Time to Get Muddy!!!

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Apr 30,2017

Oh oh! What have I done?! This is beyond the outside of my comfort zone! Oh my goodness!

Truth be told, I am currently not the most fit I have been in my life. There was once a time, long ago, when I was quite physically active with sports and running around; the last decade and a half though…ummmm…not so much. Health issues did play a role in this too. But, I am not as motivated as I had been.

Since the beginning of 2016, my life has been transforming into one that is truer to my nature; thanks to my dog Dewey and learning healing modalities. I decided it was time to live a life I was happy to live; one without pain or suffering, one that brought me joy, one that was worth living. Despite my reality of endometriosis, on the good days, I choose to live fully.

From that day I decided, without any true physical effort, I have lost 1 pound 60 times in the past 18 months. Don’t get me wrong, it has been a LOT of work. That will be another story to tell at another time. So, I am ahead on my journey to getting muddy.

So what have I done?! Am I keeping you in suspense?!

Along with some friends, I registered for the Mud Hero challenge in Montreal this June! What is that?! It’s a 6 km obstacle course that involves a lot of physical activity…and a LOT of mud! Why did I register? It sounds like a lot of fun! Plus, an ultimate goal of mine would be to do the Spartan Race one day. So, why not?! If I train and prepare properly, I would succeed. For now, let’s start with Mud Hero.

Quill Cloud

A conversation topic that has come up quite a bit lately is about adults and play. Why is it that as we grow up past twelve years old, in our teen years, and as soon as we become adults, playing is seen to be immature and unproductive? Well, in my experience it has been so.

I remember since I was very young, I loved to play. I loved to be silly and make people laugh, and just have fun. I danced. I sang. I drew. I coloured. I made art with different modalities. I played outside in the park that was across the street (it was hard to tear me away from that park). I climbed. I ran. I chased. I got dirty. I enjoyed myself. I was free when doing these things. I loved walking barefoot despite being told to wear slippers in the house and shoes outside. Then one day, in my teens, I was told to “grow up”, “stop playing around”, and “get serious”. After that, as the years past, it was, “get a job”, “study hard”, “concentrate on what’s important”, and “if you only applied yourself to your studies as much as you do for ______ (fill in blank: music, art, etc., etc.)”.

Today, I play again. I walk barefoot. I sing. I dance. I have fun. I get muddy! Correction, I will get muddy this June!

Who’s with me? Time to get muddy! Time to play again! As adults, it’s in sport, joining a choir, art classes, game nights, hanging out with friends, you name it. What makes you happy and brings you joy, do it!! Life is too short to be miserable. Our time is finite.

Despite life’s challenges, if you are going through any (such as medical and health issues), do your best to embrace the good moments. I won’t even say days because minute by minute, our states change. I know this. I live this. Great at one point in the day and feeling horrible and doubled-over at another point. But that time when feeling great, rock it! Live it! Enjoy it!

If this feels so far off from your current reality, small steps; be gentle with yourself. Think back to what you used to enjoy spending your time doing. See if you may bring that back into your life. Start by smiling for no reason at all. Work up to laughing. (These two suggestions trick our bodies into a positive physiological response.) Read the funnies. Watch silly videos online. Call up a great friend. Enjoying a cup of your favorite hot beverage may do the trick. It’s time to bring joy back to our lives. Do what it takes to live a great life. You deserve it. We all deserve it.   

As for the Mud Hero challenge and me, I will share my experience post-event. I am doing my best to prepare my body for what’s in store. Perhaps not as hard core as I had intended to do when I signed up. I started to walk during the week. I hit 10,000 steps just the other day when the couch was calling my name. I am making an effort. That’s what counts. In the end, it’s really about having some fun with some friends and doing something I would never have imagined doing. Living out of the comfort zone…that’s the whole point, right?! I made a promise. LOL.

Here’s a video of what Mud Hero is all about:

Do you play? Do you make an effort to make time for yourself and have fun? What activities bring you joy? Have you done something out of your comfort zone recently? How was your experience? Want to join Mud Hero with me and my friends?! I would love to hear from you. Thank you for commenting, messaging, and sharing your stories with me.

I wish you great play! ~ Nathalie ♥ 

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