The River

Naomi Haupt
Naomi is a homemaker, wife, mother, author and adventurer from Colorado.
Religion And Spirituality

Aug 22,2017

A simple poem about letting go…and knowing the mighty peace of God. 

By a river once, I stood,

So long and reaching wide.

Beneath the churning, rushing foam

All hopelessness had died.

Deceit was gone, anger extinct,

Hate did fully fade,

Yet still I stood upon the bank,

My mind and heart afraid.

Afraid of what my life would be

Should jumping be my choice,

Afraid to give control up to

That ever still, small voice.

A voice so calm but powerful,

Far above any man,

A voice that pierced so deep inside

And with the river ran.

If I my soul surrendered to

The mighty water’s hand,

Forever would my life be changed

And taken from the land.

No more would sin my master be

With instant satisfaction,

And yet I knew deep down within,

Sin was a false attraction.

And so I stepped with shaking knees

And took a shuddered breath,

And leapt forever from the bank,

Away from certain death.

I felt the mighty river’s rapids

Close in over me;

At last my soul gave way to peace,

Full at last, and free.

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