What is wrong with me?

Sheila Hill
I am a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide. Connecting Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit
Personal Development

Feb 15,2018

The key to answering this question is found in understanding whether you are an Introvert or an Extrovert. And let me tell you, the answer can be a game changer!

Most people don’t understand the true meaning of being an Introvert. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are shy, a wall flower or a book worm as the stereotype would have you believe. In actuality; many Introverts are able to lead very ‘extroverted’ lives. Being leaders, speakers, party goers and very engaging members of society.

The difference lies in how and where the person receives their ‘energy’. Introverts are the creators of their own energy, Extroverts get their energy from the outside world. At its very basic level that is the key difference between the two.

So why do so many Introverts think that there is something ‘wrong’ with them?

Well, because they are trying to keep up in an Extroverted world. Trying to be social when their reserves are low, talk on the phone – just because it rang, go to the party and stay to the end so as not to be labelled a ‘party pooper’ . They are constantly comparing themselves to others and the world around them and feeling like they come up short somehow.

Introverts have very rich ‘inner worlds’ and need to visit and hang out there often. It’s where their energy is created and how they process their experiences. This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy being social; just when their energy reserves hit lower levels, it’s time for them to tap out… so they can tap in.

I found out I was an Introvert about 7years ago. It literally changed my life!

I had spent my entire life escapading around in the world as though I was an Extrovert; always feeling tired, irritable and over extended. Constantly wondering ‘what was wrong with me‘. 

The truth is that there is nothing wrong. I just needed to learn how to honor my inner Introvert. Learn how to balance the extroverted activities for my need to visit my rich inner world often.

Today, I plan accordingly. If I have a speaking engagement in the morning, I don’t plan appointments or errands in the afternoon. If I am going to a party on a Saturday night; I plan to nap before I go and often drive myself so as not to be held hostage on when I can leave. If I go to a mall; I stay away from the perfume counter, plan my route from store to store and don’t beat myself up if I have to bail before the to do list is complete. I tell people that I prefer email or txt over talking on the phone. I don’t judge or shame my comfort levels – I understand now that it’s just how I am hard wired.

I would highly recommend that everyone do at least a basic Myers Briggs test to find out if they might be an Introvert. Learning how to care for and advocate for yourself if you are an Introvert can change your experience of the world in ways you can’t even imagine.

At the very least…. you might find that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

Sheila Hill is a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide. Working with the Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit to help her clients get out of their ‘story’ of self limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns and into living their lives to the fullest potential. She is a Coach, Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker, living and practicing in Oakville Ontario. http://www.sheilahill.ca 

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