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18 days

Yup! That’s the catch.

A couple of months ago I purchased some products online via a Facebook add. I read the add carefully. I read the order carefully. I was looking for that catch. You see 3 years ago I did get caught. It was a battle between myself, the seller and the credit card company. I lost $300! Naturally, I searched hard on this one.

Every month I …


On a recent trip to Atlanta, I experienced varying degrees of customer service displayed by the staff at Frontier Airlines. I know that I am not alone in this, as recently, the airline industry has been in the forefront of the news in regards to the good, the bad and the ugly way passengers are treated. Almost all the major airlines-United, South West, Jet Blue, Delta, and…

Customer Service Part 1

Testing the claims of 100% money back guarantee. Have you made the decision to eat healthier? My family has and we’re making the slow transition away from unhealthy eating.

During this transition it requires a certain amount of experimenting with unknown ‘healthy’ alternative products. It’s a leap of faith sometimes based on the reviews you read on Amazon. A coupl...

Customer Service and Profit

Customer service and profitability, how are they related? In my experience, not enough customer service equals profit loss, too much customer service equals profit loss, just the right anount of customer service equals profitability. The old adage too much of a good thing is bad is also true for customer service. In every business, there have to be limits. I’m a massage t…

Turn Fans Into Raving Fanatics

Last week, I discussed how to serve your readers beyond the sale of the book. This week, I’m going to help you turn those fans you’re building into raving fanatics that are more than willing to spread your message without you paying them to do so because they believe in the work you are doing and they have adopted your vision for their own.

Give Them More Than Th…

Moments of Truth

When you work in the restaurant industry it can be a pretty thankless job. It is a high energy environment where you are always on your feet at the service of others. Anyone who has ever been in a customer service industry knows that often you take a verbal beating from unhappy customers or guests, who at times are just looking to get a freebie. Still you must maintain your...

Everyone Makes a Difference

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I am currently reading The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn if you haven’t already done so then I can highly recommend it.

There are several principles outlined within the book, one of which is the title of…

Take customer service above and beyond

My recent article was centered on the importance of customer service for online shops, even for product lines that do not produce repeat customers (such as my small ecommerce business, pictured above).

I posed the question – is there such thing as taking customer service too far? I have to wonder, what is more valuable: profit margins or satisfied customers. I rece…

Industry Standards in Restaurants.

Whenever you are in a particular industry it can make it more difficult to enjoy your experience as a consumer of that product or service. This is because instead of going in blind and accepting whatever comes your way, you have a certain standard that you are used to and have difficulty accepting anything less. Of course, the same can be said of a regular high end consum…


This artice is just an illustration of how upselling can benefit a server. The examples listed are just that. They are not designed to reflect current prices.


Cash, baby! Cold, hard cash.


The difference between an Order-Taker and a Salesperson can mean...


As a former manager, I had a great responsibility to all my guest and employees. These are some tips to becoming a better manager.

Planning & Organization:

Always stay ahead of the goals that are set for your company, for your store and for the brand. Keep these goals in mind when setting and focusing on your own goals. Set…

Why Did Certain Products Go Extinct?

Have you ever wondered why such things have gone extinct such as: an 8 track, cassettes, and CDs for music? What about beta tapes, laserdiscs, and now DVD? Hey what about film for a camera for both movies and still photographs? Now we see a lack of a landline telephone, large mobile phones and long distance phone calls. What do all of these have in common?…

Customer Behavior and Service Industry Failures

Customer Behavior and the Service Industry Failures

In any industry, understanding customer behavior is the heart of marketing. Within the service industry it is especially important because so often the service delivered is intangible until it’s experienced. Furthermore, the service industry can be targeted at a person or at their posses…