Time Has a Way

Naomi Haupt
Naomi is a homemaker, wife, mother, author and adventurer from Colorado.
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Feb 14,2017

Through most of my growing up years, a quote hung on the wall in my dad’s office. Next to his various medical degrees and awards was a simple frame with scrolled text on white paper that said, “Time has a way of wearing down life’s trophies.” 

Reading that quote always made me picture a big rock jutting out into a river, slowly but surely being worn away by the always rushing water. All of your earthly accomplishments, no matter how exciting they are initially or how much work it took to achieve them, all will fade with time. Education, athletics, jobs, promotions, awards, getting published, having your name on a book cover, or television screen, or office door, or plaque…it all fades. Yikes, how’s that for some motivation? 

Before your heart sinks too far, rest in this: accomplishments and “trophies” in themselves are not bad. Just be careful to consider your life investments as you make them. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Is it worth the investment? (time, money, your family’s time and money?)

Does it add value to you as a person? (Are you building character? Or just wealth, reputation, etc…)

Will it have a positive effect on other people?

Enjoy your trophies, and by all means, congratulations on what you achieve! But don’t forget the long-term perspective. That river just keeps on rushing. 

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