…

Trusting Your Path

Sometimes when life presents you with all kinds of stressful and rough situations, your path can seem quite unclear. You feel lost, desperate for solutions or a way out, blinded by sadness and frustration that muddies the path that once seemed so close yet so far. I didn’t know what to expect or do when I left my (now ex) husband. At the time, I was under a lot of pre…

Celebrate Climbing YOUR Mountain

I’ve got a mountain.

You’ve got a mountain.

We’ve all got a mountain of some sort.

And we need to celebrate climbing our mountain whatever it may look like.

I’ve learned some valuable life lessons over the last few years. There is no trying to keep up with the Joneses. There is no comparing my level of accomplishment to anyone else’s. I am sett...

Arriving before the bell

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation. What makes us do whatever it is we do. Primarily because I’m trying to figure out how to write truly realistic, dynamic characters, but the question also applies to me, every day, and to everyone else I encounter.

I get up in the morning, and I’m not much of a morning person, and I do it because my kids have to be at scho…

When we Change ourselves we Change the World

When I first got married I had all these ideas about how this next chapter of life would go. It would be idyllic. I would be thrilled to assume all the household duties even though we both left for work at the same time and came home only an hour apart. I would have no problem shedding some of my own identity in the name of being Mrs. Malorni. But as these new r…


On January 20th, 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. I would have loved to watch it, but I was busy fighting for my life.

I received a triple bypass that day. Given the sad state of my arteries, it was miraculous that I hadn’t dropped dead long before. I remember waking up in the Intensive Care Unit, swimming in and o…

Something Stirring – A short story

In his mind he runs through his gear list as he rounds the last bend in the road. His destination is just ahead. He parks his truck hops out and goes around back lifts the hatch and drops the tailgate.

He thinks back on how he acquired his truck. She ain’t pretty and needs some tender loving care but she gets him from point A to point B just fine. …

Overcoming Frustration

We all tend to get frustrated at some point in our lives.

Be it with family and friends, ourselves or a situation.

You feel anxious, moody, wound up and feel like throwing in the towel.

Frustration drains you of positive energy and hinders you from focusing and making any progress. Anger, hostiIity irritation and rage are only some of results of f...

Can You Hear Me Now?

I have always loved listening to the Moody Blues, a progressive rock band from the 60’s to the present. In fact I have gone to their concerts numerous times and I have all their records and hits such as ‘Tuesday Afternoon’, ‘Nights in White Satin’, and ‘I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band’ to name a few. I even have three DVDs one of which is a history of the M…

Avid Readers Have this in Common

Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever.” — Philip Pullman

Most little girls played with make-up, I devoured books. Most little girls went to playgrounds, I went to the library. From as early as 5 years old it was not uncommon to see me with a book in my face.

Back in grade school when the teacher assigned a pr…

Virtual Friends Becoming Real

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” Anais Nin

There’s nothing like having friends. 

That feeling of closeness between kindred spirits is simply delightful.  That’s why most of us loved the TV series, “Friends.” It…


You can have a ton of friends. Friends at work, church or at the gym. Let’s not forget Facebook, Twitter and Go Read.  But how many true friends do you have?

True friends that know you are having a problems. Friends that know things are not right in your world but you are faking it until you make it.   They support you on life’s journey. You do the same …

Finding Some Inspiration

When my kids were tiny, they found one book that they adored, and we had to read it over and over for months, the repetition getting to the point that they could “read” it to us from memory. “By the big red barn, in the great green field…”

Then my older two decided mom couldn’t keep the pace they wanted when it came to their digestion of paperbacks and they starte...


 Two students who had been selected as Student Ambassadors of the Year were unable to attend the Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Kelley Diane Burrows was from Oklahoma and Andrew Robert McDiarmid was from Texas.

I arranged as a member of the Board of Directors of People to People International to have personal presentations made by their own State Governor...

How to Improve Your Relationships Everyday

One of the first requirements for starting and improving relationships with others is to learn how to have good relationships with ourselves. I believe that I treat other people the way that I treat myself. Where does all of this begin?

Let’s start with how we enter each day. It’s hard to start the day with hurts, frustrations, and torments left over from yesterday…

Taking The Road Toward Peace

Yesterday GoRead sent me an email telling me my account was ready for a new article posted, and I thought “I have no idea what to write, I can’t even form complete sentences right now.” I tossed around a few ideas but nothing seemed to click quite right. Today, I took my boys to the doctor to be checked for ear infections, and while I shuttled us all in and out of offi…

Great Expectations (and I don’t mean Dickens…)

Saturday morning I woke up, for seemingly the umpteenth time, to our infant daughter crying in the other room. Being Saturday and close to time for our boys to be awake anyway, I expected my husband to get up for her, as he often does on Saturday, and give me my once-a-week chance for extra sleep. Key word: expected. I expected him to do so. And he didn’t. Not for…

The difference between introverts and extroverts!

The vast majority of people think that introverts are shy people who prefer to be alone because they don’t like crowds or social interaction. Likewise most people also believe that extroverts are very social people who do not like being alone as they thrive only when others surround them. Even the dictionary defines introverts as shy, reclusive people and…

Singing Hearts

“I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn’t resolve. But I was outside the Bagdad Theater in Portland one night when I saw a man playing the saxophone. I stood there for fifteen minutes, and he never opened his eyes.

After that I liked jazz music.

Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourse...

True North: The Sound of a Moment

There’s this particular group of people I know and am extremely grateful for. They are passionate lovers of God, people and life. I became acquainted with them through their music and then through spending time adventuring we have grown to be  good friends. Their songs have often become the sound of a moment or experience. Their lyrics rich with soul food truth. Th…

Vulnerable or Transparent?

What do you think about all that?

Well, my views are a little more …liberal.

Okay…so that’s vague and doesn’t really answer the question…

tell me what you actually think…please.

A while later…

‘Talking about this is actually kind of vulnerable for me. These aren’t thoughts or things about my lif...

Do You See Me?

“a’Randa are you watching? a’Randa look at me! Watch! See what I can do!?”

She looks at me out of the corner of her eye as she concentrates. Pursing her lips, brow furrowed, she spreads her arms out wide lifting her right foot slightly off the ground. She takes a quick glance to make sure she holds my gaze. She meets my eye and a big…

A Woman Should Have………….

(sharing a wonderful sentiment)


Enough money within her control to move out…

And rent a place of her own 

even if she never wants to

or needs to… 

Something perfect to wear if the employer 

or date of her dreams wants to See Her in an hour…


Life: He Loves Us First

God, “What is man that you are mindful of him, a son of man that you care for him?” – Psalm 8:4 

At the age of nineteen, waiting for dinner at the Olive Garden with Dad, the thought occurred that I never heard Dad’s story of why he believed in God. So I asked him. “You mean I never told you this?” he said, sitting across the table from me with his face beaming….

Self Sabotaging-When You stop Yourself from living

We all have done this at some point in our lives.


Why do we do this?

In my case, it stemmed from past experiences. Ones of being told ” You are worthless.” “No one will love you.” and so many other negative things. As a child, adolescent, young adult and into adulthood I believed every word.

This caused me to fall into d…

SELF SABOTAGE-When You stop Yourself from living

We all have done this at some point in our lives.


Why do we do this?

In my case, it stemmed from past experiences. Ones of being told ” You are worthless.” “No one will love you.” and so many other negative things. As a child, adolescent, young adult and into adulthood I believed every word.

This caused me to fall into depr...

Every Step

My heart was pounding. My knee was aching. I was hiking in the gorgeous mountains of Ireland. Or rather, I was limping in those mountains. A backpacking journey through Ireland was the first major test after a recent ACL surgery. I had blown out the knee catching a garter at a wedding after a partial tear ( a story we laugh about often)

With every step …

A Little Rain Is Good For The Soul

When I was living in Brooklyn, New York one summer, I had gone to the library for the afternoon. As a model with lots of go-sees and time to kill, I got to know the various New York libraries very well. I walked out the doors to the biggest downpour I had seen in years. Torrential. Build-an-ark torrential. It didn’t look like it would let up for hours. I stood at the entranc…

Learning is the Key to Wisdown

In Today society thinking, everyone has an opinion or thought to improve your life.

Turn on the TV, there is a pill or plan to magical solve all your problems.

You are living the wrong way. You have to do things MY way.

No one is learning, what is your problem is?

Maybe you are not even sure, what your problem is?

Have you noticed, wh...

Writing more than one book at a time.

I always write more than one book at a time. But I have found they have to be in two completely different categories. There was a time when I tried to write two shiftier books at the same time. One Tiger and one Panther. I literally almost lost my mind, my characters bled into each other and it was very confusing. I had to stop, halfway through.  Finish one book and …

How Can You Make a Difference ~ Our Clarion Call!

At our latest Leadership Forum meeting, our guest speaker Carine Strong spoke on the topic of Living Your Passion and Purpose. As 2016 drew to a close and 2017 was knocking on the front door, I was drilling down into what I needed to accomplish for myself in 2017. Needless to say there’s an ongoing internal housecleaning with a number of closets that I’ve been unwilling…

The simplest of gestures.


Sometimes that is all it takes.

No need for a whole conversation.

Just one single word.

By taking the time to utter that word, for some, it means a lot.

Saying “Hi” shows that they are worth the time it took to acknowledge them.

We never know what someone is truly going through.


In My Grandma’s Garden

When I think of my grandma, and I say this with the utmost respect and awe, I think of dirt and dill. The yield she got out of her tiny garden was mind blowing – and it forms many of my fondest childhood memories.

We’d have many conversations about good dirt and bad dirt. One had to have good dirt. Very important. Good dirt was created by composting and tenderly c...

There is no NORMAL

Before I start, you should know that I was a broadcaster. I spent almost fifteen years behind a microphone, in front of a camera or writing things for people who were. I am aware of how things can be manipulated to make the audience believe something that might not be true. Although I was known to audiences as, “Handsome Mike Greene”, you can tell by looking…

Stop Worrying About What Everyone Else Thinks

We all like to be liked, but it can come at a cost.

To feel accepted is a nearly universal human desire. After all, we evolved to survive better in groups, where fitting in and having the trust and respect of our peers are the measures of success. The need to belong is in our DNA.

But sometimes that need takes center stage, and what o…

Old Friends

It’s becoming painful. Three days ago you got an email from an old college friend, a man you haven’t seen in over 40 years, saying he’d be passing through your town. He proposed getting together for dinner and you eagerly accepted. Now you’re listlessly pushing the remnants of your appetizer around the plate. It’s already become screamingly obvious that the two of…

Making Mom Friends

When I first became a stay at home mom I was startled by how challenging it can be to make friends. My husband and I had moved across the country in my third trimester of pregnancy so not only did I not have mom friends, I actually didn’t have any friends at all. I had visions in my head of my kids growing up playing with other kids while I had meaningful conversations w…