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Common Diet Mistakes – Part 2

In Part 1, I covered five diet mistakes such as how fewer calories or very low calories do NOT guarantee weight loss. I put aside the idea that exercising or exercising more will mean faster weight loss; debunked the idea that low fat diets will guarantee less fat in your body; explained how you DO need …

Common Mistakes Why Diets Fail

This is the first of a multi-part series.

Too often, when it comes to the latest diet craze, it appeals because of the promises to lose weight quickly. This unrealistic approach overlooks so many individual factors you could drive a semi truck through the holes in the logic behind what each diet claims.

We as humans are not logical beings; we’re emotional….

Healthy habits without your family’s support

Have you ever forced your spouse or your family do go on a diet with you? Have you attempted to go on a diet yourself while the rest of your family still ate in a way that was what you were trying to avoid?

How well did either tactic work for you?

After one holiday season a few years ago, I decided that a month’s worth of too much cheese, chocolate, and w...

Singing The Sugar Blues?

Let’s be honest, maintaining a healthy weight is much harder to do today than it was 100 years ago or even 50 years ago. It just seems a bit unfair, but we are humans and we adapt. Sometimes we just don’t adapt fast enough.

Back when we had to hunt and forage for food, our brains were perfectly suited to seeking out calorie dense foods which was a good thing because…

Getting Back On Your Feet After Falling Off the Wa

Following up on two of my previous articles entitled, “KetoCraze”, I thought i’d better circle back and touch on the emotional tole it can bare, not only as a suggestion to others but also as a reminder to myself. 

Being gentle with yourself can be one of the hardest things to accomplish. We seem to take in consideration the feelings of the others befor…

Keto or Vegan?

From keto to vegan, there are a plethora of diets to choose from and proponents of specific diets think their way is the right way for everyone. What is the healthiest diet?

Weston A Price was a dentist in the early 1900s and he went around the world studying the diets of indigenous populations. He wanted to find out why Americans had such narrow jaws, cavities, and …

1 Minute Rant About the Information Industry

Last week my mother cut out an article from the New York Times touting how a gluten-free diet is dangerous to your health. It frightened her because I eat gluten-free. And, for goodness sakes, it was the New York Times, so it had to be true.

I had to explain to her (again) that a gluten-free diet is NOT a grain-free diet, nor is it a fiber-free diet. I eat plenty …

5 Habits For Healthy Eating (and drinking!)

While most of us have goals of some sort or another to change our diet for the better, actually making those changes can be super overwhelming. There are so many opinions out there of what’s good and not good, diet fads, extreme diets, and so on. What healthy eating really comes down to though is having a lifestyle of good food and drink choices. Not a ‘cold turkey’ dive in…

Are You Eating Too Many Vegetables?

The one thing all health professionals agree on is that we need to eat more vegetables, but is that true?

Plant foods are not inherently safe, contrary to popular belief. They all contain antinutrients that protect plants from predators, which means they can cause problems for humans. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these antinutrients to make the plants e...

Switch It Up

In my last article, I talked about triggers. Knowing our triggers can help us recognize why we do what we do. When you experience the trigger, what do you do? Walk through your routines. If you get hungry every time you get in the car after work, do you have a routine of stopping at the local coffee shop or convenience store? What is your routine when you are bored at wo…

Know Your Triggers

There are three components of a habit, the thing that triggers the habit, the routine that results from the trigger, and then the reward you get from the routine. In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg describes these three stages as the habit loop. It’s like a broken record that just plays over and over and over again and again.

What triggers …

The Secret to Becoming Healthy

Any experienced hiker knows that they must be somewhat physically fit to tackle any type of hike, even if it’s just a leisure hike. Your diet and nutrition is key in being in it for the long haul.

Just as there are some habits you might need to break, you can also develop habits that will improve the numbers that indicate good health. Learning healthy habits will …

No Cheating Necessary

Why is it that the first thing we want to do when we go on a diet is cheat? We want a cheat day where we can eat anything we want, or at least a cheat meal, or a cheat food. We want to be able to eat the foods that make us fat and sick without feeling guilty.

Eating is much more difficult today than it was 100 years ago because food is readily available everywhere...

Switch It Good For The Holidays

Pumpkin pie and cookies and fudge, oh my!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means food, and if your traditions are anything like mine, it means way more food than you could possibly eat. Here are some healthy switches to make this holiday season to keep the flavor and improve the nutrition.

·      Use butter instead of margarine…

Fat: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly, Part 2

We all know saturated fat clogs arteries, right? At least that is what we have been taught for the past 50 years or so, but is it true?

The attack on butter began in 1869 when Napoleon III offered a prize to anyone who could find a replacement for butter. Back then butter was expensive and particularly hard to come by in winter when cows were dry and refrigeration was…


Changing your financial status?! WHY NOT add another task to your plate and change the entire status of your wellbeing! STARTING WITH YOUR HEALTH! 

In my past articles, I have discussed my journey so far to financial freedom. But does learning how to properly budget help me to become a wealthy in all aspects of my life. How does one achieve well roundedness? ...

Sugar: The White Death

My last article I wrote about the importance of an alkaline diet. Now, I will give you a brief education on sugar. First of all, other than the sugar in fruit or starchy vegetables, it is so very important to cut the rest of the sugars out of the diet. For one, sugar is highly acidic. Cancer feeds off sugar, sugar lowers the immune system, and although there are so many mo…

The Importance of an Alkaline Diet


A healthy body is an alkaline body. Did you realize that even cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment? If your body’s PH is too acidic, you are more at risk for illness. Think of a dirty pool. Would you swim in a green, dirty pooled ...

Starches and Proteins together do not get along !

There are always new ideas, concepts, and theories trending about diet and nutrition …so much so that people are always getting confused and do not know who or what to trust ! It is important to know your source of information and be provided with a detailed explanation so that what you are reading makes sense!

Ever wonder why you do not always feel great after …

Reframe Your Diet With These 5 Eye-Openers

Reframe Your Diet: 5 Eye-Openers Can Change Your Life

Let me begin by saying…

You Can Do It! I Know You Can!

You just have to reorient your thinking so it enhances your success. 

Start here to reframe your diet:

A habit is something you do automatically, without thinking, so make your goal to habitually have a healthy die…

How to change a bad habit.

You may have heard me confess before, I struggled with binge eating in the past. It became my full time job trying to solve the problem, I could bore you with all of the tactics, tools and things I tried but why don’t we cut to the fact that the biggest shift happened when I realized:

My overeating was not my fault, it was a habit that I was stuck in…

Why you need to stop focusing on plans.

I called my best friend last week, “I’m done with food, I don’t want to tell people what to eat.” A thought that has been eating away at me for the past few months. I can’t deny the fact every sign and gut wrenching thought telling me it’s not what people need. You see when I start working with a new client they immediately want a plan, THE plan, that will be the be all end …

Healthy Greens Drink

I was surprised to hear when talking to a few clients of mine that their doctor’s encouraged them to eat more greens. The reason this startled me is that normally you would have to visit a naturopath doctor to hear those words as most regular doctors will always prescribe pharmaceutical pills. A lot of people now, with full support of their doctors are looking for other…

Shifting your food mindset for a healthy lifestyle

I often hear women say something like this:

“I want to be in shape but I just love food too much”

Have you said or thought something like that recently? I have surely had thoughts like this. Usually related to pizza or bagels or some kind of fried thing. This is just so yummy, there’s no way I could give it up.

It’s us…

It’s Not About The Food.

I use to focus on food with the hopes that it would transform the way I felt, and ultimately my life. I would dive deep in the world of diets, exploring and studying every answer to every symptom I self diagnosed. The extra weight? The depression? The need to binge eat? Its gotta be my diet, right?

There are certain things we put into our body that instantly have a…


Tired of the usual diet? You might want to pass on the sweet potato pie and drink a tall glass of sweet potato wastewater instead.

That’s what a new report says “might be the weirdest weight-loss discovery of the year.” Scientists in Japan had been brainstorming on what to do with all of the wastewater left over after people had boiled or steamed their sweet potat…

How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season.

Holidays are here and so are the treats, drinks and parties. If you’ve ever experienced binge eating or emotional eating this time of year can be especially hard. I’ve been there. You fear losing control after that one bite of overly sweet iced shortbread, dipped in sprinkles..

“I’ll start after the holidays.”

You may find yourself stuck o…

Weight Loss During the Holiday Season

The end of the year can be the hardest of times for someone trying to stick to their weight loss goals. Tis the season for extreme amounts of delicious foods and mouth watering desserts which can equal a ton of calories to ones diet. This should be a season of creating new magical memories with loved ones, not worrying about how many calories you can or cannot eat thr…