One and Only sneak peek of my up and coming book!

A.M. Gilliam
I’m a friend, sister, aunt but most importantly I’m human. I believe the key to life is knowledge.

Mar 01,2017

I am currently working on a novel and I wanted to give you guys a taste. If you are into steamy romantic novels, I believe you will enjoy this. This is not a book for anyone under 18 years of age. Feedback is always welcomed. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Zipporah

Do you remember when you were a little girl? You imagined your future being as bright as the sun, so much promise and opportunity. As you got older the light dimmed, leaving a tiny speck of hope that hides in the shadows of the darkness we call life. For me what was left of that little speck of dust blew away, two weeks ago.

 I remember when life was great and easy. At thirteen years old, my mom and I would go to the beach and swim. No restrictions or limits. Just pure freedom. We used to grab ice cream after school, she made me feel so loved and happy. Those are the memories I want to think about, not some drunk driver T-boning my car or seeing my mother’s body in a casket, cold and destitute. I love my mom, with everything in me. She was my world, she still is honestly. I had friends, of course but she was my best friend. She risked her life and was scrutinized because of her love for her family. No one truly understood how life was for us. Being part African American, and part Caucasian in a city like ours, you tend to stick to what is safe and what will keep you out of trouble. I always watched out for her, just like she watched out for me. I still can’t believe it. It’s been two weeks and it hasn’t hit me fully yet. Now, as I look at her grave stone, all I can wish for is to go back to those days. To hug her one last time or to ask her advice one last time. She was all I had, all I knew. Now, she is gone. It is not fair, how can such an amazing person die? My mother used to always say ‘Only the good die young’, I think she got that from a song or something, but it was true. She was only fifty-three years-old. I silently prayed that this was a dream. That she couldn’t really be dead. Then I saw her in the casket and my whole world came crashing down.

‘Zipporah’ I wipe the tears from my eyes and I turn around a little shaken to see Codi, one of my closes friends approach me.

‘Codi, what are you doing here?’ I know the answer, she is up checking on me. I can’t say I blame her. I have been very distant lately. Who wouldn’t be? I love her but I just need space. She sighs

‘I am checking on you sweetheart, I want to make sure that you are okay. Do you need anything?’ She says with sincerity. I walk as fast as possible so I can quickly get to the house. I roll my eye for dramatic effect. If I am bitchy then she will believe that I am okay.

‘You don’t have to, I am fine. You have graduation and searching for a teaching position to worry about. I appreciate it, I really do but it is not necessary.’ I said sternly, standing in front of the door. Hoping she gets the message that I am not going to invite her in. I just need to be alone. She is sweet but she doesn’t understanding what I am going through. She has both of her parents, and now, I have none.

 ‘Okay, I understand. Renee told me she has been texting you every day for the past week. You know we are hear for you, please don’t shut us out.’ She said as she gives me a hug and walks on to the sidewalk. Once I get into the house, I exhale and lock the door.

 I go straight to the kitchen to pour me the biggest glass of wine I can find. I grab the glass and sit down with my laptop in tow and start to google search ‘small cities’. I light a cigarette while the webpage is loading. I know, I know, it’s a disgusting habit. Mom wanted me to quit before she died. I just can’t right now. Maybe once my life gets back on track, I’ll do it. I really need to leave this city. The state even and start somewhere new. I think that is the only way that I will be able to find peace. Somewhere that doesn’t have so many horrific memories for me.

I continue my search on google, with zero luck. I didn’t realize how hard it is to look for small cities. I cursed myself while shaking my head. I sound crazy and idiotic. Of course it is hard to find a small town. I chuckled to myself. The wine is definitely kicking in. Looking at the empty glass in my hand, I giggle once more. I get up to grab another glass of wine but I end up bringing the bottle.

As I sit back down my eyes are drawn to a web link for a city called Kentland, in the eastern part of Virginia. Interesting. I click on the link and gasp as I look at the pictures of the land. It is beautiful. The grass is a rich, bright green, almost as if it is fake but I know it is not. There are beautiful houses of all sizes. I see a picture of some deer, and I find it adorable. The population is in between small and medium but not too busy or too isolated. It is the perfect place.

Immediately, I open another tab and start to search for apartments in Kentland. I submitted my fifth application. They were all full, but maybe someone will want to leave that wonderful place, and then I would be all set. I didn’t honestly think I would find something the first day of looking, I have a little over a week before the new owners are moving into this house. I could always find a hotel to stay in right? Or maybe a cottage? A cottage. I didn’t think about that before. There are bound to be available cottages this time of year. I would love to live in one. I promptly type the word cottage with the zip code and sure enough a very unique cottage pops up. It’s owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Johansson, a retired stock broker and his wife. It is beautiful. The outside is molded using Yellow birch wood with a gorgeous strawberry red roof. It also has a rocking chair in the front, which I adore. The inside is excellent. The epitome of elegance, with a touch of cosines. I scroll down more. The monthly rent is very reasonable and it is fully furnished. I could give Codi my bed set for her new place once she moves. I definitely want this place. I take my phone out and start to dial the number. It rings a few times then someone answers.

‘Hello?’ A very deep voice greets me.

‘Hi, my name is Zipporah Jones, Is Mr. Johansson available’ I ask with a great deal of optimism. I desperately need him to be available.

‘Yes, this is he, but please call me James.’ I let out a sigh of relieve.

 ‘Thank you. I am calling about the cottage rental. Is it is still available?’ I replied with hope etched within my voice.

With more excitement that he should have, he said ‘Yes ma’am, it is! Have you read about the monthly rental and requirements?’ I laugh a little because of his enthusiasm.

‘Yes I have, and I am comfortable with paying the rent and complying with the requirements’ I said feeling slightly worried for some reason.

 I jumped just a tiny bit when he shouts ‘Great! When do you want to move in?’ I was surprised for a second. He doesn’t even know me, why is he so friendly? It has to be a small town thing.

Feeling a bit concerned I responded ‘Shouldn’t you check my credit or references or at least take payment before I move in?’

 He laughs, belly laughs. ‘No credit check or references needed but when you come to the cottage, we talk about the rent payments then. So when should I be expecting you?’

 Now, I was completely astonished. I silently thank god that there are still genuinely nice people in this world. I am glad I called verses someone else that had no morals or values. They would take advantage of the older man.

 ‘I’ll be there in a week and I will have the first months’ rent when I come. Could you email me the address please?’

 He sighed ‘Yes ma’am, I will email you right now.’ I gave him my email address and within minutes, I had all of the information I needed.

We finish the call, and I felt a sense of accomplishment as I lay back into my chair.

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