Tips to stay healthy & happy this holiday season

Erin Roseman
Author, Health & Wellness Coach.

Dec 19,2017

Tips to stay healthy & happy this holiday season:

Stay active- When it comes to the holidays lets face it we all tend to over eat, drink and feel a little less active, we are busy and put our needs aside to make sure we get everything done. 

My challenge for you this holiday season is to stay active get your body moving each and everyday. Even if all you have is 10-20 minutes a day, you can take a walk, do a full workout, yoga, stretch whatever it may be being active will allow you to be more aware of what you put in your body. The more you fuel your body physically the healthier your food choices tend to be. The other part of it is helping you burn those extra calories we consume during the holiday season. No one is expecting you to go all out or even lose weight it’s to ramp you up to stay where you’re at so you don’t gain those 10 extra pounds during the holidays. Nobody wants that feeling of going into January feeling more sluggish, the goal is for you to feel energized, happy and ready to crush your goals come January. Staying active will also get your body used to moving so you can continue this great habit throughout the year not just during the holidays. If you aren’t sure what exercises to do youtube has some great workout videos that are only about 10-20 minutes. You can also just take more time to play with the kids, build forts, play games just get moving each and everyday this will also help you with stress. All in all it is great to move daily but be more mindful this holiday and get those workouts in. It will increase your mood, energy and make you feel accomplished. 

Take focus off of food-

When thinking about the holidays it is easy to think about food immediately whether you’re hosting or bringing a dish to a party. Food has always been a big part of everyone getting together, having laughs and conversations over a meal. Most holiday appetizers and meals can be quite unhealthy with lots of carbs, comfort and dessert (just think Christmas cookies & tarts yum). We are surrounded by food and drinks so it might feel weird taking the focus off of food but this will help you to not over indulge. When at an event or hosting choose healthier options but if you want the dessert have it. Just have one instead of five or six. Keep busy and your mind focused on connecting not eating. Take more time to decorate, go skating with the family, have fun competitions, play games. Not everything has to involve food and what is the next snack or meal coming. At a party don’t hover over the food table go mingle and connect and maybe hang out in the living room instead of the kitchen. When food is out it is easy to keep picking all night without realizing how much you actually ate. Think how many times you have little bites of appetizers to only realize you ate over 15, we’ve all done it. I suggest making a small plate with the items you choose and once that is finished enjoy your night without extra foods. It will make you feel good and you’ll eat way less yet still be satisfied. By allowing your focus to be on friends, family and fun you will feel happier and more cheerful being able to not put on extra pounds, have unwanted bloat but also grateful you came up with more fun ideas for the family to connect. 

Don’t feel guilty for indulging 

 The the most important thing to remember anytime of year is not to feel guilty when you indulge. Have that drink, the dessert, the fun apps enjoy it and live in the moment it’s all about balance. The worst thing we can do is be mad at ourselves for your decisions the day before, it ends up being so counter productive. This isn’t intended to make you feel restricted or stressed about the holidays. It is for you to go into the holidays feeling at ease knowing you have simple steps to avoid the extra holiday weight gain and start January fresh and happy. The goal is for you to have fun and not feel any guilt for indulging, just indulge smarter that is the key to success. Coming up with easy tools for you to use to stay committed and yet still enjoy all the things you love.

It is easy to over indulge, yet when we feel guilty for our choices, we tend to eat more because we feel bad about ourselves and just have a give up type attitude which never serves us. Think back to the last time you over ate when on a nutrition plan, did you feel guilty after? Did you just give up and say I’ll start when the timing is better? If this sounds like you, you are not alone this happens to majority of people. I want you to change this attitude now, don’t just quit because you had a bad day just accept it, love yourself and start over. There will never be a good time to start because things always come up so just do your best. Holidays are about having fun and having balance so never feel bad just get right back on track and this goes for all year round. During this holiday season I want you to enjoy it, have fun but just be mindful. Mindfulness will help you stay on track, keep focused and have a great time. 

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