Most Americans R Losing Sleep Over $ Concerns

Archie Lee
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Personal Finance

Apr 09,2018

Even with a relatively stable U.S. economy, most Americans are losing sleep over their finances.

Money is keeping sixty-five percent of Americans awake at night, with health care or insurance costs beating retirement savings as the primary source of anxiety for the first time in a decade. That number is up three percentage points since 2015.

Thirty-eight of respondents said that healthcare and insurance bills are making them restless at night followed by saving for retirement, which has been the number one source of economic-induced insomnia since 2007. Stress about healthcare costs have risen nine percent in the past year.

High tuitions and student loans are also a major source of stress with thirty-four of respondents losing sleep over educational costs.

People lose sleep when things feel out of control. Take back some of that control by taking action. Even small moves like making a budget, selling something of value or trimming expenses can make you feel empowered and help you sleep more peacefully at night.”

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