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Archie Lee is a diverse author who strives for personal excellence through a commitment to volunteerism in his community, helping it to achieve its full ethnic, health, political and social potential. Archie Lee graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a commission in the U.S. Army. An active member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity since 2006, he also earned a Masters Degree in Management in 2009. Archie Lee is a strong advocate in social psychology. As a relationship expert and youth counselor, he loves social interaction and identifying character traits with people in general, primarily studying human social interaction.

Nov 15,2016

This topic is number one with my female readers. This specific question has always been a conversation piece in my workshops and seminars. This topic and others discussed in this book will stem from my personal experiences, observation and gathering research from other modern men. I also had the pleasure of speaking to many women who provided me useful information about their relationship experiences with men.    

Women, what I am about to tell you may turn your heads or may seem offensive, but to keep a man content and committed you must know WHAT MEN WANT. 

First, women, if you want a man, you got to learn about men.

Second, understanding your man’s mindset and choosing to cater to his thought process is must to improve relationship relations.

Third, you have to know and understand the “man wants.” I say wants because these aren’t necessary for a survival or for a relationship to flourish, but they are effective methods for relationship longevity and because men filter everything they say and do through these “wants”.

The fact is that most women think they know, but really don’t or they are not willing to accept these “man wants” in his life. Before I go into the “man wants,” I will tell you that each “want” varies with what is important to him. Basically, it all depends on the individual. But from a commonality view on this topic, below are five “man wants” that a woman must make herself available to do or accept going into a relationship.

Figuring out what is his priority of “man wants” can be as simple as asking him. Really! Just ask him!

We will discuss them in detail. The following is the five basic “man wants” a woman needs do or accept as a part of the relationship process:

  • Men want respect
  • Men want women who are willing to compromise
  • Men need time alone and with other guys
  • Men want women to do domestic things around the home and look good for them
  • Men want sex

In return, he will create that loving, caring, supporting and sharing relationship that all good women deserve.

Men want respect: Respect is always a two-way street. I do believe that both partners should respect each other because respect is the foundation of a successful romantic relationship. For most men, a woman showing us respect boosts our ego and self-image. This helps a man feel good about his self. By feeling good, this will bring out the best in him

It is common for a woman to neglect and criticize the man she loves because of communication problems, she refusing to have sex, constantly criticizing or reminding him of failures, taking his kindness for a weakness or bringing up or reminiscing on past relationship that she was mistreated or abused.

Women, you have to take our feelings, needs, wants, beliefs, ideas and preferences into consideration, because this is a must to maintain our confidence and willingness to love and respect our mates. Ways to show respect is listening to him, supporting him; giving him space when he wants it; take interest of what interest him; not bring him farther down when he already down. Respecting your man shows that you care and you take him seriously as being the leader in the household. From a dating standpoint, if you are dating somebody you don’t respect, either find something to respect about him, or leave, but don’t cut him down on the way out. Always remember, men want to be loved and respected as much as you do.

Men want women who are willing to compromise: Compromise takes place when both individuals sacrifice something for the sake of reaching an agreement in a relationship. Healthy compromising is a mutual agreement between both individual that benefits the relationship by balancing each other needs and wants in a non-confrontation way. This involves courageous communication and being straightforward without anger or criticism. When compromising, you must be completely honest and truthful in how you feel and think as well as ensuring that the compromise will be for good intentions for both individuals. That’s why positive communication is so important. Even through compromising means someone is giving something up, it shows that you are willing to give something up for that person. For most people in romantic relationships, it shows trust, loyalty and respect for your wishes and concerns.

During compromising follow these three rules:

Set emotions aside: When seeking to compromise on an issue in a relationship, the first thing you must do is leave emotions out of the conversation. You need to be able to logically look at the situation and think about what you need instead of what you want.

Weigh the pros and cons of the situation: When you are in a situation that calls for compromise, each person is seeking the opposite solution. Each person needs to write down the pros and cons of what they want, and then they need to compare their list to the list of the other person. This will help you measure the goals that you have in common and perhaps help you to find a middle ground.

Pick your battles: There will be times when you feel so strongly about a topic that you do not want to compromise. If you are willing to compromise 99 percent of the time, those times when you feel too strong to budge on an issue, your significant other may be more willing to give in.


If you don’t follow these three rules your relationship is at risk for failure.

Men want quality time alone and with other men: Men want their time alone or “cave time” a stress-free solitude environment to clear his head, regroup, and to rejuvenate. (Cave time is a period of time when a man pulls away in order to distract himself from a stressor in his life). Men also need their “guy time” to bond with other men. (Guy time among men is often based on shared activities (guy stuff) such as watching sports events on the television or going to sports events, sports clubs, going to the gym and strip clubs).

Basically, a man works like a rubber band. He needs to pull away and get some space in order to want to bounce back again. The more he pulls away and gets space, the fast he bounces back, and the more excited and ready he is to spend time with his partner

Most women, on the other hand, are ready for interaction with their partners, and when the man pulls away, are tempted to chase after him. Not only does this make him run away faster, it tempts him to stay in his man cave longer! Women tend to fear that their man is losing interest in them or don’t love them when he pulls away to get space. Often they might nag him about it or get emotional. Research indicates that this can actually do more harm than good for the couple. Understanding that giving him this time is essential for a healthy relationship (The Dwelling Tree).

And trust me when I say he will appreciate you. I really mean it!

Just because, a man wants some desire time alone, it does not necessarily mean that there is a problem in your relationship. Being clingy or interfering with a man’s personal time can detrimental to the relationship.

Men want sex: Sex is an important part of a relationship. Sex is a powerful catalyst for a relationship to grow and flourish. When it’s good, it offers couples opportunities to give and receive physical pleasure, to connect emotionally and spiritually. It builds closeness, intimacy and a sense of partnership. It defines their relationship as different from all others. In short, sex is a powerful tie that binds.

Everybody and anybody know that men want sex avidly. Men want sex more often than women at the start of a relationship, in the middle of it, and after many years of it. In matter of fact, the average man thinks about sex twice as much as women do or more. The reason behind this is mental, emotional and physical. Mentally, we are programmed to be mad-keen on finding a sexual partner. Another mental aspect is that men value sex, whereas women value love in their romantic relationships. (That’s why women often confuse casual sexual intercourse with being in love). Emotionally, from a relationship viewpoint, sex is a way to express our love to you in a nonverbal fashion and enhances our bonding with you. Physically, sex contributes to good health, happiness, stress reduction, and boost self-confidence.

The more you know about his wants, the better the relationship.

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