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I’m a NERD – and I love it!

It’s true, I am a nerd. I’m also a sailor, a speaker, an author, a husband, a father… you get the idea. We all wear labels, but some of us are wearing labels that somebody else gave us – and that can be very unhealthy for us.

This is especially true for students. It is no secret that teens and tweens can be cruel. Part of th…

The Gamer Legacy

What is the first computer or console game that you can remember playing? I date myself when I say my first game was Pong on an original Atari console back in the mid 1970’s. I am a gamer and have been a gamer for at least forty years. I can say I have really enjoyed some of the games I played in the 1980’s, especially the Chris Robert’s Wing Commander Series….

Returning Back To School Again

It’s that time of year again. Summer fun is winding down and kids are going back to school. Time adjust back to regular schedules, early bed times and shall I even say the word – homework. Yikes! Knowing what’s to come I wanted to share an article I wrote exactly one year ago today. 

This is the time of year where you will see lots of stuff on sale, mainly stuff ...




There are many circumstances in life we prefer not to face. Completing tax returns, trips to dentist for repairs, dealing with death, ours or someone else’s, difficult relationship impasses, lawsuits to name a few. I often get asked if it is absolutely necessary for a survivor to go back into …

It’s Not Too Late for An End of Summer Party

If you have been following the series of articles I have been writing, they have all been about fun places to go and ways to stay safe over the summer months. Now, summer is winding down and coming to end. In many cities, children have already started back to school. The rest will follow shortly.  

Getting the kids ready to go back to school and gearing up for your...

Why Are We Doing This To Our Kids! Part 1

On Friday my son came home from school and I asked him about his day. He started to get an attitude with me so I told him to go do the dishes. The next thing I heard was some plastic dishes being thrown around so I went in there and got on to him and he started to yell and back talk me even more. Since he was acting in that manner I told him to go and bring me his Nintendo ...

Those Pesky Computer Screens

 How have children changed in the last ten years? Anyone who has addressed or observed groups of children lately notice that our youth are less attentive.   It’s harder to make eye contact. They have more trouble falling directions. They fidget. They want to lie on the floor instead of sitting up straight.  Could constant exposure to screens be causing t…

Community Wins – Find and Be Just That!

I cannot imagine going through the rough spots in my life without key people that were there for me. At times these people were one’s I didn’t realize we close. Times of crisis reveal. These times reveal who our true friends are. These moments of revelation bring to the surface the truth about our lives, how we have lived, and what may be missing. Have you had a time w…

Dress For Success!

We’ve all heard the phrase – ‘Dress for success!’. But what does that actually mean? Does it work? If so, why? And just how does a student – any student – dress for success? 

That phrase has been used in the job search market for years, decades maybe. The going concept is that you should dress in your ‘Sunday Best’ to your interview in order to impress th...

“McCoy and the Pond”, A Teaser From The Book

As they turned onto a small narrow path he smelled something wonderful. He could not figure out what the smell was. A little further down on the dirt path McCoy seen bright colorful flowers, that was what he was smelling earlier on the dirt path. The frog said, “McCoy we will be at the pond soon, we are about half way there.” All the sudden a family of squirrels scamp…

Coming Home

You’ve been waiting for this day, and it’s finally approaching. The deployment is ending and soon your family will be reunited, and you’re full of anticipation. 

Military brats know this feeling. They understand that they are frequently stronger and more resilient than other kids, in part due to the moves, separations, and cultural experiences they get to exp…

Sitting Under My Umbrella

Recently I was watching Good Morning America and a subject came up on that I would never even have stopped to think about. However, the topic was so in alignment with what I had recently written about pool safety. This time, it’s all about sitting under my be…

Clean your Linguistic Mirror!

Fundamentally, I believe we all realize that the words we use are important. Of course, we try to pretend that they don’t hurt (‘sticks and stones’, anybody?), but a few choice words from somebody we like and trust can cut us to the quick! Or lift us from the depths of despair, depending on who we surround ourselves with. But I’d like to discuss something a bit more u…

The Fantasy of Study Time

It is as inevitable as death and taxes; study time! Ask any student how much time they spend studying and they’ll tell you (with a straight face!) they spend hours studying and hardly have time for anything else. Ask the parents that same question… Well, let’s just say the answers don’t jive.

In a recent study done in 2016, over 200 students and their pa...

Combat Stories and Kids

When combat veterans come home, they tell stories. They tell those stories to each other, maybe not even realizing that children are listening. These stories don’t sound real. They sound like a baseball highlight reel: Here are the amazing heroic catches; here’s the home run I hit; here’s the blooper you made. There’s little or nothing of the time in between. Standing on …

You see, what happened was…

Professor Markin* (not his real name) was universally hated. His tests were ‘impossible’ and and he seemed to relish in the anguish that permeated the student body come test day. Granted, Macro Economics is not the most exciting of subjects, but still, the students couldn’t understand why he seemed to design his tests for students to fail. 

He gave quizzes, but th…

Be Prepared For What’s To Come

My Mom can be a bit disorganized at times. With having served in the military and moving a few times, she still has stuff in containers and boxes that she will unpack – “someday”. The hard part, she has to go through every box to see just what’s in there only because the movers would always pack all different types of stuff together even if it didn’t belong together. …

A letter to mom

 It’s painful knowing the only way I can speak to my mom now is through journals. It’s devastating knowing I will never see her smile or hear her voice again. I’ve kept myself so busy so that I don’t have to think about the fact I no longer have a mom. We all think our moms will be with us until were 50. I lost my mom at the age of 30. My youngest brother lost his mom at th...

Chores = Positive Qualities!!!

Think back when you were a child and your parents told you to clean up your room, make your bed, do the dishes, vacuum the floor and we would hate doing it because it took away time from the things we wanted to do. Now that I am a parent I know why my parents had me to do chores and it was not because they were too lazy to do them like my son use to say when I would tell hi…

Play AND Learn

The other day I shared a waiting room with a loving mother and her three-year-old. He was busy playing with the waiting room toys and she was busy trying to pack each moment with learning for him. As he played, she peppered him with questions: “What color is the circle, Michael? What sound does the cow make? What is this animal called?” I admired her efforts to be his …

Peace Through Popsicles

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.” 

– Abigail Van Buren

Hello Friends, 

Today I was reminded how easy it is to calm down two fighting kids with popsicles. Returning home from 99-degree heat of Austin, Texas, heat can set of any of us, right? Plus, my kids w…

The journey begins…

Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting journey for me – and I’m inviting all of you along with me!

Let me start this properly – by setting the stage for what this journey is all about.

You know how you struggle with learning things quickly or easily?

Well, for the past 20 years, I’ve helped people from all walks of life all over the globe le…

In Memory of a LOVING MOTHER

 How do you write when your heart is heavy filled with emotions? How do you smile when there’s nothing to smile about? How do you cry when you have to be strong? How do you cope when you’re the one who had to be the bearer of bad news? 

 They say the best form of writing is when the pain is real. The pain is real. The smiles are faded into mourning. The hope is…

Violent Video Games Vs Children’s Minds

Saturday night my sons friend stayed the night who is a sweet, caring and even offers to help me with what I am doing at the time. Sunday I was sitting on the couch reading and he came up to me and out of the blue said, Have you ever cut off a chicken’s head? I have, and it was really cool! A grown up held it down and I took the hatchet and cut the chickens head right o…


Last weekend I had plans to take my son, McCoy, and his friend, Jaxon, up to my parent’s lake house because they were doing the fireworks on Saturday night. After the hour drive, we made it to the lake house and we decided to go swimming. It was so much fun, and we were all laughing and playing games for 2 hours. After we were done swimming we went inside to rest and get c…

Summer Breeze, Take The Kids Away

We are fortunate to be able to experience four seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall. But do we really take them in and see what they are all about.

In most places in America, by now kids are out of school for the summer. Well, that is unless they had to go to summer school. Let’s hope that’s not the situation in your home.

After being cooped up insi...

Shows On Children Channels With Adult Content!

When I was telling my friend about a preview I saw of an upcoming show on a channel that children watch she informed me of a show on another television station that also has shows about inappropriate content for children up to teenagers, I was shocked! Both shows were on different stations that are meant for children and teens and they are showing girl…

Summer Fun – Don’t Let It End Too Soon

Summer time is a great time for families and friends to get together and relax under the hot summer sunshine. You might find yourself taking a dip in your pool and sharing it by hosting pool parties. The water can feel quite refreshing when the sun is beating down on your skin.

Pools are great, but if not properly looked after they can prove to be deadly. You may h…


School’s out, the sun’s out and so are the kids. Now that school’s done, there are millions of kids walking around wondering what to do with all those free hours. And there’s a plethora of things for them to do to diminish the “I’m bored.” Here’s a short list of things your child may be interested in.  


There are a lot of different …

Children can Teach Parents

During the summer children play more video games or watch tv all day long instead of doing something to develop their minds by learning something new and exciting. When children are being creative, reading, building something it helps develop certain parts of their brains that would not develop if they were to just sit around and do nothing. We need to keep our chi…

The Love Of A Father
I decided in my life that I would do nothing that did not reflect positively on my father’s life. ~ Sidney Poitier

Women are attracted to guys like their father. Youths need good role-model fathers in order to shape their futures. Be that father figure in their life whenever you can. ~ Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

For this a...

Happy Father’s Day!!!

 As father’s day comes around the corner. It is time to wish everybody a Happy Father’s Day whether you see your children or don’t see them. I think there are a lot of fathers who want to be there but they’re scared to be there because they don’t have a good relationship with the child’s mother. I know you’re still thinking about your child/children this weekend. Mother’s…

Remember and Cherish Together

Being parents we should always try and push our children to explore new and exciting things to show them all the incredible mysteries they have yet to discover. Doing science experiments or making something together as simple as homemade modeling clay is a wonderful and rewarding way to spend quality time together while offering them inspiration to seek out what else …

Fun In Your Own Neighborhood

In my past few articles I have been sharing some of the great amusement parks you can visit with your family in the United States. Most of them have been located in Pennsylvania, Dutch Wonderland,…

They Knew.

While watching the news footage after the Parkland school shooting, one of the victim’s father was speaking for the news and said he wished he had said he loved his child before they left for school that day. Immediately following that heartfelt comment, someone in the crowed replied, “He knew. He knew.”

That has stuck with me. He knew. 

I am not a big “I l…

Lets Help Our Children!

During the summer my son only thinks about T.V. and his video games. I have come up with a creative way to get my child to read, help with extra chores, play with his toys, do some arts and crafts or something creative and play outside or with his friends. I came up with an encouragement points system to use with my son. When he does the activities listed below h…

My Estranged Father

In my articles over the past couple of years I have mentioned my love for my mother, family and close friends but I have not mentioned my father too often. My father left my mother when I was around 6 years old and while I lived in Cuban we had an estranged relationship. It was only since coming to Canada that my wife had pushed me more to reach out to him and try to pa…

Toddler Walking – Achievement or Curse?

My daughter has been fully walking for a month now and as proud as I was it is a lot more work!

That’s not where the curse comes in. Now that she is on the move and can get into higher reached places you really do need to keep on eye on them. Not only for safety purposes but for this next reason.

She lost my phone!

My beautiful daughter loves pl...

Go Ahead And Eat The Chocolate…

Growing up whenever I started at a new school or made new friends they quickly learned one very important thing about me. See they liked to indulge in certain treats that I just had to avoid. Not because of any allergies. It was because I just didn’t like them. What was it? Anything with chocolate.

I didn’t, and still don’t, eat any type of chocolate. It doesn’t…


Some people are becoming parents for the first or last time in their early forties, but there are some people in that age group who are done having children and are moving onto the next phase in life – becoming grandparents.

I’m several years younger than your average grandmother (I’m 40) but I have two gorgeous granddaughters who expect their “Gramms” to do grandma t…

Some positive programs at my son’s school!

Do you think it is right that school’s separate the students from the special needs students in resource classes. When schools do this, it teaches students not to associate with the special needs students, then it is just reinforcing to the special needs students that they are different and can never be like all the other kids.  In my book, McCoy and the Pond, it teaches th...

Celebrating Motherhood

Please note that this article is shared with permission from

This journal entry was written in my personal journal on Mother’s Day 2018.

Today, in many parts of the world, it is a celebration of motherhood.  Something that I per…


This is my second mother’s day without my mom. I miss her. I want her to know that. I will always miss her. I wish she was here to celebrate with me today. I wish she was here to celebrate with my growing family and be the amazing grandmother that I know she would be. I wish…but it is not so. 

Mother’s Day, a holiday that should be about celebrating can ha…

Mother’s Day

Being a mom is the greatest gift life has given me. Growing a beautiful baby inside my belly and then getting to nurture, care for, and shape this tiny little human and help him become the person he wants to be is a blessing beyond anything I could have imagined. It is also the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and demands more of me than I think exists most days. Mother’s…

Do you believe this is good for a child?

A child’s imagination is a powerful tool that is beneficial to growing up. Can you remember when you were a child and you would go outside with your friends and play knights, pretend you were a princess, or just make up a game? Do you remember how fun that was and how it helped you as you were growing up and in a lot of cases still helps you as an adult? To…

Why I wrote my first book: based on my son, McCoy.

This is my first post and I thought I would tell you about who I am and why I wrote my first book, McCoy and the Pond, will do to help children. I am a mother of an amazing husband and son. When my son was 3 he was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder which caused him to stop talking. When I first learned about it, it was just my son and I. When I got in the car I sta…

Welcome To Sesame Place!

When I was a little kid, one of my favorite all time characters was Elmo. I had all the toys and even had an Elmo birthday party. Imagine how happy I was when I learned there was a place where I could go to actually meet him. Welcome to Sesame Place!

Just like Dutch Wonderland, Sesame Place is an amusement park designed for kids. The park is based on the infamous…

The Kingdom For Kids!

I started visiting amusement parks at a very young age. So young, I can barely remember going. My mom, loved taking me on little trips and would drive everywhere to get me there.

One of the very first parks I visited was Dutch Wonderland. Have you heard of it? The park is rated one of the top amusement parks for kids and has very high customer ratings. It has b…

Lost – A Parent’s Worst fear.

Friday April 13th 2018, 8:37pm

Cell phone rings.

“Good evening Ms Gooding. I am a teacher at your son’s school. Apologies for calling so late, but it is of the utmost importance. Is your son friends with a boy named ______?”

“Good evening. Yes, I believe he is. Could you please explain why you ask?”

“Yes, of course. I am calling because ______’s...

Parenting 101: “An Open Door Policy”

Parenting is one of the most rewarding, yet difficult tasks in this world. Personally, I am constantly wondering if I am doing it right!!!! It brings joy, concern, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, love, humor, and the list goes on. As my husband and I transition into parenting a teenager, we are forced to deal with tough issues and have tough conversations. We have made a cons…

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month. Child abuse and neglect can be prevented. Support is available to parents and caregivers, from family, friends, neighbors, and community resources. Without this support, they feel isolated and are likely to make poor decisions. The statistics are shocking: a quarter of all children experience some form of child abuse or …

Learning from Littles

A lot of you, parents especially, will completely agree with me when I say that I believe we have so much to learn from kids.

My brother is 12 years younger than me. Spending time with him opens a life that I had left when I graduated high school, moved out and felt the pressure of responsibilities that come with adulthood. Others might not understand the value of …

I Have My Tickets, Now What About Lunch?

Tickets to Amusements parks can be very expensive, but to me, definitely worth it. In my last article, The Price Of Admission, I shared how you can reduce the cost of your admissions to some of the worlds greatest, and not so great, parks. Now that you have your tickets, what will you eat?

Okay, so I did mention in my last article, the next topic I would write ab…

Spending Quality Time With Your Children

The other day my son asked me to play with him. I was so busy doing other things that I thought took precendence, I had asked him to go ask his daddy to play with him instead. His daddy stated the same thing that I said – he was busy too. My son went into the other room with sadness on his face. I didn’t realize I may have hurt my son’s feelings, as well as his dad.


Co Sleeping

I recently went on a family vacation and received alot of flack about co-sleeping with my daughter. That she should be old enough and in her own bed. 

We first started co-sleeping because she was a colicky baby and I was breastfeeding so it made it super convenient.  Now that she is getting older it might be time to shift the sleeping arrange…

Get Your Bounce Back! Part 4: Bouncing Divorce

“I hate failure and that divorce was a Number One failure in my eyes. It was the worst period of my life. Neither Desi nor I have been the same since, physically or mentally.” Lucille Ball

Divorce is painful and destructive. How could something so right end so wrong…

What are we gaining from our sacrifices?

Living far from family is never easy. It is a choice we make, or one made for us by our parents, generally in hopes of having greater opportunities and improving quality of life. But is this really the end result? Think about the things you value most in life. For me they are my immediate and extended family, close friends, safety and security, time with those I love,…

The Price of Admission

Have you ever been to an amusement park? With spring here and summer around the corner, it’s a great time to start making vacation plans. Why not plan to visit an amusement park?

I’ve been lucky enough to visit lots of amusement parks across the United States. I started going to the parks with my mom at a very young age, actually around six or seven years old. I lov…

Using your culture to teach giving: Part 2

So in my last post I mentioned the holiday of Purim and how we like to create done up gift packages to family, friends and neighbours. Well while purim is all about delicious food and partying the other march holiday we have coming up, Passover, is quite different. Passover can be seen as the holiday of spring cleaning where jewish people everywhere clean their house fro…

Using your culture to teach giving

As I’ve said before giving can come in many forms. This month, March 1st was a holiday that teaches us to give in my culture, judaism. March 1st marked the celebration of purim a holiday that may seem like halloween to many. Yes, we dress up in costumes and have awesome parties. Yes there are lots of sweets, but that is about where the comparisons end. Purim is a fest…

Road Trip!

Usually when you hear the words Road Trip you might start to get excited about where you will be going and all the cool sites along the way but when you hear those words and you have kids it can bring on totally different emotions. The worry of how quick can we get there, how many stops will we have to make, how many times will they ask “are we there yet…


Today as I sit at my desk and ponder on life and love and what it all means….I received a text out of no where which put it all in perspective.

My younger daughter who is away at University, because of her work load, she is limited on how often she communicates; so you can imagine my surprise when I received the following text from her; breaking into my thought…

Surprise Trip for Grandchildren

“What?” I said when I found out that I was to babysit my granddaughter and grandson because they did not have school on Friday. The grandmother and mother both teach and had to be at school and the dad was working. So it fell to me to take care of the kids.

“Grandpa can we go to the Children’s Museum on Friday?” Both grandchildren came running to me about what we wer…

The “AR” Program: Reading in Our Schools

Where do we start a conversation about children’s literacy? Even a quick scan of the internet can lead to feeling overwhelmed. A basic search using “children’s literacy” will give you thousands of hits:  everything from parent blogs demanding a substitute for standardized testing, to academic research on the efficacy of ‘OST’ programs. I’ve been involved in the both t…

The “AR” Program: Reading in Our Schools

Where do we start a conversation about children’s literacy? Even a quick scan of the internet can lead to feeling overwhelmed. A basic search using “children’s literacy” will give you thousands of hits:  everything from parent blogs demanding a substitute for standardized testing, to academic research on the efficacy of ‘OST’ programs. I’ve been involved in the both the edu...

Learning Compromise for Growth

2018 has been a trying year so far. We seem to be getting hit repeatedly as soon as things start to look up. When will we catch a break?

We have always been fortunate in our lives with good jobs, great friends, amazing family members, and good health. But lately…work hasn’t been there, friends are distant i(we’ve all got busy lives, I get that), family is sp…

Video Games: How to avoid late night sneaking

In my last article I talked about the new way kids sneak out of the house. Well, really instead of sneaking out of the house, they sneak to play video games. When you think they are asleep in their beds, getting a good nights sleep, they are actu…


As I sit here and watch the latest school shooting in Florida, I feel sick to my stomach as I realize sadly, but soberly that this will not be the last school shooting; mass shooting; kids killing kids; and kids killing parents and others. The authorities are scratching their heads trying to look for answers and how to make sense of it all.  I am appalled …

Videos Games The New Way to Sneak Out of The House

As a teenager did you sneak out of the house after your parents went to bed? Did you get in lots of trouble and end up grounded for weeks? Well even in 2018 kids are still sneaking out of the house finding out what trouble they can get into. However, there is a different type of kid who, just like, me prefers to do their sneaking inside the house.

I would say good...

No longer a Baby

It seemed like yesterday, I had joined GoRead with a big pregnant belly and was excited to share my experience and all the research findings along my way. Being a first time mom I had no idea what to expect especially since my mother had passed years ago when I wasn’t even of the mindset of having kids.  I couldn’t ask for any advice and my mother in law doesn’t speak english s…

A Boy and His Car

Friday February 2, Noon.

A regular day.

It started out that way. To be a regular day, that is.


Meeting with my partner.

Excited discussion on marketing.

Call comes in on my cell phone.

Ghostly voice.

Shaky breathing through the quiet voice.

Something strange and unfamiliar behind the words.

A …

Nurturing the Mother

This year, I’d like to suggest an outside the box twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day. Normally, February 14th celebrates that special love between a man and a woman. But for the nearly 12 million widowed women in the USA, Valentine’s Day can represent a day of loss. It can also be painful reminder that they are alone for the more than 53 million women raising families …

The Other-Mother

I like to think that I am a good mom, and one of the ways I measure that is how well I feel that I interact with my son’s friends. I know firsthand how other adults (aside from parents) influence a kid and I spent enough years working in Social Services to know that science supports my knowing. The fact is ALL of the adults in a kid’s life can have a tremendous…

It’s About the Little Things….

It’s about the little things…

Woke up this morning to a very snowy and grey February day. My kids were griping and complaining about how they don’t like winter and asking when is it going to be summer??? Model B headed to the bus stop as she always does, Model C continued her wingeing and so went the morning….

Next thing I know, I get an angry phone call f…


I am a mother who have raised two wonderful children without the help of my ex-husband. Yes it was hard but God had help me through it all. Putting my children to school and college was challenging at times I know I had to do it. Therefore, I have what is called an Empty Nest yes I have an empty nest right now. You would wonder why I feel this way I should be happy rig…

Simplicity Remembered

I was reading one of the online newsletters I subscribe to. This one is on Family related topics and can be viewed in full at , it’s called ” Married at First sight” (interesting title yes??)

Anyway, so I was reading this articl…

Story Teller to Publishing Books

Shortly after being discharged from the Army with a disability at age 21 I became a story teller. When I would go camping with friends and/or family I would tell made up stories around the camp fire. After I was married and had children I was still being a story teller. Many times people wanted to hear scary stories. There was one time at a …

Responsibility Up but more Satisfaction

My wife recently went back to work and with that we had to start putting our daughter in daycare. Our whole routine had changed. When my wife was off on maternity leave she took care of everything and I did not realize really all the extra responsibility that came with it. My wife is now working nights and weekends so we don’t have to put our daughter is daycare for as long but she is s…

When I’m Gone

“Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.” Ambrose Bierce.

Never saw Joe in a tie before – or a suit, now that I think of it. Hair combed, shoes polished, pants ironed: he’s looking pretty good for a dead guy. There’s a large turnout here at the funeral home. Joe knew just about everyone, and everyone knew Jo…

Home Daycare vs. Licensed Centre

So the time has come that you need to start thinking about putting your little one into daycare. There are so many choices so where do you start? First you need to decide whether you would prefer a home based daycare or a larger daycare centre and the best way to do this if you’re unsure at first is to go out and check them both out. You can research all you want about pr…

Strength of a Mother

Being a mother you always get tested and pulled in different shapes and forms. 

Today I was tested again lol

My whole life I’ve hated spiders. They are just creepy and crawly and I always feel like somehow they will jump on me if I get too close. I know we need them in this circle of life and they eat bugs for us but I just can’t stand them. As much as I ...

Toddler and New Baby

Welcoming another child to the family is a beautiful thing, but it can also be overwhelming for your first child. This is a sensitive time that requires a careful approach as it sets the tone for how your eldest will respond to their new sibling. This relationship begins from the moment your second child is in the womb. Below are some tips on helping your first adapt …

The Calm throughout the Chaos

Im sure everyone is in the same position the last week leading up to Christmas – pure chaos!  So this year I was alot better. I had a head start on shopping and to be honest I did most of it online. I have become one of those online shoppers! It makes it so easy. No hussle bussle of the stores and line ups. No messing around with driving in the snow or trying to find a parking s…

Teaching Children About Nature

During the summers, I work at Bryce Canyon National Park. Often someone will rush up, and say, “We have fifty minutes to see the park. Tell us where the best place to look!” I share my favorite view points, and the parents start shouting, “Quickly kids, get into the car. We’ve got to hurry if we’re going to see both this canyon and Arches National Park today.” I shake my …

It’s Snowing And I Choose To Shovel

The first snow fall of the season! The real one! I’m talking about the one where there’s a thick layer of snow left on the streets and you can hear the snow plows working their routes at the wee hours of the morning. The kind that makes you thankful for snow removal service. Such is the case for many who need to leave home to get their day started.

In a sense, …

The joys of fatherhood

As I take some time away from work to nurture my growing family I have developed a new appreciation for what mothers everywhere do for their families, especially for newborns. While I know many men are fully equal partners it is a challenge to claim that title when your wife is nursing. In our home this is the case. It has been trying handling a newborn and…

I wish you a Peaceful Christmas

It’s that time of year again!! Some love it and some hate it, I suppose it is a personal thing. Myself, I have always used this as a time of reflection, time to reflect on the year just gone and how my relationships have been with my family and friends, and how I am towards them and those around me. I like to think if there is anything or way I can be a better Dad, Partner…

Happy 60th Birthday to my MOM

I don’t write about it much but my mother passed away in 2009 and it greatly impacted who I am today. Her 60th birthday was on December 14, 2017. I wanted to do something special for her although hard she is not here to share it with. While she was here with us she was always so thoughtful and always trying to help others. I knew she was a special lady but sometimes, unfo…

Happy 60th Birthday to my MOM

I don’t write about it much but my mother passed away in 2009 and it greatly impacted who I am today. Her 60th birthday was on December 14, 2017. I wanted to do something special for her although hard she is not here to share it with. While she was here with us she was always so thoughtful and always trying to help others. I knew she was a special lady but sometimes, unfo…

Christmas magic

I remember a time when I was a kid and saw Christmas as a magical wonderland.  Bright lights, a lot food, sweet treats, music, late nights, family and a time to simply dream.

I now have two boys to bring that magical wonderland into my heart. The magic of Christmas had left my soul as I got older and had to work through the holiday season.  Only to rush thro…


Growing up in a Christian family. We always wanted to keep the “Christ” in Christmas. It wasn’t about gifts wrapped up under a Christmas tree. It was about focusing on those who were less fortunate than us, and finding a way to give back. It wasn’t about Santa Claus like all the other children I went to school with. It was about the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chris…

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I never got to write you a letter as a child, so this is my long over-due letter to you as an adult. My parents never took me to see you. They took me to church instead. They said I couldn’t focus on you. They said I had to focus on Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is? He’s the reason CHRISTIANS celebrate Christmas. He’s the reason were all blessed to …

Teen Advice Quiz Week Six

Advice to Your 15 Year Old Self: Week 6

If I knew then what I know now… but would I have listened? Teen Advice is a plentiful as leaves on a tree, but I’m offering some advice… with a bit of a twist.

I polled a huge variety of people, asking them this one question:

If you could go back in time, what advice would you giv…

How to write a Poem. Secret #2

I thought to write another article on Poetry Secrets, and was thinking about it when suddenly found the line in the book of Plato. This is what he said about poets: “Then I knew that not by wisdom do poets write poetry, but by a sort of genius and inspiration; they are like diviners or soothsayers who also say many fine things, but do not understand the meaning of them.” In...

The Human Library

A story recently struck us, covering the concept of a “human library” on the campus of Reedley College in California. There they were lining the quad (in the middle of campus) with tents labeled things like “Muslim,” “Children of Deaf Parents,” “Blind,” “Black,” and so forth, representing a bookshelf to peruse. The “bookshelf” wou...

Teen Advice Quiz Week Three

If I knew then what I know now… but would I have listened? Teen Advice is a plentiful as leaves on a tree, but here is a bit of a twist.

I asked many people this question:

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 15-year-old self, knowing what you know now?

I’ve been compiling and publishing what you said. It seems like a g…

Tyrese: Custody battles and Divorce

 I remember Tyrese from one of his songs that came out years a go titled: “How you gonna act like that?” It was such a huge hit. It got him so much attention as a singer. He later went on to be a sex symbol and a ladies man. He was also someone who often proclaimed his faith in GOD. He always had advice for his facebook followers. He seemed to connect himself a lot to hi…

Mattresses, Memories and Moving On

Memories are experiences that are relived in the presence. Most trips down memory lane begin with a flash from the past; a familiar sight or favourite smell. Usually people will commit their memories to scrapbooks, their iPhone photo albums, or journal writing. Some buy mementoes to tuck away in the corners of drawers and decorate but who oh who uses an old ratty mattress t...

Step Parents: Point of View of the Child

Step Parents can be terrifying, different, and shape the way us children grow in this world. Coming from a kid who use to have a somewhat step-mother and a step-father, it wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, both of the step-parents I had were not good ones, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be one. If you are becoming a step-parent, or are a newly incoming step-parent, d…


Tinkle. Tinkle. Tinkle. Did you hear that? That is the sound of an angel getting his wings.

If you do not know that reference, you need to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” this holiday season! It is a classic 

Christmas movie and sure to be on the television line-up once or twice in the coming weeks.In fact, have you noticed that the number of “feel good” movie…


Halloween is always an exciting times for children, but if your little one is too young to go walking around trick or treating or it’s too late and past their bedtime, here are some other ideas on how to celebrate with them:

  • Take them to a Farm – there’s a ton of local farms that have games and pumpkin patches and fun on the weekends throughout Oc…
The First Day of School: A Retrospective View

Making a mistake or failing to act upon an opportunity is a valuable moment to learn from throughout the lessons of life. The long days of summer have ended and the children are back to a new academic year and ready to transform back into students. It has been two months since school has started and reflecting back, what can we have done better to prepare for the upcoming a…

Moving On From Childhood Abuse

“Sit down! Shut-up! You’re stupid! You will never amount to anything, you will be just like your mom!”

Tough words to endure as a child. It seems as if its a never-ending cycle. Making the transition from a child struggling with abuse to an adult coping with it often proved itself to be difficult.

In all honesty, I struggled the majority of my life with m...


Being a first time mom, there are so many new things we experience and these first 8 months have been fun filled and filled with emotions, and just as I was getting the hang of raising one child, another one has come along. We applied for my stepson to come visit us from Cuba and his Visa was approved and within a couple weeks we had him here and I was a mom of two! Things I…

Confidence , the next step

Part 3, Choice- the Magic Word.

Confidence the next step

In the last section I hope I established the fact that in order to become a successful adult, first you must be a child who feels good about himself, in other words a child must have strong self -esteem.

Strong self-esteem promotes confidence. With conf…

Self Esteem The First Step

Choice -the magic word, part 2

Self esteem the first step.

How do we encourage children to be strong enough in spirit to follow their dreams?

 If we do not believe that we can make our dreams come true, then we stop the dreaming and then what? What happens if a child is constantly faced with opposition or always told what to ...

Elder Abuse Is Very Real

Elder Abuse….I was informed in a scathing email by someone close to me that “Elder Abuse is B.S. you made it up, just lies”. This was responded to by a Police Detective…”no lies, it is very real”.

Why is it we gasp in horror when children are abused by their parents but not so much or we turn a blind eye to an adult child who treats their elderly parent or parents...

The Alcoholic Parent and her child.

A kid has no choice about the homes they are born into. Parents set the tone for their kids’ lives. But when life is made hell through parents who abuse alcohol, the kids are forced to live with the parents drinking and their alcoholic actions, and that’s assuming the kids aren’t eventually taken away and put into foster homes by the state. And growing up in an alcoholi…

Making Homework A Positive Experience

 In the last article I wrote, Back, Back, Back to School Again, I shared how going back to school was always bitter sweet for me. I was happy to see my friends and teachers but I wasn’t happy to loose all the time spent playing video games and going to the movies. In the article, I shared a…

Take A Breather

 I find the small moments in life are what rock my boat these days and bring me the uttermost joy. Today I had one of those moments.

 I was in the kitchen doing our usual morning routine and was towards the end of it finishing up the last child’s food which is child # 4 she is still a wee baby and by this, I mean under 1. Our mornings of breakfast ca…

Communicating With Your Teenager

 If you are the parent of a teenager, did this happen to you? You really enjoyed spending time with your child. You did lots of fun activities together, going to the park, playing board games, even going to the mall together. Then one day something changed. You can’t pin point exactly when it happened but it did. You found yourself asking, “What happened to my sweet little …

STOP with the stop signs

You might think this is such a mundane topic but hear me out.

The back story:

I have lived on the same street for more than 27 years. It’s a modest 4-bedroom cottage on a fairly well-traversed suburban street off the island of Montreal in a community reputed to be ideal for raising young children. Just to illustrate how ideal… there are 3 elementary schools…

The Parent-Teen Tango

I’m pretty sure whoever coined the phrase, “It takes two to tango” was talking about mother-daughter relationships during the tumultuous teens. The tango is a dance between two conflicted people, filled with frustrated love and human fata…

Small Milestones

As moms I feel like most of us are always waiting for our little ones to hit the next milestone, like its a race. From the rolling over, to sitting up to the first teeth, its all about how quickly they are growing and if you are beating the other kids around you. Goolgling at what month they should be hitting the milestone or comparing on Facebook to kids around the same age as y…

Trust, Hopes and Aspirations

Reading time:60 Seconds

My 11 year old daughter left primary school this week. Whilst she has been excited about the prospect of going to High School, it marks the end of our 10 year association with the school which we are very fond of and all of the staff and pupils there. It seems like yesterday my son left yet it is already 4 years ago.. How tim…

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Mom, as a child did you sneak into your mother’s room to explore the wonders it held? Did you try on her jewelry? Play with her mascara? Totter around on her heels?

If you did, you know from personal experience teenage girls are eager to emulate their mothers, the most important female figure in their lives

Your precious girl wants to experience life as yo…

The Inner Game Of Tennis

The Inner Game of Tennis is Played Against Yourself


Player A swats the tennis ball out of bounds. “Oh no! You stupid imbecile! How could you miss such an easy shot? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” cries Player A, angry with herself. That’s one way to handle the Inner Game of Te…

Promoting Physical Activity in children

I believe the love of fitness and health needs to start from a young age. But with the age of technology, and super busy schedules, it can be a daunting task for any parent to feel comfortable fostering enthusiasm for fitness. We have all heard the guidelines that children under two should have no screen time and children between 2 and 5 should be limited to no more …

Common Core, Good or Bad? 3 Major Reasons its…

If you care about your child’s education then you must read this article. Educational reform has been a huge topic for decades. Teaching in schools have transformed and evolved as we frown upon the lecture-style instructional methods of the past. No longer is it okay to stand in front of the class and talk at students. It is not expected for students to sit quietly and …

Indelible Remarks

Van Gogh didn’t spend his days honing his math abilities and Einstein didn’t hold a paintbrush determined to improve his artistic talent where perhaps there was none to begin with. They spent their time doing what they love, what they’re good at and they became famously excellent.

I’m good with words and I suck at numbers. At school my love for language and disdain...

The day I had to use first aid

About a week ago I had every parents’ nightmare come true. My 17-month old started choking!

We had a busy day and stopped for a bite to eat at the mall. My children were sharing a BLT sandwich. My toddler, who has all her teeth and has been eating solids for quite some time was happily munching on the innards of the sandwich when suddenly she started coughing. I …

Why you should get your kids into golf!

Now that school is over, your kids are free to enjoy any number of activities. Here are some reasons why you should consider golf as one of those activities.

1.      It is OUTSIDE! Golf is an outdoor sport where your children can spend time with Mother Nature and see her plants and animals up close and personal.

2.      It is a low impact sport that crea...

Being an Authentic Dad

My son, Bronson, and I were getting my car fixed at an Acura dealer in South Jersey. We were getting the car serviced when Bronson wanted to talk to this gorgeous woman who looked like a…

Co-parenting on Father’s Day

Co-Parenting on Father’s Day Takes Respect And A Touch Of Class

Father’s Day is joyously anticipated by your children, as it is a day to show their appreciation and love for their dad and stepdad. However, for newly separated or divorced fathers, this day can be one of the most difficult times of the year, especially in the circumstance in which they are unable to se…

The Self-Care/Motherhood Puzzle

Once upon a time, I was an unhappy, stressed out mom. 

I was full-time caretaker of two little boys, struggling to keep everyone happy and fed and not fighting, work from home, maintain some semblance of order and occasionally spend time with my husband before falling asleep on the couch in front of Netflix.

If you had asked me, I would have to…

Mothers Day

It’s been 8 years since my mom has passed away and although with time it does somewhat get “easier” but the pain and grief never goes away. There’s always something throughout the day that will remind me of her and that is even more true when it is a day of significance such as her birthday, anniversary of her passing and of course Mothers Day.  These are days you cannot avoid…

What Children Need? Parents doing more….

Abraham Maslow (1943) developed five hierarchical levels addressing the basic human needs in life. He proposed the first level which focuses on basic physiological needs including food and shelter, water, warmth, and sleep. The second tier concentrates on safety needs such as security, protection, order, and stability. Moreover, the third level addresses the elements of…

Children’s Literature and Creativity

We all agree that literature should be an essential part of childhood. Good literature for children accomplishes many things—helps them relate to their world, understand their place in human culture, validates their world, bond with the parent or adult who reads to them or with them, and learns language both spoken and written. These are just part of the psychological …

My Mom, My Forever Friend

Are you sisters? We’ve been asked that question more times than you can imagine. When I was younger, it annoyed me. Now, I just laugh. I’m guessing she’s always loved it. After all, there is a twenty-five year age difference. Why wouldn’t she love it?

No, we’re not sisters. We’re mother and daughter.

I don’t know what it’s l…

Respect For All Mothers

 As I look out the window from the house I live in ; the skies outside are cloudy. I still say to myself: “What a beautiful day to wake up on!” A day we get to reflect on how thankful and gracious we are for our MOTHERS. This weekend I went to a Mother’s Day program where we discussed many things about our MOTHERS. We discussed fears that a MOTHER has. We discussed ho…

Mother In Waiting…

Mother’s day is a time of great celebration. There are so many women who are recognized this day for all that they have meant to their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and for those extra fortunate, their great-great grandchildren. Even those whose mothers are not here physically anymore can celebrate the legacy that they left behind. But for those …

Mothers Day

Every Mothers Day has always been very meaningful to me. As the only son to my mother, and her being a single mother, we have always been very close. My mother has and always will be my best friend and confident. When I lived in Cuba, every Mothers Day we would spend together growing up. Even as I hit my 20’s she was the number person I wanted to be with. I could easily talk to m…

PUBERTY – Been there. Done THAT

Puberty – Been there. Done THAT

All of us Adults have had our experiences with this awkward time called PUBERTY.

Some had it better than others.

Myself…it was HARD.

I grew faster than most of my friends. Puberty got me at 9 years of age.

Boobs, hips, body hair and Aunt Flo (that’s what we called our monthly visitor back then)...

Silently Saving My Daughter

If you have read some of my previous work, you will know by now that my children are the heart of my life. I have done and will continue to do anything to protect them. My oath to them even before they were born. One by one they captured my heart and I knew my most important responsibility until my last breath…… keep them safe. It is always SAFETY FIRST! Alas, there may …

Single Mom with an Only Child

I grew up in a family of 6. Being one of four kids was an amazing experience. Of course there were times when my siblings drove me nuts and I’m sure I wasn’t always the best sister, but we had a sense of belonging, camaraderie and security knowing that we had each others backs. Today I am a single mom with an only child. I feel the guilt of not having supplied m...

Life’s Curveballs can Equal Biggest Joys

I’ve always been an entrepreneur and go-getter since I can remember and were talking back to the lemonade sale stands. It was what I would call hereditary it ran in my veins and was passed down from generations prior.

Entrepreneurialism and the ongoing travel bug where I must have been a gypsy in my past life, never f…


After almost three years of investigating where we would like to live, my wife and I had narrowed the search to one of three cities: Atlanta, Houston, or Dallas. My close friend and business partner, Bill, had transferred earlier within Motorola to Seguin, Texas. They had moved to New Braunfels not far from where he worked in the San Antonio area. After examining all the p…

A Child Scarred For Life!

It is indeed paradoxical that children are naturally authentic, yet so naive and impressionable. Born to parents who inherently are responsible for nurturing the next generation of productive, heart centred caring human beings and so often fail the very children who idolizes them. 

Is it not your absolute responsibility (once you make a conscious decision to be a pa…

Life After Shiloh.

What do you do when you lose that which you’ve loved so deeply… or more specifically whom you’ve loved so deeply? 

How do you keep going? 

How do you keep talking? 

How do you figure out how to go back to life before… 

How do I go back to life before Shiloh…? 

At least one of…

Alcohol – Toxic or Tonic?

Examining alcohol, a taboo topic which is definitely bittersweet. The negative stigma, debilitating health and socially unacceptable behaviour causes a ripple effect beyond comprehension especially for young children who are exposed to this environment. 

This is part of a series of articles which examines the behaviours and habits we develop and learned at an early a…

Spring Forward and Finish Strong…

 For many schools in America, the third quarter is ending and the final quarter of the school year is about to begin. It’s the last chance to keep or get your grades up and finish the year strong. But, this also marks the beginning of spring which can mean a lot of distractions for kids. The weather is much nicer and many kids want to spend more time outdoors playing …

The Most Significant Writing I Have Ever Done

Finding And Losing My Father: My Most Meaningful Writing


What is your most meaningful writing?


For me, there is a definite answer – Writing about my father.


At my father’s request, phrased – “You wouldn’t be willing to help me write my autobiography would you?” I assisted him in writing a memoir he wanted to leav...

My Little Boy Who Never Was. My Final Goodbye

I had hated my body for what it put me through.

Allowing me to fall in love with you and then letting you go with no fair reasoning.

My heart breaks when I recall just how cautious I was. With the worry and near loss while being pregnant with your older brother back then and now me being of an older age, I had decided that this time around I would be a lot mor…

Unbreakable Bond

I heard it.

It made my eyes tear up.

Faint but strong, I heard it.

My mind was cloudy.

Trying to register the overpowering effect that such a small, almost inaudible, sound could have on a person’s soul.

A sound which instantly created an unbreakable bond as strong as the ocean pulling its water back from the shore.

I heard ...

The Village

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you try, you just can’t do it on your own?

It’s 3:05. You have 10 minutes before the school bell rings and you’re late to pick up your child. It’s cold, or raining. You know your child will be outside waiting for you… again! Or, you’re in the middle of something at work. You’re surrounded by clients. Your phone …

Reflections on Becoming a Grandma

My baby had a baby. My daughter had a daughter.

For the last few weeks, as I’ve been awaiting the birth of my first grandchild, I’ve been packing up many of our belongings, donating other belongings to Good Will, and finding new homes for much of our furniture. My husband and I are moving out of the house in which we raised our children, and moving into one in whic…

The Proof Is In The Pudding

“No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.” – Mr.Miyagi, ‘Karate Kid’

As a parent, I always worry that my 6 year old son won’t be prepared enough for the harsh realities of the world we live in today. Am I being paranoid? Maybe. Am I not believing in my son’s capabilities enough? Probably. Truth is, every parent out there worries about the same thin...

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Your Family…

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Your Family and Close Friends

 St. Patrick’s day is a world wide celebration of Irish culture celebrated on March 17. It was started to honor and remember St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. Celebrations are held all over the world to inclu…

My Daughter – My Inspiration

Not too long ago I shared this quote, entitled “A Note From A Mother”, on my Facebook page and I applaud whomever the individual was who penned it.

“I gave birth to you but you came with no instructions.  All I knew was that I loved you long before I saw you. I know that I made some mistakes, and for that I’m sorry, but I was doing the best that I could wi…

Later is better

I recently read an article talking about how it is better to start “formal education” for your children later in their young life, such as around age 7-8. This is interesting, as many people want to start formally teaching their children once they start to talk. 

I do remember when my first child was just old enough to start looking at books with me. From…

A Parent’s Worse Nightmare

This article is a little longer then the ones I normally write but a very important one worth reading….

 On a Saturday night my friends and I decided to grab a bite to eat and go to the movies. The movie we wanted to see was an action movie which, because of some of the fighting scenes, was rated R. All our parents approved the movie but since we weren’t yet …

Spending The Weekend With Your Children

Spending the weekend with your children can mean spending more money than you want or even pushing the boundaries of your budget. A weekend with kids doesn’t have to mean sitting home all day, watching cartoons or old movies, though that is sometimes a lot of fun and not to be dismissed entirely. Whether you live in a big city or smaller town (or no town at all), your c…

The Magician’s Hat

This is the story of an unlikely author. Malcolm Mitchell made it to the University of Georgia with a problem that he knew he needed to address. He could only read at a junior high level.

While at a Barnes & Noble book store he struck up a conversation with a woman who talked about how much she enjoyed her book club.

Malcolm asked if he could join her b…


We tried so hard to make things better for our kids that we made them worse. 

A great article by Lee Pitts below, reminds me that sometimes its good to let failure and hurt as well as hardwork and disappointment lead the way to a wonderful future of appreciation, gratitude, family loyalty and happiness.

For my grandchildren, I’d like better. I’d really li…

Making The Grade

 I was going through some old articles I wrote and came across one I had written for a blog while in middle school. It was right after Christmas break and we had recently had several days off of school because of the weather. It was written to encourage children to keep their grades up and excel academically. I modified what I wrote just a bit so I could share the artic…

Expectations of a Father Abroad

Now in Canada I am expecting my second child, a daughter, and the process has been completely different. In Cuba, when the woman goes into labour, she goes by herself. The father is not allowed to be in the room with her. Over these past 9 months as I have been lucky to experience the whole pregnancy process with my wife here, the conditions are so different. Firstly, …

Expectations of a Father

Being a father comes a lot of expectations and responsibilities. I know, I already have a 4 year old son who still lives in Cuba with his mother. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do as well, leave my son there while I pursue love and a better life. I am currently in the process of waiting for him to receive his Canadian Permanent Residency but i…

“Mothering” my dying Mom

I consider this to be role reversal in its worst form…..experiencing the illness and death of my mother.   I share yet another of the most difficult times in my life, with the most heartfelt hope that some part of my experience will help you or someone that you love. I will outline just a few important things to consider in caring for a dying parent and then I will tel…

Through the eyes of a Child – Depression

I was going to write and post this article yesterday, but decided to wait.

See my soon-to-be 12 year old Prince, Gabriel, whom I had written about in my 1st ever article , and I…

Report Cards: How Much Do They Matter?

As report card season approaches, I take the time to think deeply about each of my students and what they have accomplished in the past few months. As a teacher, report cards are a mandatory part of the job where we relay to parents how their child is doing in a variety of subject areas, both academic and skill based. As a parent, it is sometimes the only communication we …

Stuck Inside – Snowy School Days Part II

 December through mid-March is traditionally the coldest time of the year. The cold weather brings snow which can mean school closings and days off from work. In my last article I wrote about things you can do outside for fun when it snows and school is closed. Wh…

For Everything There is a Time

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

a time to be born, and a time to die;

a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;

a time to kill, and a time to heal;

a time to break down, and a time to build up;

a time to weep, and a time to ...

5 Ways to Build Good Homework Habits

Yes, I stopped teaching a few years ago to write full-time, but I find myself writing about school. Go figure.

It’s January. The school year is about half over. If report cards have been less than stellar, there is still time to finish strong and have a successful school year. However, you probably need to make some adjustments to your family’s stu…

The Question A Father Should Ask Himself Everyday

Am I a good example for my children?

People do what people see and kids copy adults. Fathers should always set a good example for their family.

When my son Bo was about 5 years old, he taught me exactly what kids copying adults meant.  When we were out in public, Bo would see me open the door to buildings for his mother and even other people…

The Question A Father Should Ask Himself Every Day

Am I a good example for my children?

People do what people see and kids copy adults. It’s a fathers responsibility to set a good example for their family.

When my son Bo was about 5 years old, he taught me exactly what kids copying adults meant.  When we were out in public, Bo would see me open the door to buildings for his mother and even othe…


I love the word serendipity: A state of mind whereby a person through awareness and sensitivity frequently finds something better than that which he was seeking. In other words, you have a plan for each day, but if you notice something better along the way, take it! I love how Richard Eyre said, “Always put off something that you can do tomorrow when you can do it tomorro…

The Mom Tribe

The Mom Tribe

As an author, I am often asked where I find my inspiration. Nearly everything comes from my surroundings. Anything you say or do may end up in my next story.

Here’s a perfect example: I was in Bradley Airport, on my way to visit The Cherub in D.C., when...

Snowy School Days

The temperature is starting to drop which means snow is on the way. In fact it has already snowed in some places. With the snow it can mean no school and parents thinking of what activities to do to keep children engaged, learning and having fun. Don’t panic! Even though it’s cold out, there a lot of things you can do outside for fun. Here are a few suggestions…

What to Do When Learning Is Not So Fun?

What to Do When Learning is Not So Fun?

Returning to school from holiday breaks has its challenges.


The average student loses up to 3 months of academic knowledge during the summer break alone per research studies.That means, they lose even more academic knowledge when you include the holiday breaks.

School breaks learning ski…

SMART Goals for the New Year

If you have teenagers, this would be a good time to take a look at the first two marking periods, evaluate and assess their progress, and make some New Year’s Resolutions. This is not the time or place to be judgmental. This is the time to build a team where you are on their side, facing the challenge together. It’s time to make

SMART Goals for the New …

The Dreaded “A” Word, Part 2: Autism in Toddlers

It’s very true that all children grow and develop at different stages, and sure maybe some children are just “slow developers” or a “late-bloomers”. Still, if a child misses more than two major milestones or doesn’t develop them at, then that is definitely a cause for concern and should be further investigated. With regards to my son, it wasn’t that obvious. He seemed to hi…

Homeschooling 101: How to and Why

Choosing whether or not to send your child to school always seems like a no brainer. Buy what if  your child doesn’t like school, or has anxiety issues or severe bullying problems? Homeschooling can be the answer. For a very long time home schooling has seemed like it’s been shunned. Not so much now. Homeschooling is becoming more of a wanted choice for many parents….

My Heart -Our Angel

In 2003-2004, I received terrible news…My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and wasn’t given much of a chance to live. Life before hearing that news seemed to disappear. See mom and I weren’t close. For various reasons, we just could not get to a place where we could ever be friends.

After Mom telling me her life changing news, I gave up everything to be by h…

A Mom’s Perfect Chaos

When describing what it is like to be the working mother of 3 children under the age of five, Ivanka Trump said it best, it is “the perfect chaos.” I couldn’t help but draw the similarities between Ivanka and I (albeit my wealth status and net worth is substantially less). I have two girls (ages three and one) and a baby boy that is 6 weeks old. As you can imagin…