Setbacks Setting In

Anthony Miller
Creating for the joy of creating...and maybe to build a future.

Apr 06,2018

So, you’re on your way. You’ve got your plan for success all worked out. You’ve practiced your craft. You’ve studied the newest techniques and trends all over the world. You’ve got all your materials ready and you’re off to a good start. With all that momentum, nothing can possibly stop you. 

And then something does. 

Whether it’s a family emergency, an unexpected loss of income, an illness or even just a complete and total lack of focus and motivation, something unexpected has just come up and knocked all your carefully laid plans to the floor…then, to add further insult, stomped on them like a rampaging child bully. 

So what now? 

What do you do? 

For many of us, it’s easy at that point to get off track or to just give up. If the universe seems to be working against you, who are you to rebel? I mean, why fight what life’s trying to tell you, right? 


That sort of thinking is completely wrong. 

But, don’t misunderstand, it has its place. 

It’s ok if, in the immediate aftermath of a setback or disappointment, you feel discouraged or at a loss. It’s equally ok to feel as though you can’t move forward.

Those emotions are perfectly normal. You aren’t a machine. You have feelings and hopes and dreams and can be hurt if your plans don’t work out. So it’s ok to be upset when things go wrong. But no matter how wrong they go, it’s not ok to stay upset.  

Setbacks happen…all the time in fact. And though each one of them can be as painful as a physical hit, we have to learn to adapt and move forward. I realize that can sound like an oversimplification, but it’s not. 

Failure is easy. Many times, we don’t even have to try to attain it. But no good thing ever came to us without a lot of work…and a lot of mistakes. 

No one expects that dream job to be offered to them while they watch television on the couch. You have to apply, send out enquiries or at least put your name out there to be found by that one person who needs the services you can provide. No one expects their great novel to write itself. You first have to put words down on paper. And, make no mistake, you’ll have to erase quite a few of them before everything is said and done.  

The bottom line is that, for any good thing in life, you’re going to have to deal with a few rough starts and some failures. It’s unavoidable. To think otherwise is to set yourself up for a very, VERY rude awakening…and a lot of heartache you just don’t need. Accept that you’re going to take a stumble or two (or twenty) along your journey and you won’t be discouraged or even dismayed. You’ll understand that it’s just a pothole or a roadblock on the road to success and not a sign that you’re heading over a cliff.           



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