TowaT #2 – Radishes

Nathalie Choo-Foo
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May 31,2017

Radishes? Yes. Radishes.

There once was a Time that I detested radishes. I mean really could not stand them. I attempted to eat them when I saw others enjoying these crunchy little pink bundles. I too wanted to enjoy them, but just could not.

Until today! Over the last 18 months, my taste buds have changed and I eat many foods that I once would not have touched; radishes being one of these. It makes me laugh when I think of it. I once curled my nose at these fresh bites of nature and now I am one of those people who I once watched savouring them.

At the same time, foods I once loved to savour are no longer good friends of mine. Either I feel horrible when I eat them or I do not digest them well. There have been times that I crave a certain food, and when I take that first bite with anticipation of pure bliss and “mmmmm”, my mouth has another idea and I spit it out, not even able to swallow that bite. It is so weird.  

It’s fascinating how our tastes change. I believe that my spiritual journey has something to do with this change. High energy foods (fresh, natural, made by nature, non-processed) versus low energy foods (processed, full of fat and sugar, and man-made). High energy foods actually help me with the work that I do. I feel more connected and have more clarity. This enables me to help others with my highest capacity.

Have you had a similar situation with your taste buds? Are there foods you once would not touch that now you love? How about the opposite? Foods you once loved but not longer digest?

I would love to hear from you. Thank you for commenting, messaging, and sharing your stories with me on my Author Page.

Happy eating! ~ Nathalie ♥

Welcome a new series I have created entitled, TowaT.

What is “TowaT” you ask? It stands for “There once was a Time.”

In the last 18 months, my life has transformed into one I would never have imagined. I look back in awe and surprise of what I have accomplished, what I have become, and what I have been through. I believe this series will assist me in sharing more of my experiences with hopes of touching and helping others’ lives who may be going through similar situations or thoughts. This is my intention for this series. As well, I hope to create a dialogue between readers on the topics presented in a safe and open space.

As all my writing, I speak from my personal experiences and feelings. Some will be lighthearted and others a little more serious in tone. I encourage anybody going through mental, physical, or spiritual distress, to seek professional help so that they may find the support they need to live their best life and in their true light.


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