What is a High Fiber Diet? Part two

David Carter
David Carter is a retired Chef with over 30 years of experience

Dec 09,2018

We now have a basis for what is a high fiber diet. This is part two.

Here is a list of many foods and their fiber values to aid you in planning your high fiber diet. This list uses the term “dietary fiber” for the fiber values listed. “Crude Fiber” values may still be seen on some labels. Crude fiber values are less accurate indicators of the fiber content available in foods. Dietary fiber is the total amount located in food that cannot be broken down by normal human digestive juices. Crude fiber values are often half that of total dietary fiber. 

When taking in a high fiber diet, a goal of approximately 30 grams of fiber a day is what we have asked our clients to achieve. Bloating usually occurs if one tries to build up to 30 grams over a short period of time. We recommend slowly reaching this goal over five weeks using the following schedule:

1st week: 10 grams per day

2nd week: 15 grams per day

3rd week: 20 grams per day

4th week: 25 grams per day

5th week: 30 grams per day.

A total of 30 grams per day should be maintained indefinitely. It is also important to drink six to eight glasses of water or juice along with this so that the fiber is not constipating. This is  expecially important during the summer on hot days.

Cereals, breads, nuts, fruits, and vegetables make up the list .

To be continued in part three.

Have a blessed day.

Chef David Carter

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