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What is a High Fiber Diet? Part two

We now have a basis for what is a high fiber diet. This is part two.

Here is a list of many foods and their fiber values to aid you in planning your high fiber diet. This list uses the term “dietary fiber” for the fiber values listed. “Crude Fiber” values may still be seen on some labels. Crude fiber values are less accurate indicators of the fiber content available i…

What is a High fiber Diet?

After my recent colonoscopy, the doctor gave me this handout. I found it to be informative.


Fiber is the term used to describe plant substance which are resistant to digestion by the enzymes of the human gastrointestinal tract. Fiber has no caloric value and does not contribute to weight gain.

Fiber …

Enjoy Food More and Eat Less with MINDFUL EATING

I was attending a yoga workshop over the past weekend, and during one of our lunch breaks, I was introduced to a concept called “Mindful Eating” by one of the Dahn Masters. The premise is basically this:

When we are really hungry, most of us tend to just blindly stuff the food that is on our plate quickly into our mouths before chewing and swallowing as quickly a…

Adventures In Urban Patio Farming

Where are my urban patio farmers? My vegetable growing balcony babes? Those of you with little to no space just excited to get something to grow?

This is from my first ever strawberry plant. I was so excited to eat that first delicious red strawberry and was quite impressed with myself. 1 – 2 more days, I thought, and it would be perfect for pi…

My Famous Hot Chocolate

I am one of those really weird people who doesn’t like coffee and I’m not a fan of tea, either. That leaves me with very limited choices at the coffee shop, but hot chocolate comes to the rescue.

Of course, the hot chocolate you buy at a café is probably loaded with sugar and ultra-pasteurized dairy which can create inflammation in the body, so I prefer to make my ...

Food sources of Iron

People require iron and have upper limits of how much can be taken for health. Iron is a part of hemoglobin (blood stuff) that helps with the transfer of oxygen to cells. If that weren’t enough, it also supports metabolism, growth, cell function, making connective tissue and hormones! So, yeah, we need iron. Oh, and the chemical symbol for iron is Fe. 



Fresh of the boat

So thus will be a first. Writing about a place that I am not too fond of. Unfortunately, it’s in my home town of Toronto. Fresh of the boat, it’s a seafood takeout spot on Queen St W. The space is really nice. It sits about 20 people and has about 15 items on the menu, ranging from classic fish and chips to their famous soft sh…

Saint Augustine Part 2

There are many bars, resturants, shops, cafes and pizza places!!! Pizza Time, 124 St George St, St Augustine, FL 32084.  This place was amazing!! They had a wide variety of options to choose from white pizza, classic Pepperoni, Meat lovers, cheese, Margarita, Buffalo Mozzarella! The slice seemed like they were the size of your head the…

The Wonderful Taste of Poutine

If you grew up in Canada, chances are you would grow up with a love for hockey, Anne of Green Gables, and American movies and TV that feels like they are our own. If you grew up in a french speaking province of Canada, then there would be a slight difference in Canadian culture that separates itself from the rest of the country that you would grow up in. 

The fre…

Appeal and Value of Ginger Root

Ginger powder, ginger paste, and especially fresh ginger can add that unexplained pizzazz to almost any savory dish as well as jazz up sweet dishes. Moreover, ginger helps with digestion—this is why it often accompanies sushi and sashimi dishes. It is a great holistic treatment for nausea or stomach upset. This is also why drinking ginger ale (made with real ginge…

Appeal and Value of Ginger Root

Ginger powder, ginger paste, and especially fresh ginger can add that unexplained pizzazz to almost any savory dish as well as jazz up sweet dishes. Moreover, ginger helps with digestion—this is why it often accompanies sushi and sashimi dishes. It is a great holistic treatment for nausea or stomach upset. This is also why drinking ginger ale (made with real ging…

L’avenue Part 2

The menus are the same and the quality should be as well. So, If you are going to visit, please go to the Mont-Royal location. When you walk in there is an open kitchen, cool paintings on the walls, interesting seating options and the quirkiest washroom I have every been in. And I’ve been to Thailand! haha. Yes it is odd the reference a washroom but after you go in it really…

L’avenue Part 2

The menus are the same and the quality should be as well. So, If you are going to visit, please go to the Mont-Royal location. When you walk in there is an open kitchen, cool paintings on the walls, interesting seating options and the quirkiest washroom I have every been in. And I’ve been to Thailand! haha. Yes it is odd the reference a washroom but afte…

5 Restaurants to Try in Disney World

Last week I gave you some ideas of how to plan your Disney vacation. This week I am going to give you a list of my must visit restaurants in Disney World, Orlando. Of course, there are hundreds of dining options in Disney ranging from casual theme park junk food all the way to gourmet five star cuisine. I really had to narrow it down to the ones me and my family go out of o…

Food Dating: What You Need To Know

I was running late so I grabbed the hotdogs, threw them in the cart, and headed for the checkout line. When I got home, I put up the groceries and started dinner. We were having beans and franks because it was fast and the whole family will eat it. I open the fridge, grab the hotdogs, and tear apart the package. Then I saw it. The ‘use by’ date was 2 days ago!



L’ avenue Part 1

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to visit the amazing city of Montreal, Quebec in my wonderful country of Canada for a couple of days and had the pleasure of visiting one of their top Brunch spots in the city. For all the Montreal natives I’m sure you have been there already. It is a magical place called” L’avenue”. It am pretty sure they…

Burger Priest: Part 2

Part 2

You used to walk in to the restaurant and Have to whisper your order “ I’d like a “Vaitcan City please” which is…… a double cheese burger with all the fixings with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns!!! Thats right grilled cheese buns. The best thing I have ever had. So the secret menu was a secret for years. Now that they ha…

The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without

Around here, Mother Nature and the locals move into Spring with gusto: the flowering trees all burst into bloom at once, and gardens seem to go in overnight, on the magic day that will allow the plants to escape the last frost but also enjoy the longest possible growing period.

Many of us have too many jobs and responsibilities that separate us from the way…

Customer Service Part 2

In part one I discussed the decision to eat healthier and that it is sometimes a leap of faith to try new products. The two products from the Lakanto corporation were both terrible. But that’s how it goes sometimes, you take a risk and you may win or lose.

I posted my reviews on the two products that were purchased via Amazon marketplace.

My re...

Burger’s Priest

What North American doesn’t love a good’ ole beef burger? I love them! and if you want a tasty classic with a twist a times, then you should visit Burger Priest! There are over a dozen locations in Ontario and in Alberta. We have 7 in Toronto alone!!! They are all designed beautifully, casual black, white, metal diner feel but much more modern. The first couple of locations…

Book Review -UNDOCTORED by William Davis, MD

This being a long weekend (Passover and Easter) I know you likely have family dinners planned or social outings and are looking forward to the camaraderie and good times. I visited with a friend the other day who is of the Jewish faith and he told me within their culture there’s a common saying – when the holidays rolls around, the men tell their wives and mothers – you inv…

Toronto Eats

The dining room wasn’t very big, it had about 15 tables. However, I noticed some extra spaces in the basement. Once we were seated the server came by and he was super nice. He offered us wine and was very knowledgeable on the the grapes that they had to offer. The Chablis was ordered which is a Chardonnay from France without the heavy oak finish. Bread and accompaniments …

When to complain

When you go to a restaurant it is to relax, unwind, and have a good time. Sure, the food is important, but of equal importance is the service and experience, otherwise you could opt for take out or grab something at the drive through. As guests, you are spending your hard earned money and you deserve to have a good time, especially when you are out celebrating a momentous o…

The importance of making a reservation

Restaurants are a business that need to make a profit. Like many businesses supply and demand can be tricky to track and is constantly changing. This is why reservations are critical to insuring that service is excellent and that guests leave feeling satisfied. Every decision that happens in the restaurant is based on an estimated number of guests for the day. A few factor…

How to eat Healthy


What constitutes a healthy diet?

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to be overly complicated. While some specific foods or nutrients have been shown to have a beneficial effect on mood, it’s your overall dietary pattern that is most important. The cornerstone of a healthy diet pattern should be to replace processed food with real food…


It’s that time of year again. Winter has arrived, sales slow down, and restaurants are looking for a way to bring in more customers. The city of Toronto’s restaurants have come up with a unique way of doing this by creating an opportunity for more affordable restaurant experiences at some high end, and even not so high end spaces. This is Winterliciou…

Hidden Gems of the Food World

Many people associate pizzerias with just serving up pizza pies in all shapes and sizes. That’s not the case at Tony’s Pizzeria on Staten Island! This hidden gem on Bay Street serves up Italian fare from the traditional to the newer trendy items that are seen in Italian restaurants today. Chef Angelo brought the brick oven pizza that you would usually have to trek to Manhattan for …

Food for Thought

From bumper stickers and news headlines, from the aisles of the supermarket to the political promises of the last decade, buzzwords keep jumping out at us – organic, local, sustainability, outsourcing, biotechnology, global warming, recession, environmentalism, terrorism. There are books being written from a variety of religious and political perspectives, but they overlap …

Our Relationship with Food

This is no laughing matter- quite the contrary! Our relationship with food speaks loudly when it comes to our general, overall well-being and reaching our health goals.

Do you tend to binge at buffets? Do you go for comfort food when feeling down in the dumps? Are you starving yourself to lose weight? Do you eat what nourishes you or just “fills” your stomach? D…

Pleasure of the Flesh

I refuse to suffer through life as a vegan. I crave meat. The flavor, the texture—I relish it. Humans are not meant to be vegetarians. Our digestive systems are too short. We require too much protein. We need fat for energy–energy for exploring, inventing, thinking, hunting. Humans are designed to eat meat.* 

We aren’t stupid, savage carnivores. We don’t prey on t…


Even though this city isn’t very big there is some much to see. Personally I can walk city streets for hours but Quebec has so many hidden gems. On our way to the Chatêau we walked up a small street where local artist were selling there paintings and other art. These streets are sprinkled all over the Old City. The city has the river going through it and is very hilly….

Quebec summer part 3

Nothing says french food like a crêpe I have been to France a few times and when I was visiting Angers I fell in love with Galettes, which are savoury crêpes made with a whole wheat batter. Traditionally with a meat cheese and and fried egg known as a ” Gallette Complete”. They are amazing!!!! On day one we found this amazing crepe place for lunch on 481 R…

Quebec summer part 2: Poutine!!!

This was more of a walking and eating type of One of the place we went was”Frite Alors!” at 122 Rue Crémazie O, Ville de Québec, QC G1R 1X5 Best Poutine I have ever had, and i have been eating Poutine for over 20 years!!! For those that do not know what Poutine  is it is a simple dish which lots of flavour. I consist of fr…

Edible Insects, You Can Eat What’s Bugging You

The overpopulation situation continues to explode. If this keeps up, it will be standing room only. Hmmm, maybe that will slow things down. Soon the Earth will be filled with Homo sapiens. You know, humans. How will we feed the masses?

Some experts claim that an all vegetarian diet would extend food supplies and still nourish the growing population. Some w…

Honeycrisp Part 2

part 2

I don’t know how big your all are on apples.However, if you do like to eat them then this is the champagne of apples!!! They are sweet, tart, firm, and so juicy. These are the most consistent apples I have other had they are always the same. I have the pleasure of only living 30 minutes south of an amazing apple farm and winery. It is called Applewood Farm w...


This article has nothing to do with the ever growing popular sport of Cow tipping. It is about what to tip and why you should tip.

Many servers are part-time workers who are going through school and are trying to pay their tuition and cost of living while in attendance. Some, are artists who dream of making it big in their field and need the flexible hours to…

Honeycrisp Apples

I will resume my Quebec articles next month because Apple season is upon us!!! Now I know that everyone LOVES summer I do too because August is my birthday month. However, we cannot stop the clock and after summer fall will come. Therefore we have to find highlights in all seasons and apple picking is the best part of September for me! I would love to live place where …

Working 9 to 5 sounds pretty fantastic.

Recently I have been struggling with the reality of my job. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and honestly don’t see myself in a different profession at this point in time. However, I am still struggling. I am struggling with the reality of a man who is employed in an industry with odd work hours. By this I mean that I do not work a regular 9-5 workday. In fact, there…

Don’t shoot the messenger.

In my last article I discussed how the customer isn’t always right. I would like to continue with this train of thought, but focus on the server and how to appropriately treat them when things don’t go as planned. 

The role of the server is to provide you with the absolute best customer service that they can. The key here is that they are in no way re…

Andy’s vs Randy’s

Frozen custard, are you a fan of it? It’s summer so yes, yes you are. Ah who are we kidding. There are no seasons for frozen treats. Winter is the perfect time for frozen custard too. Plenty of places sell it, but who is better at making it. Two of my favorites, Andy’s Frozen Custard and Randy’s Frozen Custard.

I got the idea to compare similar menu items when my fam…

Is the customer always right? I think not.

It is far more appealing for many of us to be our own boss. For this reason many individuals are on the hunt for businesses that will make them rich fast or at least provide them with stability. But what type of business is available to us? If you start doing your research, one of the most popular choices is a restaurant. Whether it’s a franchise or a little bistro, the…

Dangerous Disposable Devices #2

It’s cool drink season! I know that many, many people like the cool drinks you can get from almost all of the fast food and drink restaurants. Here in Canada, there’s the Tim Hortons Iced Capp, Wendy’s has the Frosty and McDonald’s has the McFlurry. Still others might choose a favourite Bubble Tea to quench their thirst.

I can’t comment on the nutritional analysis of…

How to Hire a Food Truck


There is a common misconception that most food trucks would appreciate any catering opportunity. But rarely will you find a food truck who is looking for an opportunity to ‘just’ come sell food at an event. Why? They have established locations with regular clientele. To ask them to move their business with no guarantee ...

Swarm Season

There’s a season for football(American), MLB and I’m sure there’s one for that sweeping thing you Canadians do with the broom and rocks. Nordic team shuffleboard or something like that. Just like everything else, there is a swarm season. 

Bees can swarm at any time during the warmer months of the year. But the normal season is the spring. The most common reason…

The Future of Our Food World

Cooking and eating will forever remain essential for our survival. Without food humanity will fade away from existence. Nourishment is the key to life. Don’t we want the best possible food choices for ourselves and our posterity? There is an increasing gap in the entire process of food: from growing, to cooking, and eating. There is a huge disconnect from the origin of ou…

Hallucinogenic Honey

I first ran across this story last year. The title “Hunting for Hallucinogenic Honey in Nepal” was intriguing enough to get me to click on it. I have a few bee hives, I’ve extracted a bit of honey. For centuries people have praised the medicinal value of natural honey. But I did not know that in certain parts of the world honey could cause hallucinations.

In T…

5 Good Reasons to Start Cooking

As far as I can remember, I’ve been a decent baker. When I was little, I would bake chocolate chip cookies with my parents and then sit on a step stool in front of the oven with the oven light on, just watching the little dough balls turn into mouthwatering, melty cookies.

The precision of measuring our ingredients and following the steps as written appealed to my rul…

Flavorful Food

I love good enchiladas. I take corn tortillas, fill them with cheeses, shredded chicken, or any mixture of ingredients I dream up, then pour enchilada sauce over them, top with more cheese, and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, until heated through. I haven’t been able to find many good Mexican or other Latin inspired restaurants around my area, so I …

Taste of Our Lives

All of our senses have an impact on us throughout our lives. I believe our sense of taste can illicit memories deeply stored in our minds. A taste of something familiar can whisk us away to another time and place. We remember tasting Mom’s or Grandma’s home cooking from childhood and we recall how the best meals tasted in our adulthood. We remember the good and the bad. I b…

I’m Speaking At The International Raw Food Summit

Have you heard of Alissa Cohen, Nomi Shannon, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and Russell James? If you’ve not heard of them, you’re probably not familiar with the Rawfood movement. In my article, I’ll give you to 30-second primer, tell you a bit about how I got into it, and share a great tip with you.

What’s The Rawfood Movement

First off, it’s not about…

Chef Spotlight: Sean Brock

Hailing from the southern region of the United States, Sean Brock is a culinary creator and innovator. He is chef/partner of various restaurants around the region, including, Husk, McCrady’s, and Minero. His focus is on creating dishes that remind us of the best comfort food. He cares about the sustainability of ingredients served from his kitchens. He is interested in re-in…

Chef Spotlight: Magnus Nilsson

If ever by chance I get a chance to travel to Sweden, which is the land of many of my ancestors, I hope to go to the prestigious 2 Michelin star restaurant by the name of Fäviken, run by head chef Magnus Nilsson. I’ve never had the opportunity to eat in any Michelin star cooking establishment and I know it would be a treat. If you are lucky enough to get a reservation…


Foodborne illness is one of the most frequent illnesses experienced by human beings. Many people, especially foodhandlers, do not understand how or why it occours. Food borne illness is life threating to all of us. It is especially threatening to high risk populations, including the very young, pregnant women, the sick, and the aged. Through proper training and education…

What Is Your Favorite Frozen Treat?

Do you know there is difference between, ice cream, frozen custard, frozen dairy dessert, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, frozen yogurt, etc.? Certainly you can taste it in every spoonful. If you’re browsing for ice cream in the grocery store, take a look at the fine print. You’ll notice many different types of delicious, creamy, frozen desserts.

 A culinary instruct…

The Art of Food

Every day we eat. We eat for various reasons. Most importantly food sustains us, nourishes our bodies with the energy to perform many tasks throughout the day. Without food we would perish. When does food become more than just food? When is food considered art? I think cooking technique is an art form. The clanking of a metal spoon on a sauce pot is music to my ears. …

Exploring Food Preservation

People have been preserving foods in many different ways for centuries. The process of preserving food is something we take for granted in our society. A lot of preservation techniques– canning, freezing, curing, fermentation, etc.– that used to be passed down from generation to generation are not practiced in our homes anymore and the art is being lost. The knowled…

Foodie Trends 2017

We find ourselves with another year gone by. It’s always a great time to look forward and decide what we want to do, where we want to go. What different cuisine will you try cooking in your own kitchen? What interesting food will you branch out and taste for the first time? Without taking risks in life, we will never progress, so get out there and try something new. Don…

Cooking With Good ingredients

Many cooks today make the mistake of trying to economize on the basic necessities of good cooking; the best butter; olive oil from Provence; fat bacon; quality wines and rich stocks for cooking ; coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper; onion, garlic and shallots; the best wine vinegar and a selection of fresh herbs and spices. But this can be a false economy, because …

Injuries and Stress

There are many positives and negatives in any job; the kitchen is no different. Injuries and stress dominate the negative side of the kitchen. Working in a kitchen can be detrimental to one’s health, but wounds will heal and stress can be overcome. Don’t let the worst parts deter you from pursuing your food dreams, just know the danger and struggles that lie ahead an…

Cooking Techniques

During the course of my career, I have come to understand that there are twelve basic cooking methods. To boil, blanch, poach, steam, glaze, braise, broil, roast, fry, bake, cooking au gratin, and en papillote, these phrases embrace all of the cooking techniques. From the first stories of the caveman to the subtlest intricacies of Brillat-Savarin, the twelve cooking methods…