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Fear of Fitness Failure

Fear of failing.

This is a very real thing. Nobody wants to feel like a failure. We often think that making positive changes to our lifestyle has to be big and dramatic. A huge change that will lead to fast, amazing results.

If you think this this way……first, you’re mistaken and second, it’s not your fault that you believe this lie. This is the me…

Spring Running

Spring has sprung and people have awakened to the outdoors.  It’s running season at it’s best. It’s not cold out anymore and not to hot either.  You don’t have to calculate your time for the best weather conditions to get your runners on and run.  

I believe there are many types of runners.  You have the what I like to call “real runner”  this is someone who will …

Everything is new – Welcome Spring – Part 2 !!

Hello Spring!

As I established in my last article, hiking in the spring can be glorious. There’s nothing better than a world waking up after a long period of hibernation with all the sights and sounds that we all know and love.

With all the good that comes with spring, there are a few dangers that, if you’re aware and take precautions, will never affect ...

Getting out on the trail!

       Now that you have all the gear, it’s time to get outside and get walking. There’s a few things that you should do when out on the trails, whether they are actual trails or sidewalks during a race, training or just casual.

·      Stay to the right. Yep, just like driving, stay to the right. This will enable people to pass you on the left with …

Everything is new – Welcome Spring – Part 1 !!

Oh what a feeling . . . Spring! 

For most of us, it’s the greatest time of the year!

You hear the amazing voices of the songbirds again….   You bask in the warm glow of the sun that has mostly been sleeping for the last several months….  And of course, it’s so amazing to see the early spring flowers and grass poking through the ground, sometimes actually co…

Which Waist Pack Do I Choose?

       You have decided to train for a distance and you are going to be out there for a while. You are going to need some water, snacks, car keys, ID, inhaler, tissues and whatever else you might need. How are you going to carry all of it? The answer is a waist pack or a back pack. My favorite is a waist pack, although I have had trainees that have used a backpack because of…

Aikido: the Art of Defense

Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) joined philosophy with martial arts creating Aikido. Physics is used to turn the force of an attack back on the assailant. Ueshiba’s quest to reach a higher plane spiritually with Shinto religion, motivated him to create a less harmful self-defense. He used sword techniques in a free-hand and body reactive movement forming Aikido…

How do I choose which race or races to do?

       You have decided to a race, but you aren’t sure which one or ones to do. How to pick out the right race for you? There are so many. You walk into a local running and walking store and see a lot of fliers. You go on a website that has a lot of races on it. Decisions, decisions… Let me help you figure out which one or ones to pick.

1) …

Why your fitness plan is failing (part 2)

So many of us have such good intentions about incorporating fitness into our lives. Yet these good intentions don’t always translate into the results that we want to see. Let’s talk about why and what to do about it!

(By the way, If you haven’t already …

Why your fitness plan is failing (part 1)

Start a discussion with any group of people about the development of healthy habits and the focus of the conversation turns to exercise really quickly.  

If my fitness career has taught me anything (it’s taught me many things actually) it’s that people looking to change something about their lives jump to fitness as “the answer” with very little thought. T…

How A Nursery Song Inspires Mindful Movement

When I was a little kid there was a song that we sang in nursery school that makes me think of mindful movement. It went like this: “Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes. With your eyes and ears and mouth and nose. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!”

Because we think A LOT ab…


             Years ago if someone had told me that yoga would help me with walking I would have told them that they were crazy. However, in recent years I have added yoga into my training regimen. My first exposure to doing yoga was actually at my church and we did Holy Yoga. This form of yoga has the same physical forms as other forms of yoga, however the d…

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – there are so many to choose!

There are so many brands of shoes out there, all different styles and lots of color combinations. The prices will make your head spin. So, which shoe is right for you? That is not a very easy question to answer. I always tell my trainees that they have to get the shoe that is right for their foot. What not to look for in a shoe:


Spinning – The will power is awe-inspiring

Twice a week I walk into the spinning room at the gym and get ready to teach the ones who brave to walk in and get their sweat on.

True fans of cycling, fans of exercise. OK, maybe not all fans but determined people who have taken charge of their bodies. Can you believe we have to take charge of our bodies?

We do have to take charge!

I believe the ha…

Olympic Games, Did You Watch?

Uh oh, this article is going to start with one of those “back in my day…” statements. Let’s go back to 1980. The summer and winter Olympics were both held that year. It had been that way since 1924. Every four years the winter and summer Olympics in the same year was something to be excited about. The best amateur athletes competing for gold. Well, that’s another issue. No …

The #1 Fitness System For Digital Marketers

Let’s face it…

We all pretty much want the same exact things in life: health, wealth, and great relationships.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that those are also the top three mass market niches on the planet.

And while all of them require effort to get great results, the one that often gets neglected until last is health and staying in shape.


Where do I start for competitive walking?

So, you have decided to you want to exercise, but just don’t like running or the idea of running or you can’t run due to injury. Now what do you do? How about competitive walking? Where do you start? Glad you asked. 


1.      Get a good pair of shoes – go to a local running store and tell them that you are going to be walking...

Winter Hiking! Yeah or Nay?

Winter hiking is a bit controversial in my circles. Being a member of The Cleveland Hiking Club you would think that everyone would be down for blazing a trail through the fresh fallen snow and taking in some of the sights and sounds that others only hear about.

That’s not exactly the case, unfortunately.

Many of our members prefer to take in the sights and…

5 Reasons why women should lift weights.

People watching is one of my favorite things about working at a gym.

There are people who know what they’re doing and people who clearly don’t (and, to those people, I am here for ya!) and people who are figuring it out. 

And while everyone has their own little gym quirks, here are a couple sweeping overgeneralizations about the people who fall into the “don’…

Daily Stretching for Walkers

Have you added walking to your exercise regimen? Are you thinking about adding some walking in? Let’s get you stretching. I advise that you do these after you have done some walking around home. Just to get the muscles warmed up so that you don’t pull a muscle. Stretching without warming up at all is like trying to stretch an old rubber band. It could very easily tear. N…

Hiking Health – Getting in shape for the long haul

One of the most important aspects about hiking is getting in some serious, kick butt health using one of the most fun, most stuck with avenues there is as far as exercise goes. 

If you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes

Think about it. Through hiking you can always be the lead dog because you never have to do the sam...

Excerpt: How to Motivate Your Kids

The two most motivated kids I ever had the pleasure of coaching were the sons of a high school baseball coach. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Oh, no; not another case where these poor kids had to play dad’s sport or they never would have gotten his attention.’ Wrong! Quite the opposite actually. This was an exception to the norm and a great family situation. (Had ...

Recovering from “Fitness Perfectionism”

Back before I made fitness my career, I was an exercise junkie as a response to wanting to lose the weight I had gained after having two babies.

I can say now, I had no idea what I was doing. But at the time I thought it was pretty simple. Join a gym, go to said gym, be fit.

This is what I used to do. I would decide I was starting a new fitness routi…

5 WTF moments in every gym

In my ten years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I’ve been around long enough to know the standards of gym etiquette, especially at the start of a new year. Come January, millions of wannabe muscleheads, veteran gym rats, and New Year’s “resolutioners” embark on the long arduous journey toward attaining that Beyoncé or Zac Efron body. …


The golf clubs are stored in the basement and the ground is covered in snow. With the outside temperatures below freezing and a warm fire burning on the hearth, what could possibly be on our minds?

The holiday season is upon us and golf is definitely not on our agendas here in the snowy north. Most of us are rushing around buying last minute Christmas gifts or …

What to do when your fitness plan fizzles

Nothing ignites our wellness expectations like a change of season.

New Year’s Day. I am starting a new diet!

First day of school. Time to focus on me! Gym, here I come!

The snow has melted. Time to start running!

End of sports season. Yes, it’s finally less crazy, I can cook healthy meals again!

It’s certainly true that some seasons mean ...

Meet Your New BFF!

What if you had a very special best friend, a friend who made you feel better whenever you spent time together? A friend who helped you problem solve, improve your relationships, boosted your self-esteem, helped you lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers and that same friend always helped you save time and money? Pretty great friend I’d say. B…

Get Your Walk on for the Holidays!

OK the holidays are here, and I know there are plenty of extra ways to get exercise during this busy time of year, but are you walking enough? For many of us who hike regularly, the holidays and all the hustle and bustle of gift giving, visiting friends and family can take a toll on our daily steps. To much sitting and socializing and not enough walking.

Here are…

How to Climb a Mountain – One Step at a Time!

How do you eat an elephant? Well, one bit at a time, of course.

The same basic rule applies when climbing a mountain. You must proceed forward, always forward, one step at a time.

In the state of Colorado, there are 58 mountain peaks that are taller than 14,000 feet. These are called the 14ers. In August of 2014, I was part of a large group that set…

Injury prevention and optimizing rehab

This is me post shoulder labrum, rotator cuff repair and bicep tenodesis surgery. These were not fun days but it’s always the best time to put your ego aside and learn from your mistakes. The keys to preventing injury and recovering well.

Rest from strenuous exercise is of most importance, overtraining has been found to be the leading cause of injury. Our b…

Anti-Rotation Exercise

The concept of anti-rotation and using anti-rotation exercises isn’t new. Some are skeptical and others like myself are “all in”. Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument, but start by clearly defining the concept and giving a few examples of exercises. It’s all about staying in a neutral position to maximize leverage and force development. “Anti-Rotation” as it is …

Stand More, Sit Less!

Sitting is killing us. You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it, we’ve all heard it and as we sit here reading these words, it’s happening and it’s true. Here’s the shocking truth about sitting: After just 30 minutes of sitting, your metabolism has slowed 90%. That fact is so horrid it bears repeating.


The First Mile is the Hardest – A sneak peek!

Drumroll please . . . .

Here it is, the first peek into my new upcoming book! This is relevant today because if you go to my personal Facebook page you will see my word for the year a couple posts down. This is a hard word for most people, but in hiking and in life, change is always...

Four Simple Success Tips to Start Walking Today!

Walking is the number one doctor prescribed exercise in the United States. Walking treats or prevents over 40 diseases, increases our quality of life and our lifespan. Yet like so many healthy habits, getting started is the hardest part. If you, like millions of other wannabe walkers, are stymied by exercise obstacles, here’s …

Is Pre-Workout Nutrition Important?

Quill Cloud

How important pre-workout nutrition is and what this should contain. One of the biggest challenges a trainer can have is your client/athlete showing up to a session in a prepared state and I’m speaking from a nutrition prospective (eve…

4 ways to make exercise a habit

Stronger muscles, better flexibility, reduced blood pressure, increased energy…stop me if you’ve heard all this before.

You don’t need one more person (me) telling you why exercise is good for you. 

There’s no question  that we SHOULD exercise. We all know it’s good for us, we all feel better when we do it. Yet…

Hypertrophy Training for Athletes

Quill Cloud

In the world of sports, many athletes will think they are not “big enough” because bigger is generally better. To put it bluntly, as a trainer if the athletes you train don’t get bigger, powerful and stronger, you won’t be making…

Power training makes all the difference

Quill Cloud

Make no mistake strength is great for field sports, but power is the real distinguishing factor in separating great players from good ones. Being able to express maximal force in minimal time can be extremely important for contact sports perf…

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” – Step 7

Step #7 – Begin – The Power Starts When YOU Start

Always understand that the First Mile is the Hardest, and it all starts with taking the first step. 

This may seem to be the same as Step 1, Decide, but it’s not. Think about how many times you’ve made a decision and then didn’t get sta…

Are you at risk of tearing your ACL?

It seems every week we hear about an athlete tearing their ACL. This can be a career ending event in some cases as the road back from a ACL reconstruction can be long, slow, rocky and many say they are never the same.

I will never forget the day I ruptured my ACL which pretty much ended my playing career. The most surprising thing for me back then was tha…

How to stop sabotaging your fitness plan

Self-sabotage. It ‘s subtle. So subtle that you may not even recognize it.

Here are some things that I have done in the last few weeks. Tell me if these sound familiar.

Declared that I needed to schedule more time for just me…..never did because it seemed easier on my family for me to be at home. Felt resentful.

Ambitiously planned to go t…

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” – Step 6

Step #6 – Start Small and Follow a Plan

          You have to understand that you can’t start out by through-hiking the Appalachian Trail for your first venture. A “through hike” is where you begin the hike and hike until you reach the end of the trail. Through hiking the Appalachian Trail could take about six mont…

The missing part of your workout

How many people do you see walk into the gym and start training right away?

Even people with trainers?!

All athletes and general population sit or go through periods of little movement, be it sleep, travel, rest or work. Rolling can provide great benefits both before and after a workout; rolling at the start of a workout however is essential. Foam rolling befor…

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” – Step 5

Step #5 – Food Planning and Shopping


You may think this isn’t an important topic, but you will realize it is when you’re on the trail and hungry and don’t have the proper snacks.

In order to be successful in hiking or in life, you simply have to be equipped with good nutrition. Imagine taking a trip cross count…

Head of the Deadlift

The deadlift can be a very complex movement for some but essentially it is an exercise that plays a role and everyday life and can increase overall strength considerably. Training in the gym; a controlled and somewhat safe environment enables the athlete to practice movements and also under load which the athlete transfers to the field (and everyday life) in order to improv…

HIIT – Beware of Overdosing

Quill Cloud

People are looking to incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions every time they train (up to 6-7 days/week) and according to fitness industry trends, people want dramatic workout results as quickly as possible. This is why HIIT ha...


I see a lot of people who play golf without any regard for strategy or planning. These are the golfers that on every Par 4 or Par 5 take out the driver and try to hit it as far as they can. They never take into account the length of the hole, the obstacles in play or their ability to play from the position they now find themselves i…

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” – Step 4

Step # 4 – Dress for Successful Hiking

          The great thing about the sport of hiking is that you don’t really need to spend a ton of money to begin. As with any sport there are many, many things that you can purchase to make the journey not only more comfortable and enjoyable, but also make you look like a stud on the …

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” – Step 3

Step No. 3 – Managing Your Mind

Equally as important as deciding and knowing why, comes the responsibility of taking control of your mind and the way you think. You will not find success in hiking or anything in life for that matter if you don’t take control of the command center. It really is as much of a mental game as it is a phys...

Ditch your fitness “SHOULD”s

We all know what we SHOULD do to eat healthy, exercise regularly and maintain all those healthy habits like sleeping 8 hours a night and flossing.

 Raise your hand if you’re 100% good at all of those…..Nobody? Okay, moving on.

Now raise your hand if you’ve recently told yourself…

“I should workout more”,

“I should stop eatin…

Should you join a gym?

Have you had this moment? You’re standing in front of your mirror, not loving your reflection so much, maybe squeezing a couple inches of chubbiness around your middle and thinking “Okay, that’s it. Time to get serious, I’m joining a gym!”

There are certainly many inspirational success stories of people who woke up one day, had their “AHA” moment, threw themselves int…

Should you join a gym?

Have you had this moment? You’re standing in front of your mirror, not loving your reflection so much, maybe squeezing a couple inches of chubbiness around your middle and thinking “Okay, that’s it. Time to get serious, I’m joining a gym!”

There are certainly many inspirational success stories of people who woke up one day, had their “AHA” moment, threw themselves int…

Should you join a gym?

Have you had this moment? You’re standing in front of your mirror, not loving your reflection so much, maybe squeezing a couple inches of chubbiness around your middle and thinking “Okay, that’s it. Time to get serious, I’m joining a gym!”

There are certainly many inspirational success stories of people who woke up one day, had their “AHA” moment, threw themselves int…

Do you need to be sore the day after your workout?

You know the feeling, you wake up the day after a workout and you struggle to get yourself out of bed you, getting off the toilet seat is painful, getting dressed seems like a mission for you to accomplish. Yep you have DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), often peaks at 48 hours post workout. According to a 2013 study by Bret Contreras and Dr. Brad Schoenfe...

Fitting in Fitness (2)

Fitting in fitness as a parent can be challenging to say the least. But it goes without saying how important staying active is, not only for physical health but also mental health. I understand how exhausting it can be to get up before the kids at 5am to workout, or wait until they are in bed in the evening to workout, when you would much rather get some sleep yoursel…

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” – Step 2

Step #2 – Understand Why Hiking is so Great

It is not only important to make the decision to allow hiking to change your life, but it is equally as important to know WHY you decided and what power will come from hiking and how that power will flow and transfer into every aspect of your life.

This is especially important if you’ve nev...

How to Fix your Slice

How to fix a slice

There’s only one thing that can cause a slice, and that’s a clubface that’s either open (or opening) at the point of contact. That being said, here are three tips to help you square up the clubface and rid your game of that slice forever! In order to be concise, all explanations assume a right-handed golfer. 

Get a Stronger Grip. The cl...

7 Steps to “Hike Yourself Healthy” STEP 1

Are you ready to get healthy?

Are you ready to tap in to the magical power of nature and the outdoors to do it?

Great, let’s begin at the beginning!

Whenever you begin any program, be it eating healthy, exercising, meditation or just developing a healthier lifestyle through any combination of the above methods, there are certain steps you must follow in ...

10 Fun Fantastic Fabulous Summer Activities

10 Fun Fantastic Fabulous Summer Activities, and not your every day summer activities, can make the difference between the 2017 Summer, and a Fun Fantastic Fabulous Summer of 2017.

Yes, you may have a summer job, and a ton of summer reading, but the days are longer during the summer, so there’s still plenty of time to have some fun. You can approach every summer da…

Need to Escape – Turn to Hiking!

Are you looking for a fix?

Are you looking to escape?

Quill Cloud

In today’s day and age, so many of our young folks are turning to things that harm them. Just yesterday I read an article about the City of Dayton, Ohio. Practically in my ow…

Fitting in Fitness

As a busy, working, mom of two young children, I know a thing or two about the challenges of making time for yourself to exercise. In my younger, child free days I was one of those people who spent hours at the gym. Despite being a university student, and working 2-3 part time jobs, I always made the time to exercise. As a personal-trainer I was always eager to “help” people…

You are not a real hiker until you lose a toenail?

Losing toenails is a real problem with inexperienced hikers. I can attest to this fact as I’ve lost three, but the good news is they grew back. Education in knowing how to purchase boots will prevent this. Stick with me to the end for my number on tip in buying boots and preventing a lost of your toenails. 

Rule No. 1

Whether you’re…

Starting a summer fitness plan!

Summer is almost here.

I don’t know about you but I reached my school year limit a few weeks ago.

It’s been a looooong year of getting three kids to three different schools and about 800 activities and NOT BEING LATE ONCE!

(I am pretty proud of myself. Who is engraving my trophy? Anyone?)

It’s been a great year for all th…

No time to exercise? Think again. 10 minutes daily

There are certain words that instantly produce a visceral reaction. In my case these are…diet and exercise.

The first has me thinking that I can only eat raw carrots and celery. Of course, I know better. Yet, deprivation is still what pops into my head.

Exercise brings back memories of the 20-Minute Workout. If you were around in the late ’80s these women ...

Part 4: developing an exercise program

When developing an exercise plan, it is always imperative to determine your specific goals and lifestyle needs. A program specific to a prenatal individual should offer exercises designed to counteract pregnancy postural deviations, prepare the body for delivery and into future motherhood. Also, remember to contact your health care provider determine the risk to benefit ra…

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Golfers can be a stubborn bunch and very resistant to change. They can go weeks or years at a time being frustrated with their performance on the course. I have seen many people beating balls on the range with no clue that all they are doing is perfecting their mistakes! There is help available if you are ready to listen and be coach…

One thing to do TODAY to kickstart your fitness

If you had to take one step today to kick yourself in the butt toward your fitness goal, whatever that is, what would it be?

Join a gym?

Hire a trainer?

Throw out the cheezits?

Maybe. But I have a better one. 

Here it is…stop waiting for life to be perfect.

That’s it. What are you waiting for? Really, what is it that you’re ...

Part 3: Guidelines for a Safe Active Pregnancy

Assuming no relative or absolute contraindications exist (Read Part 2), a pregnant woman can expect to participate in a similarly designed plan as the general population, with few restrictions or modifications. Women who have been previously sedentary should be encouraged to begin an exercises program, while those who are already active should be encouraged to continue the…

Exercise and Pregnancy: Part 1

Exercise and Pregnancy: Part 1

Pregnancy, one of life’s true blessings, a time filled with change, excitement and wonder. Your body goes through significant changes, not only as it makes room for growing baby, but it also starts to prepare for labor and delivery, as well as the early years of mother-hood.  With the changes your body is going though, …

A Year of No Exercise

I met her yesterday. A woman in her late 50’s who seemed unfriendly, timid, and honestly a bit curt upon meeting her before her first fitness class with me. 

And her first fitness endeavor in over a year. She didn’t tell me that little detail until after an hour of cardio, strength, and non-stop encouragement to‘get outta your comfort z…

What you really mean when you say “I can’t”.

When was the last time you used “I can’t” in conversation? In my work as a personal trainer, I hear it a lot. A LOT.

“You want me to lift what? I can’t pick that up!”

“Run for 5 minutes without stopping? I can’t!”

”Hold a side plank? I can’t do that!”

It’s one of those things that slips out without us even thinking about the meaning. I ...

GoTake a Hike

Each morning I get up at 5:30 and go out and hike five miles. These hikes are for two purposes.

1) For Health Reason and Exercise

2) Prepare for hiking in the mountains.

Where I live is 6,640 feet above sea level and most days during the late fall and winter the temputure averages around 25 degrees. So I dress in...

Why diet & exercise shouldn’t be on a to do list.

The hands down most common objection to healthy living that I hear from moms is “I am too busy”. I don’t have time to prep meals. I don’t have time to workout. I am too tired to do anything once I do everything else I have to do.

Can you relate to this?

I’ll answer that for you….of course you can! You have kids, a job, a house, a life, thi…

What 11% of American Women Do Differently

Here’s a mind blowing statistic: 89% of American women are unhappy with their bodies.

Eighty Nine Percent!!! That number is huge, but I would be lying if I said I found it surprising. After all, you could argue that this is why the fitness industry exists and why I have always been able to find work as a trainer.

While I don’t find it s...

Stop apologizing for your priorities.

Ready for a staggering statistic? 89% of American women are unhappy with their bodies.

Just why is that?

The word that springs to mind is MARKETING. There is so much “noise” out there in the fitness industry designed to make you feel bad about yourself.

Why? So you’ll buy their product that will make you better.

It’s no wonder that this huge perc…

Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise

Ever driven to the gym only to sit in the parking lot, stare at it for a while then drive away? If you have you’re not alone. I’ve talked to many people who have the same and similar stories. A lot of these stories make me laugh but underneath them all is an underlying problem. So why is it that we can make it all the way to the destination but not take that final step …

Snow Shoveling 101: Shoveling During A Storm

Snow Shoveling 101: Shoveling During A Storm

I don’t know about your Nor’easter, but my Nor’easter dumps a lot of snow! But it’s so lovely. When I go out in the middle of it to feed the birds (those little flying mosquito-eaters), I shovel a bit.

“What?” you exclaim. “You shovel in the middle of the storm?”

Of course…


 here are so many forms of exercise! Kickboxing is an excellent way to burn some energy, have fun, and get fit.

Kickboxing is a form of aerobics where an instructor shows a class cardio moves to music. There is a lot of punching, kicking, and movement resulting in great exercise! While doing jabs, upper cuts, hooks, and cross punches, your arms will get well t…

Having the Right Mindset to Overcome Injuries

I’ve played a lot of sports in my lifetime and when things are going great you feel unstoppable, like you can take on the biggest of challenges that the game has to offer. But what happens when you unexpectedly feel some type of ache or ailment that leads you to be sidelined for a fair bit of time? 

When you’re injured and are not capable of performing like …

Why Not Give Weight Training a Try?

Last week in my article “There’s Only One You,” I recommended eight key things to help improve your life. As promised, I will be focusing on a few of those points each week, in a little more in depth.

Many people are afraid of weight training because they don’t want to get too muscular. The truth of the matter is, that it’s very difficult to build muscles to th…

OK Ethel…Here We Go!

2017…I’ve got this…I think!

Inspiration (Scale damnit)…check!

Pinterest Board ~ Yoga…check!

Yoga Mat…check!

Exercise outfit…check!

Proper shoes…check!

A bra that won’t let me down ( I know Lucyyyyyyy)…check!

Girlfriends that will encourage me (I know Vickyyyyy!!!)…check!

Cleaned out the cupboards…sigh…check!...

The 3 Essentials of a Successful Fitness Plan

Even before I was a fitness professional, I was a fitness consumer.

After graduating college, getting married, getting my first “grown up” job all in the same year, I quickly realized that sitting in an office chair all day was not doing much for me and I should probably do something about that. Thus began my 10+ year quest to try every single workout DVD and diet...

How to Declutter a Negative Mindset

Do you have a spot in your house that is a catch-all for ALL THE STUFF?

At my house, it’s the dining room table. Friday mornings are my clean the house hours. Every week, I am amazed by how much stuff accumulates on the dining room table. Like, what would do if we actually wanted to eat there? It’s not my favorite chore, but it’s necessary. I think we could all ag...

My love/hate relationship with fitness goals

Goal setting. What comes to mind when you read these words? Do you immediately tense up? Feel a little guilty? Do you feel judged, or worried about being judged when you hear someone mention the subject?

If you’ve spent any time in a gym, you have probably seen or heard the SMART acronym used for setting fitness goals. SMART stands for: Spec…

Chasing the Goddess

I have certain friends I don’t like.  Two of them join me at the beginning of every trail.  Inevitably.  There is another whose company I covet.  I can’t join her unless I leave the first ones behind.  Since the unlikable ones insist on joining me at the start, I have to outrun them.  In outrunning them, I might catch the goddess.

Even before I put on my shoes, my tw…

Running 24 Hours in the Dark & What I Learned

This weekend I did something I’ve never done before. Talk about taking a leap– a leap of faith, a leap of courage, or maybe, depending on how you look at it, a leap of crazy. I ran on a team of 8 people, for 24 hours. We each ran about 5 miles at a time (3 rounds each) through the wild trails of a state park outside of Tampa, Florida. 

And of course, on the coldest...

8 Hours For Everything Else

8 Hours For Everything Else

To paraphrase Jamie K. Schmidt from her fabulous workshop on Writing Novellas, there are 24 hours in a day. That breaks down into:

8 hours of sleep

8 hours of work

8 hours for everything else

8 hours f...